Micro Center
13929 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75243, United States
Micro Center
Review №1

Yep, loved it again. Im one who enjoys wandering around this place for an hour or more. This day they had a lot of clearance items.

Review №2

Awesome inventory on hand. Courteous and helpful staff (they seem really interested in helping, not just selling you the flavor of the day). Questions were answered patiently and were not followed by pressure to buy. I didnt think I would ever replicate the experience of Frys electronics now that they have closed, but this was close in terms of on hand inventory and far better in terms of helpful, knowledgeable staff. Only problem is that the stores are few and far between, if youre not lucky enough to live nearby one, they dont seem to offer a lot of online options to have things shipped your way.

Review №3

I found this place online and believe me when I tell you that it IS a HIDDEN GEM. I was a kid in a candy store. They even have a clearance table with stuff youd actually use. Big thanks to Emily. It was her second day and I couldnt tell. Shes going to be a good fit for you guys. Also, the gentleman who was training her was great as well. I apologize for not getting his name but I will remember next time.

Review №4

Great service always. Not lacking inventory due to pandemic. Competitively priced.

Review №5

Please update your website to display the correct inventory available to Customers.On Monday, September 13, I went to the store seeking a new graphics card. Before I drove to the store, I saw an item on the Micro Center website that displays:LIMITED AVAILABILITY - BUY IN STORE to me that means there is some availability. It also displayed UNAVAILABLE ONLINE. Never did the item display SOLD OUT.So when I got to the store and found there are none available, I checked the website on my phone and it still displays LIMITED AVAILABILITY I asked and an employee told me they are doing inventory and thats why the website is wrong. I ask if there are any other comparable graphics cards, the employee told me they hadnt had any of them for days...So that means several days went by and Customers were coming to buy items that were falsely displayed as available.I know it can be difficult to find computer parts these days, but thats why it is even more important to display the correct inventory for your Customers. Some of your Customers are driving a considerable distance wanting to make a purchase. There is no phone number to call to verify an item is available.I love Micro Center overall but the inventory issue should never happen.- I just looked and see other recent Google Reviewers also saying things like False Advertising because of incorrect inventory being displayed on the website.

Review №6

I had a wonderful experience with this location and store service. I did research on their user friendly website on the PC I wanted to purchase and even received admin help on specific questions I submitted. My sales associate Andre Velasquez went above and beyond customer service standards and took care of all my requests. I even met the manager based off my purchase and was met with pleasantries. It is certainly a busy location but its for a reason, worth the trip! 5 stars

Review №7

Had an issue with an a product I purchased (box was empty, didnt notice until I got home). Since I live so far away from Micro Center, I tried their social media and phone support, and neither got back to me after a week. So I made another special trip out there, and the staff that busy evening was very helpful and professional. They understood the issue and made it more than right for me. I really hope this brick and mortar retail store never goes away. Kudos to everyone who helped me that night, and the rest of the staff that looked like they were kept busy helping other folks.

Review №8

Really like this place, this is my go-to spot for all of my computer needs. They always have a great selection, priced fairly, will price match to online stores and their customer service is top notch!

Review №9

Favorite store, wish there were more. A friend told me how hard it was to get Wyze stuff because they sell out...this place had so many. Its a toy store for computer adults.

Review №10

Great place to shop and buy things. Employees are very friendly and there to help you. I loved it. 💖💖🇨🇱

Review №11

Im from Arizona and Ive been into the Dallas micro center and was mind blown of many different selections of good priced name Brand products. And a well knowledgeable staff for any questions ya could need answered

Review №12

The knowledge and professional, courteous service are too notch! They help you get what you need and you walk out knowing you were well taken care of.

Review №13

These guys sure have it made. Since Fryes is not worth visiting anymore and Best Buy not having products, this is the best place for electronics. Be prepared to wait in line. However it did move quickly. Excellent and friendly service every time. This store has become my go to place for computer parts and accessories.

Review №14

Ive, for years now, bought my business electronics here at MicroCenter. They managed the Covid rush in 20. They have low prices on every device imaginable. This, and look at my photos - theyre rolling around cleaning keyboards and mouse for us customers. Well done.

Review №15

I got a coupon for a free 32 GB micro SD memory so I headed there and I was looking for a long time to buy a Chromebook. They had one with touchscreen for about$200, a great I picked one up and I have been very pleased with it for the past month. Easy set up, works like a champ. I highly recommend this place, great selection and very good service department, long wait but worth it.

Review №16

Went in for micro sd cards. Ended up ordering from amazon since we would have had to wait in the checkout line just to look at their options at the registers. Figured high reviews over lower cost would be ok to save the wait.

Review №17

Ive been a fan for a long time... Years. Micro Center is the best hands down in DFW in selection, quality price and service. The lines can be long so pick a time to browse. Ive bought many laptops and desktops, printers and camera from here. Always the staff can actually answer specific product questions too get the best for my need. Ask for the discounts for items in stock but not on display and refurbished deals are great.

Review №18

I want to start by saying, I love this store. I drive two hours one way because I would rather spend my money here and enjoy the customer service than go 5 minutes down the road and get the exact same product at my local Best Buy. I have spent thousands of dollars here and will continue because this store is amazing! However I can’t forgive the fact that they quit offering the military discount because the MANAGERS were allowing discounts on things that shouldn’t be discounted and abusing the system. I run a small business myself and I would never punish the customer for something a manager did. That’s not the customers fault. I’m really sad that the GM has made the decision to hurt the customer experience instead of writing up or firing a manager. I would hope this review falls in the hand of someone who believes in doing right by the customer and decides to change this decision.

Review №19

This is best computer and technology store on the planet. If you are look for computer parts this is the place to get them. Micro Center employees nerds who know technology and are willing to help. They can assist the novice in building your first gaming rig or give advice to a veteran who needs some help finding the right part. This is the place if you are looking for gaming, simulator, 3D printing, robotics, or PC building products.

Review №20

One of the last true computer tech stores in the area. The place for real techies. If you want to build that dream machine then they have the right hardware at the right price. Super customer service. Real techies. If you need to know which component is best for you then they will know. Good place.

Review №21

If I could give 0 I would.DO NOT trust this company with repairs.I took my laptop Micro Center and they guaranteed a 1 week call back for the diagnostic. After 1 1/2 month of waiting for any reply and after repeated attempts to reach them through text and email I decided to just pick it up.When I arrived, I had to wait for 1 1/2 hours for them to FIND my computer, they had no idea who was working on it and had no idea where it was. An employee was barely running a diagnostic on it only to tell me that the part I needed was on backorder. After complaining and demanding my computer back (open and damaged) the manager guaranteed a callback the next day, but I NEVER got a call. Upon further inspection a tech who couldn’t find the screws to put it back together used the wrong screws and damaged the top.Not only did they not fix the original problem they ended up costing me an ADDITIONAL $300 to repair my computer. Im a college student and could barely afford to get the laptop in the first place.I’m beyond frustrated and disappointed in this company. Their customer service is atrocious and can’t be trusted to fix problems. Please save yourself the time and pain and find a different company to repair your computers.

Review №22

Recently purchased a laptop at this location and was very pleased with the experience! The store was very busy but they still managed to help me and answer questions timely. Micro Center had the lowest price across the board for my laptop! great experience!

Review №23

Thank god theres still a genuine computer store that exists.Such a shame the PC games selection is *rock bottom*, but its at the very least better than other stores at the moment. Here and Frys to be my go to place for PC games.But everything here is still great overall - decent prices, lots of good parts amd accessories for your PCs, great customer service, and lots of junk snacks and beverages at the checkout lol. Be sure to get Bawls energy drinks there, theyre great!

Review №24

The mecha of electronic stores. Great selection of PC parts, gaming simulation parts, and more.

Review №25

The last great computer retail....great customer service and selection.

Review №26

They helped me in finding a great computer I needed but never felt pressured. They asked questions to see what would work best and couldnt be happier with purchase

Review №27

You can spend a lot of money here if you want to. Very good service and stock (except Graphics cards)..Mondays they probably wont have the card I didnt get a card. Looked at many things,

Review №28

What can I say, I love all micro centers. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, products orderly and good selection of everything. Few other computer stores can compare.

Review №29

The employees always go above and beyond. The service is phenomenal and they always correct everything they can. Customer satisfaction is their #1 priority!

Review №30

Had a great experience here. I ordered something online and they reserved it. I went into the store and paid for it. Order online. Walk in store. Paid for it. Walked out. Simple and easy process.

Review №31

Almost over friendly staff. I was there for 10 minutes and asked if I needed help 3x. Place is awesome. As a lifelong nerd I could walk around there for an hour.

Review №32

Electronics mega store. Prices are affordable and service is there for you.

Review №33

Prices are usually the best. Just about everything you need for computers even custom water loops.

Review №34

Reliable place for anything electronics related. Have good experiences each time I go in.Recently came in to get an issue with my Lenovo laptop resolved. I had a touchscreen issue when Lenovo gave me back my laptop for a warranty fix. I couldn’t figure out how to get the touchscreen to work again, but just left it alone until I had time to go into MC. Yesterday I went in and told them about the issue. They figured it all out for just $40 and one hour!Highly recommend.

Review №35

Ridiculous to operate a store of this size and remove your phone number from Google.And your website gives the option to text for questions. Terrible customer service to not be burdened with phone calls.

Review №36

Always enjoy the store. If you can find a sales person whos not busy helping, they are knowledgeable about the stores products.

Review №37

This is a great electronics to find almost anything you need. They have great accidental damage protections available for many of their products. My Surface Book 3 suffered some damage and the protection plan allowed me to get a new with ease. You’ll find their staff to be the most competent and knowledgeable. The cashier lines tend to be long at certain times of the day, but it’s worth it considering the affordable prices and vast product availability. It’s easy to spend hours here browsing, and check out the custom build electronics section they even have great electronics for kids and teens.

Review №38

Always friendly and helpful. My favorite toy (tech) store

Review №39

The last remaining great computer store in Dallas area. They have wide stock on all things computing. Custom PC builders oasis for parts.

Review №40

Reasonable prices and customer service.

Review №41

Helpful, knowledgeable staff. Clean environment, nice selection to choose from. The only thing I wish theyd change- in the drink coolers near the registers they should keep the G Fuel energy drinks cold so we can grab them to go. I bought a few to sample but couldnt drink them until I bought a cup of ice elsewhere.

Review №42

This Micro Center is awesome. If you need electronics, come here before looking at competitors. The staff is knowledgeable and can help you with any questions you may have. I also purchased a refurbished HP laptop from this location and it is still working perfectly after 4 years. Quality products!

Review №43

I have always liked Microcenter and its been my go to store when it comes to electronics. They have great staff, good accommodation and a wide variety of selections. Its also the best place to go when it comes to building PCs with insane deals on parts. I recently went there and got an i7-10700k for $250 which is much less than what its being sold for online!

Review №44

Joseph Calzada was great assisting us in choosing the best PC vs. building a trading PC. We went with the prebuilt PC. Prices are reasonable and they had what we needed in stock.

Review №45

I took so long to make up my mind that staff thought I was homeless. One sales guy even came by a couple times to offer me water lol. I needed a laptop that wouldnt cost a fortune but would do video editing for the gig I was working at the Westin park central.Great place to geek out!

Review №46

Being an ex-employee I can tell you that if they say a truck is coming in on a specific day, it wont. The website is also incredibly inaccurate, Ive had to explain to customers that for some reason no one on staff can find the items it says we have 96 of. Most of the employees will try to genuinely help you, but I highly recommend not going to management for assistance. They do not know where a single item in the store is located. If you talk to a sales manager they will be polite, however if you talk to Cary regny the store manager. He has On occasion cussed at customers and is frequently very rude because of his contract when he was hired. He has extreme job security and he knows it and abuses it. If you ever hear an employee say he is going to grab the store manager I would think otherwise.

Review №47

First time customer. I needed a laptop and a monitor. I was looking at one laptop and Eric pointed me to another laptop with a better screen for same price. Same for the monitor. I was impressed by the customer service. If youve ever been made to feel stupid at a store that sells computers, etc., this is not that kind of place.

Review №48

I felt compelled to write this review due to the slow decline in customer service over the last year. Ive experienced rude and standoffish employees about every other visit. Most of the time I will ask an employee to verify if an item is in stock, which the website does list as in stock, but theyll scoff and tell me no without even looking. I just seem to get the impression that they dont really want to help anyone. I think its a shame because MicroCenter used to be my go-to place for assistance building computers or help picking other technology. I think itll be a bit before I try shopping here again.

Review №49

Came with a friend who was needing help replacing their computer from an extreme damage situation and spent a lot of money for their unit and even paid for the damage insurance. They were very unhelpful with who we should talk to about the situation, sending us to every corner of the store. After spend all that time and energy, there was no help received or financial compensation

Review №50

Best place to buy a computer. They match pricing and having someone educated on electronics is very helpful.

Review №51

They are always helpful and knowledgeable. Ive been here for a variety of things... Computer memory, headphones, batteries, etc. In store theres not much of a wait to check out ever, and its easy to order online and pick up in store. Thanks!

Review №52

This Micro Center is a great store, but they lose all points for their lack of effort. Employees are adequately nice, some are extremely friendly. Others make you feel like youre a pain. Also, their 1800 number specifically states that their website reflects their LIVE stock in store, yet when you go in they are sold out. A total waste of time. Wont be returning. They have plenty of selection though!

Review №53

Really nice shop with all kinds of electronic items.The staffs are really very helpful, and their give away products also really good.I have received a brand new Bluetooth earphone.

Review №54

If youre a tech nerd like me this place is the new Frys... but with fantastic customer service. Prices are good if you watch for sales too!

Review №55

Best place for electronics and computers. They are always very helpful and knowledgeable. I did my own research and already had one picked out when I arrived however, an associate named Barry, guided me to a much better one. It was the perfect laptop for my needs and it was even similar in price to the one I was going to get originally.

Review №56

Always awesome. Dont go expecting covers for your iPhones, they are niche electronics. But you will find stuff here you will never find anywhere else

Review №57

If you need anything for your computer at home, school or business in Dallas, Microcenter is the place to go. Incredible selection, lots of hard to find items, and great prices. The checkout line can get a little long otherwise it’s a five-star experience.

Review №58

Great selection of parts, and very professional and knowledgeable staff. Shout out to Bradley for helping me select good parts for my new rig!

Review №59

Microcenter is the bomb. I remember when this store opened and Ive never been dissatisfied every time I visit. The staff is very knowledgeable in your prices are very competitive as compared to the big box stores so I cant say a bad thing about Micro Center.

Review №60

If you cant find it here it doesnt exist. But its got Walmart crowds so put on your patience panties.

Review №61

Simply put, this place is nerd heaven. They have a huge selection of products, they keep well stocked, and they maintain their stores very well. They also have very helpful staff so you dont need to be a tech expert to shop here, but anybody with a mid to high level of technical skills will definitely appreciate the experience shopping here over any other big box electronics store.

Review №62

Great electronics store! Could use better organization. The keyboard isle is messy but overall great store. Workers are educated and dressed nice. There computer cash registers look super outdated which is ironic because they have so much new tech.

Review №63

Very pleasant the staff once aware that I ordered on line for in-store pickup made my purchase simple and placed me as a priority although the check-out for in-store shopping was a wait I was checked out immediately in and out in less than 5 minutes

Review №64

Best place for electronics especially computers.

Review №65

Good customers service. We came store with no idea about which laptop will we buy, and the employee was really helpful. He asked us some questions, then gave us the best laptop which the best price. Thank you.

Review №66

I really liked it. I got ram I wanted and I got it cheaper than others places. This place is 10x better than best buy. I wish I had one closer to where I live in the Permian basin.

Review №67

I just had a trip to Micro Center, the first thing I found a little interesting was that there were papers with scans barcodes stuck on the wall, and you have to scan the code with your smartphone for you to get a message letting you in. When you get to the door you will be asked by the staff for your name and spray disinfectant on your hands. Micro Center also did a great job because it took care of everyones health. 5 stars for Micro Center.

Review №68

Always worth the drive 🚗. Never left store empty handed. Youll buy something 😏

Review №69

Very knowledgeable staff. They will even tell you when you are about to overspend. The store also has an excellent selection of DIY parts for IoT projects and robotics. I also love the retro aesthetic that takes me back to the 90s when I was first getting into computers. This is a tech nerds dream store.

Review №70

They have a fantastic selection of PC parts and they know their stuff.

Review №71

This place is massively full of all things electronic and you could spend hours just browsing. From pro tech to expert help, this place will replace the other box store you currently go to for electronics.

Review №72

Im not really a huge computer nerd, but I like to dabble, and I always enjoy coming here. Prices are relatively high for some things, but its not ridiculous, and customer service is swell. I always find a multitude of things here that pique my interest, and I have to pull myself away before I spend an hour just browsing. Id rather go here than Best Buy any day of the week.

Review №73

Great place! PCs, tablets, cell phones and computer hardware. They also have a few other electronics related stuff

Review №74

Store associates are helpful and theres a wide variety of computers, laptops, monitors, and other accessories to choose from. However, there is a large crime problem in the parking lot. My vehicle was broken into while I was shopping. The manager refused to show us footage from the security cameras inside the store facing outwards towards the parking lot. Once this store takes the safety and security of its customers seriously, I will come back. Until them my company and I will avoid this store where we use to shop exclusively for our corporate laptops. Please consider investing in security cameras direct above the light posts in the parking lot. Until then customers at this location will be at risk of being robbed and their vehicles burglarized.

Review №75

Love the store!! Prices are more than competitive, normally better than the rest but unfortunately it being an almost two hour drive to the closest one from me makes it to where I don’t get to visit as often as I’d like. Now with Fry’s closing there aren’t really any good places in my area (an hour or less away) to buy or browse computer parts. Pretty much forces me to shop online which kind of sucks because I like having the option to pay a little more but get to take it home that very day.

Review №76

I prepaid for an appointment, I am warning you, DO NOT do it! Dont make the same mistake I did. Appointments mean nothing. Plan on waiting as they will service any walk in that is ahead of you. I scheduled because my time is valuable AND I prepaid. Poor customer service!!!

Review №77

I walked in they greeted me, asked me what I needed. They quickly told me the aisle, one of the guys walked with me. I was looking for a SATA Adapter, I accidentally broke my hard drive. They had so many options, he asked me a couple of questions and knew which product I needed. I got home and the SATA Adapter was the perfect match for my computer. I had gone to Best Buy first and they had to Google what the product looked like 🤦🏻‍♀️ And then 20 minutes later they told they had nothing in stock. Will be sticking to Micro-Center for all my computer needs. Definitely recommend!

Review №78

This is my new favorite computer place. They got everything!! Come during the week because they get busy during the weekends. Prices are very reasonable and all employees are very knowledgeable. I have not used their website yet but you can order stuff online and then just pickup at store

Review №79

The place is packed from the minute it opens. You would thinthey hd cideo card with the number of people but no.There is plenty of everything else you need. Prices are good

Review №80

They only accept cash, credit card and depit card patme ts. Th3y dont do oline payments and will not let you use quadpat, klarna and the likes.

Review №81

I buy everything electronic from micro center. You can’t beat their deals and they also price match. From building your own computer to the best deals on tvs. This place is heaven for a computer savvy individual. Staff is always helpful and knowledgeable about their section. I have been going to micro center for the past 8 years and that will never change!

Review №82

What can I say - this is a great store with the exception of having thought the middle of the store to get to the online order pick-up area. I get it, though - product placement; but still.

Review №83

I had the best experience at Micro Center. Jessie was fantastic. He got me the same computer I was looking at that had been refurbished for a lot less and that allowed me to get some other things I really needed. Micro Center is the place to go for sure. Ask for Jessie, he will make your money go further and you will get exactly what you need!

Review №84

Took computer in because it wouldnt load, was told it would be a week for them to run a diagnostic. 3 weeks later and after several attempts to find out the status we went back to the store. They still hadnt done the diagnostic and didnt know when it would be done. We got a refund and took our computer home.

Review №85

Many other reviews say the same thing. Store is fine, repair center is incompetent bordering on negligent. I’ve taken multiple computer in for repairs and each time has been a disaster. Every computer has come back worse than when we brought it in for repairs. Computers returned missing pieces, not functioning correctly, etc. The worst run operation I’ve ever dealt with, in any industry, period.

Review №86

My first time shopping at Micro Center since Frys closed its doors. I can say I was like a kid in a candy store. Theres nothing like shopping in person and having well knowledgeable sales people to help you in making your selection. Excellent service.

Review №87

Its really great place to buy computer parts to build your own computer just sit there never have all the parts I need thats why I was starving. But I did get a G-Force RTX 3090 FTW3 ULTRA AND I DONT KNOW OF ANY OTHER PLACE IN TEXAS BUT MICRO CENTER WHERE YOU CAN DO THAT, WALK IN AND BUY ONE !

Review №88

Really the only place left to go in Dallas. I do love their items. Store is a little small and could use more components on the electrical side. Like resistors and capacitors, that kind of stuff.But really they have so much neat stuff in stock and they are always super friendly.

Review №89

Everything you need technology wise is here! Totally worth the drive if you live far! Also prices seem to be cheaper here with same high quality. Bf’s favorite store thus far!

Review №90

This location is so much better than the one that is by me in Georgia. I mainly go for the maker and IoT electronics and this location actually has them organized. The locations by me have zero organization and trying to find any board is absolutely impossible. But this location has it spot on. Great jobs guys!

Review №91

Polite helpful staff. All wearing masks. I had to return 2 laptops for exchange and there was no problem doing that. A little pressure to buy extended warranty. Was highly recommended by a very knowledgeable computer friend.

Review №92

We had fun! Im hoping to buy a tablet later.

Review №93

Nice they have fast check out lines as the line is long. Lots of empty places in the rows. Might want to check stock before going.

Review №94

Great prices and great selection. Has my business over the large online stores.

Review №95

Disappointed at the great reviews this place had only to be greeted with what felt like prejudice. I really wanted a laptop but somewhere else will due!

Review №96

Customer service was great! You can find cheap and quality accessories alike.

Review №97

Everyone was helpful. They always are. Very reasonable prices for those cables, batteries, etc.If theres a piece of tech you NEED, micro center sells it.

Review №98

Best computer store in Dallas. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №99

Great place to pick up tech stuff at a very reasonable prices. Place was well staffed and was easy to get help from staffers. Did not have to go looking for one, they were within an arm reach!

Review №100

Excellent... All employees, but including management, were nothing but helpful, attentive, Professional and knowledgeable.As far as the product, lets just say I didnt mind the over 10mile trek to get the adapter I was looking for.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:13929 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75243, United States
  • Site:
  • Computer software store
  • Computer accessories store
  • Computer repair service
  • Computer service
  • Computer store
  • Computer support and services
  • Data recovery service
  • Electronics store
  • Mobile phone repair shop
  • Office supply store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
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  • Friday:10AM–7PM
  • Saturday:9AM–10PM
  • Sunday:9AM–10PM
Service options
  • Online appointments:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Onsite services:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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