The Ole Country Store & Bakery
18019 Country Store Dr, Culpeper, VA 22701, United States
The Ole Country Store & Bakery
Review β„–1

1st te visiting there today and bought some sweet goodies.....coconut pie an two other pieces pie πŸ₯§ and blueberry ....I will enjoy and taste the coconut πŸ₯₯ pie later for dessert

Review β„–2

Finest quality meats and cheeses. Baked goods are top notch, and the value for spices and baking good cant be beat!

Review β„–3

Very nice store to go to. Pork BBQ was so tasty. And the ladies were extremely helpful when I got stung. Will be stopping there again when I am back in the area.

Review β„–4

I would love to have one of these near my home. The cakes were delicious. The chocolate covered coffee beans were fresh. The mixed Chinese Crackers were gone right after I opened them. Worth the turn around.

Review β„–5

Wonderful sandwiches and ice cream. Many little gems to buy including homemade breads, pastries, deli salads. Enjoyed browsing.

Review β„–6

My family and I go and get ice cream as much as we can, Black Raspberry is my personal favorite, all of it is yummy. We took a friend and he ordered a banana split, it had to be put on a plate, they were so generous and he said it was delicious. Its just the BEST ice cream ever!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹β€we also love the pretzel logs,steaks and chicken are great. I shop there as well and have been very satisfied with all my groceries and deli items. Blessings

Review β„–7

As you walk inside the building the first thing you notice is the delicious πŸ˜‹ smell of sugar in the air. Felt like I walked into 🍬 candylandπŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸ§πŸ­ Everything was so clean and organized. My family and friends enjoyed the creamy ice cream flavors 🍨 I was so happy to see they had so many options for Vegans🌱and alternatives (food and ingredients wise) I regret not going there from the first day they opened up. I will surely buy my Christmas sweet and gifts 🎁 this December ☺You guys are heaven sentπŸ’–πŸ₯°

Review β„–8

If you want a really good breakfast sandwich, you must stop in!

Review β„–9

Wondering place. Great quality food, very friendly and kind staff. Great sandwiches and baked goods. Highly recommend.

Review β„–10

This place is definitely a pro of being a local. If you ever pass by Culpeper you really should try their sandwiches. Their ice cream is also really nice, but my personal favorite is the milkshakes.

Review β„–11

I love, love, love this place. Great, fresh bakery items. The thing I like the most is the knives they sell. Great, long lasting product. Other gifts are available, too. Their food is great, everything is great!

Review β„–12

Another hidden gem ( maybe not to locals) we were visiting from PA. Definitely get your moneys worth in ice-cream! Some yummy baked bread and sweet treats!

Review β„–13

Great ham sandwich. MTO

Review β„–14

Nothing beats a Saturday at this spot meeting up with my kids for ice cream and sandwiches. Always a crowd but you never notice. Check out is fast and friendly.

Review β„–15

What a wonderful store with such amazing and tasty food options. Generous and tasty ice-cream. Great outdoor seating and super friendly staff.

Review β„–16

Nice place with picnic tables out front. Deli, bakery, creamery, and other items such as various types of flours, American made cutlery, and fresh fruit. Recommended.

Review β„–17

I just discovered this place & it fantastic.

Review β„–18

We love the authenticity and freshness of the Ole Country Store! Every employee is so kind, every purchases is delicious and fresh, and the hot, soft pretzels from the ice cream shop are TO DIE FOR. TRY THEM. We also love stopping by on the weekends to rent a kayak, a seacycle, or just fish off the bank. Awesome family environment!

Review β„–19

Best ice cream in Cpep. Get the small as they give a huge amount. Pretzels are amazing.

Review β„–20

Went for ice cream 🍦 it was amazing as usual. Salted caramel crunch was so good! We sat on the patio and it was so relaxing. Great environment!

Review β„–21

This place is truly amazing. There sandwiches and treats are the BEST

Review β„–22

Some items are pricey, but its a cool place to get healthy food options. Or, not so healthy. Awesome place to get spices and hard to find candy. Got a family get together and too lazy to cook? Check out the deli, all kinds of options. Homemade taste.

Review β„–23

What a neat store we were traveling I sure wish it was closer to home. I highly recommend stopping if you ride by. They have a little bit of everything. Just a few pictures of items that I bought.

Review β„–24

Love this place! The prepared food is great and the portions generous with very reasonable prices. The staff is wonderful. Their ice cream, amazing. It’s a staple in my schedule.

Review β„–25

Great ... always stop there any time Im am traveling that way.

Review β„–26

Great place to get fresh homemade goods and quick sandwiches for lunch!

Review β„–27

The ice cream.The price.Other fun things.Too many people know about this place.

Review β„–28

Super fast service even for a busy Saturday afternoon. Amazing ham sandwich!

Review β„–29

I drove out of the way to get some more old time candy. Theres always something to eat tasty here. Ive had their sandwich and its dangerously good.

Review β„–30

Quality food, ice cream and deli. Select of non food items and lawn decorations. Eveything reasonabley price. Very friendly staff. Closed on Sundays

Review β„–31

Excellent place for getting ice cream and food is good here

Review β„–32

Have lots of cool things here. Also the lunch sandwiches are spectacular.

Review β„–33

They hook you up with icecream its really good

Review β„–34

Sandwiches are really good. Kids love the ice cream.

Review β„–35

Loved! So much to choose from, hams, jellies, breads, candies, seasonings and bakery items not to mention a deli and ice cream!If youre in the area you have to stop in!

Review β„–36

Great value and great food. Everything is made to order. Very good folks here.

Review β„–37

Ice cream was so good, and, a lot of stuff to look at. Nice deli.

Review β„–38

Great food for breakfast. Price was a little high. But you can find all those changed products. Will go back

Review β„–39

Bought a coconut cake and apple pie. Delicious

Review β„–40

Very rude. I didnt expect it from a store as laid back and kind. Lots of great people but some are just rude. Please make sure you get to know the people before you hire them. Ill tell the names only to the manager

Review β„–41

I love the THE OLE COUNTRY STORE! Great sandwiches, incredible ice cream/generous servings and ole fashioned service!

Review β„–42

My favorite Old Country Store! Stop by and visit frequently while traveling back and forth from Fairfax, VA to back home in NC. We love shopping here!

Review β„–43

Always love coming here! Deli meats and cheeses are wonderful, and their selection cant be beat. If you havent tried their beef sticks youre really missing out, Ill never eat a slim Jim again after having theirs! Some Saturday mornings the donut kitchen is setup out front and thats just a bonus, hot fresh donuts cooked while you wait! Do yourself a favor and try this place out, you wont be disappointed.

Review β„–44

I love the old country store &Buffet....Everything is so fresh and delicious and the store is always clean

Review β„–45

The bakery and chocolate items are amazing. Glad I stocked up before leaving the area.

Review β„–46

Oh man dont go in here when youre hungry. Their sandwiches and cookies are easily the best.

Review β„–47

Great turkey sandwiches! πŸ₯ͺ

Review β„–48

A very nice place and lots of choices. Ice cream is to die for. Will be going back very soon!

Review β„–49

Very good food, large portions,good prices. Store is super clean and the staff is friendly and efficient. Dont miss the icecream its the best. All food is takeout but porch has comfortable chairs and tables to picnic on.

Review β„–50

The food was great.Ate outside which was a mistake as there were a lot of flies.

Review β„–51

Great cant go wrong with a big sandwich for lunch. Plus you see things you cant normally find elsewhere

Review β„–52

Icecream was good didnt get there to shop. But food i have had from there was good

Review β„–53

Great little place to pick up cake/pie/cookies or candy.

Review β„–54

Great place to stop 29 in Culpepper. They the best deli sandwiches you ever tasted. The ice cream 🍦 and milk shake are great. And all the candy, cakes, pies and cookies you eat.

Review β„–55

Love their sandwiches. Nice people and great atmosphere..

Review β„–56

The Food was Great.Lots of cool stuff to purchase.

Review β„–57

Best sandwiches and meals. Lots of goodies like fudge, breads, jams. So good!

Review β„–58

There sandwiches and lunch meal arebawesome! Love the cute store. Wish there was more seating in the shade. Alot of ppl tend to just sit and chat and ppl trying to eat have nowhere to sit but their cars.

Review β„–59

The store was extremely busy this evening but all staff was very polite & willing to help you out with a great attitude and a smile. Store very clean.

Review β„–60

Grab a sandwich on the way to Shenandoah! Packed full of meat and other deliciousness!

Review β„–61

Amazing array of goods. I wish this place was closer to me

Review β„–62

Awesome place awesome people and amazing food and love the water and fishing

Review β„–63

Let me just say, Ive never been disappointed at this wonderful little store! They have the bacon sale running now, great price, excellent product! We also had lunch that consisted of freshly made sandwiches. Service is always good! If you dont stop by, you are missing a nice experience!

Review β„–64

Excellent country store with fresh sandwiches

Review β„–65

Its a dangerous place with its icecream. Lol I cant walk in there without coming out with icecream as well as everything else I wanted. Even when I said I wasnt gonna get any. πŸ˜‚

Review β„–66

I love the Ole Country Story, best sandwiches, muffins, low sodium turkey from deli is my favorite, I always pick up a pound for home when I get sandwiches, they have my favorite jam, sides, and hot breakfast and hot lunches, all kinds of candies, chips, pretzels, nuts and ice cream, my favorite place to get lunch, you cant go wrong going here, try it and I bet you will go back again and again..

Review β„–67

I went in for one item and came out with 6. I probably wouldve bought a lot more, but I had to leave to get to work. Will definitely be shopping here from now on!

Review β„–68

Had a wonderful egg an cheese breakfast sandwich on our way to DC. Loved the outdoor seating.

Review β„–69

Found some great snacks, mixes, foods and breads. The lunch sandwich we got was delicious too!

Review β„–70

Reminds me of The Battlefield Country Store in Fredericksburg, VA. Nice selection of goods. Has a deli and more!

Review β„–71

A very family friendly place, with lots of good food.

Review β„–72

You will be pleasantly surprised by the interesting ALT products that this store has. Certainly not the stock of stores of old. Very contemporary products in a friendly country atmosphere. Very clean. Go for the ice cream happy hour of huge cones of ice cream for $1. Very indulgent. You can also picnic in the adjacent parking lot and playground.

Review β„–73

Great food great price! Home cooked meals and plenty of it, for the low price!

Review β„–74

Best coffee milkshake, ask for 3 shots of espresso & whipped cream for the penultimate experience

Review β„–75

Excellent service & food. The sandwiches, bread & pretzels are the BEST.

Review β„–76

Great service and food thank you

Review β„–77

Best luncheon meats & sandwiches! Ive been coming here since opened for fresh breads, frozen pot pies. Friendly service

Review β„–78

Love this place, never had anything i didnt like.

Review β„–79

This is a gem for locals and pass thru visitors. Great location on the highway, plenty of parking with a huge variety of grocery items available. Ice cream and coffee are as delicious as it gets. Sandwiches are amazing. There’s 2 hotspots on site where you can enjoy your free coffee or lunch on the screens porch up front or in the gazebo surrounded by the lake.

Review β„–80

Had ice cream there for the first time. Fantastic!!

Review β„–81

Always friendly staff members and the service at the deli and sandwich is so fast! Its a must stop anytime Im coming through Culpeper on 29.

Review β„–82

The Country Store is just awesome they have many great things to sell

Review β„–83

Every thing there is so good. We stop all the time.

Review β„–84

So I enjoy my visit here every time I go there. I like the great selection of meats and all the healthy choices they have.

Review β„–85

This place is great! Everybody is friendly and the store is super clean. Service is fast and the selection is more than most stores of its size. The type of place that has something for everybody. Ice cream and sandwiches are super popular. They have a lunch special each weekday which is a great value, nice to get something close to a homemade meal when you are on the go. Give them a try!!

Review β„–86

Great sandwich deal.

Review β„–87

It gets pretty busy during lunchtime so dont plan your browsing around that time. The deli is awesome and the staff are quick. Great selection of pre-packaged snacks and sweets as well as a wide variety of specialty ingredients for use at home.

Review β„–88

I love love this store. I bought a pound cake the first time I went which was Aug and it was good. Hopefully I will be back in the summer 2021 to try their homemade ice cream which I heard was very good and a long line to get it. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€

Review β„–89

Tasty sandwiches and good espresso!

Review β„–90

Great selection of fresh meats at the deli as well as nice cuts of steaks dry goods also great place to. get a great sandwich

Review β„–91

Nice little country store with great ice cream

Review β„–92

Wasnt aware that it would be so difficult to make a BLT. They had club sandwich for the lunch. Must be too difficult to toast bread and leave off deli meat.

Review β„–93

Lots of fun stuff and great sandwiches!

Review β„–94

So much variety and the prices are fantastic. The food is wonderful

Review β„–95

Great food and cooking items that are sold in bulk. $5 buys you a monster sandwich, chips, and a fountain drink. The pies, breads, and other baked goods here are especially special. You can get real milk here and roll butter. Almost everything is produced locally and of high quality.

Review β„–96

Awesome store great variety of products. Great sandwiches and bakery.

Review β„–97

Nice place...

Review β„–98

I love this place! I walked in and that wonderful smell hit me and I swear I gained 10 pounds!

Review β„–99

Excellent product and service. Breakfast sandwiches are the best. Here is my problem they don’t enforce State Mask Policy, 4 costumer at the store with no mask and no safety distances. I approached 2 employees and 1 supervisor and the did nothing. The cashier told me she was told to do nothing. 😑

Review β„–100

I found stuff in The Ole Country Store that I hadnt seen in many years. It lives up to its name. Nice place to grab a good lunch too.

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  • Address:18019 Country Store Dr, Culpeper, VA 22701, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 540-547-4449
  • Grocery store
  • Deli
  • General store
  • Ice cream shop
Working hours
  • Monday:6:45AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:6:45AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:6:45AM–6PM
  • Thursday:6:45AM–6PM
  • Friday:7AM–5PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:6:45AM–6PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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