Lake Norman Power Sports
19335 H M Junker Dr, Cornelius, NC 28031, United States
Lake Norman Power Sports
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Nice place. Great customer service and service department.

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I would not recommend this business for Jet Ski service. Took 2019 jet ski in for two complaints, lack of performance and steering issue. After a month of unit being at dealer they called to tell me it was repaired and ready. The explanation: a stick in propeller induction. If it had a stick stuck in it it surely wasn’t there when it was new ( these issues have occurred since purchased as new). Charged $189 to remove stick. When I questioned the technician how a little debris in water intake could affect the steering he opened engine cover to look for steering cable as if he had not previously trouble shot that problem. This was happening as I was ready to hook trailer to leave premises.Personally don’t think they made any effort to address issues other than remove debris of which I suspect got into unit after it was taken out of water.

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I like my xrs. and good people to work with

Review №4

Best experience at Lake Norman Power Sports! Ask for Joie in service, she is an expert at what she does. Will highly recommend them.

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Amazing experience.... drove over 1.5hrs to deal with this dealership because the dealer closest to me (Honda of Winston) didnt have the time to answer a few questions. Lake Norman Power Sports hands down gave me one of the easiest and best customer service experiences Ive ever had. From the initial phone call with salesman Josh, to the non stop hard work the General Manager Susan provided me thru email even up to the final sale and pick-up at the shop. I know times are tough and a bit different during this Covid-19 pandemic. But this staff went above and beyond to produce a seamless, and wonderful experience to the best of their ability within the restrictions and guidelines that were set in place. By far the best sales team I have dealt with!!!!! Keep up the good work, and thank you once again for the great sales experience!

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Lake Norman Power Sports is my local SeaDoo dealer, so I wanted to do business with them. I emailed them twice, via their website, to inquire about a 2018 SeaDoo Wake 155 and did NOT get a reply. I sent out the inquiry to additional dealerships and got immediate replies. I worked out a deal for a Ski from a dealer about an hour drive away, but before I drove an hour I decided to stop by LNPS to give them a 3rd attempt to get my business. I walked into the showroom and was greeted with a Whats up! I asked if they had any 2018 Wake 155s and the reply was Nope. Thats it! No, let me check to see if we are due to get some in, I can order you one, are you interested in any other models, we dont have one, but are there any accessories you need?They made zero effort to earn my business, instead gave off the we are the only show in town, so you have no other choice attitude. So I took my business to RPM Cycles in Albemarle, NC. Had a very pleasurable experience and a great price. (See my review for RPM Cycles)

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Great people thank you

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In October of 2015 I was looking to purchase 2- new 2016 Can Am ATVs. After calling multiple dealers that told me they werent available yet or they couldnt/didnt want to look for them since it was so new in the model year (I assume they had a lot of 2015 leftovers they wanted to move first), I found these guys. I spoke with Steven in sales and not only did they have one of the 2016s on the floor he said he would check availability and call me back. He did just that in under 30 minutes and was able to get another identical 2016 in a few days. He gave me a FANTASTIC price on both machines NO HIDDEN FEES, NO BS. right over the phone. Other dealers just gave me the run around on the phone and wouldnt give me straight answer on the price out the door. I drove 4 hours one way to get both machines and they where ready to go as promised when I got there. The whole purchase experience was easy,honest and completely painless.Recently I had an issue that required the machine to be repaired under warranty. I gladly drove another 8 hours round trip to Lake Norman powers sports past a few other Cam Am dealers along the way to have them do the repairs. They took great care of me and fixed the issue promptly and with out any drama. They even found a few other issues that could be considered wear and tear and handled them as warranty for me without me asking for it. I rarely give feed back on anything on line, but after reading the few poor reviews I feel someone should post the great experiences they have had as well. Lake Norman has been excellent and has earned my business and I highly recommend them!

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We had a great experience working with Josh to buy our first jet ski. We felt absolutely no pressure to buy during our experience, which was extremely appreciated. We look forward to working with them again in the future!

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Met taylor, Joey in parts, Jenna and someone in service who adjusted my trailer last Dec. They were all great. Joey in parts was super helpful. Currently enjoying my Seadoo Fishpro.

Review №11

Had to deliver something there, had a nice discussion about can ams

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This place is awesome! They go out of their way to help in any way they can. I purchased my 2019 Can Am Maverick, all the accessories, and have all my services completed at this location. Would recommend for all!

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Always a great experience

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Friendly staff and great service. Was treated fairly on my purchase and even required a warranty repair within the first few weeks. The service department was very responsive and corrected my issues quickly and professionally.

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Knowledgeable and Friendly staff helped me with the purchase of Can-am. The process was smooth from beginning to end.

Review №16

Go somewhere else. This place was a nightmare. Same issue with Seadoo 5 times in 2 summers. Mechanics don’t know what they are doing and keep it about 3 weeks each time. Next Seadoo was bought at Lake Hickory even though I live on Lake Norman. Well worth the drive. Last review I wrote owner said she had no record of me buying anything there. Well then lady your record keeping is as lousy as your service department.

Review №17

Bought all my Sea Doos from here for years! Love everyone there!!

Review №18

Would not recommend this dealership. Asked to be called prior to them working on my ATV and was told that they would never do anything without contacting customer first. Needless to say the only phone call received was that the work was done and the bill was over $200.

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You get to deal with the owner (Susan) one on one. Prices are great and no inflated dealer or prep fees. Just price and tax.

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I recently had my 2016 Can Am Defender (119 hours/ 1100 miles) serviced at Lake Norman Power Sports and I wanted to share some of the details about the great experience I had. This was the first time bringing my machine to Lake Norman, and I was pleasantly surprised right off the back at the time of booking my machines regular scheduled maintenance. According to my manual, there was quite a bit of work to be done, which I was planning to follow. However, upon talking with Joie and Genevieve in Service, they immediately advised that Can Am had issued a new bulletin guideline specific to my machine, which ultimately saved me quite a bit of unnecessary work and money. I also had new springs and wheels spacers to install, which they were also knowledgeable about, and added it to the work order. Once the machine went in for service, the team kept me updated on the status of my machine, and confirmed once it was completed and advised everything looked great, no issues! Always nice to hear without having to ask. When I went to pick the machine up, I felt like I was not just another customer. They had the paperwork and machine ready to go within minutes, and I even had a chance to chat with Kenneth (the Technician who did the service on my machine). He highlighted again, that the machine is in great shape, and we talked a bit about the new springs he had put on for me. Its always nice, when you have an opportunity like this, and not just a simple pick up and go. A day or two later, I looked at the invoice that I had folded into my pocket, and I noticed something I hadnt seen from other shops ever before... it was an itemized list of all the work that had been completed. I.e. Changed Spark Plugs with Part #xxyyzz, Compression test results, Fluid change/ details etc. Again, just another reassurance of the quality of work and detail that I had seen from the start. Thanks for the great customer experience!

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Just bought a 2018 SeaDoo from LNPS. Great people, fair and easy to work with. Susan made the whole process easy and painless.

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Tyler in the finance department told me he was going to do my application. I told him I was super interested in the boat. He finally got back to me afyer a week after i contacted him again n said it did not work because of the age of the boat. I was going to go grab a loan out of my bank and then i see that he sold it and did not tell me. Terrible customer service i here that these people do that alot.

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Have my 2 RXT skis serviced every year. Happy with work, finished when promised. Typical dealership pricing. Never had to wait for parts.

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They dont have anything...waste of time

Review №25

Love my 2010 Seadoo GTi SE155. Had it for 4 years now. Added tow bar last year. Towing is more awesome than ever before!!!!

Review №26

Love the Trixxx 3 up

Review №27

GO TO SEA DOOs WEBSITE AND LOOK UP THE MSRP BEFORE BUYIN FROM THESE SLIMEBALLS!!!! My salesman repeatedly told me that they make $100 per sea doo spark that they sell and he couldnt negotiate a dime. Right before I signed the contract I decided to go look up the MSRP. Dumbass instantly dropped the price $1200. I told him he had to throw in a cover or I wasnt buying it. He did. So I guess its a decent way to get a free cover if you want. Oh and then it was scratched up and I had to wait 4 hours to unbox a new sea doo. Scummy salesmen.

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I have bought a defender xt and outlander xt and a marverick xrs turbo and 2 sea doo gtx 300 limited jet skis here. The salesmans Steve is a really nice guy and worked with us to get a good deal. if you are interested Steve has a YouTube channel with some videos on some of the stuff there that goes into very good detail so i watched those before buying my toys and I highly recommend lake norman power sports

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Very friendly and helpful .

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Great shop. Great people :)

Review №32

The service manager lied to me! They took 3 weeks to do basic service, and could not even diagnose or repair a basic clutch fluid leak. Joey the service manager said they would have to open a ticket with they were clueless. She said she would call me back when they got a fix from brp...well she never called back. When I finally called Joey- she gave me more excuses and said since I didnt buy it from them I was not a priority. I would then have to leave it there for a undisclosed time period. When I asked why they didnt just check the slave cylinder the first time it was there for 3 weeks she got mad, gave more excuses and hung up on me. I would not take my brp spyder back there for a tire leak!!! Beware!!!I called brp headquarters and lodged a complaint...

Review №33

I took my Seadoo to Lake Norman Power Sports to get an electrical issue fixed. Lake Norman Power Sports ran a diagnostics on the Seadoo and said the main computer part needed to be replaced and that would fix the Seadoo and get it back to normal. This part would cost around $1,000. So after Lake Norman Power Sports said the Seadoo was ready for pickup I was beyond excited to get in out on the lake. The Seadoo is picked up and taken to the boat launch, launched into the water but wouldn’t start. Why Lake Norman Power Sports would tell me the Seadoo is ready when they did not even turn it on to make sure it works it beyond me. The seat was taken off and it turns out part of the Seadoo was not put back together. So I went to Lake Norman Power Sports and told them that it did not turn on. They finished putting it back together and now another error message popped up. They said it would be another $150 to get it fixed. I felt that since they never put back my seadoo and I had to figure it out on my own that they should fully cover the cost. Any professional business would in my opinion. Well Joie the manger of the service department refused. After that part was replaced they were still getting an error message and guess what, it was going to cost around $1500 to fix that. Joie said that the Seadoo ran fine it just would have the maintenance light flash on it. I was not about to pay $1,500 just to make a light go away. So I get the Seadoo back home, and what a surprise it still does not run correctly even though Joie said it would. This all happened about 2 months ago. I started thinking that they never really did replace that computer part in the first place, so 2 months ago I asked for the old part back. Lake Norman Power Sports refused and kept making up excuses. Anything from the tech that worked on it was on vacation and had the part locked up to the tech will be in later today and call back then. A week went by, no call, no part back. At that point I had no doubt in my mind that they never changed the computer like they said they did. I reversed the almost $1,000 credit card charge. My bank told me they would get in contact with Lake Norman Power Sports to get their side of the story and we would go from there. Well 2 months went by and I got all the money back and I did not hear from Lake Norman Power Sports at all. Well, a few weeks ago I noticed my credit card bill was about $1,000 more than it should have been. I looked and Lake Norman Power Sports have placed an unauthorized credit card charge for the amount of the bill I reversed over 2 months ago. I called by bank to get a fraud case placed against them but the bank said they would just reverse the charges again. The next morning I see a missed called from a restricted number and a voicemail. The voicemail was Joie from Lake Norman Power Sports threatening if I did not bring the total amount of the bill around $1,000 to her in cash by the end of the day that she would have a warrant issued for my arrest. WHAT!! What kind of professional business calls their customers and threatens to get them arrested?? It seems like Joie does not comprehend that trying to scare customers by using empty threats does not work and makes us dislike her. A simple phone call asking me to call you back would have just been fine. In summary, after having to deal with picking up my seadoo that was not put back together, dealing with Lake Norman Power Sports unwillingness to cover the $150 additional cost, then saying it is going to another $1,500 to fix it after saying the first $1,000 would have fixed it, charging my credit card 2 months later without warning, waking up to a threatening voicemail, I still have spent way to much money on a Seadoo that to this day is not 100% fixed. So long story short, after dealing with everything all I am left with is a Seadoo that still has not been fixed correctly and hatred towards Lake Norman Power Sports for the way I was treated.

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Go see taylor, hes #1 in customer service

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Awesome! As always!

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Amazing service

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Not Impressed.

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