No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery
10331 W Sample Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33065, United States
No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery
Review №1

I just got my first tattoo from here with Amy and Im so happy with it. She was patient, made sure I knew exactly how it would look and change over time, and even let me completely switch designs at the last second when I was unsure of my original design. She did an amazing job and was quick too! Definitely coming back here as soon as I figure out my next design!!

Review №2

Had my tattoo done a week ago. Done by David. He is amazing. I had to have a tattoo redone because of fading. He did a fantastic job. Better than the original. I highly recommend David at No Hard Feelings!

Review №3

Great artists. Great work. Wont go anywhere else.

Review №4

Ive been wanting a cover-up for about three years now. Every time I went to a shop I felt like I was getting blown off and that what I wanted didnt matter. I brought a friend to No Hard feelings and why I was waiting I met Emily Tides we started talking and she looked at my old tattoo and listened to what i wanted and then showed me some ideas. She was Professional and friendly and I booked an apt. That night. There was a cancelation so I got my 1st session early. The place is the cleanest shop Ive been in. Emily is a perfectionist and the 1st session came out great. I am so impressed I cant wait for my next one. I highly recommend No Hard Feelings. and Emily. I think all the artist are phenomenal as my friend lived hers and I saw many satisfied and happy clients.

Review №5

Ive received 4 tattoos from No Hard Feelings & I love each of them! My last was a cover up on my wrist and it looks so amazing, you can’t even tell it’s a coverup! Thanks to Chris the owner for his Amazing work and the customer service ladies were super nice and friendly as always 🙂

Review №6

So far Ive had a great experience.Went in to speak to an artist about a forearm piece. I was greeted and introduced to do artist almost immediately.She took a little time to discuss my design, and when she was booked till July(most good artists are), offered me another artist sooner.Expecting my experience to continue the same way and leave with a phenomenal piece of work!!More to follow......

Review №7

Mel was amazing my piercing has scarred tissue and she was able to work around it I will be returning to mail for all my future piercings❤️💃💃🥰🥰

Review №8

I came in to get a memorial piece for my Godmother done, who was a fairly nerdy person. So I decided to honor her nerdiness with a tattoo of the things we both enjoyed together. They paired me with the artist Antz. I came in with a slight idea of what I had wanted and a couple pictures, and this guy literally took my idea and made it 100x better. The piece came together beautifully. His idea and upgrades and tweaks were super cool too and he was really really chill with the whole process letting me know if I didn’t like something to just let him know. Watching his artistic process was almost like watching the guy from a beautiful mind put something together, it was fascinating and when he explained the whole idea from my original idea it was just too good to pass up. He was super friendly and just really cool, checked up on me during the tattoo process to make sure I was doing okay. Talked and involved not only myself but my plus one that I brought with me and had a nice conversation together. I can’t wait to come in and get the piece finished but I can tell you based on this experience I’ll definitely be coming back to get any future tattoos done here!!!

Review №9

I was lucky to get in to see Emily due to a cancelation. She was incredibly nice, knowledgable, patient and talented. She took a vague idea and turned it into something beautiful, original, and deeply meaningful. Plus, I got to watch The Great British Bake Off! I couldnt be happier with the result.

Review №10

5 tattoos in 4 days! What else can I say! Great ink work... great people... I would definitely recommend getting an appointment and having an artist help you! I would definitely go back!

Review №11

This tattoo parlor is clean and beautifully kept. The staff is professional and accommodating to all clientele.

Review №12

Alison made it super easy for me when I got my piercing. She talked me through the entire process. It was an amazing experience and she was very professional and knowledgeable.

Review №13

This was my 7th tattoo. I finely got my frog. Faithfully Rely On God. It really came out beautiful. He even made it look like it shimmers. Thank you so much David.

Review №14

Got my daughters nose pierced there the girl was amazing! She made it so easy for her to relax

Review №15

Been waiting for the right time for a special artist to tattoo my dear Lilly. Today was the day. Thanks Emily and Amy!! Great team, phenomenal artists. Run, dont walk to this tattoo shop.

Review №16

I have numerous tattoos and had many artists. Chris is extremely experienced and very professional. The piece came out great, its a portrait of my mom and he did an amazing job!! Ill for sure have Chris tattoo me again. Great experience, nice shop, cool guy. Totally recommend.

Review №17

Not really happy with the tattoo I got I ask for certain design and got something else

Review №18

After 17 years of getting tattoo’d by many amazing artists, I discovered Dylan and now have two amazing pieces from from him. He is EXTREMELY TALENTED and will more than likely be the only artist I will ever need moving forward. Really nice and chill guy to talk to, very professional, and PUNCTUAL.

Review №19

Melonie was amazing and professional. She made my piercing experience quick and painless.

Review №20

This place is awesome! They were professional and made you feel comfortable while doing so. The piercer, Melonie, is super nice and chill. Definitely recommend!

Review №21

Got my first tattoos here many years ago and because of quality and service I returned to this store from Houston Texas.

Review №22

Second time I’ve been here. Clean, great staff,professional, very happy with my dermals.

Review №23

The lady piercer was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and made it quick and easy. The lady’s at the front were also very kind. When I walked in I already felt comfortable. I highly recommend this place.

Review №24

To much good to actually write. Staff is super friendly and polite. Artistry is amazing!

Review №25

My artist, Antz, was seriously amazing. He created a piece that was exactly what I wanted, and I’m so so happy. He had a gentle touch which made sitting for 4 hours bearable. It was a fun time and I’m so glad to have had him as my artist. I’ll be going back soon for more art.

Review №26

I came up with a really cool water color tattoo idea, and after looking for someone online I found Antz work on Instagram. The idea for my tattoo is not common at all, and he put together what I was thinking of perfectly! I have my last session coming up and I’m super excited to finally have the piece finished. If you’re looking for someone who does amazing water coloring Antz is your man! Super friendly, chill and down to earth. Everyone else here are also really amazing and friendly.

Review №27

I’ve gotten piercings before out of the country but never close to home. I’ve heard sooo many great things about this shop so I decided to walk in to get my double ear lobe piercings. The staff was very friendly and awesome and got the paper work process very quickly. The piercer was extremely sweet and finished piercing me in a second. Everything was quick and easy and over all had an excellent experience! I will definitely come back again!

Review №28

DO NOT USE CHRIS BLINSTON!We drove 5 hours in February to see Chris Blinston and get a consultation and set an appt to come back and get tattooed April 8th. Then 5 hours back home. My husband and I had a full day with him scheduled. We were told we would get the artwork 48 hours in advance to our appt, so if any changes needed to be made, we had time to make them.We drove another 5 hours to get to our appointment on Thursday. We did not get our artwork until 4am the morning of the tattoo. Then Chris was not happy with us and very rude that we wanted to make changes. He continued to tell me, “you can just pick whatever you want and I’ll just tattoo it.” I said would you like us to come a little early to the shop before our scheduled appt at 12pm? He says “no thank you. See you at 12” 5 minutes later, we get a call from his assistant (who is AT HOME, not even at the shop) to tell us Chris says he’s not the artist for us and is cancelling our appt not even 2 hours before we are supposed to be there and that we can come get our $200 deposit refunded.Chris did not want to talk about the changes over the phone or in person. He wanted to do everything over text. I sent him another message, very nice just saying Chris we don’t want to cancel, we drove 5 hours to get here and paid for a hotel just for this appointment. I told him going over everything in person would make much more sense and we would love to see what he put together for us, it’s just hard to do over text. He doesn’t even text me back. He had the girl call back again and tell us he’s not interested. We sent multiple messages explaining that we came a long way and please just see us in person to go over the changes and if he still didn’t want to do it, then okay. He ignored everything. We went to the shop at our scheduled time 12pm to get our refund and Chris never once had the decency to even show his face.The poor girl at the front desk was as nice and she could be but was clearly embarrassed herself that he would he treat customers that way.We lost a lot of money to make a 10 hour trip to get blown off.Apparently since he’s been on ink master, he doesn’t feel he needs to treat people with respect because he gets enough business.

Review №29

U have to email details for your tatoo lol and apparently set the appointment up that way too Ive never done i spend 5 minutes with the tattoo artist so they know exactly what I want how big and where I want to put it so I wont be going to this place for any art!!

Review №30

Melonie is the absolute dopest piercer that I know. And that is why I take the drive from Miami to Coral Springs. I highly recommend her!! 🙌🏼 Great vibes and very knowledgeable. Shes helped fix my dermal and also pierced my second dermal. 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Review №31

Came for an ear piercing and it was a good experience. Will come back here !

Review №32

Had two piece done here by Dylan so far. They are clean, friendly, and great at what they do.

Review №33

Very sweet and helpful front desk staff!! Amy and Emily are awesome artists!

Review №34

I’ve gotten a tattoo here previously and had a great experience. Unfortunately the scheduling staff seems to need a revamp because they provided horrible customer experience today. I made an appointment weeks ago and called earlier this week because it’s become impossible for me to keep my appointment. I called to ask about getting the deposit refunded and was told unfortunately it could not be refunded but could be kept as a credit for the future. Completely understand so I said okay I will keep my appointment for now. Today I called to reschedule because the person I was supposed to go with had to pick up a shift so we could actually get our tattoos together. I tried explaining this to the girl and she very rudely said we would loose our deposit if we had to reschedule. I understand a cancellation policy but have not heard of a rescheduling policy for keeping a deposit. The attitude of this girl was completely rude. For someone who works in a tattoo shop she should know a tattoo is pretty important and not an experience you want to be bad since this will be on your body the rest of your life. The artists may be good but it is all about the customer experience and you will loose a lot of customers like that. So great I have to get a forced tattoo so I don’t loose my deposit today.

Review №35

Iv emailed and called Dylan to fix the bad shade job he never returned my call or my emails to discuss how he planned on fixing this awful mistake he made I don’t know how he could’ve seen it he didn’t ask me when I wanted my color he didn’t refer back to the picture that I had showed him just started drilling.. I wish I could post the pic of how bad it came out. We were good to him tipped him very well and this is the hard feelings we’re leaving with.

Review №36

I had a great experience. Dylan was a pleasure to work with, and the final product came out beautiful. I will definitely be back to finish the sleeve with him. From the guy at the front desk, to the other artists working on clients, everyone was friendly and cordial.

Review №37

Ive been looking for a good tattoo shop for some time and I finally found one. Thank you for the great tatt of my family Crest Vanity.

Review №38

Professional and clean. Emily is awesome!

Review №39

Antz is the best. Super clean & staff is very friendly.

Review №40

I loved my tattoo

Review №41

Got an amazing tattoo by Chris Blinston and couldnt be happier. Chris is an amazing tattoo artist and was nothing but professional through the whole process. This was my first tattoo at almost 56 years old and it was an amazing experience with Chris. Already thinking about my next one with Chris.

Review №42

Awesome shop. Dylan is the best artist!

Review №43

Id book w just about anyone except Antz Victor at the shop tbh. Entirely unprofessional in so many different ways.He had been my artist for the past 3 years now, I had followed him from his previous tattoo shop and brought friends and exes to get tatted by him.I entered his tattoo giveaway contest, not only did he never post a winner but the artists new girlfriend found me on Facebook and messaged me this.Im only going to assume he had a history of flirting w clients, though why a jealous girlfriend is contacting me saying he wont tattoo a married woman anymore, and not Antz himself or the shop itself, is beyond me.I called the shop and requested my refund and received it because I never got it after the artists gf said she would send it.Gives me apprehensions towards management that an artists partner who isnt hired by the shop is controlling the artists books and preventing clients she sees as a threat to herself from booking, despite them having other amazing artists at the shop. Toxic environment. Who knows if she is the type to show up to the shop and cause a scene out of insecurities.

Review №44

I got my navel pieced here today and it was amazing! It didnt even hurt! My piercer was extremely professional and clean and she asked how I was doing made sure I was okay the whole way through. Definitely reccomend!

Review №45

Alison is awesome! my friend and I went in today to get some piercings and alison made us feel so comfortable. She made sure everything was perfect and made sure it was where we wanted them before she actually pierced us. I appreciate her patience with us and her knowledge of everything made us feel even better. The shop is so clean and everyone there is so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Alison for piercing . Thank you Alison for everything 🥰 your amazing!

Review №46

Dylan did the best tattoo on my thigh as well as my daughter! Trevor was an awesome piercer too! Emily did my little tattoo when they had the amazing fund raiser for MSD. ALL proceeds from the fund raiser went to Stoneman Douglas including tips!!! GREAT place!!!! Definitely recommend it!!! 😊

Review №47

I got my septum pierced by Alison and it was a great experience. She’s very skilled and did it with such agility, the piercing was done in 3 seconds, and didn’t hurt at all. I recently had a botched helix piercing and she removed it for me. I’m definitely coming back!

Review №48

I recommend NO HARD FEELINGS to EVERYBODY!The shop is always clean & the staff are always friendly & helpful.Cant wait to get my next tattoo...CHRIS BLINSTON IS THE BEST!!

Review №49

Staff always friendly and extremely talented, this is the shop I always recommend going to!

Review №50

Dylan is doing a magnificent work on my left sleeve! Amazing work! I already had a shield on my chest and a heart on my shoulder and didnt want them covered, so he worked all around them adding some figure/symbols I wanted uniting it all with polynesian style motif in color

Review №51

Chris Blinston is the BEST!!! I got my right leg piece done 2 years ago. It’s a large Bettie Page piece with tons of intricate detail and color. I LOVE IT! My left thigh and buttocks is a huge portfolio piece consisting of lace, skulls, and beautifully designed female faces. I have Finally found my lifetime tattoo artist! Chris takes his time, consults with you, makes adjustments to stencils and artwork if applicable... etc ..bed side manner is professional. Staff is friendly. Shop is CLEAN!!

Review №52

The re-work I just got of a maple leaf done by Emily is amazing!I mean, every time I go to the shop, I feel like home. Everybody is so welcoming and eager to work with you on whatever idea you walk in with.Even when I had a scheduling issue in the past (due to their part-time, shortly employed receptionist whom no longer works there), the staff worked so hard to make everything right.It’s a terrific business and they’re going to stand for many years to come because of their work ethic. I love their optimism and they will forever be my number one shop.

Review №53

I can’t recommend this shop enough! I’ve had beautiful pieces done by Emily and Sky, and get compliments all the time. Absolutely my number one place to send people looking for amazing work and awesome artists. Allison pierced my son’s ear, and she was so patient and easy going with him (he’s 8), so it was a great experience.

Review №54

This is the best tattoo parlor/piercing spot I’ve been to. I’ve been twice with friends as they’ve gotten they’re piercings, and the employees had NO problem with me accompanying my friends. I finally went for myself, and got tattooed by the artist Sky. He was amazing! I was a walk-in but he had SO MUCH patience with me and my Aunt (who was also getting her first tattoo). He was honest and gave me suggestions from his professional standpoint. I’ll definitely be going back here for any other pieces I want done.

Review №55

My sister and I just got tattooed here for the 2nd time. Dylan and Buzzkill Barry are amazing! My sister and I will never go anywhere else!!!

Review №56

Amazing work. Getting more done Dylan is a beast. Doing my wife tattoo as well.

Review №57

No hard feelings is the ONLY tattoo shop I will go to. Their artists and staff are amazing and really listen to what you want. Ive been tattooed here two times already and am making plans for my 3rd trip soon!! I have recommended them to my friends numerous times and they have all been extremely happy with the results.

Review №58

Awesome artists and staff. My husband and I have been going to see Dylan for over two years now and we cant even think about going anywhere else. Such an amazing atmosphere. I would give them a million stars if I could. My favorite shop of all time!!!

Review №59

Vanity is the best, had her fix a tattoo that went wrong by another shop and she was great. I couldnt have asked for better results. I love it. If you love watercolor tattoos she is the best in my opinion. Will be back, everyone is so nice there. The place is clean and inviting. Thanks again for a great job.

Review №60

Dylan did an awesome job. Very skilled tat artist.

Review №61

Great place to get your tattoos done. I got recommended to this place by a few friends and they have done amazing tattoo jobs. Definitely coming back again to get my next tattoos!

Review №62

Awesome place. All the artist are super nice and very talented. Me and my bf walked in and they squeezed us both in without an appointment. Thanks guys for the great work!

Review №63

Honesty is what truly defines a business. I have moved back to Coral Springs and found a wonderful tattoo parlor here. A clean and warm environment once you walk in the door.What truly amazes me is the professionalism of this shop. Today I went in to get an ear cartilage piercing, the industrial bar. After the piercer measured both my ears, he sighed and told me that unfortunately my ears weren’t big enough. Though I am saddened by this, it gives me more time to consider my other options. But I am beyond grateful for his guidance, rather than an attempted piercing that wouldn’t work in the long run. Rest assured to you wonderful folks, no hard feelings here. I will return again soon once I decide what I would like to attempt next.

Review №64

My prior tattoo artist did a poor job on one of my dog portraits so I went to No Hard Feelings based on a friends recommendation. I was just going to consult and find which artist to use. Fortunately, I was introduced to Emily Tides who happened to have a cancellation when I came in. FANTASTIC!!! She covered up the lousy tattoo and it now looks like my dog. In addition, I proceeded to get portraits of my 2 new dogs and I love them. They even pass the wife test. She loves them, too. Emily is talented, creative and genuinely concerned about doing a great job. Ask for her when you go.

Review №65

I have not gotten a tattoo here but the piercing expert, Alison, is the absolute best! She explained everything she was doing and put my son at ease. She had to redo both ears at different times, for different reasons and she was just amazing! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a piercing! Thanks for taking great care of my son Alison! You are a ROCKSTAR!

Review №66

Sky is your guy for anime !!!

Review №67

I got this place recommended with the note best shop in South Florida and I agree. The best tattoo shop I’ve been to. They are very welcoming when you enter, and they guide you to find the artist that matches your style best. I needed a lot of help designing the tattoos, as I only had ideas and different pictures, but was not able to put it all together. Dylan helped me with the designs and had great advice to what would look better. For now, I’ve spent 12-15 hours in the chair with Dylan, and I always walk out of there amazed by the level of details hes doing.I had a tattoo done by Emily as well - she did an awesome job and made a huge effort in making sure that all text etc. was perfectly aligned.Finally - Ive never felt they are overcharging. They always count a little less hours than I expect.Great place!

Review №68

Emily is great! Totally rocked my daughters name.

Review №69

Called to make appointment for consultation and no one called back, after a week, I called back and was on hold for awhile and the woman says give me you number and I’ll call you back when she done and that was 4 days ago. Got all my tats there, never going back after this customer treatment. Went to a more friendly, customer caring place. They were more than happy to take care of me.

Review №70

First tattoo, and I absolutely loved this place! Clean. Profesional. The staff is great and friendly. Came in and showed them a picture of what I wanted, and my artis Amy did an amazing job! Thank you so much! Very Happy❤️

Review №71

I see Chris Blinston. Hes been my artist since 2015. His work is clean, saturated, smooth and hes a quick artist. I appreciate him always making time to tattoo me. I was his 35hr back piece on Ink Master Season 6. I highly recommend.

Review №72

Words cannot express how much I absolutely love this shop! Everyone is insanely sweet AND beasts at what they do. I’ve been to several artists here and I’ve never been disappointed, but Emily is by far the best I’ve ever had work on me. She’s done new pieces, coverups, and cleaned up older tattoos of mine. She’s very artistic, creative and just overall amazing at her job....definitely recommend her!

Review №73

I found out about this shop through Instagram while I was looking for someone to do a jewel piece, Emily was that someone! I live an hour away but I make the drive to Coral Springs because both Emily and this shop are the absolute best! Extremely friendly and welcoming and the best quality art you could hope for. (And they accept credit cards which I’ve never seen at any other tattoo shops which I’m sure is a big help to a lot of people!)

Review №74

Couldn’t recommend this place more. I got a Wolf tattoo on my forearm done by Emily Tides and it is perfect. She was super nice and helpful and the tattoo turned out amazing. The staff up front was also great. So much better than any other place I’ve been too. I’ll definitely be coming back

Review №75

Love this tattoo parlor!! Sky is awesome, he does all our familys tattoos!! I will definitely be back for many more!!

Review №76

I just got my belly pierced about 10 minutes ago here and it was a great experience. Everyone in there is super nice. Alison my piercer was amazing!! Would definitely come back again.

Review №77

No hard feelings is such an awesome shop! Everyone there is so friendly and Ted is amazing!! His work is phenomenal and so clean. He’s done all three of my tattoos with such precision. He’s also a great guy and is very funny. You can’t go wrong!

Review №78

Had my nose pierced by Alison over a month ago. Was doing fine for about 2 weeks and then developed a bump that was bleeding. Went back and she told me to put tea tree oil on and it would go away in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks there was no improvement in fact the opposite so I went to get a second opinion only to have the metal tested and find out that what was put in my nose was a low grade titanium with poor finish (which I was told was high grade and the best) that was making the scabs stick and rip to not allow it to heal. I also found out that the angle of the piercing was completely off which caused my body to reject the piercing. I am now left with a very noticeable scar and will have to get it redone if it ends up completely healing properly. Very disappointed as this was the first time I went to this place and have heard nothing but good reviews.

Review №79

I had a great experience at No Hard Feelings! From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed and respected. The guys at the shop, especially Clay and Dana, were extremely helpful. Dana listened to my idea and then created an amazing Script for me. He then made that vision into a reality in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. Overall, I would highly recommend this shop to anyone and everyone. Thanks guys!

Review №80

Writing this review for my husband since he asked me too! Shop is very clean and work is flawless! Look no further. Chris is a super cool and talented dude

Review №81

Im so impressed with No Hard Feelings Piercing Artist, Allison (I hope this is how she spells her name). But she is so amazing about her knowledge of piercing. Ive been a customer for a while. But Allison by far is one of the best piercing artist that I have experienced. Thanks so much.

Review №82

Tried scheduling an appointment with Clarissa about 2 weeks ago since we are traveling from out of state. Asked about making a deposit and what days she had open, never got a response. Communication was poor the entire time but thought it would be worth since her work is good. Came in today, and she couldnt be bothered to come out talk even though she was visibly sitting in the back without a client. After the receptionist walked back and forth a few times, we were finally blessed with her presence. The first thing she said was that she doesnt draw without deposit (which we tried to make) then pretentiously flipped through her calendar and said shes booked (when in convo she said she was available but couldnt bother to respond as to which days). Very rude and unprofessional.

Review №83

Best experience Ive had at a tattoo shop. Truth be told, I went to a few for a very simple tattoo- from the neck half way down my spine- Arabic writing..... When I finally emailed No Hard Feelings Tattoo, I sent them an example of what I wanted as well as my actual design and translation. The customer service was amazing (spoke to Alex) and my artist was awesome!! Very cool & calm, her vibe made me feel very relaxed and confident that she knew what she was doing (Jamie) while I was there, my sister ended up getting her first tattoo on the spot just because she loved what she saw and how amazing Jamie was with me. Another friend showed up to watch and scheduled an appointment that same day as well! I will be back for sure, wish I could post a pic of the great work!!!

Review №84

After the fifth time of going to No Hard Feelings, I think it is finally the moment I should leave a review. This place has always proven to be magnificent. Everybody is very kind and excited to see you as soon as you walk through the door. You can immediately feel that all of the tattoo artist and Piercing specialists know exactly what they are doing and have been doing it for years. I had the great luck of being tattooed by Angel this time and he is a wonderful artist. He makes the whole experience fun and new as he creates a masterpiece on your skin. If you want to find that tattoo artist to make your ideas true, I would definitely ask for him.

Review №85

All the positive reviews youve read about this place are SO TRUE! I went in for a nose piercing on a Saturday afternoon, even though it was busy and I didnt have an appointment, I didnt wait. Allison was super sweet, super nice! I absolutely loved the experience!

Review №86

I went in to get my first tattoo super nervous! Clarissa met me in the front and assured me everything was going to be fine. She was AMAZING and made me feel at home the whole time! Everyone there is very friendly and it shows that they love there jobs! Clarissa put a beautiful art work on my arm and I will definitely be back to No Hard Feelings!

Review №87

I was tattooed by Sabrina Nolan and not only did my piece come out better than I could have imagined, but she was such a sweetheart!!! The environment in the shop is super uplifting and cool and they really try to make you comfortable. Her work is phenomenal and I would recommend not only her, but this shop to anyone in southern Florida! Thanks again Sabrina!!

Review №88

Been getting my sleeve worked on by Emily and Im really happy with the progress we have made and am excited to get it completed. Ill be sure to post pictures when we are done.Ive seen the work from all the artists here and theyre all very talented and friendly. Ive been to other shops and theyre either too crowded, loud, or the artists are rude. If you want a good experience in a quiet and professional environment then I recommend this shop.

Review №89

I recently got a tattoo with Sabrina and I love it. She worked with me to get it exactly how I wanted it and it came out perfect! The studio itself was very clean and professional, while also being friendly and relaxed. I would highly recommend Sabrina and No Hard Feelings.

Review №90

I went in yesterday for a VCH piercing from Trevor and it was the most comfortable experience Ive had with a piercer... He was very knowledgeable and kept me talking the entire time when I told him I was a little nervous. The room was clean and he made sure all blinds and doors were shut. The cost was cheaper than all the other places I researched. The females in the front were very polite and friendly. Overall great experience go check them out!

Review №91

This place was amazing and the service really sets them apart. We came in for a piercing and was assisted by Trevor. He was knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. The front staff was pleasant as well and helped move things along smoothly. While waiting you can walk around and look at the art work they have displayed or witness someone else getting their work done. If you are looking for the best tattoo and piercing shop in BROWARD COUNTY..LOOK NO FURTHER.

Review №92

I had my nose pierced last Saturday by the AMAZING Alison, which is healing perfectly not red or any bumps. I trusted her judgement on the place and I can wear my glasses perfectly without touch anywhere near the ring. I’m definitely coming back and hopefully soon. You guys are awesome. 😁

Review №93

Allison is the best! I have taken my daughter to her twice now, and will not go anywhere else. Allison is super friendly and takes her time making sure everything is perfect. Highly recommend for piercings!

Review №94

Alison pierced the second hole in my ears, and she was awesome! Explained everything, every step, for a pleasant, no-pain experience. Alison is THE BEST!

Review №95

I had my nose pierced last Saturday by the AMAZING Alison, which is healing perfectly not red or any bumps. I trusted her judgement on the place and I can wear my glasses perfectly without touch anywhere near the ring. I’m definitely coming back and hopefully soon. You guys are awesome. 😁

Review №96

I walked into no hard feelings last night after my appointment at another tattoo shop was cancelled. I am so glad I decided to come here. Everyone was amazing and friendly from when I walked in. They made me feel comfortable and not out of place as some other shops do. This shop is very clean and the employees were knowledgeable with the questions I was asking. Luckily they had some openings and could take me right away. I chose to go to Barry for my tattoo and although it is not a big piece, its very meaningful to me and he respected that. Barry was very patient and went through different font ideas with me before I ultimately chose his custom writing for my quote. Im so glad I found this shop and will definitely be back to see Barry!

Review №97

Mel is a great for your piercing needs. Clean and friendly.

Review №98

Allison provided a professional and fun atmosphere, made me very comfortable and welcomed. Took her time and made sure that everything looked perfect. One of the best experiences I’ve had with a piercer, will be coming back for any future modifications.

Review №99

Awesome place to get a tattoo! Atmosphere is amazing! Dylan MacLeod is an awesome artist and I will only use him for my future pieces. Thank you Dylan and No Hard Feelings Tattoo!

Review №100

I went there last night, love it, clean, safe, place, very nice, and my tattoo took 8 minutes hahah the best part. I really like it OM. Thank you guys

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4.7 Rating
  • Address:10331 W Sample Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33065, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 954-341-3585
  • Body piercing shop
  • Body arts
  • Tattoo shop
Working hours
  • Monday:12–10PM
  • Tuesday:12–10PM
  • Wednesday:12–10PM
  • Thursday:12–10PM
  • Friday:12–10PM
  • Saturday:12–10PM
  • Sunday:12–10PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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