Ask Powersports-Columbus
2450 Park Crescent Dr, Columbus, OH 43232, United States
Ask Powersports-Columbus
Review №1

Sales and service are always delivering above and beyond all of my expectations.I recommend you go there for your Best experience of professional one on one customer care.

Review №2

Low stock... poor customer service...was looking for two ATVs, 4 wheelers and/or go-karts for kids, lady tried to convince me that a dirt bike is more safe . All to make a sale because the only kids stuff they have is dozens of dirt bikes. Then tried to sell me on an old used generic 4 wheeler way overpriced. Next day I drove 1.5 hours to Piketon (American Super Sports Off-Road LLC) and bought 2 brand new atvs for a few hundred more than ASK wanted for that single used one.

Review №3

Took care of me today without hesitation, so nice to see a place go the extra mile to make things right.

Review №4

When I initially bought my motorcycle everyone was friendly n professional. However I dropped my motorcycle off on Wed the 4th and they still cant tell me when my bike will be completed. Not to mention they have my part to fix it . Granted it took about a week to receive the part from Canada, however it took over a week to find out whats wrong with it . And now yall know whats wrong and have the part and i PAID IN FULL already and Still cant tell me when my bike would be yall would have my bike close to a month which I dont understand.....its about to get cold soon and thats taking away from my riding time....never again will I get my bike serviced might take it in for an oil change and they just might keep it for 2weeks

Review №5

Knowledgeable staff, many brands to choose from and vintage bike collection to check out!

Review №6

Staff very courteous and knowledgeable. I am a novice and staff was very patience with all my questions - some which may have been obvious to others.

Review №7

Joby and David were awesome, above and beyond great to work with . When you go in ask for them!

Review №8

Ask for Joby. The best powersports sales guy in the Midwest.

Review №9

Great place to get your moto worked on by professionals.

Review №10

Lots of inventory. Place across from old JC Penny outlet. Looks unassuming but very nice inside....

Review №11

Took my 2021 to their Dealership today, for service called 3 days ago they got me in, Jessie took a quick look and fixed me right up. HOOKED up the computer solved my problem in. A matter of minutes Great Guy

Review №12

As soon as we walked in a staff immediately greeted us and assisted us and answered all our inquiries, we were just looking for an animal side by side and yamaha looks like a great animal brand. Place looks neat and all the vehicles are neatly arranged and organized. They have like a small store for some small stuff like helmets and gadgets etc. They also have harley davidson. They almost have a wide range of choices from kids 4 wheels, atv, utv, maverick, dirt bike, scooter, buggy bike/ride, jet ski, yamaha, go kart and many more. A must visit place for sports vehicles.

Review №13

Nice place. Cant buy anything and ride it. Thanks to pandemic

Review №14

Staff know their products inside and out. Amazing inventory.

Review №15

Like Kind Quality, Fantastic selection...very balanced and maintained service department as well !

Review №16

Jacoby is awesome easy going and really knows power sports. Awesome place. They will make sure your taken care of. Bought my Can Am Ryker Rally from Ask. Go see them you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again for all the help and future help.

Review №17

Called on Wednesday if they have 2021 Suzuki GSX R1000 in stock since it was not available anywhere nearby in Ohio. The gentleman name Joeby (I might have spelled his name wrong) said yes on the phone so I went there in evening to check out the motorcycle, and unfortunately the motorcycle was not there because it was still on its way to the dealership. Joeby said it might come tomorrow so meanwhile I just met Christin in Finance and she was very helpful to explain the procedure. Later I talk to Joeby about the exhaust installation and he seems very knowledgeable and helpful person I ever met who can go above and beyond. I would say all staff members are amazing. I went around 5:15pm on Thursday and the staff stayed half an hour or more after closing time so I can get the motorcycle right away. Within just a day of inquiry I got my motorcycle and everything was so smooth and quick. I would recommend this place to anyone over other dealership around Columbus.

Review №18

Just bought a Harley there, great people and extremely helpful

Review №19

These guys are the best!! Ed and Patty are so down to earth! Everyone here is knowledgeable and great! I bought a can am ryker from them and absolutely love it! You have to stop in here for your next bike!

Review №20

If I could give them less than 1 star I totally would. Went there with a 718 credit score and left with a 656. Then to the actual buying experience. Took them 9, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NINE days to get me the bike I chose. This was two months ago. Fast forward to now and the bike has turned off not once, but twice while I was doing 100+ on the highway. Also a buddy of mine bought a bike from them that caught on fire after a couple weeks of owning it with 3 miles on it. Do NOT. I REPEATEDLY REPEAT, DO NOT go here.

Review №21

First time dealing with this dealer. Was unsure about the place based on reviews, but they had what I wanted so thought Id give them a try. It was an easy transaction. Patty was helpful and genuine. The whole process was pretty fast. Id definitely recommend them based on my experience.

Review №22

Christian was so knowledgeable and friendly. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with at ASK.

Review №23

Used to be a good place not sure what happened

Review №24

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff!!

Review №25

Awesome stuff there and staff is nice.

Review №26

Had 10,000 mile service and rear tire done on my 2016 spyder f3. Staff very friendly and seemed knowledgeable.Had to wait two weeks for appointment because they had a backlog of work. They had the spyder for 4 days.I can somewhat understand why they would have it so long but I would’ve thought work would be done on day of appointment or next day.Noticed a lot of fresh oil on under carriage and engine about a week after work. Checked oil per manual and was over filled. Removed one quart of oil now it’s showing right at max level. Cleaned up oil from engine hoping I see no further issues.I would say just make sure they do work per BRP specifications.

Review №27

I wouldn’t give this one star. THE most unprofessional, unorganized place I’ve ever had to deal with. I wouldn’t have gone here but this is the only place in all of Ohio that apparently had jet skis in stock. It took them 3 days to determine that we were approved for the loan. It would have taken longer but I called and asked twice. Once we were approved, we sat and waited two hours to fill out paperwork. Paperwork took an hour. It was so absurd. Once we were finally done with the paper work, we took the jet skis to the lake to find out that one of the jet skis didn’t work. It took them over a week to fix it. Didn’t offer anything for the inconvenience other than 10% off any merchandise in their store. I HIGHLY recommend if you’re purchasing something that could be bought elsewhere, I would go somewhere else.

Review №28

Massive Inventory with years of history on the second floor. The sales team will address any questions about any item on the floor, service has a master tech been in the business over 20 years. Friendly parts team is sure to handle all your needs. Family owned not your typical dealer.

Review №29

I needed some Sea-Doo parts in a pinch that were missing in an order from another company, and contacted this location of ASK. My father had good results with them in the past, so I thought, why not? The wait time on the phone wasnt bad, and the people at the service desk were prompt and responsive. To my surprise, they had what I needed in stock, when nobody else did, and online wait times were half a week or more. When I arrived to pick up the parts, the information about the parts I required had been retained so no backtracking and explaining was necessary, and parts were quickly provided. Checkout was smooth.Thanks, ASK!

Review №30

My partner and I went in today to buy a helmet so I could keep my noggin safe while riding. The sales associate immediately approached us and quickly helped me find the right helmet. He seemed to be extremely knowledgeable about the products they carry. With his help, we were in and out within 5 minutes. Very satisfied.

Review №31

2011 Yamaha Raptor 700RWe were searching for the gas cap because the ball mechanism was messed up causing our gas tank to sound like a boiling pot. Everywhere else was back ordered but they had them in stock, set them aside and we were able to come in and verify it was the right part and walk away happy!!

Review №32

All the staff I had the pleasure of working with from front of the house to the back, are super cool, educated and easy to communicate with!! Ill buy again when the time comes!

Review №33

Super customer service

Review №34

Best in service, best in class! Thanks to Rebecca and Caleb for take the time and helping me find some parts for an old ski! You treated me like family and it was much appreciated! ASK, your team is a beast!

Review №35

One of, if not the, best dealerships I’ve been in. The staff was warm and welcoming as soon as I walked in the door, answered all my questions, and were very knowledgable. I found that they were not payed on commission, though with their skill they should, and the sales team was amazing at telling me what I really needed and what modifications weren’t worth the extra buck.Overall 5 stars, and I will definitely be back on my own and with others.

Review №36

Went in to buy a pit bike for my son. Had bought one a week prior, the salesman informed me the other bike was a certain price. $1209. The lady said they were no longer $1209 but now $1299. I asked, when did that changed because I’m looking at YOUR website and it clearly states $1209. Needless to say when she finally finished with all of her bogus fees the bike was over $1800. Talk about price gouging smh. So I went to INDEPENDENT MOTORSPORTS3930 South High streetAnd was done right.

Review №37

Bought a 2012 can-am spyder rt from here. Absolutely love our bike. Salesman was polite. Clean store. Had a little trouble getting our title but eventually got it. Would recommend this store if your looking to buy or in need of parts.

Review №38

Staff is amazing, ask for Joby and he will set you up right. Everyone is awesome.

Review №39

I had went to the Columbus location to purchase a can am outlander. I had to ask 5 different times before someone came to assist me (I didn’t care about just looking I was buying the quad). So I decided to apply for financing, was approved a few hours later. I had realized I forgot to ask the hours of the quad while I was in store, so I called and nobody would tell me or even attempt to find out. Overall, I’m not impressed even slightly, which is unfortunate since they’re the only canam dealer in my area.

Review №40

Great variety of motorcycles and utility vehicles. theyll wheel and deal with you & will always give you a fair price on new, used, or even your trade! Friendly staff and family friendly!

Review №41

So I just bought my first bike from this location. Patty was super helpful and wasn’t terribly pushy at all.What really blew my mind: we finalized a deal at the end of the day, and when they were showing me around my bike I asked about keeping it on the lot until the next day as it was raining and I wasn’t comfortable riding in those conditions at the time.Instead Patty and Ed towed my bike to my house, without being asked. Theyre super friendly and I wouldn’t have expected that level of service (this was about an hour after closing as well)Bonus points for having dogs as greeters.

Review №42

I’ve been going to ask Columbus now for over a year, and they are by far the best out there. The lady in parts Rebecca will never tell you no. she has found me parts for my can-am that others were not able to do. You know you’ve found a magical place when you spend over 3 grand to fix your machine and as you drive from there lot your still smiling about it! Not only Rebecca but Kevin, Ed, and Ben are all great to work with. It would be hard to duplicate a team like there’s if you was to go elsewhere! Highly recommend Ask Columbus to everyone!!!

Review №43

Excellent business and exceptional customer service. Ben, Ed and Patty are the Best. I took my Zx14 in for service and not only did they let me drop it off early, they also finished it well ahead of schedule. On top of that its not just about business with these guys, theyre great listeners and really care about their customers. Businesses out there need to take notes from them on the way they operate and treat people. As long as they are around, this is the only place that will ever service or repair my bike. Youd be hard pressed to find anyone better.

Review №44

Quick and responsive

Review №45

I got nothing wrong with this place I was looking to get me a used atv but they got me in to a new atv and I love it gets up and goes I will definitely comeback and recommend someone to check them out.

Review №46

Energetic place, especially if you buy a bike .. knocks off 10 years from your age! It is not as big as some of the superstores, but the selection is good and you can probably find all you need to get on the bike to chase that mirage of youth

Review №47

Was looking to buy new tires for my quad and had found a great deal on Amazon. Called ASK to see about having them mount the news tires and they asked me to give them a chance on earning their business. I did, and was I satisfied. Got the same tires for a few bucks less a tire, and they came in the next day. Ill keep you informed of how the mounting goes, but so far, great service.

Review №48

Shout out to Joby!

Review №49

Absolutely no prices listed on used inventory. Should not have to call to get a quote.

Review №50

Knowledgeable and very helpful staff. Nice family.

Review №51

Bought a quad from this company a year ago and the typical problems brake pads and chain tension on it went out and broke and when I called to have them get me parts they tried to get ahold of the company and said that this bike was discontinued therefore its going to be hard to get parts but they was able to come up with a set of front brakes and rear brakes and chain tension and told me it would take 2 weeks. Well I went 2 months without even getting a phone call and was getting ready to go on another trip called her back they were still sitting on the warehouses desk.So she was going to call me back again here I am again over a month later still no call back still waiting to hear. So from my experience horrible customer service and do not ever buy Chinese quads and yes Bennche is Chinese not made out of Texas shipped from China to Texas and then your location

Review №52

I had a not so great experience that Patty made into a great shopper experience. What started out as a 1 star rating turned into a 5 star rating simply because of her willingness to make things right. Long story short, I put a deposit down on a Seadoo over the phone that was sold out from under me due to a clerical mistake. Within about 14 hours she has found me the exact same ski, honored the deal that we had previously settled on and offered the first service on it at no charge. This is the kind of service that will keep me coming back and will keep me referring people to ASK Powersports in Columbus! Thank you Patty for making everything right.

Review №53

Miss Patty is amazing willNever buy anywhere but from her.

Review №54

Love the Columbus location and their employees. very good experience went in yesterday to buy a sxs and I go pick it up today.

Review №55

Everytime I come in the staff are always very helpful and knowledgeable. And if they dont know an answer theyre not afraid to ask another employee. I would highly recommend them to any local Power Sports Enthusiast in the Columbus area.

Review №56

Horrible experience for a number of different reasons, I should have hired an attorney to fight them but it wouldnt have been worth the money, time and stress.Deceptively hid extra fees into the price of my motorcycle, realized it after I got the paperwork for the loan.Sold me a brand new bike with an Intermittent problem. The bike left me strandand on the side of the road on several different occasions, even right down the street from them they did nothing to help me transport it. Their techs couldnt figure out the problem and on several occasions they had the bike for 6 weeks at a time. When they tried the battery and spark plugs as solutions they were happy to help at no cost. Then things got costly and they didnt honor their warranty. After the warranty was up the bike was still having problems and they said they werent going to stand behind it, guess they werent anyways even during the warranty period, so. Looking back on it I wish I would have hired an attorney.If you want sales people to rip you off, techs that cant fix a brand new bike that shouldnt be having problems in the first place, a company that will make you spend money to honor a warranty, a 6 week waiting period for repairs, this is the perfect place for you!Update to this: their response below is just for show. I called as they asked and got the same BS. Again, I had a legitimate lawsuit, much too costly though. And they know that, thats why they get away with it.

Review №57

Very helpful visit. Looking at a couple of toys and they patiently answered questions and showed us a few alternatives to consider. No pressure!

Review №58

I called after ASK opened to inquire if they had an oil filter for my WR250. They assured me they did and I told them I would stop by after work. I popped in and headed back to the service counter and they had my part number written down and had someone fetch it immediately. I proceeded to talk to the gentleman behind the parts counter (i believe he was the owner or manager) and I even asked him what used bikes he had on premises and I had no intention of buying. The off road salesmen was polite and totally understood that I just wanted to look around. I have no intention of buying a bike anytime soon, but if I ever do I will be checking ASKs inventory first. The attitude of everyone I encountered was positive and everyone treated me very well even though I just popped in to spend $10 on an oil filter. I highly recommend this establishment if you are need of a bike or parts and you live on the east side of Columbus. Good Stuff!

Review №59

Went beyond expectations in the service department! We took a SeaDoo in because we couldnt seem to find a competent, professional dealer in South Carolina. Within 2 days of dropping off the Waverunner, ASK personnel had analyzed it and had a plan of action. It was fixed within one week. We couldnt ask for more. Thank you for your professionalism and efficiency.

Review №60

Employees are very helpful and nice and the place has just about everything I needed, overall a great place

Review №61

Went in to check out Zero electric cycles. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Test rode and it was fantastic.

Review №62

Must go and check out! Anything you need they can get it! Or they have it!!

Review №63

2nd purchase from this location with Patty and 5 purchase with this company. Great team, great attitude, good numbers towards prices. She took care of us to the fullest. Payed for a winch and install through them for my 2017 Teryx LE with no complaints. Ben in service helped with my every question and Adam in parts got my windshield in quickly!

Review №64

Ed and Ben ripped me off! They charged me close to $1000 only to give my bike back to me almost in the same condition. The only visible thing they replaced is my turn signal.

Review №65

I began my shopping experience with ASK Powersports in the early 1970’s ..... They were very helpful back then and are Evan better now ..... Customer Service is Great ..... ASK Powersports is the only place that I shop for parts and accessories for my Can-Am Commander ..... Thanks for being a Great place to shop .....

Review №66

We were shopping for a Ninja H2 and the bossman comes around tells the salesman to close the box. Absolutely do not come here. They dont want you to buy anything. If they run through their day with their emotions, then this is not the place you want to ccome looming for friendly service. Can I not rate this place with zero stars? Very bad customer service. Will not shop at any ASK locations nor will my acquaintances.

Review №67

Great staff. Friendly and theyll work with you financially. Theyll let you know all your options before you buy. Thanks Julie and Joby!Gabby

Review №68

Joby was very helpful and friendly.

Review №69

Patty was very helpful. The staff was awesome. I will return to upgrade my bike.

Review №70

Family owned business. 3 generations! Wonderful friendly service. I am a loyal happy customer.

Review №71

They have dogs in there and they are really cute. Qt dogs

Review №72

Customer service is amazing, a great place that makes you feel like your at home. 2 thumbs up...

Review №73

Fantastic experience when I bought a 2015 Sea-Doo Spark in August 2015. Straight-forward, no games transaction, they didnt try to push me towards a higher end model, accessories, or financing. Couldnt have asked for a better sales experience.

Review №74

Very friendly staff also very knowledgeable with a wide variety bikes and ATVS.

Review №75

Friendly/helpful staff. Nice helmet selection. Bit pricy on some thou.

Review №76

Awesome work really hard to give us everything we wanted Really good people

Review №77

Very nice and helpful. Lots of stuff to look at. Motorcycles, four-wheelers and three wheel spiders, and wave runners.

Review №78

Knowledgeable staff, good selection of accessories, competitive prices.

Review №79

I was shopping for a new helmet and the people were very helpful. I will probably buy the helmet from them.

Review №80

It was great visiting a place, where I bought something I love the F3.

Review №81

If you buy something used check it over good

Review №82

Took my 2018 seadoo RXT-X 300 in to the service department for a starting problem and they expedited my repair and got it back the same day...Great Service.

Review №83

Friendly staff very helpful they let me check out motorcycles and test rides

Review №84

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Review №85

Ask Powersports treats you like family and knows their stuff!

Review №86

Always great services and if they dont have it theyll get it very fast.

Review №87

Always nice to be able to talk to people that have great knowledge about bike

Review №88

Bought a Sea Doo Spark here, fees are a bit high but I am satisfied with my purchase.

Review №89

Great attention and service.

Review №90

I was helped by Patty in Sales at the Columbus/Pickerington location while looking for a new Ninja ZX10R. Patty was VERY knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Although I purchased a used ZX10R from a private seller, Patty did not treat me any different, and totally up-sold their service department, and parts department. Ive since had my cycle serviced there, and she was just as happy to see me then, and treated me as if I bought my bike directly from her. Thats the kind of top notch service anyone would want. Thanks Patty!

Review №91

Just ok service and staff. Good selection of atvs and utvs.

Review №92

They screwed my son out of $1,000 when we bought him a brand new quad, brought it home and it had problems immediately.Took it back, it literally had 15 minutes of ride time on it. I showed them what it was doing. They kept it a few weeks, called and said it was fixed. Came back up to get it and it was still doing the same thing. A 90cc quad that sounded like it was falling apart when trying to climb hills. The chain was tight, but they didnt know how to fix it and eventually just said atvs arent meant to climb hills, most of our customers just ride them in flat yardsAnd when I said well nothing is flat where I live, this is defective and I want my money back if you cant fix it, they refused and said they would take it back as a used four wheeler on trade in! A brand new quad with 15 minutes of ride time and under warranty!HORRIBLE place to do business with. My son was so disappointed that his bday present was junk. The kicker was when the salesman shook my hand and said Ill return it for a $500 loss and if my manager disagrees Ill take it out of my own salary. 5 minutes later she storms over and says thats not gonna happen! He wouldnt even look me in the eye and sure enough I took a $1,000 loss on returning it.What a bunch of sleezy scumballs.

Review №93

Ran my credit more then once without my permission. Now i will have that on my credit for 2 years. Thanks ask.

Review №94

Awesome family business Ed certainly knows how to service your dream machine and get you a lot of frequent flyer miles on your credit card. LOL

Review №95

The best place to buy a motorcycle in Columbus!

Review №96

Had purchased my bike here bike is great service not so much had to Change the Oil on the Bike right after taking Delivery of it!!! it was used but you would have thought it would have been serviced prior to selling it!! Said my bike was worked on at another Location they couldnt see any records on the bikes service so I called there other Location and was told they didnt have anything in the system and that the other location should have it! Chain was loose as a Goose and I did not see it right up front so tentioning was much needed. Bike had an open Safty Recall that had not been done on the bike!!!!!!! Sales Rep kept pushing me to pay him cash to get me the payment I had desired as if I should pay him cash under the table to sell me the Bike!! Next time Im in the market for something I hate to say after this experience going there with 100% trust in the establishment I will most likely go elsewhere to do my business

Review №97

The best

Review №98

First I want to say we bought our pwc here and had a great experience no issues at all. With that said here is the problem...They set up our trailer wrong so every time we unloaded and loaded it it scraped the bottom !!! I brought it to them and they wouldnt do anything! Said its my fault!! I said how? I didnt set up the trailer bunks low!! They told me to turn it it to my insurance ..FRAUD!!! We had it serviced for the first time also...gave me 3 different prices, when I complained patty said fine I will do it for what u were told, I picked it up and its more then than what she said...I paid and walked out! DONE! Then go to hook the pwc up to my vehicle and my cover is missing, the people tried telling me it didnt come in with one..after about 5 minutes of me yelling they came up with it !!! THIEVES ! Its a bunch of kids running around out back like a circus. This is all about principle ..never has it been about the money...stand behind your work and charge what you say you are going to charge!!!!!!!!!!

Review №99

Great place to get a waverunner

Review №100

Go here to get your next CanAm Spyder!

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