Music Go Round Columbus
2630 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, United States
Music Go Round Columbus
Review №1

Great service! Knowledgeable and willing to repair every instrument Ive brought in broken over the years by kids.

Review №2

Bought a guitar 🎸 from a couple of good salesmen! They were great and helped me find the perfect fit 👌

Review №3

First class experience. Brett took his time helping me figure out a very specific setup with a mix of new & used pieces, all at a fair price. A gem of a store. Go here first

Review №4

Great selection of affordable instruments. Friendly and helpful staff. Young sales associate Isaac steered me towards a perfect Peavey practice amp.

Review №5

They sell mostly used instruments so you never know what you might find! But they seem to always have a pretty good selection of guitars and lots of amps. Sales people are friendly and knowledgeable, and happy to let you try out want ever you are looking for. They buy used equipment as well, but I have never sold anything to them, just been a buyer!

Review №6

Was looking for a prs to add to my collection. I found a decent 245 se for less than $600 that played great and just needed a cleaning and a new set of strings.

Review №7

This place always gives a fair price for items AND they tell you what they would charge when reselling anything. Additionally, they have a remarkably large selection in which you are free to browse, play with, or purchase. One of the few places left where somebody without the playing space can once again feel the thrill of playing an instrument.

Review №8

I come in from Cleveland to shop here because my money goes the farthest in Music Go Round, they always have something I dont have in my studio. Reasonably priced used, vintage and new equipment and lots of it. Staff is Awesome, willing to help you with your questions too.

Review №9

If you are out looking for a guitar, this is a great place to start.

Review №10

Hey I want to give a shout out to Christian were great setup he did on my Fender Strat what is fantastic now I didnt want to wait for the guitar for 3 weeks so Christian took it upon himself to make the adjustments needed who made Fender specs did a great job the guitar is back playing like butter again just want to give a shout out to the guys a great job

Review №11

Very helpful and fast. Came in looking for some advice and help on buying some stuff, walked out happy!

Review №12

Great place to shop for music equipment.From the beginner to the working pro, they will most likely have what you need. Great place, great staff, great owner.

Review №13

Depends on what you shop for here, for example great selection of used guitars. Good staff that seems friendly and eager to help and enjoy their job. However I find that other local sellers have new keyboards close to the price of some of their used ones. The prices aren’t always right or good. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Review №14

Some days its a 5... Based on the tours and sometimes ridiculous guarantees at any time, we try hard to give you all we are and will deliver the best of our abilities. Others above have fallen short of our guarantees.

Review №15

The pricing and customer service is superb!I bought a relatively hard to find vintage keyboard from them at a much more reasonable price compared to other online and local sources. Shipping time was great; I got my keyboard within 2 days after placing my order. When I received my keyboard it was in excellent cosmetic condition, the only issues were the voice button didn’t function and a little bit of low volume electrical noise coming from the speakers that could only be heard in a quiet room.Once I mentioned the issues to them they right away offered to repair or a full refund, I chose repair. I was kept fully updated on the progress of the repairs and they were quick to ship back my keyboard fully functional still in excellent condition.Music Go Round – Columbus, OH made sure I was 100% satisfied with my purchase. Big thanks to John and the repair tech!

Review №16

Love this place, the prices, staff and [usually] the selection. Unfortunately Covid wreaked havoc on their supply, but hopefully that will pick back up soon.

Review №17

Ordered an amp online recently that was listed as in excellent condition, but when I received it I noticed it was nothing less than mint! I got a great deal on it as well with very reasonable shipping rates. The amp was packed very well and looked AMAZING right out of the box. I also called the store a couple of times before placing the order and the staff was very helpful and courteous. I wouldnt hesitate to order again!

Review №18

I Will not be buying anything from this location again. The prices are higher then other Music Go Rounds and I have never had a good guest experience. I have made purchases from this location only to find the merchandise $80 cheaper at other locations. I once spent $200 on drum hardware because they had a sign that said 15% off if you buy hardware in bulk. I asked the employee if they have discounts on bulk and he said no. Well what about that sign. Oh thats an old sign that we forgot to take down .. LOL OK THEN.. Go to the Gahanna location of youre wanting a good experience. The guys at the Gahanna location are nice, knowledgeable, and reasonable. Those guys at the Columbus location... ehhhh ... not so much.

Review №19

You can find whatever you need to make your music session enjoyable.There is a season in what they change your guitar string for free, you just need to provide some cans, packages and boxes of food which they give to the poor. Is a noble cause and you get a new set of strings placed them in the best way.

Review №20

Its okay. I bought a $30 hdmi/midi cord to connect my electric piano to my laptop and it lights up, but doesnt register the instrument. I had to by a $45 dollar one from Amazon and it worked right away. I assumes others wont have my experience. Staff was nice, but some were not very knowledgeable. Ill return if I need something, but Im not going out of my way or looking forward to just going to shop when I have free time

Review №21

Inventory was a little low but Im guessing thats due to covid. Employees were fantastic and very helpful. Always a good place to waste some time.

Review №22

Looking to get back into music, but my poor flute had been neglected for a few years, so it needed polishing and adjustment. So I heard that a repair service uses this store as a dropoff.Since Im also expanding my musical horizons, I had been wavering on a new instrument. I had visited a couple places (cough: pawnshops) and what they offered was out of line with what I wanted to invest in, in case it was a passing fancy.But, I found something reasonably priced and in good condition that Im happy with my purchase, as well as with the service.

Review №23

As a local Musician I love this place..The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.They have great prices on most of the gear...The Owner is a good dude and will work with ya if you are selling gear...A+

Review №24

Great selection, always different whenever I go in there, and always helpful courteous knowledgeable staff, and pretty decent prices overall.

Review №25

Great place for music equipment and the staff is knowledgeable

Review №26

Super selection of guitars with great used prices

Review №27

Staff are helpful without being pushy, great selection of new and used equipment.

Review №28

Easy to find things, and decent prices, definitely a place you want to look at for used instruments. HOWEVER DO NOT go to this place for repairs. It is a real crapshoot if you get someone who actually knows what theyre talking about, or just tries to sell you on a $70+ repair package for a repair you can do with a phillips head.

Review №29

Great place. Nice employees. Pre covid they kept a decent assortment of basses.

Review №30

Music Go Round is a good place. I took my guitar there to be worked on. They did a great job on the repair at a reasonable price and in a short amount of time.

Review №31

The staff was friendly and greeted me as I entered. The store was clean and had a good selection of equipment.

Review №32

Good deal on my trade in. Picked up a new harmonica and some strings for my acoustic.

Review №33

Young man was very helpful and showed and played several guitars.

Review №34

Staff were friendly and I appreciate the time they took in showing me their selection of guitars for my grandson.

Review №35

The staff are always enthusiastic and super helpful whenever i go there with my musical needs! i have purchased several instruments and accessories from this store and never had any problems with any of them. i LOVE music go round and i will be going to them for my first electric guitar.

Review №36

Bought a Yamaha keyboard here and they didnt waste my time. Helpful staff and the manager and staff dont play games with you. Clear and reasonable pricing. Recommended. 👍

Review №37

Great selection and great service.

Review №38

Whatever you do dont buy their brand of cables they try to sell you. Ive bought 5 or 6 cables and they all break or are extremely noisy.

Review №39

Great selection. Helpful staff.

Review №40

This is the place to go for used musical gear 👍!

Review №41

I purchased some ants and I purchased some speaker cabinets. Great price great place to go lots of inventory. Staff was very helpful I enjoy this place

Review №42

Always fun to look at stuff. I like some of the wild used stuff they get. And they demo for me.

Review №43

Found an acoustic amp 1/3 the original price and the power cord was still in the original seald package...Never used...Happy guy.

Review №44

Might be ok to buy from. Dont try to sell to them. They will insult you with a low ball figure. You will do much better selling elsewhere.

Review №45

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Fair prices.

Review №46

Absolutely Outstanding! Knowledgeable and friendly sales staff and Guitar Tech available. I have purchased several guitars (from both locations) and have been pleased with the service. Highly recommended

Review №47

The staff here are amazing, I was so sad to pull up to the original location that I used to frequent as a child, to see the empty building. I quick Google search showed me they had just moved down the street, much larger space better location in General. I brought my 3 year old son in to explore the instruments and they went so far out of their way to accommodate him and let him play on the electric drum kits (very expensive equipment) and helped me land on a very affordable, size appropriate ukulele for him to explore music at his pace. If I could give these guys a 10 out of 5 I would, always so willing to help... thank you team and keep doing what your doing!!

Review №48

These guys are awesome! Ive been coming here for almost 5 years now. It has always been a great atmosphere where youre not judged by guitar gods for being left-handed or a n00b! One of the guys there helped me out today and I cant thank him enough for his kindness! Ill be sure to come here over Guitar Center any day!

Review №49

Cyrus was very helpful in purchasing a violin for my grandson. He was very knowledgeable and a very nice person to work with.

Review №50

Came in with all my equipment. Was helped by a man named Los. He helped me set up all my old equipment properly and taught me about audio engineering. He showed me new equipment I was looking for to get the rich audio quality I wanted. We even shared a few laughs. Thank you Los

Review №51

Fantastic selection of reasonably priced used gear. Bought my birthday present to myself.

Review №52

Recently, I went there with a tuning key problem on one of my vintage 1970s collectable guitars. They owner dropped what he was doing and personally fixed it, in a manner, that kept that solid 1970s vintage look. He took it apart, studied it, ran all over the store looking for just the right parts. He custom machined it and fitted all together. You cant even tell it was fixed. And, he said, the payment to him would not be cash, to him, that day, but, to come back to the store again, in the future, and buy something. At many other times I have purchased here, and, I have sold here. I have been treated fairly all those times. On my purchases, I got Great Stuff. It is fun to go here and try a great selection of stuff. I want to buy, at least, one thing, every time I go here. ... Of course I will go back and something. I cant wait to go back. Impressive Performance!! Thank you so much!!

Review №53

Nice place and good people. Definitely will be back

Review №54

Ive bought two handfuls of amps and guitars here 👍

Review №55

Great selection, great staff. Even helped me out to my car with my purchase. Would definitely come back.

Review №56

First time in the store since they moved from the old location. More room, good prices, and still the quality of service I remember from the past.

Review №57

Good prices on used musical instruments and equipment. The staff were courteous & knowledgeable. The space was a little crowded but they are moving to a larger space soon.

Review №58

I came to the store today to make a purchase, I was virtually accosted by an over zealous employee about wearing a mask. State and local government does not require wearing a mask, and even the WHO says it is harmful and detrimental. I will not wear a corona burqa and be virtue signaled while trying to support a local business that’s overpriced anyways. I’m going back to Musicians Friend, and get my guitar tomorrow through next day shipping. I guess that’s what I get for trying to support local businesses.

Review №59

Friendly staff, and a good selection. Prices are fair as well. I love making the hour drive here once every couple months to see whats new.

Review №60

They moved down the street to a bigger location but its really nice and Im glad to see them growing. The staff was very helpful and listen to my exact needs

Review №61

Went there with the kids. We absolutely loved the drums and electronic drum sets. We had a blast! Good place to stop after going to the pet store.

Review №62

Great place to buy some used gear for a good price! I highly recommended! Check them out!

Review №63

Love going here. Prices on new stuff are usually very good. But you should be coming here for used stuff! From obscure guitars to old synths to DJ gear, many gems at great prices can be found here, with something new seemingly every day. And the staff are super friendly and helpful!

Review №64

Purchased and sold several instruments at this place. The value of guitars are extremely well priced. they always have a good selection. The trade-in value or money they give you for something you would like to sell them seems to be very fair. The only one time if I turn down an offer that they gave me that seemed to be too low.

Review №65

Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff; lots of beautiful guitars and tons of accessories at very respectable prices. Fun atmosphere!

Review №66

I love the new location! Ive been doing businss with Music Go Round for years now and Ive always had a great experience. Keep up the good work!

Review №67

Great place! Nice workers and service. Need a bigger bass guitar selection though.

Review №68

Had I not been brought here by my pal I wouldnt have know such a store exists in town. As I went inside I felt the rush to purchase a guitar. They have a lot of collections to choose from and pocket friendly as well. Bought an acoustic guitar and its looks stunning. Thanks Music Go Round.P. S. Ive uploaded the picture of my guitar as well.

Review №69

I always like walking through and seeing the new gear thats come in. Note to anyone during the pandemic, theyve closed their bathroom. No longer accessible to their customers.

Review №70

The only place Ive found in this city where I can actually afford audio equipment. If youre on a budget and need to set up something quick, this is the place to go. All of the staff members are extremely helpful and patient, even if I dont know what Im talking about. I always walk out learning a little bit every time, and Id much rather spend what I have there than at a larger chain store.

Review №71

Great experience! These young guys are very knowledgeable!

Review №72

Awesome staff and great selection of products. Extremely helpful staff. Great place for pre owned instruments to get your child started with a school music program!

Review №73

I only went here once, but I bought a used guitar from them that day. Its been a fine instrument for a good price. The only reason Im not giving 5 stars, is because of the cramped feeling I got from trying to move around in there. They had so much gear/stock you could hardly turn around without knocking into something. IDK, maybe thats a good thing....

Review №74

Great place to go and get used instruments

Review №75

Good place. To find spare parts and oddities for the experienced player. Friendly people but most items priced are as high as possible. If corporate let the managers barter it would be a much better store. Nice place, nice people. Update...given the current state of the guitar market, they are on point with their pricing. They ask no more than the average private owner on craigslist.

Review №76

Great place to find bargains on used equipment. Better prices than eBay.

Review №77

New and used musical gear at reasonable prices. Wide selection.

Review №78

Staff was very nice and helpful. They helped my son find what he needed for his guitar.

Review №79

The new store is much nicer! The layout is great and gives plenty of room to try out instruments without feeling crowded. The staff are very nice as has always been the case and very helpful. The prices are good for the most part, with some things being priced way lower than expected.Just like the Gahanna location, you won’t get a lot for trade ins. If you are planning on buying from them, it is worth it to bring in your gear to sell.Overall great place to buy, with a good selection of used gear with some new as well. I have been a customer of music go round for a few years and have no reason to stop going back!

Review №80

Ive been a regular since 2012, and I love it. Great customer care, an Excellent selection of Gear and instruments, all very affordable. Store is nice and clean, and very welcoming.

Review №81

Great place! The staff was very accommodating. Will definitely go back.

Review №82

I have been doing business with the good folks at Music Go Round since the first store opened many years ago. The owner of the Columbus Ohio stores he owns the Bethel Road store and a second store in Gahanna is an honest and quite friendly person and he does a very good job with hiring employees who act in a professional manner and are knowledgeable about their products.I highly recommend this shop if you are interested in a fair price or seeking a hard to find item.

Review №83

Amazing prices for used guitars and gear. Extremely friendly staff. Great collection.

Review №84

Theyve moved and the new place is much larger. Bigger selection, easier to move around. Very helpful staff. I have, in the past, purchased a Yamaha Clavinova, a Flat Iron Mandolin, electric bass, electric guitar, various cases, violin strings, mando and guitar strings, rosin, portable amp/speaker. Great prices. They sell both new and used items. I really love this store.

Review №85

Decent selection, but terrible place to try out pedals. They only allow you one at a time and then you have to wait 5 to 10 minutes for the one guy with the key to get a new one. Tough to compare. If theyre worried about theft, just hang on to a drivers license.

Review №86

Great place to buy, dont always get a fair offer when selling though. Helpful staff

Review №87

Found some great deals in here. They have a good selection of ukuleles. Bought a nice used amp. Good price. Works great.

Review №88

Cool spot to hunt for used gear. always some gems to be had, and the service is very helpful. keep it in your rotation and profit!

Review №89

The staff here is great. And the place is big and stimulating to walk around in. I can spend hours checking out all the different types of instruments.

Review №90

Amazing customer service. The only people in town that would see me for a simple neck adjustment on short notice, and I received so much information while there. Associates were extremely friendly and helpful. 10/10

Review №91

Cheap prices, friendly staff.

Review №92

This is an awesome place! Great prices, good accessories, and friendly customer service make this place a one stop shop for any level musician.

Review №93

Quick and smooth experience selling an old drum kit. I didnt catch the employees name, but she was fantastic and helped get things sorted right away.

Review №94

We bought a used keyboard for my grandson (in elementary school). The staff were so nice to him, let him carefully test out several instruments. The one we bought was perfect.

Review №95

The new facility has every musicians needs covered at a great price too.

Review №96

Absolute ROCK STARS that work there! I hardly write reviews but the entire staff is incredible. I am putting together a conference and went in there over several days to help get everything running smoothly. (I originally bought a bunch of junk of Amazon that caused me a bunch of problems). They were knowledgeable and patient with me and explained everything to me so I had a better understanding of the equipment. Even went out of their way to help me with a programming error I made on a piece of my equipment. The entire staff is great. Extra shout out to Alex! Alex for president!

Review №97

Nice store, friendly employees, wish they had a better selection on drums. Perfect for guitar lovers.

Review №98

Good selection

Review №99

Great place. You can buy it on line and have it shipped or pick it up and save the shipping. If you know someone in the area they can pick it up for you. They have a money back guarantee on most stuff I believe. I havent had any problems. Packaging is super. Everything ships UPS and fast. Great communication.

Review №100

Usually shop here quiet often. Today I walked in with $2,000 in my pocket and they had a Les Paul I wanted hanging on the wall for $1700. Nobody even said hi or asked if I needed help, so I walked out and ordered from musiczoo online in there parking lot.

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  • Buys used goods:Yes
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