Three-C Body Shops, Inc.
2300 Briggs Rd, Columbus, OH 43223, United States
Three-C Body Shops, Inc.
Review №1

I wont lie, the experience started off pretty rocky. But Matt quickly rectified the situation and between him and Jessica, they took awesome care of me! Props to them! And the body repair was flawless. As a bonus, they even detailed the inside and outside of my car. This isnt my first time or my last time using Three C!

Review №2

This was far most the best experience I had at a collision repair auto body shop. The moment I walked in I spoke with Matt . He made me feel like I was in good hands throughout my whole from beginning to end. He walked me through each step throughly and explain everything along the way. He even set me up with my rental car, the same day, even when availability atenterprise was a week out. I definitely recommend three - c body shop. Matt was very sympathetic to my needs and went above and beyond to help me along this path . Thank you Matt for all you did for me and I will recommend this place to all my friends and family . Youve been amazing !!!

Review №3

My sister and I went to three c after she had an accident that wasnt her fault. Matt greeted us at the door, from the moment we walked in, we knew we were in good hands. Matt brought my sister coffee and calmed her down as much as he could. He walked us through every step of the way. He found her a rental, when it was virtually impossible for us to find one because availability was a week out from enterprise. Matt is resourceful and knows his job . This man is an angel that helped my sister get back on her feet and back on the road. Thank you Matt for being the wonderful you that you are.

Review №4

I would never go back. Started off great and went more and more downhill with time. Poor communication. Repair deadline was missed. Car was returned dirty and didn’t even put the license plate back on. Honestly, if you’re looking for a place and have a choice. We figured since this place has commercials everywhere it’d be a great experience. GO ELSEWHERE. Seriously.

Review №5

I was treated like Royalty here. They did an amazing job on my Accord and detailed it which blew me away. The only disappointment was that I never got to meet Bob Juniper or Jade. They are local celebrities after all. This company is a Class Act and I highly recommend them. The whole process was so easy they made it totally stress free. Thank you so much 3C.

Review №6

Ive dealt with 3C on 3 separate occasions and all have been great experiences. Their employees Ive dealt with know what they are talking about and even educated me on what was going on. Trent helped me get over $1k more for my vehicle than the insurance companies original offer.

Review №7

They are some of the nicest professional people. They fixed my lights and didnt charge me anything.

Review №8

I was very pleased at the attention to detail that was given when doing the repairs. To the naked eye it didnt look as though there was much damage done as I was hit from behind at 10 mph. When they took the bumper off, much to my surprise there was alot more hidden damage than the inexperienced could see. Three C couldve very well just took the old bumper off and slapped a new generic one on and called it done. Instead, they took as long as they needed to ensure the the bumper was replaced and the interior damage also was replaced or repaired. You cant even tell I was ever hit!Most insurance companies hate when their clients take their vehicles to Three C, because they do the job right regardless of the cost. I am so happy I listened to my source who told me to take it to them.I will forever be grateful for all the honesty, hard work, dedication and peace of mind you and your team have provided to me.

Review №9

Everyone else wanted almost double what they charged to do my brakes. They kept me updated through the entire process with a very quick turnaround time. Would definitely recommend!

Review №10

I was involved in a car accident and was looking for a body shop that had high reviews and was also a Toyota certified shop. They came and towed the vehicle to the main shop and proceeded to work on an estimate and repair. Everyone I had contact with was so kind and thorough. In all the years of experience with other body shops I have never felt more at ease that I made the right choice. I became ill mid repair and ended up inpatient positive for COVID-19. I let the office know what was happening and made arrangements for my son to get the car. I was very sick and was fighting for my life and the crew at 3C body shop is the only place I will trust the care of any of my vehicles.

Review №11

Although the vehicle was a total loss they worked with me in removing after market accessories and thoroughly thought about every way to make the vehicle road worthy again. It was an untenable situation that they put full effort into. In the end the frame damage just could not be overcome economily and they where very honest and attentive.

Review №12

These guys are amazing! I cannot tell you all they have done for me…. They will take such great care of you at this shop you will feel as part of their family!!!

Review №13

My car was in an accident and they did an amazing job fixing it. This is the 2nd vehicle I have had repaired here and the work was great both times. Not only did they do a good job but the kept me updated every step of the way.

Review №14

Red Carpet Service. Had vehicle repaired professionally. Worked with me on cost and insurance. Worry free and welcoming.

Review №15

Everyone was very helpful. They were on top of customer service. My car was finished quickly and correct. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They would be who i call in the future!!!!

Review №16

The service was great. I was kept informed while my car was being repaired. Three-C fixed the poor work another body shop did and made my car safe again!!! Thanks

Review №17

All I can say is Amazing. talking about my go to guy Matt Edwards. I was going threw a lot. I have to say he made my Hell I was going threw like HEAVAN. So if you happen to need auto body repairs big or small. call my guy Matt Edward stress free. Not to mention the repair. Did I say Amazing. Yes I did AMAZING

Review №18

The very best for your baby.Awesome people. All you need to restore an occasional accident! 👍

Review №19

When our 2015 Jeep Cherokee was hit sitting outside our home. We were upset to say the least. It was a hit and run which left us to foot the bill. Three-C made that experience a little less stressful. We knew what was going on the whole way through, what our responsibility was going to be, and when our vehicle was going to be ready. They worked wonderfully with our insurance State Farm (I would also highly recommend them if youre looking) and the 2 as a team got our vehicle back out on the road as quickly as possible. When we got the original work order of $6,000 I was worried. I read in some reviews that customers paid money they werent expecting. They were told one thing as far as their responsibility and it ending up being something else etc. I thought that with damages that high, we may be in for an experience like the others. I was pleasantly surprised when Three-C showed us otherwise. If we ever have something like this happen again, I will feel comfortable with Three-C and can confidently say they have earned a life long customer even if I never have to use them again :).

Review №20

The work looks great, they did a great job.One issue I did have was I asked for the replaced parts to be put back in the trunk and they must have forgotten. I was wanting to reuse the fender, for my wife’s car she has ! Even still all and all they did great work, seems like an honest mistake. I would definitely come back, also they have car rentals that you can use so that’s a plus also.

Review №21

Employees are always polite, courteous and kept me updated on the process of my vehicle being repaired. My vehicle looks like the day I baught it. Awesome work

Review №22

Had a great experience from step one all the way until we got our car back. Jamie went above and beyond through the whole process! She was very knowledgeable and kind and understanding. We are highly satisfied with the repairs done and will highly recommend three c body shop to everyone. Definitely the finest in Collision repair!!!

Review №23

We had damage that looked like claws gouged down to the metal. Three-C dealt with insurance, made car look like new, and helped us turn in rental car. All ahead of schedule.

Review №24

Kevin fought for me to make sure I got a fair repair from the insurance company of the party that hit my parked car. I appreciated all his efforts. He could have just went with what the adjuster recommended but with his expertise in the industry, he knew better and worked to make it right by me.

Review №25

Matt and Debbie were very helpful and professional would recommend 10/10

Review №26

Horrible experience with Three C. I had to wait a week for an appointment after my wreck because that was the first they had. I was promised a rental car would be waiting for me to take home that day. I drove 40 mins to Three C. They were a disorganized mess. Did not have a rental car ready for me. Had not talked to the claims adjustor for the upcoming repair. I own 2 businesses with over 30 vehicles. I was taking in my personal vehicle this time but I will never be taking any of our trucks to them again. This was the worst experience ever! I wasted hours of driving and then waiting around in their office for them to try to get it together. Had to leave with my car that was rear ended and will be going to another company for repairs. Worst experience! Do not recommend!!!

Review №27

They helped us out when our insurance decided not to, going beyond what they had to do. It was appreciated.

Review №28

Dennis, Matt, Jessica, Allison, and the entire team at 3C did a phenomenal job on my repairs! After rear ending someone, what looked like minimal damage ended up being so much more. Dennis and the team went to battle to with my insurance company to ensure the much needed repairs would be completed!If you’re looking for a company to not only repair your vehicle, but to also treat you with respect/like family, call 3C Bodyshop!!

Review №29

I get my car back from an accident, looks BEAUTIFUL and is running great.

Review №30

Cut myself while I was here and was given a bandaid😂. Employees were nice have a 3 star due to price

Review №31

I took my car to 3c body shop for front end damage. They did an awesome job! My car looks so nice! Mr. Paul Latolais took care of all my needs in a nice and professional manner. He always communicated with me on the progress of my car. Very pleased! I will never take my car to any other repair shop except for 3c body shop. Sincerely, Becky Boyer

Review №32

My first experience with Three-C was not exactly what you would call a great one and I could not be any happier to revise my review of them.Since posting an honest, poor review of my initial experience, not only has the ownership of the shop but someone brought in to make sure they are growing into a positive direction have both reached out to me to make amends.To me, mistakes can be made, some people can be overlooked and unfortunately that is what happened to me in my experience but I can say with the upmost confidence that it will not happen again. I believe this was a learning curve for them and I appreciate the opportunity they took to reach out to me with a sincere, honest approach of letting me know that they will take this as a tool to learn and grow from. They really do have some great, caring employees and I truly believe that they are just going to continue to grow with our city and prove that they are a top tier repair shop that will do the fighting with your insurance company and make your already hard experience of an accident an easier one because of their training and experience.

Review №33

Great company! Kevin the GM is awesome and Allison (:

Review №34

So in the beginning i took this place 2540 in money orders to start repairs on my car. I was told by Trent they were waiting on safe auto to pay them 2245 in storage fees and such before they paid me my money back. That they couldnt keep it bc then that would be a big fat lawsuit. After realizing they were extorting us I went up there and talked to a manager. Needless to say he realized that was wrong and had a check printed out. I go to cash it and low and behold it had been canceled. While my car was there it got 2 cigarette burns on the floor board. Let me not forget to mention on the estimate they said i meeded 6 right front headlamps for $3555. Yet nobody cared when it was brought it to there attention.

Review №35

A very great experience. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs bodywork done to there car

Review №36

Im so happy with the service I recieved..awesome job and they take care of worries car looks amazing..thank you all so much for all you do

Review №37

Great people. Helped and talked us thru every step and had our best interest in mind during the process

Review №38

My mom was in a car accident today and when I called in to see if I can tow her vehicle in the person on the phone told me I have to schedule an appointment or to find “another company”.This company is rude and I wouldn’t recommend using them unless you can “schedule” the day you or your family is in an accident so 3c can better assist you.

Review №39

My car got stolen and almost ruled a total loss, three c did a phenomenal job and my car runs great and looks brand new! Thanks three c!

Review №40

On my Dodge Challenger 2018. Service was great technician explained everything down to the clamps. General Manager had me comfortable after a little scare tactic by my insurance company. GM took over and the repairs took off. If you want class this is definitely a good place to get work done. Oh I almost forgot the best part. Repairs have a lifetime guarantee.

Review №41

I have always used 3C body shops for all my collision needs. They may not be the favorite of insurance companies. I think thats a good thing. I have never had a single issue having my cars repaired at 3C body shop. they do employee the finest in collision repair and it shows by the quality of work they perform.

Review №42

The staff at Three C was extremely professional and helpful with every step of the repair process, from helping with the rental car to dealing with the extremely difficult insurance company of the person that hit my parked truck. The repair work is exceptional, the paint match is perfect, and the repairs were completed in a very reasonable time frame. I would and do recommend Three C to everyone I know.Thanks again for doing such great work,Ty Powell

Review №43

Took my F250 to 3C, on a recommendation of a friend, to have repairs done after being rear-ended. The staff at 3C were very professional from initial check-in to picking up my truck upon completion. I was kept informed of the progress each step of the way and they finished the job a day early. Highly recommend 3C.

Review №44

3C took very good care of me from start to finish with my jeep repair. I was kept informed of progress during repair. My jeep looks brand new again. Thanks 3C

Review №45

If you are looking to have your vehicle deemed totaled this is your place!!I on the other hand was not! Upon arrival they said it would cost around 4to5k (this is what we expected). Then receiving the estimate days later estimated at 15k +. It was a horrific battle to pull my vehicle from their hands. I now have a new estimate with another body shop with the expected estimate 4700. I dont trust them very shady. I find a strange connection while in the office waiting, they received another phone call regarding some one trying to purchase thier vehicle back after total. On the plus side one gentlemen was very pleasant working with a crooked company. Shame On You!! Be careful to not fall into their greedy plans.

Review №46

My honest review is that 3 C was reasonably priced and efficient. I wouldve rated 5 stars but I had to keep calling to check the status of when to bring her car in which I wasnt happy with. However, they made up for that by being very flexible with the quick scheduling of finishing my daughters car which makes me happy. I will use them again.

Review №47

Above and beyond!Very professional and HelpfulEdwards and Cornwellwill definitely take care of your vehicle.The whole team are seriously fabulous.Highly recommend

Review №48

I was very happy with the quality of work! Very professional. They kept me updated on the status of my vehicle. I will recommend this shop to family and friends. I will definitely use them again if needed!

Review №49

I recommend 3-c body shop they was more helpful Keeping up with me more then what my insurance company was I love the work they did to my car I give them 11 stars

Review №50

The Three-C team was incredibly communicative and easy to work with when I started the process of getting my car repaired after a hit-and-run incident. They kept me informed with the repair process and my insurance company. I definitely recommend them for auto body repairs!

Review №51

During the stress of having to deal with an insurance claim, rental arrangements, and the headaches that come with that.... 3C made the entire process easier. Truly full service! I feel like they care about the needs of the customer and work in the best interest of the customer and the customers vehicle. I would recommend 3C!

Review №52

3C repaired my car after it was hit in a parking lot. I have a pearl white vehicle and was told by 2 other body shops that it is a very hard color to match. 3Cs match is perfect and the car looks like new again. I highly recommend them for their quality of work!

Review №53

Three C was incredibly courteous and friendly. Their work is above expectations. The dealt with the insurance company for me. They kept me updated regularly about the progress of the car. I will never use anyone else!

Review №54

Attention to detail and customer service at this place is beyond expected. This is the only auto body repair shop I will ever go.

Review №55

I paid over 11,000.00 out of pocket to get some minor body work done and a new paint job. The rep I spoke to said it would be done within 3 weeks. Here I am almost 2 months later and still no car. They called me in this past Friday to look at the car and me and my friend noticed at least 10 different areas where the work was very subpar. We found scratches on the paint along with sandpaper scuff marks and also areas where dirt was trapped in the clear coat. When we pointed it out their response was so casual like it wasnt a big deal. I explained to him that I paid a lot of money for this work and they did agree to try and fix it. But that has been a week ago and they still wont give me a time when they might get done. Also they lack of real communication with them is very disrespectful. They try their best to put me off and not give me truthful and honset answers to my questions. At this point I truthfully regret going to three c on briggs rd. If I wanted to pay for a chep paint job I could have went to maaco. I feel like they hold cars for as long as possible to bill customers for unnecessary hours and then try to rush the cars thru at the last possible moment. Seems like a scam to me. I definitely wouldnt recommend using this body shop to anyone who loves thier car. At this point I think they are the FINEST IN COMMERCIALS. Not THE FINEST IN COLLISION REPAIR. 9-142-2020. In all fairness I need to add a little to my last review. I have to admit that three c did honor its commitment by fixing my car perfectly the second time around. Im still upset over the big difference in the time quoted for the initial repair and paint work but I admit I am very pleased with the quality of the work after they fixed it the 2nd time around. The car looks awesome and I am very happy with the end results. So I retract my initial review as far as the quality of the work but remain firm on my review of the quoted time it took to get it completed.

Review №56

Ive used two other body shops in central Ohio, one that advertises on the radio, and Three-C is far superior. Realistic timeline. Worked well with insurance company. Coordinated perfectly with the car rental agency. Work was noticeably superior to the other place. Fully covid-compliant. All other places are sub-par. Would definitely recommend.

Review №57

Matt was great to work with helped in every way even as busy as he was

Review №58

Took a month to repair a door and it was replaced with a door that looks like came from a junkyard. Not OEM parts 😡

Review №59

I really feel a need to notify the community of this fraudulent business. I work in the insurance industry and have dealt with Three-C many times. I have seen them screw over customers time and again by charging unruly storage fees, fixing things that dont need to be fixed and trying to make the customer pay, and holding vehicles hostage. Just look at how the owner responds to negative reviews. Its a completely unprofessional and gouging business. I cant warn you enough STAY AWAY FROM THIS BODY SHOP. They are a known bad business. If you do choose to go with them, read EVERYTHING they give to you. One of the reasons that they dont have more bad reviews is because they make you sign a form saying you wont review them poorly online before they start work. If you then go online to try to review poorly, if they can identify you, theyll have a lawyer calling you to threaten legal action. Talk about a business who knows theyll be getting you into trouble. Consider yourself warned about this fraudulent business.

Review №60

I wanted to give them a try but my needs are urgent and there service is not. Call backs to you from this location are optional.

Review №61

I was very pleased with the professional service, courteous employees and timely manor in which my car was handled. I would definitely recommend their services in the future. Thank you Three C !!

Review №62

I felt comfortable knowing Three-C Body Shops was there for me and they would work for me and my best interest and not working for the insurance. It was a smooth process for me. I feel the went above and beyond want any other body/ repair shop would have.

Review №63

They made the process of getting my truck body repaired as easy as possible. They did all the leg work with my insurance company and were very responsive and accommodating. They will be my first and only call if and when I am in need of body repairs in the future. Thanks 3C!

Review №64

My car is currently there andThey have been good with eveything im so greatful for all they havr done and updates on my car thank you guys

Review №65

Matt was great, from the initial call to walking me to my rental! Made me very comfortable and at ease... knowing my car is in good hands, gives me a piece of mind thats hard to put into words! Thanks, Three-C!!!

Review №66

Was driving in the UP when a company car was blocking the left lane, swerving back and forth. Finally passed him after a couple of miles and he was on his phone.

Review №67

I was in a collusion. Three C took care of me right away. They towed my car right away, projected a time and date, stayed true to those, and communicated along the way. When I got my car back, it looked good as new. Thank you Three 3!

Review №68

We had our car towed to 3C body shop after an accident. We wanted to make sure if it was fixable we wanted 3C to do repairs. We have had our cars repaired previously at 3C and trust them to be reputable and thorough in their assessments.

Review №69

These people are great, professional friendly and does whats best for the customer, not the insurance company.

Review №70

I was in an accident last month and I immediately called 3-C and they sent a tow truck to pick up my vehicle. Was given the managers contact information before anything and then assigned a case manager. They sent the original estimate to my insurance and it went back and forth for a while but finally insurance saw the damage that was done and listened to 3-C about my vehicle and totaled it out. They were calling insurance multiple times a day on my behalf. Trent and the whole team there were awesome and helped me navigate all the ins and outs of this.

Review №71

I was in an accident and needed a rental while my car was getting repaired and Three-C Body Shop was able to help! The employee were nice and very helpful and guided me through the process. I would definitely recommend Three-C to friends and family.

Review №72

I was in an accident and my car ended up being totaled. Three C was great to me throughout the entire process. I’ve used them twice now and highly recommend them.

Review №73

I would like to start off by saying our daughter was involved in a hit and run. 3C came and picked up her wrecked vehicle from her home. They assured us they would take care of everything from there. Kevin and Allison did a wonderful job keeping my daughter and me updated throughout every step with the Insurance Company. I would choose them in the future for my vehicle needs.Thanks,Melissa and Hayley Apple

Review №74

I would highly recommend 3c body shop they was amazing, they took care of our vehicle and the insurance company and made sure we got our car fix in a short time. They went above and beyond expectations. Thank you for your hard work and service you made a bad experience into a good one.

Review №75

I dropped my van off due to being hit from behind. Three-C handled everything with the insurance company and all I had to was pick mu van up when they were finished. And It looked so good when i pulled in front of my house my daughter asked me if they just replaced it! I’ll most definitely refer them to everyone I know if the occasion ever arises!

Review №76

Once again had pleasure of doing business with Three C body shop as my car got sideswiped and the other party fled. Took a little longer as there were restrictions because of covid guidelines, and the insurance was taking their time in responding. The car came out perfect and I could not be happier with the results! Very professional people and they do everything right.

Review №77

Three C didn’t actually do work on my car because they as well as the claims adjuster deemed it a total loss, however when I sent my pictures to them and then talked to Greg he was quick to get me a rental car and had it brought to my place of employment. Then when I spoke to the girls in the office they were very friendly and informative and helpful. I just felt like these were people that I could trust. If I ever need work done on my car(but I hope I don’t), I will take it to Three C. And I’ll recommend them to anyone.

Review №78

I was rear-ended and the offending driver fled the scene. The damage didnt look bad at all but I took it to Three-C for a frame assessment to be sure before contacting my insurance company. I requested the frame assessment (nothing else) on Monday, was promised that wasnt an issue and that my car would be ready by Wednesday at the latest. I havent received an email or call even though Ive been promised calls and follow ups.I will say that Allison and Dennis have been great with explaining the process, but Ive had to call each time for an update. I can track my car on an app and can see if doors are open etc. Ive been able to see that theyve worked on it but havent been given an update or estimate. I feel uneasy about the amount of ambiguity around my car.It seems like theres a disconnect between the front office and the shop in terms of what services they are capable of providing and the timeframes for them. I wish I was told that this would be an extensive process and that i would be out of a car for at least a week so that i couldve planned better.Id be happy to revise my review if Im able to get consistent communication for the remainder of this process and my car back in one piece, but with each day Im feeling less hopeful that will happen.

Review №79

I wouldnt take my car anywhere else .

Review №80

HORRIBLE body shop! Initially I chose them due to their willingness to pay half of my deductible. As I go to pick up my car today they told me the deductible has more than doubled. They are now holding my car hostage and frankly being very confrontational on the phone calling my disabled wife a liar.Go else where, thank me later!

Review №81

Absolutely great service. We have nothing but praises for our experience. Especially during a pandemic when they did extra work to clean and sanitize and maintain health and safety. The work they did on our vehicle was perfect and even included touch up paint. They took care of everything with the insurance company and made it completely stress free for us. Highly recommend for anyone needing car repairs or work!

Review №82

A lady ran a stop sign . Had my car towed to Three-C, With in half hour they let me knew it was there. by the net day every thing was taken care of.never had to wait on phone calls.very prompt,fast,and efficient. Oh and very nice people I will be recommending everyone to them. Thank you Three-CSonja Todd

Review №83

They will not work with the insurance companys. Lots BS! high priced. Poor advertising. Work with Performance Body shop. They are honest quality work. And will work with your Insurance co. The dont have some kid d oing commercials l

Review №84

Three-C is a fantastic business. They did an outstanding job repairing my 2018 Suburban. Looks fantastic. High quality work. They treated my car as if it were their own. In and out in less than a week! Highly recommend this business as they know what they are doing.

Review №85

In October of 2020 my car was involved in an accident and suffered severe damage front and rear ( not my fault). The damage resulted in around $12,000 damage. The person whom hit me had insurance but would only pay about $1800 damage and wanted me to have the work done at their preferred shop. This shop wanted to use after market parts and not genuine Honda parts. I refused. They were impossible to deal with. I went with my insurance company instead knowing i may have to pay $500 deductible out of my pocket. My insurance company was hesitant to use them too. But the professionals at 3C persevered and i got my car fixed using all certified Honda parts. I dont know what 3C pays their employee Dennis Booth, but its not enough. They know how to deal with the insurance companies like no other. The 3C body shop also furnished me with a very nice rental car for the entire time. Any insurance company is not your friend when your involved in an accident. I would not go anywhere else but 3C.

Review №86

My husbands Dodge Ram pickup was hit at work by a company vehicle, we was referred to 3C . Dennis was very informative during the long and confusing process but They did an excellent job in the repair of our truck, the truck looks new and like nothing ever happened. They also worked with the insurance company and kept us in the loop of things . I would highly recommend them

Review №87

Amazing customer service. Went above and beyond for me and made sure the job was done right. Really appreciate them and the work they did! Thank you Three-C!- Amber Patterson

Review №88

I would highly recommend Three C for any repair done for your car. Al customer service rep was very helpful and informative.

Review №89

Trent was amazing if it wasnt for him my car would probably still be there I dont think Im keeping State Farm as an insurance company they were awful I would recommend 3C they were honest kept on it and helped me get a resolution

Review №90

My family and I have used 3C for years.They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and courteous. I know when it’s fixed, it’s fixed right. They work for the customer and not for the insurance company. If you need someone you can trust, take it to 3C.

Review №91

Great people great workmanship

Review №92

Fantastic job and work by the body shop. Customer facing employees on high street and Briggs were so nice and organized!!!

Review №93

Your bus driver 4 you. Hi folks if you are the person that doesnt believe in commercials Then what I have to say doesnt apply to you. But if you are person that once truth and honesty I tell you cannot beat 3C when it comes to getting your call fix right and I do stress right. I found out the hard way . I took my car to the so call authorize shop and low and behold after a so time, 3 month. The molding started coming down, the grill in the front started shifting, and Car fenders werent straight. and run didnt look right . I didnt get my money worth. I was totaly upset. And I heard the 3C commercial and he was telling me the tricks that these insurance companies play and it is true the things they can do to your car which you pay a lot of money for to get it fixed right . 3C fixed your call right. I would tell anybody that loves their car and wanted fix right to take it to 3C not because he runs his commercials the say it because what he says is the true you will get your vehicle fix right. And you will be happy unlike taking it to the soul call authorize shops out there that the insurance companies tell you . So folks dont fall for the okie doke this gentleman has run educational commercial for quite some time informing the public and needed to say I truly appreciate it my name is Lance . I thank God for for him and his crew. Good work guys keep up the hard work and educating us because so many of us dont know and we are tired of getting ripped off its good to note it honest people like you are out there serving the public right.

Review №94

3C made dealing with my insurance company a breeze. They towed my car and took care of the rest. Very professional and quick.

Review №95

Please don’t make the same mistake I made pay attention to reviews I thought they were 1 of the best collision repair shops oh boy was I wrong they care only about money the techs I seen in there I probably wouldn’t pay in a alley. My vehicle was struck left back panel it took 10 days for estimate which turned out to be $15,000 dollars UNREAL if I didn’t go thru it I wouldn’t believe it now when I decided to get a second estimate they charged me $1200 to put my car back together

Review №96

Three C body shop had my car for a month. While fixing my car they let me use one of their rentals until my car was complete. Once my car was complete I couldnt believe it was my car the work was amazing. They did a better job then I could of ever imagined

Review №97

I was in a wreck and they had my car fixed within about a week after the insurances sorted out payments . Everyone was friendly and helpful .

Review №98

Car looks great. Called to say car was finished 4 weeks after I dropped it off but they Didn’t check and make sure everything worked properly so I ended up having to leave it another day so they can connect the back up camera. Like I said, the repair looks great but it did take a VERY long time to repair (4 weeks). I didn’t mind terribly because the insurance of the other person paid for rental and everything else. I guess quality work just takes longer.

Review №99

This, to me, is the absolute best body shop in the area. They treat customers like royalty from start to finish. They help in dealings with insurance settlements. They explain the whole collision repair process. They also offer to either call or e-mail progress reports. Mr. Matthew Edwards is the first contact at their Briggs Road location. He is the nicest man to work with, putting one at ease, and answering every question, politely. I would take any vehicle to 3C Body Shop, with the exception of cars built in Germany; those I would entrust to Trueperformance near Plain City. Thanks 3C for a job well done.

Review №100

Matthew was whom I was first in contact with,a very professional and genuinely helpful individual, along with all the rest of the staff I delt with. This company made a very difficult spot in life much more smooth,and less stressful I appreciate all of them and recommend their services to anyone.

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  • Address:2300 Briggs Rd, Columbus, OH 43223, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 614-274-8245
  • Auto body shop
  • Auto repair shop
  • Brake shop
  • Car repair and maintenance
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–12PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:8AM–6PM
  • Friday:8AM–6PM
  • Saturday:8AM–6PM
  • Sunday:8AM–6PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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