Rural King
9525 Collinsville Rd, Collinsville, IL 62234, United States
Rural King
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I love this store. It has all sorts of products that I love. Its like a farmers Walmart. I love how their name brand items are not junk like how Walmart is, and holds up almost as well as name brand that they also Cary. Knocking them a star because sometimes specific items are hard to find with how they layout/organize the store.

Review №2

I normally love rural king but not today. We had a terrible cashier. She wouldnt use our gift card when it wouldnt swipe. We asked if she could do it manually and said she didnt know how. We asked her if we could ask someone to help and she reluctantly asked for help. We had a second gift card for the same amount that we wanted to use and they wouldnt honor it even though we had never used it before. It was the worst customer service experience Ive had there ever! Im not in a hurry to go back.

Review №3

Like seeing whats new with the change of the seasons as well as astounding variety of things they carry. Something for everyone.

Review №4

The people who work there were very helpful and courteous, the store was well stocked and clean.

Review №5

Very nice place, people are very helpful when you need them 😀

Review №6

They were nice friendly and efficient. I came to pick up a table saw. They did a great job and when the storm came through. They still had service with a smile. Great job Rural King in Collinsville.

Review №7

They have all kinds of things that I normally cannot get at home. A great place for fresh food, cool clothes, outdoor items, gloves, snacks of all kinds.I try to come every time I come down here.It is worth the visit.

Review №8

I love Rural King. This one is not as intuitively arranged as the other store I frequent, but still great. Definitely get some popcorn when you walk in!

Review №9

Very good price on there oli products

Review №10

Rock bottom prices but same said for cleanliness and hit or miss customer service. Gets sketchy depending when you go. I avoid when hot re temper flare ups.

Review №11

Always have needed and specialized items

Review №12

Love the bread and butter pickles. Best I ever had. Pickled sausage great to

Review №13

Everything a farm supply store should be, plus free popcorn to enjoy while you shop!

Review №14

This is a great hardware/general store.Free fresh popcorn.

Review №15

I enjoyed shopping there but noticed when searching for work pants there were no fitting rooms.

Review №16

Loved that I can take my Dog in with me.

Review №17

Very nice place,economic store all staff was attention helpful and friendly also add popcorn welcoming

Review №18

Customer service was great didnt have what we needed but I think we found something better.

Review №19

The store was clean and well staffedMost things were well stocked and easy to find. Staff was courteous and helpful.

Review №20

Love the baby chicks they have there

Review №21

Yesterdays my first time going here they got a lot of good deals and everything and huge bags of popcorn for $2.50 Ill be going back

Review №22

Excellent much better than one in swansea

Review №23

Great place to shop they didnt have what I was looking for but tell me where I could get it I thank him very much

Review №24

Went in to inquire about a firearm for a job and the lady decided that she wanted to be a detective and ask me why I was buying this firearm, who was it for, how old was the person, why did they need it, were they in the military. I would not give these people my business.

Review №25

Awesome store its come a long way the managers down there have really did a good job in making it a great store

Review №26

Very and I mean very rude employees.Then one blames the others for the screw ups.Used to shop this location very often. Now will just a little more time and go to a Big R.It would be better if they just close the Collinsville location.

Review №27

Dropped to 3 stars. I dont need cashiers complaining to me about staffing issues and other employees! Head to Waterloo, bigger store, much friendlier staff.

Review №28

Love Rural King! Staff is always helpful and the prices are great! I buy all my outdoor equipment and parts here. They also carry Carhartt and other work related clothes.

Review №29

Had to make the gun guy change his drained attitude to happy. He was dry af

Review №30


Review №31

Always have a good experience the workers are friendly and helpful

Review №32

This isn’t a typical review. I want to give Rural King in Collinsville, IL 5 stars not only because it’s a great place for selection but the staff is knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. That Rural King has been there since before I can remember (I’m old). It’s a place you can trust and many rely on. They’re all about family and community including our feathers & fur babies. RK has been a part of my life in almost every way, whether it was purchasing our first swimming pool (the galvanized tub) or picking up the Harley Boots on clearance I’ve been wearing on my feet for 5 years. Thank you!

Review №33

Their great nice place to shop

Review №34

Lots of nest stuff at affordable prices

Review №35

This store is a dream come true with the products they have available. Ive enjoyed every single visit except for the time I wanted to take a look at the firearms they have. If I remember correctly, the older (gentlemans) name was Carl. He didnt greet me at all and there were no other customers around at the time. I specifically remember saying good evening sir but he never even looked my way or responded back to me. Other than that visit, all of the other staff members have been extremely helpful and friendly towards me. I will continue to visit this store but I think Ill stay away from whatever section old man Carl is working in. Get it together sir, this is 2021 not 1821.

Review №36

It was clean, helpful workers... the only issue was the floors were wet and no catuon signs up, for a disabled customer to walk across the wet floor is a big risk.

Review №37

Good customer service and good prices 👍

Review №38

Every time something to see and do and try and the popcorn is back!!

Review №39

Great value everyday sale or no sale. Plus the baby chicks. If they didnt get bigger I would have a dozen by now. Lol

Review №40

Pleasant staff and decent selection of items in the store.

Review №41

The service department for the Rual King in Collinsville Ill is HORRIBLE went there twice in one day and never could get help. Even when I went upfront and they called for help over the intercom. I waited over 20 minutes each time. Finally another customer helped me find what I needed. I have a Stihl chainsaw and Stihl weed eater that needs service. I suppose Ill have to go out of town to another Stihl service department.

Review №42

Great place for a little bit of everything. Dog friendly 😊

Review №43

Poor service, none of the employees knows anything about the store, or where anything is, or if they even have what youre looking for. Youre better off navigating on your own without asking an employee. They literally dont care. The website is nothing but frustration, dont brother. Better off just going and looking yourself. 👎👎

Review №44

I found a seat, and rested, in the middle of shopping. I appreciated that. 😁

Review №45

I wish more cat food products are available. Shelfs in cat area were empty.

Review №46

Way better than tractor supply.

Review №47

Reasonable prices with a variety of stuff...especially farm supplies..

Review №48

I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and their prices seem reasonable. Check out was fast and easy.

Review №49

These folks have a good idea of where everything is .

Review №50

Outstanding! I love this place!

Review №51

Bought the best pair of boots ever

Review №52

I was pleasantly surprised to find these beehive marker lights, my usual spots for buying them no longer carry them.

Review №53

Had what I needed at a good price. But place is nasty

Review №54

Nice old store found what i needed

Review №55

Its way to expensive! Prices on everything in the store are extremely to high. Also need more of a variety on your tire selection sizes and get tires for vehicles would be great. Thank you!!!P.S. Try going cheaper on items and guaranteed youll make more upsales then ever.

Review №56

They have the tools and accessories I need. If not, I can get them ordered. They also repaired my commercial power washer, great job.

Review №57

Mandy at checkout needs additional training in customer service. Not friendly. My first and last time visit of this location.

Review №58

Dope spot for awhole lot of everything I needed dat day great experience

Review №59

Has everything one of my favorite stores to go to.

Review №60

This place is a farmers best friend 🤠

Review №61

Worker was helpful getting me to what i needed, burner parts for a grill, price was kinda high but at least the store had what I needed

Review №62

I love this store my wife hates when I go there but guys love this store

Review №63

The store is stock.Weed and grass spray,grass seeds,dog food,Columbia clothes,lawn equipment,mulchers,tillers,etc.plants.

Review №64

Team are so friendly and helpful. Spaces shopping area. Lots of products.

Review №65

The kids always love seeing the chickens.

Review №66

Rural King is the spot! Cheapest place for pet food, especially if you have farm animals. Avoid the hipster farm stores in the city! This particular RK is in Illinois unfortunately. Strict communist legislation keeps Missouri residents from even looking at firearms in store. Five stars for Rural King and zero stars for Illinois. Missouri number 1!!!

Review №67

After overcharge at the register, gentleman even said probably scanned twice..went to front service desk for credit of overcharge. Asked Levi, on duty manager what to do about an overcharge? Rudely said go to end of this line. After a few customers, guy in front of me had overflowing cart of tools, canopy and other items. My stomach is hurting and not feeling well, placed head on ledge...anyway. After slowly ringing him out, and taking care of phone call, other checker issues, and gentleman getting a box and her keys without helping, finally finished checking him out. Asked the customer, do you want the two year warranty on this item. He said, NO thank you. Levi asked again, are you sure only $6.99 for two years? He gave in and said OK. Meantime workers are asking my husband why he is standing by desk with a cart full of our checked out items. Waiting for my wife. Levi tells customer I need your ID and Phone number for the warranty. Yells at people in line, if you do not have a return, go to another lane, this is a return line. I said I do not have a return. Only an overcharge! Can I just get another of the same item I was overcharged for? No. Can I go to the line I was overcharged on fir credit?NO! After computer, which was locked up, started to work again. Finished customer finally! My stomach so upset, husbsnd handed me car keys and finished our overcharge credit. I will be visiting the Tractor Supply Store in Alton in the future. Levi was manager on duty April 6th 2021. at 7pm. I gave you a 2 star because of this situation.

Review №68

Love to shop here!!! Friendly people and great products at a reasonable price.

Review №69

Customer service was great!

Review №70

Very good customer service very good helpful people

Review №71

I love this place. Great prices on dog food and has everything else I need.

Review №72

Cutest animals and lots of clothes too

Review №73

Seemed cleaner than usual. They had sunflower seeds and bulk shelled peanuts for the birds. Do wish they had a large bag of higher end bird seed mix. They were sold out of the canned dog food we always buy.

Review №74

Very helpful people and friendly

Review №75

Took care of my trailer.Helpful & friendly

Review №76

Friendly people, they had everything I wanted in stock!

Review №77

We love the store. Miss the popcorn. (I completely Understand Due to covid, its not available lol)It just seems like everytime we come to try to get a certain item (a large dog crate tray) they never have any! Weve been there several times in the last 3 years trying to get one and just never had luck getting one. Guess we just would come at the wrong time?. Lbvs.We now live 35 minutes away so quite the drive.. after last time coming all the way out there and not finding one in stock, I looked else where and did find one at a closer local farm store by us finally.

Review №78

And why Im writing it at 3 it is actually a really good place but nobody wants to answer the phone when you call them and when they say they have something they dont have it I wasted a lot of money driving all the way to Illinois for something that wasnt there that kind of irritated me the guy says that sorry we cant really do anything about it well if I paid for it online I should already had it if it was your inventory was right so the Illinois store does suck but it that way the Warrenton Missouri Rural King is good

Review №79

Great prices; save money & Great buttery popcorn. Happen to be hungry at the time!!

Review №80

Got a little bit of everything.. and at a good price. Most of the customer service reps were great in assisting at finding items. Some were very inattentive other than that great place

Review №81

Well its wasnt a review I was planning on giving I just wanted to let you know that you have a clean store and its always been like that since I have been coming to it, keep up the good work 👍🏾

Review №82

Awesome staff bought 2 of my guns there great deals

Review №83

Went in for one item and they were out of specific item.Lines moved quickly.

Review №84

They always have what I need and cheap dog food

Review №85

Found great deals on several items. The best was a chainsaw and all the extras ( bars, gas, oil, etc.).

Review №86

Love this place i can find everything i want or need just about.

Review №87

Always a favorite place for me the wife and the kids!!! We all love it there!!

Review №88

Good price on WEIGHTED BLANKETS THIS WEEK! Got some for Christmas ! Employees very helpful. Thank you!

Review №89

Lisa in sporting goods was awesome and informative. I highly recommend Rural king for your needs.

Review №90

Associates were friendly and liked petting our puppy who was with us.

Review №91

My friends like the store I have not personally shopped there. Prices seemed reasonable though

Review №92

First time Ive been to a Rural king its like tractor supply but better. They carry alot more wheres my Rural king in Maine?

Review №93

A couple of bolts came out my drive shaft so I was told to go here they a good variety and the lady back there working hooked me right up ty

Review №94

One of my favorite places to go.

Review №95

Amazing store. Great product

Review №96

You can buy pretty much anything here.

Review №97

Our first time in the store and Dori was excellent about everything I asked about. Most definitely will be returning.

Review №98

Love this place !! Its clean and organized and the employees are friendly.

Review №99

Good. Farm and home store.

Review №100

They took over the Defunked Shop n Save side of the building on Old Collinsville Rd. which supersized their Retail Store in that location. The store offers a better variety and seems to be fully stocked. I highly recommend going there and the Waterloo IL. location also... Very Competitive Prices

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