Walmart Supercenter
1700 Se Meadowbrook Blvd, College Place, WA 99324, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

Online grocery ordering and pick up is super easy and convenient. However, the produce we receive keeps getting worse and worse. Who in the hell thought these were appropriate to give to customers??? Both containers had to be tossed because there was mold growing all over on both containers of tomatoes.

Review №2

Not going to get into whether shopping at Walmart is a good thing. It is what it is. We found what we were looking for. But one cannot help notice all the empty shelves so our experience may not be generally true. Also, while we were there we saw dozens of people without masks despite regulations. Not great.

Review №3

Walmart seems to be struggling to keep things in stock and the self check outs are cash, awkward, half of them closed, long lines.Grocery pick up is a great service but they are refusing to allow some things for pick up so I end up having to make other stops

Review №4

You now have to pay for plastic bags. I was unaware of this until I was ready to checkout. I didnt want to buy the plastic bags. I payed for my goods and when I got to the exit I was told that anything not bagged needed proof of purchase. I felt like I was being treated like a criminal. I have been shopping here for a long time and have never been stopped for the reason above. I will stop going to Walmart for the majority of things.

Review №5

Staff is very busy and distracted from helping customers. It seems manager is out of touch with staff and customers. Pickup service overwhelmed in many occasions and manager was ok with 45 minute waits for pickup. Pushing throughout of orders over quality customer experience. Returns for online orders can be a mess. Last return Walmart made us disassemble a broke down treadmill. I am disabled and this was not fun working to remove screws and fold machine. Staff just watched as we struggled. The item had bent brackets and there were complaints about this .

Review №6

Need more checkers. Wal-Mart did not train me to be a checker. Also need people on floor to help you find something. Walked from front to back without seeing a single clerk and no one in sporting goods at all.

Review №7

Its a Walmart, not much else to tell. Adequate shopping considering what COVID has done.If you go there to get your vehicle serviced, make sure they turn off the service lights in it, my last visit they forgot.

Review №8

Shelfs were a mess at 700 am..went there for sport cards and one employee had no clue the other employee just pointed an didnt know either. Been back few more times since then.. Still no cards OR at least a update

Review №9

They didnt have some pretty basic stuff we couldnt even find chicken breasts but there was one employee who went to the back for us and got fans

Review №10

I try to not go to Walmart as much as possible but when I am in a pinch and have to, I do it. This Walmart is pretty big and has plenty of space to move around. And they need it because this Walmart is always full of people. The crowds remind me of Costcos crowds. I, also, must admit that this Walmart has a lot of variety in its items. While, I cant stress enough to shop local, if you are in pinch, this is a good place to get your items.

Review №11

I used to rely on Walmart for their cheap, limited life, low quality, made in China products. But now, empty shelves are the theme. It seems that long lines, long waits, limited supply, and extended back-order delays are the new normal. Can you say, Amazon!

Review №12

Its a full Walmart. Cleaner with better attitude than most. Youll find what you need.

Review №13

Walmart’s are all the same. Packed. One stop shopping makes it hard to resist.

Review №14

This Walmart is the nastiest store I have ever been in. Im shocked the health dept. hasnt shut them down! Selling rotten meat on the shelf! Half the employees dont even know how to help a customer. Dont bother trying to find a manager so you can purchase something in a locked cabinet, you stand there for hours because management cant seem to be available. Half the time you cant get down an isle because employees are blocking the way. Im a former retired Walmart employee and the way this store is ran is a disgrace to the Walmart name! Corporate needs to get new management.

Review №15

Curbside pick-up was simple and easy. Dominic was very kind and put the lawn chairs I bought in the back of the car for me. I didnt receive an email survey yet so I am just putting this review on here. Pick up is definitely the way to go if you know what you need.

Review №16

First of all, my husband and I went to get an oil change on our truck. We arrived an hour and ten minutes early and they told us they couldn’t do it, that they had other things to do. We go in for about 15 minutes and come back out and there was a car in line to be serviced. Second, we went back to Walmart later that evening to return a printer and they couldn’t find it by running our card and we didn’t have the receipt because the printer worked twice so I figured it was ok to throw it away. We also had 3 brand new ink cartridges to return and without looking at them, Kayla, the customer service worker told us that they don’t accept ink no matter what then threw us out because I said I was going to call corporate to see what we could do about returning it. Had nothing to do with her. And my husband asked her when the policy changed because you used to be able to go in and get a gift card without a receipt. We went and got manager on shift. Told her the story. She said that we could get a gift receipt. We told her how we were treated. She could care less. She wasted our time because she also said the computer wasn’t finding the item, even though we had already told her that. But she did let us return the ink that was $120 in value, something that Kayla refused to do so we almost didn’t receive $120 now we are stuck with a printer that we can’t use. I will never step foot back in that Walmart. The customer service employee, Kayla was rude and the manager could care less how we were treated. It’s a bummer considering we did most of our shopping there.

Review №17

Always busy busy at the checkouts..but also always hs everything I need! 1-stop shopping!

Review №18

Very, very meticulous and detailed. First rate printer.

Review №19

Most of the time everything is tip top. The people make the difference. I never give a five if there arent naked clerks

Review №20

Friendly and helpful grocery pick up. Fair return policy when the food is not acceptable, good substitutions, too. Do wonder when youll have A&W DIET ROOT BEER back in stock. Your meat prices are too high.

Review №21

I went to get an oil change and drove into the queue for service. After a few minutes of waiting, I went inside (not a soul in the empty vehicle bays). I waited by the auto checkout briefly before I saw an overweight Hispanic male auto section employee (dark blue uniform) and an average build Caucasian female general store employee (more colorful uniform) standing by the sporting goods section. The male employee looked over at me, but made no indication that he was going to assist me. I walked over and was not acknowledged until I said excuse me and continued to ask if oil changes were being offered at that time. The female employee continued to talk to the male employee as the male employee turned to me and said you have to get in line, man to which I said I am in line, but no one came to assist me and I didnt see anyone in the auto section. He huffed slightly and told me to go wait by my car and he would get a computer started up and see what he could do. I waited a few more minutes and saw a couple auto employees begin to loiter around the auto area, but nobody came out to assist me. Im not sure what I expected since its Walmart and all. Poor service. No service. Bad attitudes. Unhelpful.

Review №22

Not being able to use cash at self checkouts forced a little more time. But it was still moving along fine.

Review №23

Walmart has really stepped up to ensure both employee and customer safety. I was concerned their long belt Self Check Out area is always closed. When asked, an employee told me they dont have the staff. Yet, they have two employees at each smaller SCO. When I worked at Walmart Napa, CA, we had one employee for the smaller SCO and one for the long belt SCO. With people posted at each entrance and maybe a team lead to rove up front, shrinkage (theft) would still be low. I was shocked to never see a supervisor at the front end. Where is the CSM?

Review №24

Inconsistent receipt policy makes one feel like they’re being profiled as a thief. Having to clear an aisle so I could get through while two associates stood five feet away gossiping was infuriating. A serious lack of professionalism and courtesy sends me home angry and asking myself, “Why do I shop here?” Why, Walmart in College Place, why should I continue to shop there?

Review №25

Waited at the jewelry counter for 20to30 minutes. Finely I just left

Review №26

Great except the electronic area to get ahold of someone takes awhile

Review №27

Nice employees. Great sales. Get your groceries buy a t.v and pick up your medications,buy new tires and pick up some paint to paint your kitchen. One stop shopping.

Review №28

This has allways been a favorite store for me. I have allways enjoyed the good customer service and friendly people,

Review №29

This Wal-Mart is very clean and well stocked. It was my first time in this store and first impressions count big time with me. From the clean parking lot, healthy colorful flowers out front and friendly, helpful employees, I was genuinely pleased with my experience.

Review №30

Shelves predominantly empty. Never have in stock what I need. Used to avoid Walmart- then Covid-19 hit so I did online order & pick up at store for quite awhile out of necessity. But NO MORE ! NOT GOING BACK !

Review №31

Very big store good customer service

Review №32

Got a very good deal on a new cellphone. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №33

Always have a nice trip when shopping here. Staff are friendly and helpful. Since its a mall town, have known most of the staff for years. They have gone above necessary to help when i was injured.

Review №34

Went there in my work outfit and had people asking me if I worked there. Lol so sad.

Review №35

Good customer service from the cashier Susan, the store is really big and they have variety of good products

Review №36

Always good deals here at the supercenter if its not a super center its probably not as cheap as stuff or they dont have it

Review №37

Some shelves a little empty. Really tp again.

Review №38

The food is good except the fries are hard and really salty at times to eat the restaurant is clean inside and outside is clean and the drive through is really busy and long lines.

Review №39

Quickly found what I needed and checked myself out.

Review №40

I hate picking up produckof shelf and get and find it all crusted up. Be more careful with chips and such items.

Review №41

Very disappointed! I went to purchase an unlocked cellphone and was told to come back tomorrow because there was blot anyone in the store that was able to use the system for cell phone purchases. I live out in the country and it doesnt work to come back tomorrow

Review №42

Very helpful associate named Kyle

Review №43

Standard Wal Mart Experience...not good...not bad...mhhhh. closes quite early for a Walmart (11 pm) keep this in mind.

Review №44

Ive spent a lotta time and money here.

Review №45

What time does the deli actually stop taking orders,not close. Because I got told it was to late at 8:50.....i thought yall closed at 9

Review №46

Not the lowest prices around obviously I can go and get things cheaper elsewhere because they dont price match anymore. Also there are aisles that are usually blocked with freight that needs to be put away.

Review №47

Curb side pick up was fast

Review №48

Everything was okay, just okay. Nobody went out of their way to help me, actually most of the employees ignore you or wont make eye contact for fear of helping you. The cash register person was rude, inappropriate, and seemed to be angry at everyone coming through her line. The one person of note was the person who took our futon out to the truck and helped load it. Best part of this experience was this employee.

Review №49

In and out quick. Workers decently knowledgeable about where items are. Usually out of lint rollers!

Review №50

Today is the last time I will be going to Wal-Mart in college place wa, 10am on a Saturday and 1 checkout available.. line was atrocious.. Super 1 foods will now be getting all of my family and friends business

Review №51

Still a Walmart. Walmart attitude, Walmart people, Walmart smell... Smells like used diapers.

Review №52

Its ok. This is a rural area so we are definitely at the end of the logistical train. They also have a great deal of trouble keeping many items either in stock, or out on display. COVID hit this store hard, and I believe someone for got to account for that in the annual budget program.

Review №53

Busy place, not well stocked or clean but some of the staff are friendly and nice.

Review №54

This Walmart has to be the dirtiest store Ive ever shopped in. And the customer service?...There was none. We even had a cashier call for assistance and no body ever came. It was gross. You think with Covid 19 and all the germs that theyd want the store to at least appear clean.👎

Review №55

Great as far as Walmarts go.

Review №56

Theres never enough registers open now and self check-out is for cards only

Review №57

Store is kept clean, staff is generally nice. Just wish theyd pay there employees better.

Review №58

In and out quickly..self check is the way to go.

Review №59

Nice looking Walmart

Review №60

Just spent 200 on groceries because a damaged cleaner bottle that they sat on top of all the groceries spilt all over my food. On top of that they think it’s okay to put oranges in the same bag as carpet cleaning powder. It also soaked my daughters gym bag that had her tablet in it which was also soaked. I called them up to get refund and they want me to bring all the items back to the store to get the refund, I live 35 min away and customer service is now closed and now I’m stuck with all this cleaner soaked food until tomorrow... what? Expect me to just set it in my fridge with all my other food till customer service opens back up tomorrow? Come on! And after all the trouble, damaged goods, damaged tablet, and a trunk soak with a full bottle of cleaner they decide to compensate all my troubles with a 10 dollars off coupon on my next order... lol what a joke. Shoulda just pooped on my groceries cost me more than the 200 that I paid just for the soapy food I bought. Terrible customer service

Review №61

Very delayed customer service. Intercomm screeching every 5 mins and employees who dont know where anything you need is

Review №62

Always find what im after

Review №63

I can always find what I need there and the employees are always helpful!

Review №64

Lately their has been some Great people to help you out on your needs.

Review №65

I can always find what I need and then some

Review №66

I have literally asked employees at this Walmart for help and they did not look up from their phone to tell me they where busy, while sitting on a bag turnstile on a check out stand looking at facebook. Also had 3 young men try and fight me here because one of the bumped into me while I was shopping.

Review №67

Nice store, friendly staff!!! Lots of products!

Review №68

Our town has the worst Walmart. I have ever been to. You should shop anywhere elese if you can. They are more worried about checking your reciept than customer service. Its sad !!!

Review №69

Some of the workers need to check there selves. How they talk to the people that shop there. For reals.

Review №70

Ive used grocery pickup a few times from our local WM and have had a mediocre experience, at best, each time, from poor product quality to damaged, unusable product and no substitutions when there were appropriate substitutions available when I went inside directly after the pickup. One substitution for whole wheat flour was Masa, not EVEN close to what was ordered! Having to go shopping after the pickup takes away from the whole point of the pickup and the company is likely losing millions in refunds because of poor choices from some of the Personal shoppers. Great service needs some work and more training for the personal shoppers. The only reason Im giving this 2 stars is because of the great customer service when I called to report these issues and received refunds on the reported items.

Review №71

Great visit, little messy, but waiting wasnt too long.

Review №72

Employees very helpful. Pharmacy is good, today there was a wonderful pharm. That made sure we were taken care of. Dont have one thing I could site as negative off the top of my head.

Review №73

Pay employees such that they dont need public assistance.

Review №74

Grocery shopping done for me. Couldnt be better!! Great curbside service!!

Review №75

Never have any of the merch Im looking for like they used to in the past

Review №76

Good stock. Helpful & knowledgeable staff.

Review №77

Store staff is rude and unhelpful, shelves are usually very bare in many of the areas of the store. Their brands have gone down in quality as well. I can get better products for same price or cheaper with great customer service else where. And grocery pickup has become a total nightmare Ive heard its the same issues from when I stopped using it about 6-8 months ago. This walmart needs lots of help!!I am updating this to 1 star I would rate it 0 but 1 star is as low as it will rate!!I havent purchased produce for months now, its not fresh and what you see is either bad or good for 1-2 days. NO employee should yell at a customer over a customer politely saying no thank you!! I will take my business elsewhere where customers are treated with respect and can pay cash at self check out!! Which is closer than Walmart to me anyways. They even have the dog food, cat food, etc in stock I use!!As I said above this Walmart needs major help!!!

Review №78

Found what we needed but assistance from some employees was dismal.

Review №79

Has what you need at good prices but a bit grungy overall.

Review №80

They get packed very fast its also very inconvenient if you have to get in when there doing road work. My family could not stay long becuase of PTSD and it getting triggered.

Review №81

With the new scan and pay you can get in and get out faster than the old daysAnd now you can use the app calling your order and just pick it up curbside and theyre cheaper than normal grocery stores

Review №82

I was on the phone trying to call but phone ringed for 2 1/2 minutes and said I am sorry its busy so I recalled said the same thing then got directed to CUSTOMER SERVICE and got hung up after 3 minutes ringing and did it again but same thing happened I wasted 12 minutes of my life just to ask if a ps4 was in stock. And what surprised me is that during all of the calls I WAS CALLING AT 8 AM IN THE MORNING AND ON THE WEBSITE IT SAYS IT NOT BUSY AND THIS HAPPENED they better have a good explanation for this nonsense if not THEN LORD HAVE MERCY I WILL GET MAD!!!!

Review №83

I dont like how cash was done away with at the self checkout.

Review №84

Plenty of items in are helpful

Review №85

I like low prices, but my stomach really turned when I was making fruit smoothies & these strawberries came out of their package with long hair strands frozen between them😣They returned my $, but just wanted me to throw them out.I want answers & action not just to sweep it under the rug😤

Review №86

Pretty good place to find almost anything you need. Had to wait in front because their whole system was down so it took them some time to work. Otherwise okay service with good choices, although I dont particularly like the selection of diary products they have.

Review №87

I normally love this walmart because of its location and convenience, but today i heard one of the associates refer to someone as a racial slur. I don’t feel comfortable knowing that this location hires people who publicly announce inappropriate language that is harmful.

Review №88

Its a walmart thankful its here but what other options do we have...

Review №89

Typical Walmart but it is clean

Review №90

Millions of employees but never one when you are looking for something.

Review №91

Great selection. I bought a hammer and drill bits, plus food and beverage. Very busy store.

Review №92

No checkers and the termanls only took card payments and no cash

Review №93

If they would keep shelf stock better it would be great (last time I was out there some of the things I was looking for was on pallets and I had to find someone to take it off to get it for me

Review №94

Weeks go by without stocking things like the store brand pop and other items. Most of the clothing is made from polyester, a total lack of work clothes for even a business casual wardrobe. Months go by and no replacement on mens chinos, which I have to buy as the womens chinos lack back pockets or deeper front pockets as well as cost more than the far better constructed mens. Food shopping isnt really worth it as there is a lack of items for a whole food, low sodium, sugarless and cardiac diet.

Review №95

Its Walmart like most other Walmarts. Its crowded, with cluttered aisles, and things are often hard to find, like every other Walmart Ive ever been in. Its good for one-stop shopping if youre a patient person.

Review №96

Well what can I say its Walmart. Its got what you need and what youre looking for and just like any other Walmart its got employees that are better with helping you than others but thats the end of the individual not the store its situated in college place Washington which is a town and community that has pride and religion one thing Ill say about college place is that its usually pretty quiet and very contentful they used to not sell beer or cigarettes or meat but then Walmart came and they needed the revenue so they bent a little bit but theres strong community they dont break so go ahead and stop by Walmart youll get treated with kindness and why not just go through the rest of college place its a good little town its got a great University thanks for reading

Review №97

Grocery pickup has been quick and efficient and safe alternative during COVID.

Review №98

Your merchandise has some upc s missing there for you loose a sale when self check out and in a rush ....

Review №99

Were not following mask mandates at all.

Review №100

I was baby sitting my grandson in the car while my daughter shopped for garden soil and other stuff for her garden. I didnt actually go in, but the last time I visited it was clean and most prices were reasonable but not all.

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  • Mask required:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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