The Home Depot
1100 NE C St, College Place, WA 99324, United States
The Home Depot
Review №1

Very basic home improvement store. Not a lot of selection, usually has the minimum. Prices are reasonable. Better than the alternatives in town.

Review №2

Its a big box hardware store. Not much to say here...Able to purchase what I needed to complete the project at hand. 👍

Review №3

Garden section only this trip, the plant selection was great got decorative grass for the duck incloser and a few herbs for in the chicken area. Staff was helpful and polite plus its always nice to get the military discount.

Review №4

There always out of what I happen to be getting poorly stocked to say the least

Review №5

The staff are friendly and helpful. Very well organized store. With how rarely I shop here, Im always surprised how easy it is to find what Im looking for.

Review №6

Found exactly what I wanted & needed! Staff was friendly & helpful!

Review №7

My favorite place to go for anything and everything. Prices are fair, and most of the staff is very knowledgeable in a wide array of products. Just tell them what you are working on, and they will make some great recommendations for products or materials.

Review №8

Awesome place they have everything for my projects and very helpful personnel!

Review №9

Great customer service. A staff member helped me figure out in a few minutes the right connector pieces I needed to get a water filter connected that was a big puzzle for me. Very grateful.

Review №10

Great selection of what you’d expect at a big box store. Very friendly staff who is willing to help with finding stuff, and especially loading.

Review №11

They did not have google pay or samsung pay or any other modern amenities, i had to drive home and get a physical debt card to pay. Its 2021, this is unacceptable.

Review №12

Home depot and I have such a love hate relationship. I could spend all my money here. The staff is always friendly and very helpful.

Review №13

Fred in flooring/blinds was very helpful and attentive to my needs! Super nice and knew exactly what I needed when I showed him my old shades from my camper trailer! He is the man you want to ask for when you go in to Home Depot! Great help and excellent knowledge!

Review №14

Typical Home Depot. Clean, well stocked. Clean restrooms too.

Review №15

Best place to go for the best deals in town on whatever youre building needs are especially if you are a vet 10% off w/ID

Review №16

Love going here but I always leave with more stuff than I originally was going there for

Review №17

Great place to shop for deals 👌 and great selection. Clean parking and clean store.

Review №18

The 2 guys that help us was very knowledgeable on where and if they has what we needed

Review №19

Coming to this store and didnt get all my stuff . I noticed I was charged for it and went back to get it. The lady I approached had told me that it would take a few weeks to review this through security camera footage. I had a e mail receipt and paper one. If it was a big item I would be happy to do so. I felt for 3 bags of garden seed with was about 4 bucks they would understand this. For the hassle it wasnt worth it.

Review №20

Great service and very friendly staff. Got all my lawn products and floor items to get all my work done this weekend. A really good place to shop.

Review №21

Fantastic employees. Always willing to help customers.

Review №22

Mostly friendly staff (I think I catch people on bad days sometimes), lots of cool stuff to spend all my money on.

Review №23

I was looking for contact liners for my kitchen cabinets and walked around the store and was ready to give up while looking at fragrance sprays. A lady employee asked me if I needed any help and I told her what I came in the store for. She directed me to the back of the store on the left corner. I figured that it would be an easy item to locate so this is why I did not ask for any help.

Review №24

I had a problem that was totally my fault. The customer service team got it totally worked out for me. I really appreciate their effort.

Review №25

Eh only if I have to shop here ugh!

Review №26

Reasonable variety and pricing, but most employees seem to avoid customer contact. If someone offers you assistance, they probably dont work there.

Review №27

Use the app to find what you need in the store. Great products

Review №28

Lots of great people. Some really grouchy people too

Review №29

Had everything I needed and everyone is so nice! Knowledgable resourceful and willing to help. So refreshing! I am starting a business and I found everything I needed, as well as good people.

Review №30

SP Highland Hickory flooring: Spent almost $4,500 on this product. The flooring is NOT holding up well. It scratches and especially chips VERY easily. At our old house we put in a cheaper product found elsewhere, it held up much better. We chose SP Highland Hickory because we thought it would hold up well, but it isnt. It only took a few months for us to deeply regret our purchase.

Review №31

Lots of good stuff!

Review №32

Good place to get house hold items that needs fixing. Good prices. Decent employees that are polite and helpful and they take time to help you out to find what you are lookingfor. Got a decent fan for a decent price. Clean store. Plenty of parking space outside the building. They greet you at the door.

Review №33

The young lady that helped us decide which refrigerator we purchased was very polite and very helpful with details.

Review №34

It is very well taken care of. I went in there and filled a big order for a housing program. It was very easy to take three carts in there and fill them with stuff. When there wasnt enough of something, an employee near by helped us get more from up above. It was a good experience. I like it there.

Review №35

Had what i needed, Nice polite helpful staff.

Review №36

I spend way too much money on way too much stuff. But I love it.

Review №37

Standard Home Depot experience.... avoid their in-house Contracting Services at all costs.

Review №38

My experience inside the store was a long wait, I was 3 day after giving birth. I bought a lawn mower and was very tired im sure it was showing. On my way to my car Greg stopped me and asked if I could use a hand. He loaded it into my car for me. He saved my day!

Review №39

Home Depot is great. Good staff and good stuff

Review №40

Great selection of products. Just working on redoing our soffits and added patio lighting. Just wish they could get the card scanners working properly.

Review №41

I really appreciate this store and its associates! They are always helpful and make sure I find what I need. I recently placed a large order through this store to be shipped to my home and the delivery was on time and delivered right to my door with one of their local flatbed trucks. I wanted to be able to leave a good review for the delivery guy because he went above and beyond in how helpful he was with making sure my pallets were situated well for me (delivered Friday, May 22, 2020 in the morning). He communicated with me to let me know when he was coming and said Id get a follow up call to leave a review and I never got that call. Hope someone at HD is reading this message and commends the driver!

Review №42

The employees where helpful and they had everything that we needed and checking out the cashier was friendly and very informative.

Review №43

This is a good home depot. Ive been to many,

Review №44

Pay a little more, but they usually have everything youll need.

Review №45

This is not our usual store but we are here helping our son with a remodel. Everyone we encountered were helpful amd knowledgeable. 1 employee answered several questions and helped us find several items.

Review №46

It was the Home Depot. Thats about all you need to know.

Review №47

Home Depot is, hands down, my favorite store. Best customer service. Best selection. Everything a do it yourselfer will need. I can wander for hours.

Review №48

I was shopping in the plumbing section when I had a medical condition. My legs gave out due to dehydration thank goodness Chuck(?) former Navy and my age of 72 helped me continue. He found the wood I needed, escorting me to the check out by pushing my walker and escorted me to my truck with my purchase. God Bless him for his kindness. Found out he was in the navy but this Marine won’t hold it against him.

Review №49

Everything I needed, found really easily.

Review №50

Left with lots of pretty flowers from the Garden Center🥰

Review №51

Can be expensive but have never regretted a purchase

Review №52

Were not following mask mandates.

Review №53

Hard to practice social distancing here when your standing in a crowd outside waiting to get in the store. Easy to return items. Semi knowledgeable staff. Love using their app. Makes it easy to find items.

Review №54

Found everything we went for, everybody very helpful & kind.

Review №55

The experience was good. The layout of the store is a bit confusing sometimes, as the same items of different brands are located in different places of the store, so if you have a specific brand you like, its a bit hard to find. The staff was kind and helpful, though, and I was able to find everything I needed

Review №56

Love order on line and curbside pickup

Review №57

They sell home goods here.

Review №58

I have been to 50 plus home depots and by far, hands down. This is the bottom of the barrel.This is the place for mile and miles and I think people put up with the poor service. LOWES. WHERE YOU AT

Review №59

First visit there in a long while and everything was very nice and pleasant. Found all that I was looking for with the help of a good employee. Liked the self check out also.

Review №60

If you dont have a project to inspire a trip to home depot, then a simple visit will sure bring out the inspiration for a new project. Even if its just to enjoy the aroma of wood.

Review №61

Very helpful staff.

Review №62

The staff are always super friendly. They speak to my young boys and make them feel welcome. I know sometimes staff can be hard to find, but shoot, have you seen how crazy busy the place is? Clearly, they’re helping other customers so I don’t let it bother me. From reading some of the reviews, I feel like patience is a virtue many people lack these days. My family loves our weekend trips to “The Depot” as our 3yr old calls it!

Review №63

Wanted this light. Perfect for small laundry room. HD wouldnt sell it to me. Policy required them to discard it. ?????

Review №64

Nice selection of chalk paint and painting supplies, quick easy self check out.

Review №65

Customer service great

Review №66

Had a great time today at The Home Depot!!! Grace helped me and was great! 100% amazing experience glad i chose the home depot!

Review №67

It was a little sad when we looked thru the PVC fittings section and theres lots of reducer coupling sizes missing and we never did find a pressure gauge but the employees were super nice and helpful so we got creative later and now theres water from the well at our buddys house. Job done is bottom line and they helped make it happen.

Review №68

Love it me n my boyfriend are very frequent there

Review №69

Most employees were very helpful.

Review №70

No complaints. All workers seem helpful and kind.

Review №71

I have found that the best time to go there, especially if your just browsing, is in the morning on a weekday if you can. Anytime past lunch on the weekends this place is a zoo!

Review №72

Our Home Depot has very nice employees who have good knowledge to help you with your projects. I’ve gotten great help getting my lumber cut to length and help finding the right aisle!I also love buying products online and then you can go to guest services to pick them all up in one place! 🙌🏻

Review №73

Very helpful, find anything you need

Review №74

Great place to shop.

Review №75

Picked up landscaping items. Wasnt there more than 15 minutes.

Review №76

None of your darn business and I resent anyone asking me that! I think my phone should be my private thing and I dont like anyone asking me questions like that!

Review №77

Great place for just about any project

Review №78

I now enjoy going to our local Home Depot - it just took a few years to get the right people. There is usually someone around to help, and if they dont know the answer to your question they find somebody who does. They have a great selection, and are very price competitive with most online comparisons. They also have a nice return policy

Review №79

We are limited on the area for lumber and building supplies. We have to pay high prices for subpar products. Service is always good.

Review №80

They have had almost everything I have ever needed to remodel my house, and people who can help. One of the people there taught me step by step how to rebuild my entire bathroom. I am very happy to give a good review Home Depot. They actually take some pride in their place, in our community.

Review №81

I love Home depot!

Review №82

Place is busy, its best if you do your research before going in if you have a project because getting expert advice is not always an option at this place!

Review №83

Great store. Selection is huge. Clean. Love that you can easily find an employee if you have a question. One of the few stores that actually schedule enough employees so that the customer doesn’t have to wait for assistance!

Review №84

Large selection of tools,both power and hand. Helpful staff to answer your questions.

Review №85

Favorite place to shop

Review №86

Great customer service, decent selection.

Review №87

We didnt shop there 09Mar21. We waiting for freezer delivery.

Review №88

Home Depot was clean and organized. The items on my list were easy to find. However; I purchased an outdoor gas generator which was quite heavy. I asked if we (my husband and I) could get some help loading it on to our car. And was told no by the cashier. We are in our 60s. Over all Home Depot is a good place to shop at. Prices are good.

Review №89

Lasharae was wonderful!Found what I needed.

Review №90

Great selection, good prices, clean with courteous staff. There are just never enough of them. ...

Review №91

Meh, with the exception of several solid employees, this location could do better with costumer service.

Review №92

I love home depot, if it had a built in food court I would probably never leave. 😀😀

Review №93

Ive tried to order one thing from them 4 times now. Every time without fail its not been picked for 10 days (even though its said it was in stock when the order was placed) and then cancelled with no notice or explanation. Today was a lovely exception to that, in that while we were there talking to them about the order they cancelled it while we were talking to them without saying a thing. The order was not even a few hours old. If it was out of stock they could have just kept the order open until they got more in (Im fine waiting for that to happen), but nope thats too much for them so they just say nah.Im fine if orders may take a couple days, because this is a hectic time. But this store seems so disorganised that they cant seem to order things in proper amounts or keep obviously popular parts (cant imagine why this part would be that popular) in stock. Like Ive checked the stock of it online every single day waiting for it to come back in and itd been 16 days since it was last in stock, and when it finally was they had two, which apparently sold out in record time.TL;DR this store will not keep things in stock in order to fulfil an order and will cancel your order with no warning or explanation.

Review №94

Really good

Review №95

We shop a lot at Home Depot stores in tri-cites,very nice people there.First time stop by in collage place location and got very bad experience.most of employees got attitude don’t know for why.please teach them to respect customer. This was the first and last time to shop at the college place location

Review №96

Really easy to work with. I have really great experiences here.

Review №97

The Walla Walla/College Place store is excellent about returns & exchanges! It seems like every home improvement project I tackle involves buying 1 thing that is wrong. But these folks just smile and help me out! Great customer service 👍

Review №98

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to get paint, I have to say the guy was pretty incompetent i waited 20 min and no paint. I just left came back in the morning, the 2 young ladies were on point, however l ask another employee where window parts were, she erupted and was very snotty. I had a kart load and I almost walked out leveing the full kart. I spend nigh $100,000.00 a year or more

Review №99

I always have great customer service when i go here. A very good looking man helped me today. Lol but always a little sad at prices but im just like that. Its always clean and lots of indoor plants to choose from under $20. I couldnt find exactly what i was looking for but i found alternative things that will work just the same.

Review №100

The guys in shipping and receiving are awesome. Very helpful and hard working.

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  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
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