Foxtail Gallery
614 5th St, Clovis, CA 93612, United States
Foxtail Gallery
Review №1

If you visit old town Clovis, and dont stop here, youre missing something extraordinary!

Review №2

The selection is AMAZING!!! There is a lot of high quality crystals to chose from, and a large variety in sizes as well. The store is very large and has everything from crystals, to fossils, to statues, and all you could want in a rock store. Not so much a metaphysical shop as I didnt see sage, and other herbs...but I was definitely happy with the amount of crystals they had. My daughters found a good stone to bring home and I have a beautiful amethyst key chain now (pictured below)The ONLY reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5, is because this place was pricier than I remember.

Review №3

Such an amazing spot! Drive down from Modesto after a cursory view of Google maps photos, and it was so much more than those showed! So many beautiful specimens throughout the shop. Take your time, there is a lot to take in. Every inch of space is carefully used from floor to ceiling. Staff was very knowledgeable and kind...was able to answer several questions and was not afraid to admit if he wasnt sure on something. Spend an hour or two, check it out and you wont be disappointed.

Review №4

Awesome place. The materials are well made and the minerals are pure and beautiful. A little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Review №5

Wonderful service, Gentlemen in the front was so helpful. Wide selection of everything you can imagine. Truly a jewel in Fresno.

Review №6

Im starting to like the metaphysical stores theyre so helpful

Review №7

You can spend all say on there just looking at rocks and listening to stories and facts. They were super awesome with my kid and couldnt wait to show her the cool and interesting things a kid loves.

Review №8

Amazing shop would definitely recommend! Huge selection but a bit pricey!

Review №9

Excellent collections of crystals, prices are competitive we found very unique stones.The owner is very knowledgeable as he passionate about his business.Definitely if you are in Clovis downtown you should visit.

Review №10

Love this place because its the only local place I know of to go in to buy gemstones and minerals. The employees are always really helpful with whatever Im looking for, plus their prices range from very affordable for kids to the high-quality items so theres something for every type of collector

Review №11

This little store is filled to the brim with really beautiful pieces. Its a bonus that the owner is so kind. Great place!

Review №12

Nice rockshop, very good selection. A little pricey but beautiful crystals

Review №13

Helpful, kind people. Love this place

Review №14

Lots of great stuff, but Employees werent wearing masks or socially distancing. Wont be back because of that lack of concern for the safety of their customers.

Review №15

Unpleasant, dark energy environment. Staff was not eager to help. Disappointing for a metaphysical shop.

Review №16

Its a crystal paradise here in the Valley. Awesome shop.

Review №17

This place is AMAZING!! crystals every where!

Review №18

Had everything I was looking for. Staff was really nice too

Review №19

Amazing store!

Review №20

Beautiful stones and crystals!!! I went there looking for 4 stones in particular which they had but they have such a large selection of items at a nice price. Im def coming back here when I need more items

Review №21

Best Metaphysical store I’ve been to yet! The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The staff helped me find my first pendulum and even offered to order a specific crystal for me since they didn’t have it in stock. I would highly recommend going, there is always a good energy surrounding the store and people, I would highly recommend going even if it is only to look around.

Review №22

Amazing shop.

Review №23

So much to select from! Wow! The choices are incredible! And the prices are very reasonable as well! Great place to find treasure for curious students. My class will love of the new items I have to add to our collection

Review №24

This is a rock hounds super store! Great selections of precious/ semi precious stones!

Review №25

Lots of different kinds, sizes and shapes of all sorts of crystals, stones, and fossils. Very welcoming atmosphere, very friendly and knowledgeable service

Review №26

Went in for some crystals, was excited because this shop was so close to my house. Compared to other shops Ive been to however, everything was quite small and overpriced. One of the men working came up to me to ask if I needed any help, which was appreciated, but after I said, No, Im just browsing and feeling out energies, he continued to breathe down my neck and ask, Well is there a lot to look at? to which I said, Uh sure? and swiftly moved away from him. That really put a weird vibe on my experience, so I am definitely going to have to do an extra cleanse on my crystals to program that weird feeling out of them... Only a select few crystals and stones had descriptions which was disappointing, and I kept accidentally bumping items that were placed on the floor, so you have to be very careful when walking through the shop. They did however not charge me tax since I paid cash, which was nice, especially since they were pretty overpriced anyway. I probably wont be returning... I would even rather chance shopping online and not having the ability to select in person than come to this shop again.

Review №27

The two gentleman that work there were very helpful and had a lot of patience. I will be returning!

Review №28

Superb! Truly lovely store. Clean. ENDLESS giant beautiful rocks. Also tiny rocks. They deal in a lot of pretty shiny things. Nice location, tons of selection to choose from. Friendly.

Review №29

My Grandson and I thoroughly enjoyed coming through here. We were both very impressed and will go back again.

Review №30

I loved the service

Review №31

Great little shop. Great for kids to explore and pick up something interesting from far away or way back.

Review №32

Very nice customer service. I had a million questions. He was very nice, answered all of my questions.

Review №33

My favorite gem store in the Central Valley!!! I highly recommended it!!! Its clean and beautiful. Karen is very nice and knowledgeable.

Review №34

A bit pricey but worth it. Quality gems and stones. Knowledgeable staff willing to answer all questions from how the energy of the stone may effect you to very scientific geological subjects.

Review №35

The most beautiful mineral store I ever see

Review №36

The most amazing place I have been to for stones that are museum quality.

Review №37

Best gem and mineral store in the valley in my opinion. Can be a little pricey but for the quality and experience it is well worth.

Review №38

Beautiful place a bit price but worth every penny.

Review №39

I love this place..i buy my crystals from here..its beautiful inside n the employees are very nice..i love it here n cant wait to go again

Review №40

Great place very good vibe love the staff

Review №41

Very friendly staff. The galery has a big variety of minerals going from your usual fluorite and agate to special stones of meteorites and fossils. They also carry necklaces and make your own pack starters. Prices for the common stones are accesible but if you want something special and unique itll reflect exponentialy. You deffinetly get the right present for the loved ones.I suggest though to go there with a list of what is it you want firstly... because the choises are wide and you can easily lose focuss on the reason you came in. *To keep in mind* that even if they have a big variety of stones this is not a museum hehe.

Review №42

Crystals? Look no further becuase they havebthem all here. Its anvery pleasant surprise to walk intonsuch a place and admire all the beautiful memorizing gems and stones.

Review №43

Friendly, well educated staff offering a variety of precious metals, stones, crystals

Review №44

Cool collection of minerals and staffed by very knowledgeable and friendly rockhounds.

Review №45

Great staff, wonderful selection

Review №46

Big selection of quality specimens.

Review №47

The best.

Review №48

Nice people work there

Review №49

Lots of rocks and crystals, however the worker wasnt too knowledgeable about the items.

Review №50

Great customer service

Review №51

Owner was very rude, smelled of stale cigarettes.

Review №52

Great place

Review №53

All dah rocks

Review №54

Loved it

Review №55

Knowledgeable staff

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Many things to see

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