Firestone Complete Auto Care
790 Clovis Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States
Firestone Complete Auto Care
Review №1

Purchased some tires/rims online as I had some credit and Firestone came up as the supporting Dropship installer to mount and balance them. Once they showed delivered called in and confirmed they were received and in great shape. Was surprised I didnt get any grief from them over product coming from somewhere else. Service adviser Ryan gave me all the info I needed and got me on the schedule for the next day to install. Showed up with no wait and got checked in and a few hours later came back to a job well done and completed by Tech Michael. Impressed with the smoothness of the process from start to finish and looking forward to coming back for some more work in the next few weeks!

Review №2

Pulled up on a hope, a jump, and a prayer with a dead battery and a sleeping toddler at 3:35pm in 104° temps. I was helped immediately and was back on the road at 3:50pm. Everyone was SO nice, the waiting room was wonderfully cool, and they had my car running and cooling when I went back out. Little one didnt even wake up!I will be back!

Review №3

I’m always wary about shops, I’ve been burned by quite a few. Normally do my own work but as I’ve gotten busier, I’ve been able to trust this shop with repairs and regular maintenance. Definite recommend for the area.

Review №4

Had issues with brakes and overheating with my old Toyota truck while up in the mountains and pretty far from home. Folks at Firestone got me for an assessment on same day and got me back my vehicle the next day, good to go. Might have gotten it back the same day if the issues hadn’t been somewhat complicated. These guy at the shop were great, helpful, and honest (ended up even costing way less than their original quote). Overall, very pleased and thankful for all their good work and customer service.

Review №5

This company really sucks at communicating to the customer facts!! They say what they need to get you in but then dont ever give you realistic times and can never be HONEST with the way they do business with customers! Ive spent almost 3 weeks already with these guys giving me the runaround with my AC! Lying on appointments and lying about having things ready! Wish they would be more HONEST!

Review №6

Took my van in and said it’s off since I got lifetime warranty alignment they’ll just fix it but nope!! Picked up the car with the steering wheel the same way!! HORRIBLE! Had to make a long drive like this and then took it to another Firestone who knows what they’re doing!

Review №7

Nate Be patient and careful. Very good service.

Review №8

This was my first time coming to Firestone and I just needed an alignment. I was very happy with the quality of service and the friendliness of staff. I was able to get in and out quick. I like that Firestone offers a “lifetime” alignment option. It’s pretty much unlimited alignments for as long as you own the vehicle. I have a truck that I take off road from time to time so I am sure this will pay for it’s self.

Review №9

Was just there this morning for the simplest of oil changes and a tire rotation. When I got to the work van, TPMS reset was on which is ok but when I keep driving and the light turns solid and it indicates my rear tires are 30psi low and the fronts are 30psi, it tells me that they didnt even look at my tire pressures. They just rotated the tires. Then, my oil life wasnt reset and they put a 3k mile sticker for my next oil change. What manufacturer recommend a 3k mile oil change interval these days even in extreme conditions like the Central Valley? None. To out the icing on the cake, there were three open stalls where they could have easily parked the vehicle but no, they decided to park it around the corner and on the street in Timbuktu!All of these things happening at once, being the simplest of things makes me concerned that the bigger things were also missed and I just dont know it yet. Leaves me very unsettled in the reliability if my van to get me from one job to the next.

Review №10

Went to firestone on clovis ave and they got my lifted truck aligned and did a wonderful job! I live in central Fresno but I always come back to this location for their stellar customer service! Thank you to all for doing an amazing job! Cheers!

Review №11

I have taken my fleet vehicle to the Clovis location at least half a dozen times. Half of those times they messed something up. 3 visits ago they only did half of what they were supposed to do, so i had to take more time out of my day to take it in a second time. 2 times ago, they broke the universal belt and sent me off only to have to turn around and bring it back when the power steering failed half a block away. This time, they left door open (not unlocked), left the hood open (good thing it at least had the safety latch), and the steering wheels is cockeyed now. They denied having anything to do with the steering wheel. Clearly shoddy work and no attention to detail. I am forced to take my fleet vehicle, but i will never take my person vehicles again.

Review №12

They took care of my car in a timely manner. Would recommend.

Review №13

Awesome folks. Got me in even later in the day. They know what they are doing. Vehicle works great. Very respectful and professional too.Will be back!

Review №14

I was disappointed because I went there specifically for an oil change before getting a smog check - which I told the manager up front before giving him my keys. I dropped off my car and told them to call me if they find anything else. I received a call because there was a nail in my tire and the battery was weak and should be replaced. Did you know when the electronics are disconnected there is NO WAY a vehicle will pass a smog check? You have to drive it several miles to get the codes reset. Well I didnt know that and wasted $ on a smog test I couldnt possibly pass. I went back to Firestone and spoke to the same manager to inform him what happened. He had no idea this would happen.Oh, and by the way, theres grease on the drivers side floor rug and on the outside door. See attached photos.

Review №15

Love the customer service and the great work they do

Review №16

Theyre great!

Review №17

I was a first time customer with a major job needed on my truck. The mechanical team was very professional and answered all of my questions honestly. Im extremely impressed with the knowledge Firestone has for all of my auto needs! Thanks 👍

Review №18

I took my car there to get my AC serviced because it was blowing cool air but not cold air. They said I needed the high pressure hose change because it was leaking. $435 later they called back and said the air is better but not cold enough and it must be a leak in the compressor. This was another $790 and if I didn’t do it that day then they would have to re-evacuate the AC at a cost of $144. Bringing the total to $985 plus the $435 I already paid. I bought all my tires here on both cars, they did my brakes on both, change my oil. I would have appreciated at $1200 estimate right away. Instead I get it now or pay an extra $144 to evacuate system on top of a $600 compressor plus labor. It was very convenient living close to the shop because I didn’t need much major work done, but after 6 years with them I’m looking for a new shop. And what do you know, today was over 100°F and the AC did not keep up.

Review №19

They have a good customer service but they dont listen and remember about your cars problem their only good in tires not the whole automotive problem.

Review №20

Excellent!! Best customer service Ive had in a while.

Review №21

These guys are thorough, I cant even tell they did anything to my car.

Review №22

They did great job getting my tires me out in and out real fast thanks jack good job

Review №23

They were extremely helpful. I arrived there with a nail in my tire. And they were busy. But they made time to fix my tire. And I was out of there quickly.

Review №24

Good service at a good price. I dropped my explorer off the night before and needed front rotars and pads done for a trip by noon the next day. They got it done on time and for cheaper than I expected.

Review №25

I had purchased tires through Tire Rack, and scheduled my appointment online and had the tires shipped directly to the store.Upon arrival they pull up my appointment, and say ‘oh, we don’t do work on Teslas’So now I have to load up the tires and drive them to the Firestone location in Fresno off Blackstone who says they will change tires on Teslas. In fact the guy I spoke with at the Blackstone location was shocked to hear that they were refusing to change the tires on my car, even he said it is pretty standard stuff.I wouldn’t trust any vehicle with this Firestone in Clovis. I would understand if I was bringing in my Tesla for some other issue, but all it needed was a tire replacement. They use standard wheels, and standard tires, it is no different than any other vehicle.Save yourself the headache and steer clear of these guys.

Review №26

Horrible experience!! They changed management service is awful and slow. I have taken my vehicles there for over 5 years. Today I took my vehicle in for service and I will never return to this Firestone. What happened to customer service???

Review №27

Fast reliable service I had my oil housing unit repaired and a diagnostic which was way cheaper than a dealership which I usually go to I would recommend this place to anybody this is my go to a mechanic

Review №28

Great guys all around

Review №29

Fast service went in for an oil change and was helped fast and easy.

Review №30

This place is a shell of its former self since management has changed. And the new manager is rude. Especially since one of his techs left my oil cap off (which was a disaster that i luckily caught less than half a mile down the road) and i returned angry to show them the huge mistake they made (oil everywhere and smoking badly) now when i bring my car here i am treated like a second class customer and they take over 3 hours to do my oil (and yes i made an appointment) im probably not coming back here. Ive given them several chances and they have under-delivered for me. I have advised members of my fleet to do business elsewhere as well.

Review №31

Great place to get tires and your car service

Review №32

Mario was friendly and knowledgeable. The deal I saw online was the deal he quoted me when I came in. I made an appointment online and my vehicle was in the shop at that time! When I requested high mileage oil he took the time to explain the change in price so there was no surprises. It was a breath of fresh air, going somewhere for an oil change and getting the entire inspection and service advertised, but not getting tons of other services or fees thrown at me.

Review №33

Been here a few times like the service

Review №34

I really like Jack, he is the American poster child. He had a service manager named nick a couple years ago that got me hooked when my daughters came from Sweden and needed rental car fixed. Nick spoke Swedish to them so they would understand better and made them feel comfortable in a stressful time. Nick moved to Antioch store, where I live near, and took care of me while here. It seems many good managers come from this store and all seem great! This store is the reason my family and friends get service through their brands.

Review №35

They have very good customer service skills

Review №36

4 full days just for oil change and tire rotation- without even needing to order parts. Often they dont do all the work theyre supposed to. Tires have been inflated to 10 PSI less than recommended. They often dont call when finished. If youre looking for a place for quick in and out- this is not the place. Theyre always sorry and have an excuse ready.

Review №37

A friend introduced me to this store. As long as I have a car I will need this Firestone place. They are pretty quick, take appointments, keep me updated on what they are doing. I pretty much only deal with the girls at the desk and I am impressed with their knowledge and efficiency .

Review №38

I dont think anyone likes waiting at these types of places because it takes a minimum of an hour for your car to be done. However this staff worked very hard at a fast past at this location, to try and get their customers in and out in a timely manner, which I appreciated. Even when they tried to upsell me, they were very friendly and not pushy about it.

Review №39

Really friendly service and affordability and of course being able to use the Firestone credit card helped out immensely! Katie over there is a dream! All of the staff are very very friendly and helpful and it did not take long at all to get new tires put on!

Review №40

Was treated with respect and I felt like I was family, and everything that needed to be done was explained, and when I picked up my vehicle I was told that it was disinfected and that my safety was also a number one concern.

Review №41

Great people, great service. Always professional. It may cost a bit more than other places, but you know it is done right. I shop the coupons--thats the way I can afford it.

Review №42

Friendly, caring.

Review №43

The waiting room needed cleaning

Review №44

The service is very professional, let me rest assured repair it in Firestone.

Review №45

Clean store, courteous/energetic/friendly customer representatives, quick turnaround on alignment.It would easily be a 5 rating, however they did not match their competitors’ (Les Schwab and America’s Tire Company) to perform a free tire rotation and balancing. I literally had America’s Tire Company across the street perform a free tire rotation and balance 30-minutes prior to my appointment to use my lifetime alignment at Firestone. I did not purchase my tires from America’s Tire Company because I recently bought the vehicle, but they performed the service completely free.Besides that, the alignment was quick, performed accurately, and explained thoroughly.

Review №46

They got me in fast changed a filter in car only charged me for part only they are the best ever

Review №47

Get my tires and basic service done here. They do recommend other services, which seem legitimate to me, but are never pushy about it. Friendly service every time for the last 7 years I have been going

Review №48

Weve been customers of Firestone for many years, and for the last 3 years at this location. We have had nothing but the absolute best service. They were fast, courteous, knowledgeable, and affordable. I couldnt ask for better care for my vehicle. We were treated with respect from the moment we walked in the door. It was truly wonderful. Thanks to Jack and his entire crew for such a great experience.

Review №49

I just want to be fair and balanced about the service and the people here. Auto service isnt cheap and if you can do it yourself you should. I have had several oil changes and brakes done here over the last few years and got reasonable price and services. They are a good option, in my opinion. The staff is friendly and they care about doing a good job. They even adjusted the price when I did my rotors to meet my budget. I am going there again today.

Review №50

The staff is trustworthy, the repairs are good, and prices comparable to anywhere. We take all our cars (4 of them) here.

Review №51

Awesome place to get your car serviced, the front Office staff is excellent. I went in without an appointment on a Saturday around 8:30am, and my car was out and ready by 12:00pm. Very happy and I will make this Firestone of choice.

Review №52

This store you can make your goodyear monthly payment here...only at this location ..freindly helpful dont forget to bring all info when making a payment ....

Review №53

A wonderful young man came out from the front desk and took care of the tire pressure. He reset my sensor. FOR FREE!

Review №54

If you need any service for your vehicle, please take it to this store location. The service is immediate and impeccable. The adviser, Rebecca, is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely personable. She will make your experience worth it, keeping you informed and so courteously, in the process.

Review №55

I used to like going here. Will no longer go there. We asked them to service my daughters car. Change oil, rotate the tires, and replace airfilter. And align the front end. They called to quote the total, said they had rotated the tires and would replace airfilter.When we came to pick up the car, they had only changed the oil. Said they couldnt rotate tires due to not having the lug lock. The paper work said we refused to have air filter replaced and liquids toped off. Then they left the airfilter not properly attached to the motor causing the car to run ruff until we checked out the engine and discovered the problem. They also told my daughter she needed to replace her brakes, another $400 they wanted to charge. Dishonest people preying on the innocent girl. Brakes were fine and did not need to be replaced.They are dishonest. Breaking ties with Firestone. Have gone there for 15+ years. No more.

Review №56

My mechanic Michael was awesome as always. Fast, efficient and does a great job. Hes the best.

Review №57

Still here. So far so good.

Review №58

So, I usually go to the Firestone on Blackstone, which I wish I shouldve kept my same ritual, however the customer service here...SUCKS... So so bad. I waited just to be acknowledged, for 8min, while the blonde receptionist rather answer phone calls and set appointments with customers on the phoneWOW...SERIOUSLY... WHERES THE CUSTOMER SERVICE?AND SHE HAD AN ATTITUDE AND WAS SUPER RUDE. this will definitely be my last visit to THIS particular FIRESTONE. Customer service is a reflection on how they will treat the product, so if customer service aint a big deal to u, by all means; suit yourself, but for those who Care.... STAY FAR AWAY, YOUR LIABLE TO GO OFF ON SOMEONE HERE.

Review №59

Nice and clean and guys are nice and helpful and they do a great job

Review №60

Had a terrible experience recently. Will never ever ever go back. You shouldnt too. They are careless. I went in to get a tire mounted and balanced.4 hours later when I got the call to pick up my car, I saw that my wheel paint was chipped and later saw that my tire was installed backwards.They didnt make a fuss about repairing my wheel when I complained. Although the mechanic did say, that looks old; trying to avoid liability. I didnt have my car to use for the week that the wheel was in the repair shop. I also had to take time off from work to send and pick up the wheel since the repair shop was open til 4pm only. Also, somehow Firestone didnt pay for the wheel as promised so when I arrived for pick up it wasnt released to me. I had to call Firestone and the manager came and paid it himself.I told the manager we needed to go back to Firestone to fill it with air and re-balanced bc they didnt install it correctly. The tire had to be taken off and put back on and now needs to be re-balanced. Thats what I paid for.Once this was done, I realized there was no balancing leads on my wheel. I asked and the mechanic said it read perfect and none was needed. Im still crossing my fingers the wheel wont wobble otherwise Im going back.When I got home I saw by the air valve a small nick. Looks like the mechanic nicked the fresh paint while he was adding air. Careless.Worst of all, no one offered an apology for the inconvenience. They made me feel like I was just bothering them.Pls avoid at all cost.

Review №61

Awesome staff,recommended making an appointment for quick in and out service.

Review №62

Awesome sevice and employees fast and efficient will come back and recommend!!

Review №63

Cheapest oil change in clovis thank u

Review №64

Went there for oil change, trans fluid change. And to have front end looked at for possible power steering leak. They wanted to rebuild the entire front end, plus power steering pump and A frames over $2000., I went to parts store and bought a $2.00 bottle of power steering fluid with stop leak, fixed problem, I pulled a 31 ft travel trailer to northern Arizona with out a single leak.

Review №65

We take our car for service when needed because we are treated well and service is fast and reliable. Price is right and they offer coupons for most of their services.

Review №66

I feel like they dont care for national acct fleet vehicles. Have gotten good service and some not so good. Need to improve communication in house and with customers. Follow thru, dont put fleet accts aside until last. Thats the impression I get.

Review №67

Very timely good work

Review №68

Yes tries for my car they did a good job

Review №69

They make up stories and tell you things are wrong with your car when they are not. Went in for oil change and normally bring to dealer. They said I had an oil leak and they would be able to repair for $200. I immediately took back my car to the dealer and they said it was not true, as I had no leak. This fib they told me was a waste of time. I will never go back to them again.

Review №70

Over priced oil change services. Under staffed, over worked personnel. Insufficient parking. Ambivalent answers to direct questions regarding service pricing.

Review №71

Friendly staff, helpful and honest. Would reccomend for basic needs.

Review №72

Been going there since 2001, with all my vehicles, and I have gotten the best service!

Review №73

I had no appointment got me right in rotate tires alignment 1 hr was out of there and no charge! !

Review №74

Great service, friendly staff.... Work done completely and correctly.... A+++++

Review №75

Quick service for battery exchange. Clean waiting room in a great area.

Review №76

They had liked to me about how they couldnt do alignment.

Review №77

Good service but they always go over the estimated time of completion

Review №78

Great service, and they do a good job, thumbs up.

Review №79

Easy to find location. Full service. Attentive and competent staff.

Review №80

I purchased a tire there last year they told me if I ever had a flat they would fix it for free even on my other tires that werent purchased over the weekend I got a flat tire in one of my tires I called in to make sure they would be able to fix my flat and the said yes of course brimg it in and we will fix for free rhey lied !! I took my tire in and they gave me the run around try to seek me new tires for my van and said no we will not fix your flat because it wasnt there tire I was upset and didmt appreciate there lies and wasted my time I drove over there im my spare tire and drive back home with my spare will never go there again

Review №81

Been getting tires here for a couple of years. Great service and great prices!

Review №82

Firestone continues to provide outstanding customer service for our vehicle maintenance needs.

Review №83

Good service and you don’t have to be there very long. They even give you details and show you any problem area.

Review №84

These guys are awesome, always polite, professional, and quick as hell.

Review №85

Took my car for brake change and they messed up my car. Makes all kinds of noise and my car vibrates like crazy. Went back a few times and complained but they kept making things worse. Stay away from this place!!!

Review №86


Review №87

Friendly, efficient and fast.

Review №88

I bought new tires and had them aligned here about 6 months ago. They took a good 6 hours putting them on so naturally I went home. Came back to pick up, had to wait still even though they said it was ready. Immediately turned the car on and the tire light was on. They said it would go away. Went to look for my Ray Bans....and they were not in my car anymore! Who steals from a car being serviced??? Went back twice to double check the light being on, they said it was because the tires needed air. Today, went to a real place to get cars serviced that actually is professional. They said the tires were not even the right ones. They were cupping pretty badly. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Service was so-so, employees are clearly super shady and inconsiderate. I know I shouldnt have my sunglasses in my car, but I shouldnt have to worry about some Firestone employee stealing from my car/going through my car.

Review №89

Don’t get robbed

Review №90

Top notch auto service at a reasonable cost.

Review №91

There super friendly a take time to help

Review №92

Best place to go to get your tires, been going there for years they havent let me down yet.

Review №93

Pretty pissed off after paying just south of $100 (ridiculously over priced) for a new stud for my tire, and seeing the tiny (literally inches short) replacement stud installed by Firestone. The nut is barely hanging on by a couple threads. Clearly Firestone cares more about making money than the safety of their customers. If your going to overcharge, at least give people what they pay for.

Review №94

Nice n fast good service cool they had toys for my boy to play with made it a whole lot easier

Review №95

Always find something else wrong with your car other than what you go in for

Review №96

I had to go there on weekend because all other places were closed to fix a nail hole. They said it couldnt have been fixed and sold me TWO tires for the MBZ 230 since I they cant be rotated. Agh... Lires!!!!! I had a smaller air leek in front tire and they wanted to sell me the front tiers too but didnt have in stuck, thanks God. Next day I wen to another tire place down the Clovis ave and asked if it could be fixed and they FIXED it for FREE! Asked about the back tires and described the location of the nail and found out that that one didnt have to be replaced and could have been fixed as well. That was 8 month ago... Couple weeks ago my friend noticed that my new and unnecessary replaced tire is separating - the wire was sticking out. I went to find out if they can replace that one. NO, no warranty because I didnt do the alignment after they replaced the tires. I didnt even know I had to. No one offered! So, had to buy two new tires again. Not from them, thought. NEVER AGAIN.

Review №97

Terrible customer service, no respect for customers time. Arrived 15 mins before the business opened @ 7am and waited til 9am for service. (Tire Patch).. Do not go there if your pushed for time or not a local.

Review №98

They can do better.

Review №99

The guys at the tire shop really help me out

Review №100

I recently call them for a cost for changing my Belt for my 1998 gmc sierra and they told me $167 bucks to replace my belt I did it for 50bucks and youtube video and runs great . the said part I had them do a tune up on my truck two month before this and what they charged me for 8 sparks at 12.99 apeace not including labor on them I dont recomend this place for work way to expensive

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  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 559-900-1347
  • Brake shop
  • Tire shop
  • Car battery store
  • Oil change service
  • Wheel alignment service
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–6PM
  • Thursday:7AM–6PM
  • Friday:7AM–6PM
  • Saturday:9AM–5PM
  • Sunday:7AM–6PM
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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