Rainbow Muffler & Brake – West 130th
4301 W 130th St, Cleveland, OH 44135, United States
Rainbow Muffler & Brake – West 130th
Review №1

Nice people work in this shop. The only bed things is the price of the service. I gave five stars for people who work there.

Review №2

As a female even stepping into any auto repair shop I immediately know that Im most likely going to get ripped off. Sad, but true. Anyway, I had my muffler completely fall off my car and needed to go to the nearest place I could, so when I first called Josh answered the phone with excellent customer service and made the whole scenario painless. Kept me on top of things with calls letting me know the process along the way, suggesting parts that I should get fixed in the near future without being pushy. I had a great experience from not only the fast turnaround time but now my 2004 car sounds almost like new, but Josh was absolutely amazing, polite and not pushy at all just suggestive.

Review №3

My car now shakes at highway speed. And umm...It didnt before i took it here.

Review №4

Very expensive. Should be investigated. They charge way to much. For a muffler and tailpipe charged me 469 dollars that to me is stealing peoples money would not recommend. People going their for auto repairs

Review №5

Great service, always polite and try their best to save me money.

Review №6

Does really great work and the staff is patient and takes care of your vehicle

Review №7

Like .most other mechanic shops they think theyre slick

Review №8

I went to Rainbow Muffler on W 130th for a brake inspection and and to see why my check engine light was on. They said they would get me in for a look before they started working on two other jobs they had scheduled. They said to go wait in my car and someone would come out soon to get my car. After sitting there nearly two hours with no one coming out or calling me, I just left. I dont know if they forgot I was there or what, but its poor customer service.

Review №9

They did a great job on my truck... They got me back working 💪 the same day

Review №10

These guys did some good work on my vehicle and Im extremely pleased with the results. My only fault was the job was very pricey!

Review №11

Fast, efficient,cheap an done right :) THANK YOU

Review №12

This place is great best service ✋ down I 💘 the owner and the Mechanic just so happened to be an old neighbor. They made my Bessfranns day go from 😿😾 to 😸🙀😸. If you wanna hear the story you gotta go there and get your 🚗 fixed. Im taking every car I ever own there.

Review №13

Always friendly and awesome service! Highly recommended.

Review №14

Totally over priced justed had brake inspected the quote is ridiculously priced

Review №15

I had a negative experience with this company recently. They tried to literally charge me over $1000 for back brakes and rotors. Tried telling me that my caliper was frozen. I took the car to a reputable company and had the service completed for under $400! I was told the caliper was never frozen. Beware of this shop they will definitely try to take advantage of a woman who may not know any better!

Review №16

Great work, the only thing was I had a time estimate of an hour and it ended up being 2 and a half... Otherwise 5 stars

Review №17

Friendly staff prompt service but had to deny service due to overpricing.After my own pricing I found the part at $200 lessChances are I wont be back or recommend

Review №18

Be careful taking your car here. I took my car there for a noise it was making. I already had the car checked for leaks and been driving all week with it. The day after taking my car here my check engine light came on and i had a bad leak which as i said i had no leaks. I didnt even have a check engine light on and now thecar driving bad on the freeway and making a loud noise. As i write this my car is at a different shop and they about to look over it. But i wrote this to say if you. Go here make sure you already know the problem because your car might not be the same after they look it over. I would give 0 stars if that was a option. I had to write this because its not adding up how i drove my car there with only a noise now its way more problems.Update: after taking my car to another shop found out my car leak is due to a AC hose, also the 1600 dollar part this place said i needed was already in good condition. The cost for everything i needed done was 800 dollars less than they say my car work needed. Be careful taking your car to rainbows muffler.

Review №19

Dont trust their estimates. 100 turned into 250.

Review №20

I went there with a noisy exhaust system. I spent $1200 to get it fixed. I left there with a noisy exhaust system. Im very unhappy. They told me that they didnt know about the leak that was making the noise untill they replaced another part.

Review №21

Ive been using this shop for almost 30 years now and I have to say that I never feel cheated. They are honest and hard working.

Review №22

Phenomenal experience . I took in my Toyota Highlander for a loud muffler. They were able to fix it for A fraction of what the dealer wanted to charge me. It’s a busy shop so I’d recommend you to drop off and pickup later. Otherwise you could be waiting for a few hours. Josh, Amanda, and the mechanics are Absolutely phenomenal . Very knowledgeable staff, and also kind and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone

Review №23

Great place. Super helpful staff. Awesome work.

Review №24

Not satisfied, Car didnt start after being fix, Left on battery charger the same way i arrived with car problems. i come back the next day with my car towed for $50 because it still wouldnt start & they say i need a new engine.Makes no sense & i have both diagnistics and proof of payment. Its been 7- days no Call or info about a refund or fixing the car correctly I wouldnt recommend it...Also The number listed below Navigates straight back to the shop.If the owner can respond in the comments so fast why, not respond quickly with my refund for your shops mistake.I dont understand ???

Review №25

No test drive after brake work 1k later had same issue. They were nice but not pleased with them not checking to see if issue resolved

Review №26

Grate group of people knowledgeable and quick.

Review №27

The guy was very short and rude as if he had better things to do. My brakes still dont work properly. Go anywhere but this place. It never was like this before.

Review №28

I got a quote for brakes and rotors all around my car for $600 here $700 at midas so I went here. I realize 2 months later they only did the front brakes. Now they play dumb like that was the deal and it totally wasnt I called competitor to make sure I was not mistaking. Put my safety in danger and rob me of my money in these crazy times is unacceptable.

Review №29

Ive had some great experiences here at the W. 130th St. Rainbow Auto Shop. Ive had to have multiple car repairs done and they were quick to give me the best quote in town and throw in complimentary offers such as oil changes, to get and keep my business. James, the shop receptionist, also offered me a ride to and from my house so I wouldnt have to sit there all day, that service right there is hard to find! Here, you will find friendly, helpful and great auto services at a fair price. I recommend them to anyone in need of car repairs or maintenance. Thank you Rainbow, you made it an easy choice for me!

Review №30

Josh and Matt took excellent care of my car and were so kind to me. I will be returning

Review №31

Havent had a complaint yet...Affordable work

Review №32

I dropped my car off on 2/16/20 about an hour before closing and the diagnostic testing was complete with a quote, date and time for repairs to be done. I had researched prices from a couple other repair shops & Rainbow was the most resonable. The mechanic St. James was very helpful and accommodating. I picked up my car today and was happy with the repairs. I will certainly frequent this establishment in the future. The only small issue I had was the surcharge amount for my debit card to be used to pay for my services. However, James compensated me for that unexpected fee. Im happy my vehicle is back up & running!😊

Review №33

Told me they could do job I paid to tow it there only to get a call a couple days later telling me cant do repair complete auto repair laughed guy there told me simple fix .and fixed it the same day.Your mail box is full when i called the number you gave about my complaint we could resolve situation if you reimburse me for tow iam not including the down time for not having my vehichle down for so long.

Review №34

They fixed my Tie Rod on my car. Nice price, quick work . Receptionist was very sweet. I still have some more work to get done. I will be back.

Review №35

Over $ 1500 later still cant drive my car 👌thanks for returning $100 after it went up in smokes in your parking lot .. Worse than before now 👍 dont go there just bc you can finance they know how much your approved for so the work they do might magically add up your full amount ! It atleast did for me. And he says they actually approve you for like a certain percent more or something then what they say so they actually charged me over my approval! He had to take some expense off bc he over charged and my approval only went up to a certain amount ... I guess the 5 extra things i didnt need was a bad idea 😳 I specifically said what I wanted worked on but they did 2 different very expensive things that didnt work before doing what I asked. they dont know vw I had to pay for basically a newby to figure out my car took over a month for the manager to look at my car and his response was take your car and go somewhere else when I asked if itll be Worked on next .. I guess he had his regulars to do everyday before me so I was not propriety for a month. I can go on .. My car over heated I brought it to them week later drive from w130 their parking lot to dollar tree and the cars over heating ... Haha check your car before you pay tell a mechanic to drive around w u bc that was the quickest I seen a fixed mechanic job go super bad. That was their only job I paid for it and it wasnt even fixed so i dont know what i paid for??? I mean yes they do finance now im making 200 payments on a car that i cant drive so it it worth it? Save up and go somewhere else by the way ... dont call my phone its harrasment I am not a client any more had to buy a chrysler 300 bc of all the money I waisted at this shop all i wanted was my convertible and im still making payments on that car i never got to drive after I paid u !!!!! DO NOT CALL i wont take this down its my 3rd post i took down the last two as asked but i wont keep shut i am out of 1500 and had to buy a new car so 2 payemnts thanks.. Look at my reviews i leave alot of good and some bad this is my only rant thats how bad i hate this place

Review №36

They put a muffler on my car I went around the building and the muffler fail off.This happened on Wednesday they told me to come back Thursday after they got my money. THIS Business I would recommend a DOG to👎👎👎👎👎

Review №37

Fixed my focus ☺️, had wrong parts and ended up cheaper and custom. I love it. Warranty included.

Review №38

Great service and very friendly.

Review №39

This place said I needed a catalytic converter,O2 sensors. Would not check further on a P0430 code. TOOK my car to Advanced Diagnostic in North Olmsted..Turned out... i had a PCV Valve hose that was not good. MY O2 Sensors were good ! My car passed emissions bcuz of the other shop. Saved me from being ripped off for the amount of 900.+ that Rainbow wanted to charge.... bcuz they didnt care about finding out what the REAL PROBLEM WAS FOR THE PO430 CODE !

Review №40

I was in there 3 weeks ago. They provided a small fix to a big muffler issue that I was having. I know that their work was done right because, they showed me. Thanks! I also got to meet the owner, who was nice.

Review №41

These guys have kept me on the road by patching up the holes untill it finally came time to get it done right. Got a great price and good quality work. Thanks guys.

Review №42

Efficient kept in loop

Review №43

Set improper expectations wasted a whole trip to come here when in fact they were backed up, wanted me to leave my car here when we were supposed to get a plan for my customers exhaust, won’t be back.

Review №44

Love this place. I’ve been going here for years. Just bring your car early and come back an it’s done.Aug. 2019 Update:In the past I gave this place 5 stars. The front desk has seem to change the level of customer care. I still think the level of quality work is 5 star.

Review №45

A really great shop and reasonably on price stop in and ask for James. The best place I have found yet. Thank you rainbow

Review №46

Pretty good fair pricing

Review №47

Service was great. James at the front desk was super helpful and the mechanic was friendly and fast and did a great job. Highly recommended and I will be going back for more work.

Review №48

Had a great experience there. Zoltan took care of me and was great. He drove me to my residence so that I would not have to wait there while my car was getting worked on. They get stuff done in a timely matter. Great service and great people . Thanks!!!

Review №49

Fast friendly and affordable

Review №50

Want to Thank Rainbow Muffler for saving me money and quality work.I took my car in to have my transmission rage sensor to be replaced. The mechanic discovered that I needed a my left front wheel bearing replaced for $368.00 and My lowerfront control arm bushing replaced for $927.00. Plus tax $105.00 While waiting for the parts to be delivered I called Rainbow Muffler . I took my car to Rainbow Muffler today and they completed the bushing and bearing, stabilizer with wipers blades with the total of $784.30.Do the math $1,400 Brunswick Auto Mark784 Rainbow Muffler.Customer Service treated me kindly and did more than Beyond of quality of their work. Thank You Rainbow Muffler. You will gain many more customers because of the quality work that you do and the great prices you charge! All is truly a d gratefully appreciate M

Review №51

They was very nice and did a very good job

Review №52

Very friendly and helpful. Took the right amount of time to fix my car.

Review №53

Friendly qualified fast service, would refer to everone!

Review №54

I heard a rubbing noise coming from my tire. I knew it was a hub bearing and I also knew which side it was coming from as this was not my first rodeo. I called and got a price, took the car there the next day and a different rep quoted a completely different price. Needless to say, it was much higher....$100 higher!! After I told him the quote Id already received, he said he would honor that rate. Then, when he took it for a test drive, he of course recommended to repair both sides. I informed him, I only needed the side that was rubbing done, since thats all I could afford. So, he tells me that there no way to know which side is worse for sure, so well start with the driver side. CLEARLY it was the passenger side that was in need of immediate repair. Of course, I left and went somewhere else. No thanks!!! Unfortunately, just another mechanic trying to take advantage!

Review №55

This is a great place to take your vehicle the people there are friendly and they get their job done in a timely manner...

Review №56

Ive been a loyal customer for many years & have been genuinely please with the service I have received until today.I called around to 3 differant shops to get estimates on the same work that i just paid $592.00 for. The closest was $289.00. I was over charged for parts & labor even after getting a so called 10% discount.Buyer beware!Crooks!

Review №57

I sat for hours waiting for my car to be diagnosed with the same exact place I had 11 months ago. Everything was supposed to be fixed right a year ago. Now I have to pay more money out of pocket to fix the same problem from 11 months ago. EAD In my opinion. I will never return for this terrible service

Review №58

Havent had a issue yet been getting service on and off at the west 130 location for over 3 years there now and pretty good work I dont leave there with still having problems with my car like other places

Review №59

Fast service and great price. Working mans friend for sure. Been going there for many years.

Review №60

I went there with my husband because we was having issues with out SUV and z and his crew took better care of us then any dealer and replaced the parts the dealer just put on because they were bad ..was amazing and stay so I could pick up car after my job and i swear i will always come back to him and his amazing crew thank you z for amazing care about your clients and making us feel good about the service we got

Review №61

Such a nice, clean place. The Manager here is very nice, willing to help in anyway he can. Answers all your questions, treats you with respect. And never suggest things that arent needed. Comfortable while you wait, and usually your in & out.

Review №62


Review №63

Worst place ever sat for over 3 hours to get an estimate for front brakes. Talked to another person in there he was there for over 5 hrs waiting for an estimate. Then when they got my vehicle in 1 minute later i needed tie rods, bearings, ball joints, idler arms. Its awful funny didnt have vibration or shimmy in the front end. No uneven tire wear. Unnecessary work . BEWARE OF THIS PLACE

Review №64

James was absolutely amazing . He was helpful and got me together in about 3 hours . The price was reasonable for all the service done to my car, and he also added a free oil change for the business . I really appreciate that . I recommend this place for sure !

Review №65

Ive always had pretty good luck with them. If it was simple, they didnt even charge me for it and the bigger stuff ( been there 3 or 4 times) wasnt too expensive and have had no other issues. These reviews surprise me a bit.

Review №66

Beware, and AVOID like the plague! Terrible, quoted me $229 over the phone for passenger side Hub And Bearing on a 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5S, wound up being $308.92, bargained down to $291.47. Took it in, paid for the repair, magically their lead mechanic Craig (according to the owner who is quite abrasive, rude, and abrupt) claimed my ABS light was on when I brought it in (it was not) in addition my traction control lights indicating that ESC was simultaneously on and off (obviously not possible) activated after the assembly was replaced. Agreed to replace the cable, at their cost. Which they did. Terrible customer service, dont even want to give a 1 star rating. And now theyre telling me my TPMS light is magically on. AYFKM?!? And my car has been left continuously running, to the tune of running out almost 40 miles in gas. No clue what they are doing at all!! Turns out they apparently cannot read as well, as it said right on my Nissan Drive Assist (the dash) it was not my TPMS, but my Washer Fluid! Generally I say thank you, after every service or kindness, did not after this service!

Review №67

Beware Beware Beware, this place has terrible customer service . I think its because I have dark skin. If your not his color at the desk. He will be rude to you. I went three times and was treated the same. I would never ever go back again ever . So to all good heart people please dont go here. Thank you and God Bless. Masters Auto Services State Rd is outstanding .4463 State Rd. Cleveland Ohio 44109.

Review №68

Awful service. I showed up 15 minutes before they opened at 8AM, and there were already 15-20 people waiting, many with complaints about previous work they did. By 8:30, there were even more people there, and only ONE worker, who refused to come into the office and talk to anyone. I finally realized this place is no good and went down the road to Affordable Muffler, where I was NOT disappointed. Do yourself a favor and save yourself money & time by going to Affordable Muffler.

Review №69

Gentleman was polite and helpfull

Review №70

The first time I was their, my car was rushed in and out. Somthing fell off and my muffler was hanging low. But I called them up and they brought it back and got me in asap and fixed it right up without charge. These guys are great!

Review №71

Very professional

Review №72

AMAZING service! Work was done fast too! Thank You Mr. Z

Review №73

Ok custumer service, nice and polite people, a little more sense of urgency would be good. Just be aware that they lack on honesty. Took my car to have the water pump replaced, the guy quoted me about $380, later on came back with an additional service needed to complete the job (which I know is not needed) so $39.99 more plus tax, so total would be around $450. At the end the actual estimate was $393 including the $39.99 service, that was nice on their part. But lets go back to the begining, guy said the work would be done the following day at noon or 1pm, that it only calls for a 3.5 hour labor. Next day around that time I get a call, car will get done but will take longer, a tech quit. Around 4pm I called, said they didnt check the procedure to how to do the work, cant get the job done due to special tools needed that the shop dont carry. When I went to get my car, a tech stated its because they only have a two garage shop and the work takes too long. Wasted a day when I really needed the car. They did gave me gallons of water to take with me. Just be aware if you come here. Ended up doing the work myself with a friend and saved hundreds.

Review №74

Very polite. Great service very informative

Review №75

James is a great help. Theyre busy but he kept things moving along. Will use again.

Review №76

Took my car there to have them check out my converter cause it was making a loud noise. Told me it needed replaced and it would cost 167.00 dollars(brand new). So i agreed on the price cause i needed my car fixed ASAP! Before my converter started acting up my car didnt make any loud noise. When they finished i got in my car and drove off and it still had a slight noise to it!! Took it back they claimed they did their job and said maybe its something else and to take it some where else cause they where to busy!! Rudest ppl ever!! NEVER go here👎👎

Review №77

I give this place 5 star its my first time doing business here and it wont be my last, I had a serpentine belt change on my jaguar they very friendly and check your car before you spend money on something u dont need like most machanic s do. There price is the best price in cleveland and they definitely not money hungry at all . They know how to treat there customers.

Review №78

Went to Rainbow Muffler on W. 130th today to get some exhaust work done on my Murano. Z at the desk is the best! He gives it to you straight and has the customer’s best interest at heart. The guys there are totally worth the wait!! This was my second visit and they have earned my consistent business.

Review №79

These guys have no clue of what theyre doing,I watched a woman pay 1700$ and when she left she turned right back around because her engine light was on, they then told her another 800$ to fix new issue, the car isnt even worth that total,after witnessing this I walked away

Review №80

The work was ok, but they will damage your vehicle lifting it and will not inform you about it, so I do not recommend anyone doing business with them period

Review №81

Decent work, fairly friendly and moderately high prices.

Review №82

Very well organized, the very second I stepped in the place I was immediately greeted with a friendly face. The pricing was excellent Rainbow Muffler didnt try to break the bank with me but they gave me fair pricing and the work was excellent.

Review №83

I had the exhaust and muffler replaced. When I got home I realized they forgot to cut and bend the tailpipe so I had to go back up there. When I got home the second time I realized they still forgot to bend the tailpipe so had to go back up there once again. After a month I start noticing the exhaust is rattling really bad so I had to take it back up there a third time and the manager said whoever bent the exhaust the first time did a horrible job and that is what was causing the rattling. After only 18 months the muffler started getting loud but when I pulled out the paperwork for the warranty I noticed it was only stamped for 1 year when it was supposed to be a lifetime warranty. I talked to the manager and after a debate he said to bring it up and he will honor the lifetime warrant. So I drive up there for a forth time just to have him tell me he cant find anything wrong with it even though you can hear the muffler 100ft away. I left there pissed off and decided I would try again in a few months. When I called a few months later a new manager said the other one no longer works there and that he will not honor a lifetime warranty. He did give me a full replacement for half price but I am still paying for something that was supposed to be under warranty and was never right from the beginning. It has now been 5 times I have been up there within 2 years and keep in mind I live 40 minutes away. I also do not understand how the cost of labor is more then doubled for the exact same repair and how is the tax on $150 more then the tax on $300? Just goes to show that they are making up prices. I also found it strange that the cash was going in his pocket and not a register. They have poor service and are very unprofessional.

Review №84

Quality work for really really good prices! Check it out?

Review №85

Waited 2 hours as a walk in and still didnt get my car fixed had to go elsewhere but some lady who was there before me had to return cause the job wasnt done right so that pretty much made my decision for me.

Review №86

Went there to have a lug nut removed that others couldnt remove... waited 2 hrs and left. I came back the next morning, he removed it! Thank goodness!! Finally, I got a new tire on there... thank you!

Review №87

Went in on an emergency, these fellas had me in and out in an hour. It was almost at the end of closing but they got my car together.❤

Review №88

Horrible wait times!! Was told to come at 10:45am. Got there then was told I have to wait an additional 30-40mins. They took my number and didnt call until 12:45 pm. When I got there one of the mechanics showed me the problem on my muffler and said pipes needed to be cut and replaced. I asked if they could just be welded together and he said yes but he didnt want to do that. So basically they wanted to make more money off me then the cheaper way so that I could save myself some money. Will not be a returning customer.

Review №89

Very fair and reasonable. I have only lived in Cleveland a short while so when my truck broke a leaf spring shackle they were recommended. Went back again to resolve a problem with my exhaust. They get busy so you have to get there early but they did the job and kept to their estimate for me. If the need arises I would continue to use them again.

Review №90

They were awsome, great customer service great price, anyone that needs a muffler or other work done on their care, I recommend u go here, no appointments needed.

Review №91

Good price check them out

Review №92

The people that work there are very nice and most importantly honest car works great after the fixed multiple things.

Review №93

Kindve slow but good work

Review №94

Fast and Excellent Service

Review №95

I got pulled over the day before for a loud muffler I go here the next morning and my problem is fixed in under 30 minutes great people great customer service much appreciated

Review №96

They took advantage of me charging me 150. for a new muffler. The truck was quite for 6 months untill the old original muffler fell off. They never did any repair or replacement except to use teflin and glue. I took it to a reputable muffler place that treated me good and with a wonderful price. I recommend to all to stay away from these crooks.

Review №97

Good quick service w a low price

Review №98

After a bad experience at mufflers for less on pearl rd.(5walk ins helped and service after I arrived) all I wanted was a muffler swap.On my way home (shop by my house)I stopped in to get estimate. the shop manager was helpful and friendly. Didnt try to sell me anything extra. They got the job.

Review №99

Great service and great prices thanks guys😀

Review №100

Worst place in Cleveland !! If the job is not big you’ll wait here for 5 hours. Imaginary issues will show up just to get your money . Don’t go

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  • Phone:+1 216-284-3544
  • Auto repair shop
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  • Car repair and maintenance
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