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Crystal is the bomb she had us in and out I would highly recommend this place to anyone in search of a car

Review №2

All my viewers please pay attention to this. The day I test drove the vehicle I wanted to purchase. I took it for a short run on the highway and back. At that time I hear nothing wrong with vehicle. Okay, once I get back and take delivery of it and get back to Tampa, here go the tapping noise.Why? Because the car is warm now and I had a chance to run the AC longer. The vehicle had been sitting on the lot and not driven that day until I did. The tapping noise was from the actuator behind the glove compartment and also the AC blower motor kept stopping. I immediately contacted Mike Dixon and sales agent, (one of them). I explained to Mr Dixon how this car will not make this noise until it is warm. The vehicle came with a warranty for repairs. So Mr Dixon agreed with what I was saying about the actuator. Hes smoking with management and explain the situation.He comes back to the phone it says to take the vehicle to the repair shop, and I get a claim number from the warranty people, have that repair shop call him so that he can let them know that they will be paying the deductible. FOLLOW ME NOW FOR OUTCOME.............Heres what did happen.US Auto paid nothing. Nothing. I waited on a shop that I trusted to have the work done. This wait time went on for about 3 weeks. In which US Auto picked up a contract with Pep Boys to the warranty work. Sent me no notice of this. I find out once I did find a repair shop closer to me that would repair my vehicle in one day. Vehicle in the shop and now I being told of Pep Boys services. Once LA Repairs got the go ahead from the warranty people, we phone US Auto. Gave them the claim number (new) and all. My vehicle was repaired that day and ready for pickup that day.Let me remind you I was due for payment that also.Call US Auto Sales to the deductible taking care of as agreed. They told me that since I didnt take the vehicle to Pep Boys theyre not paying the deductible.This shop work that repaired my vehicle has plaques on the wall for service rendered over 11 years. Are you kidding me.Let me give you a breakdown:All in one month of US AutoThey gave me $1,100 for my Dodge Magnum 06I had to turn around and give them a additional $864.00 and a week and half later a regular payment of $234.00 and another two weeks later, plus $182.00Thats for the deductible and shop cost. US Auto sales said that they paid their portion and now I need to pay the deductible.Well they lied. I had a claim number from the warranty and thats who paid. I was left holding the bag with $182 plus my $234 car payment. For repair that wasnt even my fault.NOT A WAY TO DO BUSINESS

Review №3

I am very satisfied with my vehicle purchase experience. Q was amazing in answering all of my questions and in putting me into a vehicle which I just love! I did notice a sound in the the back tire while test driving, but the manager was extremely courteous and prompt in addressing and correcting the issue. I would definitely recommend US Auto Sales.

Review №4

I’m sooo mad I took too long to get here!! I could’ve been riding better earlier.. lol. The staff… my hat of to you! Courteous, kind, attentive! Treated my children and myself like family! It was Genuine! My hero… Crystal Clem!! She got me in a vehicle that I liked and it’s sitting in my driveway today!!😁 I was scared and anxious about my situation and she brushed it off my shoulders like it was nothing! THANK YOU! Deeply appreciative! US AUTO SALES saved my family today!😘… Come and see them!! Ride better today!!

Review №5

I had fun buying my car and the red hite and blue bow was amazing. The car is perfect for me.

Review №6

Got my car which I love. Tthey worked with me and got me on the road with a dependable vehicle that I am proud to be seen in.....

Review №7

I purchased a car from USA Auto sales! From start to finish Crystal was amazing! The communication was excellent! This was the best car buying experience I have had! Crystal was a pleasure to with with and she delivered what she promised! I would recommend USA Auto to anyone and specifically recommend they deal with Crystal! Thank you Crystal for your hard work and excellent communication

Review №8

Mike cash and bear made my day my life is now complete thanks so much for working so hard to get me into my car I love it already 🤩🤩🤩🤩 thanks guys 💞

Review №9

Well I would like to say that my experience with US auto they are very professional and also they work with you well I would recommend them to anyone they are awesome

Review №10

Crystal was dishonest from the beginning, I was keen on looking at the used cars, but she wanted my private info (paychecks, work history, etc. which I submitted), before, she giving me any list of cars (All were above 80k Miles and none less than 16k$). I specifically told her not to run the credit, as I was just looking and not keen on getting on Auto Loans. She promised me, she was just doing soft credit hit. Guess what she ran Hard Enquiry on my profile which will be there for next 2 years. I will probably use all options to dispute this credit hit...I reported on Facebook ads also, hopefully someone takes action on FB..

Review №11

This place was great. Mike D was patient with me as I looked at multiple vehicles. He left way past close to make sure I was in The perfect vehicle for me. Very professional. Highly recommend.

Review №12

Mike was able to help me get a car today. Normally dealerships are a pain to deal with but they know what they are doing here and I was in and out super fast.#mikegetsyourolling

Review №13

Very helpful, good customer service overall. I am please, and satisfied. Was able to pick a car and didn’t take too long, was in and out. I would highly recommend

Review №14

I had a great time buying my first car from us autos! Crystal was great very patient and kind with me and found me the right fit! I recommend her and us autos! Thank you crystal!

Review №15

The sales rep at dealership was awesome, However after a year of having my car dealing with the claims department is horrible. Customer Service is horrible.

Review №16

Crystal went above and beyond to get me into a vehicle and getting affordable insurance! Highly recommend. Ask for Crystal she will have you set !

Review №17

Put me in a great car fast with my fair credit rating. Cue was great to work with. Thanks

Review №18

Crystal was awesome an got me in my car by the end of the day!!! I highly recommend everyone to go to her she the TRUTH💯

Review №19

Had crystal call me to make sure I was on my way. She’s very straight forward and keeps it simple. Bought myself 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and happy with the results. Definitely a great sales rep to talk to and find out your price range!

Review №20

This place is a rip-off,cars with 100k miles or more, at new car prices,you can go to a reputable dealership and buy a brand new car for the same price,this place is a joke

Review №21

Great experience from start to finish. Highly recommend! Thank you for making this process run smoothly

Review №22

Let me tell you something about us Auto Sales is a great place when you need a good used car the customer service was great the sales people were were great Mike the manager and Mike the sales rep were great they helped us through everything to get us a good used car and I appreciate it everything that they done for us thanks guys will do appreciate it talk to you soon Robert Skeen

Review №23

Mike was very helpful to me was very polite. And got me in a car he helped me through the application process and helped me with the insurance process because of him i will tell all my friends about us auto sales. #mikedgetsyourolling

Review №24

Mike was a good dude very knowledgeable but I talk to corporate and they upsell everything and make you think you’re gonna leave with the car and tell you a. A rough estimate and then when it’s time to do the deal the car payment $500 a month for a used car I don’t recommend anyone to go there unless you want to spend a lot of money for a used car

Review №25

Mike was extremely helpful and went out of his way to find the vehicle I wanted! I could not have asked for a better experience! Go to Mike at US Auto Sales in Clearwater! #mikegetsyourolling

Review №26

Mike D was so great! It’s been 2 years since I have been in the drivers seat and I’m so grateful for him. Great service and great customer service. #MikeDgetsyourolling

Review №27

Crystal is amazing! Was so helpful with everything and made me feel like she cared about my family and our needs with a reliable vehicle. She was on top of everything and easy to reach when I needed her. I highly recommend you come see her for your next vehicle!

Review №28

Im glad I chose Us auto sales! They were friendly! My sales person Crystal got me approved for the car I wanted! They Explained everything to me and made sure I understood everything before signing! My down payment was very affordable! They worked out my monthly payments to suit me! Now i can ride with my babies comfortably worry free!

Review №29

Crystal was awesome ! She was very kind and helpful ! Y’all need to come to US Auto their Customer service is superb !

Review №30

Crystal was very nice and friendly and helpful

Review №31

I had a very positive sales experience with Mike! After I purchased the vehicle, a safety issue came up indicating that the vehicle was not given a proper safety check. They got me into a mechanic within 2 days and fixed the problem. The only reason that I give 3 stars is because their finance company has no sympathy whatsoever. My payment was due on a Saturday. I made the payment the THURSDAY before it was due. Due to an error on their end, the money was NEVER withdrawn from the account. I noticed this Friday and was told by the salesman that it could take a few days. On Monday, TWO DAYS AFTER THE PAYMENT WAS DUE, I received a call from the finance company advising that they needed the full payment that day or my car would be out for repo the next day. I advised my hesitance because I received a text that the payment was successful the Thursday prior and I didnt want to be double charged. I, then, checked my bank account to find that not only did they not take the payment, an auto payment (that I was unaware of) processed and the full amount was no longer in there. They would not take a partial amount. They wanted to full payment by the end of the day Monday or my car would get repossessed Tuesday even though I got paid Wednesday & could pay the rest. Their excuse? They dont provide any kind of leniency on pick up payments (down payment deferment). I was extremely disappointed as they stuck by this even after I emailed proof that I submitted the payment the Thursday prior. I am not happy with this and had to put my account in the negative to make this payment which is going to cost me a bunch of fees. They also have outrageously high interest rates but I wouldnt expect anything less from a company that works with bad credit.Too Long, Didnt Read - Good sales experience but no leniency for any situation regarding payment even when it is their fault. Will repo car three days after payment is due.

Review №32

Q was the bomb..he was attentive to my needs and i got the car i wanted!!! Us Auto sales is the place to go...everyone was kibd and courteous!!!

Review №33

Mike will definitely get you RIGHT‼️Very great customer service.#mikegetsyourolling

Review №34

This was the most awesome car buying experience Ive ever had! US Auto Sales cars are ON POINT, and Crystal was very respectful, easy going, and went the extra mile to get me driving today! A++!

Review №35

Working with Crystal was amazing. I was able to drive off the lot with trading my old car in and little to no money down..Shes amazing🥰

Review №36

When I tell you he is professional understanding & Funny all while Giving you the best car buying experience Me & Bestfriend Where in and out with the perfect car Thanks Mike we appreciate you continue Being Great

Review №37

MIKE “D” was AMAZING very understanding catered to all of my needs entire staff was very professional and friendly, the entire process was extremely fast within an hour I was driving away in my New vehicle Thanks again Mike your the Best hands down.

Review №38

Mike and Tiffany were awesome at getting our paperwork in order and explaining everything.

Review №39

Mike was awesome greeted me before I even decided to park. He was super patient w my anxiousness of wanting my new car. To me Mike Dixon is the G.O.A.T.THANK YOU MIKE. ..

Review №40

Mike D texted me this morning and I got into a Kia Sorento the same day. Thank you Mike D.

Review №41

#mikedgetsyourolling he was awesome even went a got our car for us

Review №42

Mike was a good sales person and I got my first car !!! #mikedgetsyourolling

Review №43

Nick got me my new ride! Amazing customer service. Fast approval.

Review №44

Great Experience, Service Provided Was Very Professional Crystal Did An Amazing Job Left Out With The Perfect Vehicle ❤️‼️

Review №45

Crystal did a great job helping me find a great car in my price range!! Highly recommend

Review №46

Amazing experience. Better than any car dealership I have ever been to. Crystal was very friendly and welcoming and did everything she could to get us in the car we wanted.

Review №47

My experience with US Auto Sales was easy and staff made you feel welcome. My Salesman was Mike D and I will recommend him to family/friends whos looking to purchase a vehicle.#Mike D got me rolling#Mike D gets you rolling

Review №48

Crystal was very professional and courteous she did a very good job assisting me in buying a new car she is awesome.

Review №49

This place is a Big rip off !!! I got a car from them and not even been in it for 30days and the car is broke down !!! I called everyone that I can to get the situation handled and I was brushed off like a piece of trash ! Mistreated and all I would not recommend nobody get a car from this place I lost 1600 plus my first payment

Review №50

The worst experience ever we waited for Crystal for almost 2 hours they hardly had cars to choose from she says she can get you with so little down we tell her that we had 500 to put down she wants 1200 down and then this and that

Review №51

Great experience. From the first time I met my sales person Crystal she was honest and professional. Great selection of vehicles with warranties. Let US auto sales help you get into your next vehicle.

Review №52

Jim’s the man! Awesome place and quick approvals. Five stars for sure!!!! Mike mad it happen for the car we wanted. We love you guys xoxo

Review №53

Crystal was Amazing and a true gem. Had passing in family and she made the process simple and quick. Very energetic and thoughtful.

Review №54

They were all awesome an awesome group. James, Jim great customer service. Highly recommend us auto sales. They will make it work. Drive off the lot same day. Thank you

Review №55

Just want to say CRYSTAL was amazing. She knew my situation with my old car, contacted me first thing in the morning, had my approval by noon and had me rolling by 6 (would had been sooner but I was at work). Crystals dedication and positive attitude led me to getting the vehicle I wanted in no time. I enjoyed the her customer service more than getting my new car, but the new is the icing on the cake. Highly recommend Crystal as the go to sales woman at USA Auto Sales. Everyone was great from management and down. Their attitude and attention to detail was the most enjoyable I ever had buying a new car. Crystal positive attitude excels any customer service experience you will have.

Review №56

Mike Dixon was amazing. Took the time to find me a car that met my needs. Would very much recommend them to anyone. Everyone was so helpful and nice. Overall great experience!

Review №57

Outstanding service! Both Mike and Jim were amazing! They listened to us what we wanted and needed and worked their magic to be sure we were happy and made it happen! Thanks guys!

Review №58

The people here are beyond Life Savers, I went in and NELLY, she was very straight forward, nice demeanor and a sweet personality. She went above and beyond to make sure I got the car I wanted at what best fits me. They are very fast here and persistent. I definitely recommend this car lot. Best I have experienced so far thanks to Nelly and even the manager there. If you go in please request Nelly she will not stop until you’re satisfied.

Review №59

Crystal is amazing! Made an appointment, told her what I was looking for and she had it waiting for me. Made the transition of trading in my vehicle super easy. I was denied and told no everywhere due to being upside down in My current vehicle, crystal made it all happen in a matter of an hour and half. I’m super thankful and I definitely recommend asking for crystal if you’ve been told no everywhere else.

Review №60

James Gass is an awesome consultant. Not only was he informative and honest he was kind and generous. He helped us as needed and provided us our future ride. Thanks Jim. God is good.

Review №61

Mike was awesome and fast getting me into a new car... strongly recommend coming to Mike #MikeDgetsyourolling

Review №62

Absolutely a hidden gem! Jim was amazing, fast, efficient and straight forward. I got my dream vehicle, a Jeep! I couldnt be happier

Review №63

He was very helpful and stayed in my budget which I highly appreciated.#mikedgetsyourolling

Review №64

I highly recommend this place for anybody that is trying to get a vehicle. Excellent environment everybody was friendly and Crystal was fantastic. She got me out of my old vehicle and into a fantastic used new vehicle and I am definitely appreciative of all the hard work she put in to get me into the vehicle. I definitely will be going back to her in the future Thank you so much Crystal. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №65

Crystal is amazing 🤩 and so good at what she does so if your ever in need of a vehicle please go see her!!!!!!

Review №66

Just bought a new car from USauto and I must say ut was as pleasent as a car buying experience can be. Crystal was an amazing sales person who walked me through the process completely unscathed. I drove away in a 2015 sonata paying 0 dollars down. Thanks crystal for a great car buying experience abd I will be back.

Review №67

I had a wonderful experience at us auto sales. Crystal is a wonderful salesperson she was with me every step of the way,she made sure i got a vehicle differently refer anyone to see CRYSTAL AT US AUTO SALES shes the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №68

#mikegetsyourolling was a great help i truly recommend him 💜💜💜💯

Review №69

Crystal Clem was an awesome sales lady, very knowledgeable and friendly!! She made sure I got the best deal possible!!

Review №70

Crystal at Us Auto was AMAZING. She got me in exactly what I wanted. The process was smooth & all the staff was very professional. Looking for a car choose US auto sales:)

Review №71

Crystal was awesome!! Couldnt have done anything better anywhere else. Thanks Crystal your the best!

Review №72

One of my best experiences buying a car ever. There was no bs, just straight forward salesman. I had the opportunity to work with Jim Gass, he was a top notch salesman who went above and beyond from day 1 of contacting him. He even came in on his day off, so he could be here when I picked my car up. Us Auto sales has definitely earned my return business anytime im in the market. And I will definitely refer to anyone looking for a vehicle.

Review №73

Mike was so very helpful to me in finding a new car. He was patient while I asked a million questions and test drove about 4 different cars. #mikedgetsyourollin #mikedgotmerollin

Review №74

Don’t get me started with this place! I had my car for 5 months and the car would not start first they said it was the battery so I paid to fix the battery witch was not the issue it was the starter but in order for the warranty to cover you got to pay more money out of pocket for someone to diagnose the car issues then start a claim witch then they do not provide a rental so now your paying 500$ a month for a piece of junk and there’s no way out! When you call the office they tell you there’s nothing they can do they can’t predict the future on the cars!

Review №75

Awesome customer service!! The process was easy and I understood everything step by, very happy with my purchase!!

Review №76

Crystal and Mike have been wonderful, super helpful! Truly made the car buying experience as easy as possible.

Review №77

Nelly was awesome! She got me the best possible deal, made sure I understood everything and helped me through the whole car buying process. I would recommend Nelly and US Auto Sales for anybody who needs a great reliable car at a great price!

Review №78

The sales department was great in maintaining contact and assisting with the entire purchase procedure. J. Gass was knowledgeable and an asset in navigating the paperwork.

Review №79

Crystal is the best sales person on earth she went through hell and back to help me get a new car and it’s perfect 😭 I would recommend HER to anybody!!

Review №80

I would like to take this time out to thank Ms Crystal Clem for the amazing effort she put forth to get me in my Equinox she is freaking awesome I recommend her to anyone who looking for a car and I cant forget the amazing team work that everyone here displayed not only for me but everyone else that came through the door while I was there if your looking for a new vehicle this is the place Us Auto sales in clearwater thank you all for the time and effort that you put in to make this happen for me

Review №81

The team at US Auto sales in Clearwater are AMAZING! Crystal was super nice and helpful throughout the entire process. Anything I didn’t understand she politely went over until I got it. She worked with me and got me not only an amazing car and the best deal but also helped me get affordable insurance. If you need a car LOOK NO FURTHER! I highly recommend US AutoSales in Clearwater

Review №82

Crystal crim hooked me up!!! Love my car

Review №83

Mike you are the bomb thank you so much

Review №84

Crystal was amazing and made my first time purchasing a car super easy, and not as intimidating as a thought. I loved the service and the attention I received. Would most definitely recommend ☺️

Review №85

Shoutout to crystal from US auto sales she’s the real mvp full of personality great saleswoman drove off in my dream car ❤️❤️❤️🙏

Review №86

Crystal was amazing,so pleasant to us,n a wonderful person n sales person.thank you Crystal,have a great holiday

Review №87

I just wanted to say that crystal is absolutely on of the best sales specialist. She will go above and beyond to help you out she is definitely on your side though the whole sales process. So if you are looking for a car I would definitely ask for crystal because she wont let you down with smoke and games like most dealers.

Review №88

Unbelievable hospitality and excellent service!!! I highly recommend for anyone to work with Mike!

Review №89

Thank you Priest for you Exceptional customer service. My twins and I are extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you for being consistent and going above and beyond to streamline this process for me no matter how undecided I was. The experience made me feel like you and the company truly value my business.Thank you Ariel

Review №90

Mike D was great professional and did what he had to do to get me in a vehicle GO SEE HIM

Review №91

I have been in the Automotive Industry for 20 years. I have never dealt with a better crew of people. I absolutely HATE car shopping and honestly nothing impresses me these days. I can say without a doubt I was impressed last night. Being a female its hard to find people who wont speak to like you are a 5 year old when purchasing a vehicle. I was never spoken down to or humored by these Gentleman. Dane and the guys were on point. Paperwork was honestly so very easy, there was no pressure on picking a vehicle. I needed a vehicle last night and they made sure I was in not only what I wanted/needed but what was affordable. Once we figure out what we are doing with our other vehicle we will be back to purchase again. Thank you guys!

Review №92

Mike is Awesome!!! Got me a nice car with low miles and practically brand new!!! Need a car go see mike or jimmy!!

Review №93

Mike D was helped me an my fiance get a 🔥 new whip #mikedgetsyourolling

Review №94

Crystal Was Very Nice & Very Helpful She Wanted Me & Hubby Happy❤️

Review №95

Crystal was awesome, I had no worries.

Review №96

Easy process EXCELLENT service #mikegetsyourolling

Review №97

Nelly was hands down the best person I’ve ever worked with when it comes to getting a new car! I love my new Jeep and I’m so happy I found her. ❤️

Review №98

EXCELLENT SERVICE, Crystal is the best Car Sales woman in Florida GO SEE HER ASAP FOR THE BEST DEAL she will get you on the road the same day!!!!!

Review №99

I came in here with only a trade in and looking to trade my 2 door mustang and crystal ..was amazing...made things happen for me with low payments I can afford..I give them a 10 star review if I could ...thank u so much for helping me...Im love my new car...

Review №100

I want you to know that customer service from this company was outstanding. My dealer Mr. Jim Gass was very courteous and skilled in assisting me.

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