LKQ Pick Your Part - Clearwater
12501 40th St N, Clearwater, FL 33762, United States
LKQ Pick Your Part - Clearwater
Review №1

Good place to find parts it is pick your own parts it cost 3.00 cash to get inYou can find a price list online some parts are real cheap

Review №2

First time in this salvage yard... friendly service and yard is easy to get around. Very fair pricing and have a large variety to choose from. I will return when I need to!

Review №3

Everything was super organized. I was able to find everything that I needed. The staff was helpful and it was very inexpensive. It saved us over $100

Review №4

My buddy found this place. They have a good selection and the prices were affordable. I took off the piece myself and was allowed to look for other stuff. A great spot for salvage

Review №5

Gentleman behind the counter likes to nickel and dime you for parts. Wanted to charge me $33 for a ****BROKEN*** Lower grille that was attached to the bumper I pulled. Spent extra 15 mins to the side of the line taking it off. Scam.

Review №6

The best, interior part..looked online 2 vehicles to choose from..went to the first vehicle had what I and out 15 minutes...also veteran discounts everyday.

Review №7

Great place. Usually have what you are looking for. Well layed out.

Review №8

Need to be more organized the rules need to be marked better and they need to know if its one through five coming to the Royal are going down coming to the row.

Review №9

It was good, just make sure you know the layout before going.

Review №10

This place is full of crooks I been going here for 2 years and only recently has it gotten this bad three times I caught the older gentleman over charging for parts and ringing up a different part then presented to him, I brought a single coil up he put it as a coil pack, I did speakers before he rang them up as sub woofers, I got a vacuum valve and rang it up as a sensor. Hes about as dumb as they come and shouldnt be working around car parts. Time for him to retire and stay home.

Review №11

Lousy service not to mention extremely slow check-out. They just dont care!

Review №12

Very rude employees behind the desk, scoffing at me, saying slick comments under their breath as if I couldnt hear them, and getting upset with me because I asked for the extended warranty to be removed. I will never come back to this location as the customer service is absolutely horrible.

Review №13

Not particularly impressed. Attempted to call to verify the vehicle I was looking at in their inventory page still had the parts I was looking for and was directed to a national central call center. I was told that I couldnt directly contact the local yard and that if I did I would be told the same thing that they can only tell me that the vehicle is indeed in their inventory. I made the trek down to the yard and was told that I had to pay to get in to see if they still had the vehicle or if it had the parts that I wanted. Inevitably all the vehicles that matched my search were already stripped and the trip was in vain. However they do have a relatively large yard and if they have quite a few examples of what youre looking for you may have better luck than I did.

Review №14

Left my wallet and when i came back the staff kept it safe and gave it back without a single dollar missing. Almost can’t believe it, i appreciate the heck out of all you guys!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Review №15

I love LKQ ive built 3 cars all imports and ive always found what i need here thank u

Review №16

Was able to get most of his parts as he ordered then

Review №17

Horrible experience, attempted to find out the color of the car interior and was told I would have to pay to get it before being able to verify if it was the correct color. And then upon checking out the optional 90-day warranty was added to my transaction without my knowledge and I had to tell the guy to remove it

Review №18

Good for body parts, got 3 transmission from here 1 was good

Review №19

They they had the part that I needed which was a rear end for my truck differential they have no means of help for handicapped people.

Review №20

If you are your own mechanic the best place to get parts

Review №21

Very good yard for the parts you need at a good price. Inventory is marked by row and makes it easy to find the vehicle you seek. Conveniently located in Clearwater. Most of the vehicles are intact making finding the parts you need easy and convenient. All the vehicles are already jacked up making every part of the vehicle easily accessible. You can access their vehicle inventory online with their website where they have many domestic and import automobiles available to browse by year, make and model. The staff are very friendly and helpful with maps of the yard specifically for the vehicle you seek. LKQ is a great place to find all the parts you need for your late model vehicle at very affordable prices. Call or browse online for all your automotive needs.

Review №22

Love it. $3 to get in tons of cars to pick at.

Review №23

Great prices. A lot of newer vehicles not all picked clean. Found everything I needed and some bonus items like a factory sub box with a brand new Kicker speaker!! Great score.

Review №24

They had what I needed gave me my veterans discount, but on everything I got mostly medal they put a warranty on everything which I didnt need, or even asked about. The only thing is that I did not need some of it the metal van I return it or am I just out of the money for parts with warranties which I didnt ask for, about, anything.

Review №25

Prices are very reasonable and the selection of parts is great

Review №26

Biggest selection in area, worth the drive

Review №27

Good place to grab the part you need! Recommend checking out this spot for what you need

Review №28

I coincide with all good comments here! This place is nicely clean. You can find your parts and good bonus. Majority of cars are not completely canivalized and the yard is renewed with fresh. Recommended to find what you need for your vehicle 🚗😉

Review №29

LKQ got a lot of cars and a lot of parts very nice

Review №30

Some areas are flooded after rain and can not be accessed.... I couldnt get to dodge/ chrysler vans

Review №31

I use the PYP Garage app to locate the cars Im looking for and I always leave with more parts than I came for thanks to the efficiency it gives me.

Review №32

Awesome place good parts awesome prices

Review №33

Great lot, a lot of cars to go through. Found what I was looking for.

Review №34

This place is great! They have plenty of inventory to choose from, and the gentleman at the counter are very polite! You will need your own tools and muscle to get what you need off of the vehicles that they have so be prepared! The prices are very reasonable also.

Review №35

Excellent service ..Thank you !

Review №36

Poor service and employees lack knowledge

Review №37

Had everything I was looking for and more fair prices as well

Review №38

Friendly staff found everything I needed

Review №39

Not as organized as other locations, most times Ive been there the people working are half decent and half not.

Review №40

Great selection of parts. Good discounts for veterans. Been coming here for years. Memories of coming here with my brothers.

Review №41

The rows clean ez to move around would like to see golf cart for rent, need to call the boy s in Chicago lol

Review №42

Average pick your part yard very muddy huge puddles and some vehicles can not be accessed without getting your feet wet.

Review №43

First time there...very helpful, organized and I found what I needed!

Review №44

Why do they keep raising there prices

Review №45

Never have decent parts, they charge way 2 much for entry. Ive been going there when the name was cophers and its gone down hill. The only person that actually works there is the soda machine,everyone else stands around doing the least as possible, I stood behind a gentleman for 5 & a half minutes while the one lady helped him the other employee got done doing what he was doing and just stared at me when he could have been helping me. the parts are over priced, weathered, and or dry rotted. Id rather buy new than go here ever again 👎

Review №46

Good place. Good selection. Several hoists available to help pull engines. Gun range next door makes constant bang bang bang sounds but not bad

Review №47

Hit and miss junk yard

Review №48

Does anyone know if there’s boats? Or if not where I could get things I need for a boat?

Review №49

In and out with what I needed Easy, cheap, pleasant experience

Review №50

Decently priced many of the cars I needed to see were completely picked over. It was disappointing

Review №51

They are very good they have a lot of car available but the only Reason am giving them 3 🌟 stars its because they have a hand wash station but they Dont want no one to Used it but them I dont understand that because Us the Clients We really need to wash our have after a long day off pulling parts we are very dirty a good hand wash would be very nice specificly right now hope the understand that

Review №52

Cars are jacked up. Plenty of wheel barrels to carry ure stuff. 1 thing though, prices are a couple dollas different from being quoted on the phone. Theres an environment fee also. Usually a couple bucks.

Review №53

Great place. Had what I needed. Was a little disappointed that I could not bring a jack in as I had to drop a crossmember to get a transmission out but good place. I will be back.

Review №54

I still think they charge too much for tax for car parts all LKQ location

Review №55

Good location

Review №56

Went to sell an old car. Process was easy. We were paid what we were quoted. Check was printed right then. We were provided paperwork and an envelope to send notice to the state that we junked the car. People were friendly. It was a good experience.

Review №57

I have been going here for years and love how well laid out the place is, and how inexpensive most things are to get for my cars as needed.

Review №58

Always got something I need!!

Review №59

Sold a car hete

Review №60

They need to update their computer

Review №61

Staff always will print out a list of your car with a location. Pretty sweet.

Review №62

What are your ACTUAL REAL hours of operation and what is the cut off time to get in the yard?? Or is it normally always decided by employees? I found it varies between 4pm-5pm on week days. Would be helpful to know.

Review №63

Found my part fast. Friendly service

Review №64

Cant call store directly.

Review №65

Decent junkyard. Not as well organized as other LKQ yards, but still workable.

Review №66

Was a bit trying worked but you can not take any tools that make the job to get in cut ;take-out lemats exsrame but do able thank s for purpose we all need them and they are there !!! 10

Review №67

Good prices

Review №68

Delightful for digging and parts everything is cataloged and well organized so you go right to the vehicle you need. I will say wear boots or shoes you dont mind getting dirty and mosquito repellent.

Review №69

Terrible customer service. Place is a mess. Hard to find what your looking for. Call to get a quote and when I got there is was double the price. News flash lkq, your not the only pick a part in town. Stay away!!!!!

Review №70

Very organized easy to find the cars to get the parts

Review №71

LKQ Pick Your Part auto parts in Clearwater Florida, on 40th Street, these people are Crooks so unless you want to be ripped off, I strongly suggest you avoid this company !!

Review №72

I tried to sell car and the woman on phone was not willing to answer any questions about anything then put me on hold until I hung up ten minutes later very disappointing....

Review №73

Called about a part over the phone. I went to purchase and they said double the price. I advised them Id been quoted another amount. They didnt care. So I called customer service and explained the situation. They looked the part up and confirmed the price was $16 and not $30. I asked if they were going to honor their pice they told me. I just got the run around about service fees and blah blah blah. Thats fine. Now youve lost another customer as it appears youve been loosing many. The customer service was at the yard wasnt bad but it wasnt pleasant...its a junkyard so I wasnt that worried about that. I too had showed up 25 min before closing and was told to come tomorrow. Which that didnt bother me. But dont try scamming me of my money. If you quote me a price you should hold up to that. Especially if I call you again and you confirm the price is what you originally quoted

Review №74

Easy to access site and accurate record keeping

Review №75

Awesome place

Review №76

The staff were great the selection was top notch. Im going to be coming back when I need more parts.

Review №77

Great service and many cars to chose from each model

Review №78

The crew there was super friendly.

Review №79

Horrible customer service by management. bought a power stee pump a month ao and they would not exchange it because the mark was gone so i had to buy another pump because manager said theres nothung to do i would recommend that you use teddy bear junkyard in holiday fl or better off useing a part store and paying a little more money for beeter customer service i will not be returning or using lkq ever again i will pay more for better customer service i even had the receipt still would not do anything scam yard

Review №80

Ok parts place

Review №81

Coming! U cant beat dah price 😎

Review №82

Went there yesterday, guy checked my bag on the way in and pulled all of my stuff out that I clearly came through the front door with. Then they way overcharged me for a USED POSSIBLY NOT FUNCTIONING as compressor. Wont go back. If Im going to pay prices like that Ill just buy new online. Terrible. Very unsatisfied. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Review №83

Has everything you need

Review №84

Friendly and good stock. Warning that it is not shaded and it gets hot easily.

Review №85

Cheap parts & a sunny disposition, these junkyard dogs got it all.seriously, great selection & a stand up crew. knowledgeable & honest.

Review №86

Manager working 3/6/20 is completely inconsistent with his prices, very rude. And frankly just not someone I would ever see holding a manager position at anywhere other then a scrap yard. Definitely check out any other u pull it yard first.

Review №87

Price changes, I went to get parts for my truck and go to pay. Just over 100$ card machine is down. I go to the bank to get cash 150$ to be safe and get something to eat later. When I get back the price was now over 200$. Another thing is they didnt check my box open on counter forgot I had a shift knob new spark plugs and a rearview mirror. Cops where involved and I had to pay to keep my stuff or lose it.

Review №88

Very nice and knowledgeable staff.

Review №89

No water or soap for handsBuy it if you want to drink it (unlike other locations)Will charge you for any every single nut and bolt..Latin manager with bossy attitude..

Review №90

Great place to find parts you need at a good price only downside is many parts arent available due to others getting

Review №91

Their list is out dated. We walking the entire yard looking for a car they had a 3 page list of. like a treasure hunt most of the cars was not present on the yard. so when they look at me and tell me the list is update its like you are calling me a liar or saying Im stupid or blind. but there was 2 of us both not finding the car. Its bad business in my opinion

Review №92

Got all my parts

Review №93

People here are very helpful you ask them something and they got answers. if parts are not needed you can always return for your money or exchange for some else. Entrance is $3.00 per person. No underage can come in to the yard. Open everyday even wkends. I think prices are very reasonable.

Review №94

Unfortunately dont have any parts for mine cause its too new..Lol. but had the parts we needed for my friends truck..I will always come back to LKQ..or for us older was formally known as Cophers U-pull it..

Review №95

Looking for parts for a 06 Cadillac STS very hard to find but I lucked out,found parts for job.

Review №96

Website makes it nice. In and out 20 minutes.

Review №97

LKQ is absolutely awesome I am continuously finding great Parts at a great price! 🤗

Review №98

Junk yard was easy to navigate and I found what I needed.

Review №99

Ive gone here many times through the years and almost always find what I need. On the rare occasion I cant find what Im specifically looking for I find one or two other items that I had forgotten I needed for other projects. I can only recall once not finding anything at all that I was looking for or needed. The guy at the counter even gave me my $2 back. $2 certainly isnt a big deal but it was a very nice gesture.

Review №100

I went to LKQ and they were rude and sarcastic to me, You know you have to pull the parts yourself. Yes I do, I replied as I had planned to get someone to pull it if they had my part. Then they told me, We cant tell you if we have that part or not, only the car. Youd have to go to the car and look for yourself. I said thats fine, I will go look. Then they said rudely, Its $3 just to go out there to look. Out the door I went. There was 3 guys there at the time and the other two said nothing. I guess thats how they treat women! They never greeted me or nothing, from the moment I walked through their door they were rude. I went to other places and they were respectful, but didnt have my parts. I will not ever consider giving LKQ my business nor refer them to anyone. Beware a business thats treats customers like this!

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