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Gerber Collision & Glass
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My husband and I purchased our vehicle site unseen in January 2021. Once we had the vehicle a couple of days we noticed something wasnt quite right with the paint job on the driver side. This particular dealership listed any current imperfections or repairs that had been made prior to the sale of the vehicle and nothing was listed about repainting the driver side. We reached out to the dealership we purchased the vehicle from and sent us to their warranty company to find a repair facility that was covered in their network. Once we took the vehicle to get a quotation to repair Fielding and Beth both noticed not only the driver side of the vehicle was painted poorly but almost the entire vehicle! There was a couple of weeks of back and forth but the warranty company finally approved the full proposal for repainting my car. Once Gerber had my vehicle they ran into another bump and had to get approval for additional repairs. I let Fielding know that my rental was only covered for a week because the warranty company will only reimburse me X amount of money. I reached out to Fielding the Friday before my rental was due to be turned in that Monday and he stated that my car would not be ready as the warranty company just approved the additional repairs. They would at least need my car until Thursday and I stressed to him I would not be paying for the additional days to rent the car because the warranty company would not reimburse me. Not only did Fielding insure that I would have a rental car until Thursday and that they would cover the cost but he had my car ready to go that Wednesday afternoon! I am VERY pleased with the customer service I received and my car that looks brand new!  Thank you!

Review №2

Worst customer experience I have ever had. Before I even took my car in I asked how long they thought it would take, and they told me no longer than a month. It ended up being two months. They don’t communicate with one another or with you. One person would tell me it would be done on such and such date, and then the next person would claim I was never told that date. (they also told the same date to my insurance agent) and this happened more than once. They say they will update you every Tuesday and Thursday, they don’t. There was one week they went an entire week without telling me a thing. False promises and horrible communication is how I would sum up the whole experience.

Review №3

Gerber was a educational experience. I had no idea that it would cost so much to fix the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado! However, they were great 👍. They explained everything.

Review №4

We appreciate the professionalism from start to finish. The quick turn around on the repairs as to when I was able to pick up our car.

Review №5

Where do I even begin...The guy who came out to fix my windshield not only showed up high, but stole stuff from my vehicle. I came back out to my car to find everything moved and stuff missing! I checked the camera and he parked his van directly in front of my car so we couldn’t see anything he was doing as he worked. I would definitely not use this company unless you want your stuff stolen.

Review №6

Does good work in timely manner.

Review №7

Gerber kept me up to date by email every day. They called and said my truck was ready. I pick it up on a Friday 05/14/21, it was wet from them washing it. Saturday I noticed a bad spot in the paint in the fender where the repair was done. Very noticeable. The truck shouldve never left the shop. I took it back to Gerber to have it fixed that Monday morning. Monday evening they called said the truck was ready. As I was walking to my Truck to inspect it I seen a wrinkle in the clear coat. I pointed it out to the manager and she also seen it. Tuesday evening I get a call saying I could come get the truck around 4:30. I couldnt get up there until the next morning. Wednesday morning, I go to pick the truck up and there is still polish and wax on the fender of the truck. it took about 20 minutes of me waiting for the truck to finally be finished. I went to inspect the truck, and it seemed the paint was finally right, but I noticed the body line was way off. Huge gap between the hood and fender, and the A post and the fender meet. They tried to adjust it and failed. I received a phone call this morning 05/20/21 stating they have to order a new fender and start over. Gerber had my truck from 05/04/21. Took them a week to repair the original damage. Going on a week to fix mistakes. It will probably be next week until it will be finished if there is no more mistakes. 06/09/21 finally got my truck back. With all the issues, they worked through them, and made things right. I cant in good conscious give them 5 stars though.

Review №8

Great service, professional and willing to try to accommodate you. I would recommend Gerber to anyone. My car looks amazing. Im a very satisfied customer.

Review №9

Scheduled a repair estimate with Gerber Collision and showed up the Appt to find that they cancelled the Appt. They said they reschedule for another day. Would be so bad if it didn’t 3+ weeks to get this Appt on top of having to take off from work. The lady working behind the counter didn’t offer an apology and didn’t seem to care!

Review №10

Quick service. Fair pricing. This was my third time using Gerber...Highly recommend.

Review №11

Experienced employees. Speedy service.

Review №12

Trash in the paint. Drips in the clear coat. They told me it would buff out. They then processed to burn through the clear coat. By the number of positive reviews on this site, Gerber Collision clearly thrives on customer knowing less about paint than they do. Living with the dent would have been better than dealing with these interns and their horrible work.

Review №13

They were quick, friendly, and very professional. I recommend them.

Review №14

Drop my car of for repairs. They kept me updated through out

Review №15

Worked on a windshield of my friends car because it got hit with a rock, stole her medicine, emergency cash, and dirty socks from her car and when she tried to complain completely ignored her because the person who stole it was the manager. DO NOT GO HERE!

Review №16

This place is amazing! I was so worried about getting my jeep repaired, and they made the whole process relaxing. They went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% satisfied. I can not say enough good stuff about this shop. Thank you so much for all your help you guys deserve 10⭐️ Not 5.

Review №17

Awesome from start to finish! From receptionist to estimator to body repair personnel. Estimator took the time to answer my questions and discuss options as to repair or replace. Took me awhile to get the other parties insurance straight and Gerber stayed in touch throughout. After hour drop off was convenient as was after hour pickup. The car looks amazing and the fit and finish was better than any Ive seen in my experience. The car was washed and looked better than when we dropped it off! Just a plain ole all around good experience! Ive used several repair shops in Clayton over the years and recommend Clayton Gerber above them all for excellence in workmanship and customer experience. THANK YOU!

Review №18

They got me fixed fast

Review №19

I usually like to take my vehicles to a locally owned shop in Raleigh because I feel the quality is better than commercial owned or chains. However, I took a chance with this shop because it was so close to home and I was paying out of pocket. They went above and beyond my expectations from start to finish. The entire staff was courteous and professional and went out of their way to accommodate my needs and scheduling. The finished product was better than I expected and turned out flawless even under my very high standards I set for my vehicles. The initial quote was also significantly lower than other shops I compared and was completed in less time than anticipated. Could not be happier!

Review №20

Long story short, they made it right. The manager Beth reached out, rented me a car and corrected the issue. She was a pleasure to work with and my truck no longer frowns. Super pleased with the work and especially Beth, shes fantastic.

Review №21

Had a great experience from start to finish. John was great at communicating progress of repair. Work done looks great and it was done in a timely manner. Sharon who works at the front was very helpful, they even stayed late Friday afternoon so I could pick up my car. I would definitely recommend this location.

Review №22

They did a great job. Took longer than I thought but thats my fault, im impatient and dont know the steps they have to go thru. Will recommend them!!

Review №23

Bobby is awesome! I called a few car shops around the area who were very rude to me . called Gerber and the lady who answered the the was so very kind, answered my questions and told me I could head right over. Bobby took time out of his day to answer my questions, made me confortable, and assured me it would be done right .i am a VERY picky person he was confident and assuring. I will be glad to update when everything is said and done.

Review №24

My repair was not totally fixed, I had to return it for rework. And after repairing the radiator I had no heat (its winter time its cold outside! They are still waiting to hear back from Linx the quality assurance for vehicle repair insurance related. Im still in the rental.

Review №25

Ive unfortunately had to be a Gerber customer twice now because I have bad luck with cars. Last year, my fiances 2018 Subaru Crosstrek got attacked by a deer and this past month, my 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid was rear-ended on i-40.Both times, I was more than satisfied with both the service and repairs. You cant even tell that either vehicle was in an accident. My Fusion had over $4k in damages and I got it back looking flawless in 3 weeks time.Ive worked with Molly and Beth and they have been kind and provided updates whenever possible. My favorite thing is that Gerber actually let me return my rental vehicle there instead of having to drive it back to Enterprise.My vehicle was returned to me in better condition than I turned it in (besides the repair, obviously). They vacuumed and wiped down the interior. I can say that if Im ever in need of car repairs again, I will go out of my way to use this particular shop.

Review №26

They did a great job making my car look new again🤗

Review №27

Awesome experience. Out of town emergency. Clayton N. C. GERBER went above and beyond for us. Had us going quickly. Everyone was courteous and professional. Great people.

Review №28

Bill and his staff are excellent. I recently went there for collision damage on my vehicle. They helped with getting the insurance company to agree to fully repair the damage to my vehicle. The staff is friendly, attentive, and genuinely cared about me and my vehicle. Highly recommend.

Review №29

I have had my car worked on there several times they have done good jobs on all my cars l. And sent text to let me know how far al8ng they was with my car. That was not always accurate but ok

Review №30

Had work done here twice. Be clear with them what works and doesnt work - communication from them is great. Texted me all along the steps, and got a shiny washed auto when done. Id go here again! Hopefully not soon. ha

Review №31

Nice friendly staff. The opened the shop on the weekend just so I could pick up my truck. Did a great job with the repairs

Review №32

So after less than an hour in the shop, I get a call saying they cant honor their estimate. They claim that hail damage to the hood is worse than the original estimator accounted for. Say they will need, surprise, more money! Apparently their estimator cant see well, or cant count dents, or whatever. Anyway, full on bait and switch. Just a typical auto repair scam.

Review №33

I was rear ended on I-95 and subsequently required both front and rear end work. I had never worked with Gerber before and was forewarned about both the service and work quality from others in our neighborhood (used reclaimed parts and needed multiple revisions.) I elected to give them a try as they are a USAA shop so I assumed it would make the repair process easier. I should have listened to my neighbors! I received 2 phone calls asking when I intended on bringing in my vehicle for assessment. I informed them on both calls that I’d be returning to town that Saturday so would bring my vehicle in on Monday. On neither call was I advised that I needed to set an appointment so I arrived as noted at the shop on Monday. I was then quite curtly informed that I needed an appointment. I asked what time I should return with my vehicle. Molly flatly said 11am on Thursday. I advised that I’d need to check my schedule and would call back.I called USAA to let them know that I’d need a rental car as the rear panel was literally hanging off of the bumper and it wasn’t safe to drive. They advised that they would need that assessment from one of their shops and instructed me to return to Gerber. Leaving work again, I returned to have Molly (not a mechanic: just worked the front desk) go out to my vehicle, literally kick the panel back up and instruct me to use duct tape should I see if coming off again as the tabs were clearly broken.Call number 3 back to USAA and they said Gerber advised it was safe to drive. I respectfully requested a second opinion and we sent to Carstar in Smithfield. Long story short the customer service was excellent and they had an actual mechanic look at the panel: he advised that it was about to fall off and removed it for safety purposes. Way to go Gerber! You’ve lost my potential business and based on the feedback I’ve heard, the business of several others.

Review №34

They did not put in report everything that was wrong. When I called back to tell them the lady o spokeIspokeIto was very rude and wouldnt even allow me to finish before she eudelr interrupted me. Thank God Im taking my vehicle elsewhere to be repaired .I would not recommend them!

Review №35

Great customer service

Review №36

I would like to warn everyone or any projected customer please think deeply before you consider using Gerber Collision. The lady at the front counter was very nice but Michael Gittoes the estimator is very unprofessional rude and a crook. This place will try to give you used, recycled and non original parts. He will try to delay procrastinate to do crooked stuff. I confronted him about his unprofessional and rude actions, he continued his snobbishness. I maintained my cool but it was really hard mainly because of who I am and the fact I’m suffering from injuries to the wreck. LKQ is one of their part supplier. Please consider someone else that deserve your business even if your insurance company recommends them.

Review №37

Took my vehicle here for repairs and they did an excellent job. The staff were courteous, knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the process.

Review №38

Had a great experience using Gerber through USAA. Fixed my car, no mismatched paint, etc. Great job.

Review №39

I would not recommend a single person to Clayton location, my car was in an accident and I went to pick up my car and checked it out. My paint job is mismatched, it has lumps and bumps, my hood not aligned with the grill, the grill has splashes of something up there, my bumper is navy blue and my car is a metallic purple blue color on top of that MY CAR DOESNT LOOK GOOD AT ALL

Review №40

I would not recommend anyone to clayton location. They were not professional and after fixing my vehicle they did not own up to another issue that occurred. I have to get an estimate today and Gerber Collison is the closest to my house (8 mi) I will be going somewhere else.

Review №41

Vehicle was ready on time and cleaned. Friendly customer service.

Review №42

Very fast and professional

Review №43

Excellent work!

Review №44

Some of the staff was very rude.

Review №45

Liars, I was in an accident I called they asked if it was going to be covered under insurance I said yes they said to come in and well give you a free estimate I took off work went in and they told me they would have to start working on it before they could give me an estimate which made no sense to me, waste of time

Review №46

On time

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