AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
6000 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95621, United States
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
Review №1

Excellent service I will return if i need any car service and I will recommend others. Excellent customer service 10 stars

Review №2

Great people and service! They were able to get me in right away and unfortunately due to everything being backed up on parts and stuff the job was delayed a little longer than wanted. But, was nothing on their behalf. They did a great job and got our van running new again. Thank you AAMCO!

Review №3

This location has the best service and staff. If you live in Sacramento it is well worth going here over any other aamco. They went above and beyond to replace the transmission on our van. There new location is huge and very clean inside. They went out of there way to replace our transmission for us even though it was no longer under warranty. We will come back here for them to work on all of our cars in the future. they are very trustworthy which is hard to find when it comes to mechanics in Sacramento. Would recommend to anyone.

Review №4

Mike, the owner is a very honest man. They do quality work at their shop at decent prices. I highly recommend this Aamco over other local shops.

Review №5

Carey was great! Straight forward with what needed to be done. Made sure I knew everything up front, no surprises.

Review №6

Great people, great service. We will be using you for all of our automobile needs.

Review №7

I I took my van into have the transmission fluid changed which I had made an appointment for two weeks prior. I dropped it off at 8:00 am and it was suppose to be ready by 5:00 pm. I went to pick it up at 5:00 and nothing had been done. . Inexcusable when I had made a previous appt and was preparing to leave the next day on vacation with the van. .Their excuse .... its been one of those days. Dont patronize businesses that have no integrity and care nothing about their customers.

Review №8

Did great work on replacing two of my motor mounts recently on my Mercedes. Will be back with my future car needs.

Review №9

On the corner in the shopping center. No handicapped ramps. Visible from the street. Great Mechanics. They really know there transmission. Recommended.

Review №10

Fair and trustworthy shop, owner has excellent customer service, takes care of his customers.

Review №11

Very polite and very respectful honest helpful I dont know what else you can say about this place the great place to go to if you have any issues great friendly advice to help save price I dont remember the guy that helped me but the whole thing was amazing

Review №12

Carie is awesome as always! I bring all of my vehicles to this establishment. Fair pricing and fast service!

Review №13

These guys are the best in town and will be straight forward with you about whatever the issue is. totally recommended

Review №14

Theres a reason why this aamco is #1in the nation and he just moved to a much bigger shop. My man carry sorry if I spelled your name wrong. The customer care and dilligence to get you back on the road better than before is thru the roof! Dealerships could learn a lot from this shop! See you soon for a service buddy!

Review №15

Great service and wonderful experience very friendly.answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them.

Review №16

We noticed a slipping of our clutch accompanied by an intermittent noise, so we took it to our regular mechanic. He confirmed it was the clutch, but didnt want the job of replacing it. We brought it to Cary at AAMCO Citrus and they had the new clutch in quickly. However, when I got it back, there was a new noise, and it seemed related to the clutch. Cary quickly confirmed the noise and pledged to make it right even though we both knew there was a possibility it could be something else. Through working with the our car dealer, he got the problem diagnosed. Cary didnt get any extra work from this and could have simply sent me packing to figure it out myself. He had already been paid. It ended up being a transmission issue (work he could have done and charged for) that ended up being covered by warranty. Carys transparency and willingness to stand behind his work even when that work ended up not being the issue helped me get an amazing solution to my problem, and it has convinced me to bring any future work I have to his shop. Thanks, Cary!

Review №17

I brought my rav4 here last month and I was gun shy because the place I had taken it to before was very unprofessional and misleading and tried to take advantage. Let me tell you Cary was the complete opposite. He was professional, up front and straight forward. I had a good feeling right away too. My check engine light was on and they quickly assessed the problem and came back with an affordable estimate. I am so grateful that I found this shop. They took great care and my car is running great too. I would recommend these guys for your vehicle repairs any day. Thank you Cary and everyone at Aamco for fixin my ride.

Review №18

A shout out to this AAMCO team. I came to you with short notice and high hopes for same day turnaround. From the call I made to you that morning inquiring about the service to the actual service you where informative and transparent about what to expect. You made it happen and I am thankful to you!

Review №19

It was a nightmare, going to work in the morning getting onto the freeway and shifting to fourth gear. It pops out then in a dash shift to fifth. Pops out to. Third gear is the last working gear. I limp home and then call into work. Three days later I am back on the road. Cary will get you on the road again. Great shop. Great Guy’s. It’s a place I can have my mother go and be treated fairly and back on the road again in no time.

Review №20

Had a transmission go out. Called Aamco on Monday morning. They said bring it in that morning. They took a look at it and said it needed a rebuild . That afternoon they had it out of the car and apart and a list of everything it needed. The next day they had it cleaned up and had the new parts going back into it. They had my car back to me that following Wednesday. 3 days and the car was back on the road and has been prefect ever since. These folks are fast and honest....great crew there. It was spendy, but if you want it done right the first time these folks are the best at what they do. To the manager and the crew at this show thank you. Kurt J

Review №21

These people lie worst place to go to very rude ask them to fix or replace and they only fix it temporary

Review №22

Knowledgeable informative staff

Review №23

Let my first off my saying how amazing the customer service is here. They really care about there customers and it really shows. They do everything the can to take care of you. Kerry the manager at this location is so kind and amazing. I love doing business with him he makes it super easy and was super helpful. Also a Super reliable company. My truck broke down and they fixed it so fast and gave me recommendations for my trust to last a longer time being an old vehicle. Just wanted to come on here and say what an outstanding job they did thank you.

Review №24

Ive been coming to AAmco for years now for just about everything. Im so very happy with the work they do and how they treat me is wonderful.

Review №25

I will never take my 2004 Dodge Ram anywhere else! These guys were great. I took my truck in with a long list of things to look at and listen for. They diagnosed everything and kept me in the loop for pricing and repairs. With everything I had done, I was surprised when it all came in for what I had budgeted, never once did I feel taken advantage of. Thank you Cary for getting the cold air blowing once again, thank you to both Mike and Cary for keeping me up to date with what was happening and a big shout out and thanks to mechanic Keith for busting your knuckles for over a week getting it back in tip top shape! When I started it up, I just smiled, it sounds and runs like a 2014!! Thank you guys!

Review №26

Previously gave a negative review, but promised to change if my issue was fixed. Good service! Professional, just had an issue that took some revisiting to get fixed for good.

Review №27

From my experience, this AAMCO in Citrus Heights is more than just a your average mechanic shop. These guys are the best in Sacramento, CA. Cary and Joe are the best. These guys deliver over the top service. When youre thinking of a shop to get guaranteed results the AAMCO in Citrus Heights should be the 1st and only shop that should come to mind. Great deals on repairs.

Review №28

If you are looking the some of the best car and customer service then look no further. Cary at AAMCO is top notch from start to finish. I brought in a 2006 Hyundai with a destroyed transmission, he helped me through the process and gave me a great option for payments. If you have repairs that need to be done on your vehicle, this is the place. They did a great job and had finished in few days. Thank You again AAMCO.

Review №29

I took my vehicle in for leaks. Just to fix the leaks it was about $1,500 which was mostly due to labor costs. After the first time of taking it in things started going wrong one by one. Every few weeks we had to have it towed back in. We voiced our concern with how often it was in their shop all of a sudden and were told that sometimes that happens due to the age of the car (2001) and it sucks when it happens back to back like that. Well now, 5 months after our first time taking the car in and two credit cards later, for which they knew the credit limit for, we have had to pay a mechanic to go in and fix problems that were either said to have been fixed and/or completely missed after being in the shop 5x.After contacting headquarters to file a complaint we were told that they would have to reach out to the owner in order to see if they would be willing to reimburse us at least the labor costs. We get a call today stating that nothing can be refunded unless we bring the vehicle back in. We have already had the issue fixed by a mechanic and to expect us to bring our vehicle back and have them tinker with whats now fixed is out of the question. It looks like we will be stuck paying for the faulty work that was done on our vehicle, but I am hoping this review will prevent others from having to deal with this mess. I would NOT take your vehicle here for any reason. There are much more reputable shops in the local area that are more worried about their customers than their pocket. If you take your car here, surely do not open a credit card through them or they will know exactly how much they can milk out of you along the way. Im honestly not sure why they would think we would bring our vehicle back in when we clearly dont trust what they have already done. Between December 2018 and March 2019 we had to have our vehicle towed to them 3 or 4 times, ONLY after the work they did on it the first time we took it in.If you dont want to waste THOUSANDS of dollars and actually want your vehicle to run well I would suggest you take your car elsewhere.

Review №30

Nor satisfied spending 1200+ my car came back same problem.

Review №31

Great Customer Service and Auto Repair!I took my car in.... they found out what was wrong....Thankfully NOT THE TRANSMISSION!! :) Brought it back for the work to be done about 2 weeks later and it was done professionally. Finding an honest, friendly auto repair place is a great relief. Previously, I had only taken my cars to the dealership repair places.... until I realized that they always found something else that needed to be fixed and usually to the tune of another $700 in addition to the almost $700 I was going to spend already! I have recommended them to my family and coworkers already. Should my car need any repairs in the future.... I will take it to them! Mike and Cary.... friendly, informative and professional. While I was there, they had repeat customers coming into the office; which made me feel comfortable. People are not going to bring the same car or another one of their cars back to a place if they didnt get good service the first time! A+

Review №32

They were paid 3500 dollars to fix the transmission. only to get it in a drivable condition. we were called to come in for a routine inspection. and upon arrival was turned away.

Review №33

Great they went over and beyond for me.

Review №34

These guys really have been great. Theyre very helpful and understanding of my situation. I dont know a lot about transmissions and they broke it down and explained it in a way that I did understand and helped work with me so I knew exactly what was going on with my truck. Their prices are extremely fair, and I know that Im not getting jerked around by a big corporation. Great service and I will absolutely be a returning customer

Review №35

1st time in and was impressed with the knowledge that was shared with me. I will be returning for future services. Good job!! 👍

Review №36

This shop is amazing! I came into the shop with my 15 day old baby and they were so nice and got to my car right away. They even helped me out with the price because they knew having a new baby money is tight. I will never go to another shop again! I have found a shop that is family oriented and understanding and doesnt try to rob you because you are a woman. I give 10 stars to this shop!

Review №37

I have been sitting on this review for a long time. I wasnt sure if I wanted to post it. ButAfter spending 4 grand on a rebuilt transmission.I drive away and not 5 miles down the road my check engine light comes on. Not a single engine light was on even with a failing transmission.Turns out it was a knock sensor. Well they recommend a 300 dollar tune up, but the tune up is not the problem its the knock sensor. Why would you recommend a 300 dollar tune up to fix a knock sensor? Needless to say I feel ripped off. I have my fair share of bad luck but this is way to much of a coincidence. Carrie and Brandon( the guy that gave the review under mine) are nice.

Review №38

Trustworthy people. Wont take my vehicle anywhere else.

Review №39

I have been a customer for over 10years. I get treated like family. The customer service is the best! I would never go anywhere else! Good prices & quick return of the vehicle!

Review №40

Best repair shop in Sac:Courteous, knowledgeable, and dependable.I had a difficult problem with a short time frame —Cary took ownership of it, and used his knowledge and available resources to provide me with a solution that took care of the problem in a way that exceeded my expectations. Enough for me to come here and write this.Thank you!

Review №41

Ive had a lot of work done this past month from transmission rebuild to fixing check engine light and I have been very pleased with the service and staff I have done business with! Cary and Mike are very understanding and honest. I would highly recommend them for your car services! ♥️

Review №42

Absolutely the best around. Sometimes its hard to find a fair and honest repair shop. Look no more. This is the place. We had our van transmission rebuilt at an AAMCO in Arizona while traveling. A few months later the transmission light went back on. We took it to Mike in Citrus Heights for warranty work. Mike honored the warranty, no questions asked, even though his shop did not do the original work.This job turned out to be more than anyone expected. Mike and his staff worked diligently trying to solve the problem and would not return the van until they were certain that everything was done correctly. It may have taken a bit longer than was estimated but we are confident that things were done right.While all this was happening, I went to get a wheel alignment for my truck and was told that an inner tie rod was bad and that the steering unit required replacement. Took it to Mike for a second opinion and was told that nothing was wrong with the steering unit. Had him replace the bad tie rod for a fraction of the original cost.Thanks Mike, Sara, Steve and all the others for taking care of us in such a courteous and professional manner.

Review №43

Based on my first review, the owner said to contact him to discuss, on May 30, 2019 I emailed and as of today, 6/6/2019 I still have gotten no response.Hi Mike,I appreciate your response on the website; however, my vehicle was originally brought in to repair leaks, there were no other issues with my 2001 Lincoln Navigator at that time, JUST the leaks. I brought it in as birthday gift for my husband. Carey did have it towed to your location the last time because he sensed my complete irritation after having it back so many times. While I understand the vehicle is older and has higher mileage that does not warrant the back to back issues. It is a little to coincidental that all those things started going wrong back to back after being at your shop. I dont think it is unreasonable to have the labor costs reversed from our AAMCO card. I am not asking for money, I am not asking for a full refund as I am willing to pay for the parts used on the vehicle, I am asking for the labor costs to be reversed since I am now having to pay someone else to fix what was supposedly fixed the first time. I received a call from Carey advising I would need to bring the vehicle back in to have it looked at, but to be honest I do not feel comfortable bringing any of my vehicles to AAMCO ever again. I initially looked at AAMCO due to a transmission issue on my Ford Taurus and planned to come back to have that work done, but there is no way now. after the third time of bringing the Lincoln back we told Carey that we felt like something wasnt right. I realize you guys can say that an older vehicle is bound to have problems, with which I agree, but not back to back issues like the ones that were fixed there. We have already re-repaired two of the issues done at the location and I will not feel comfortable bringing it back in to have you guys look at it and mess with it again. I have never posted a review like the one I posted for AAMCO, but I feel completely taken advantage of and lied to. I truly believe that the issues that arose were not just something that conveniently happened back to back the way they did. I feel it only fair that the costs of labor be refunded since I have now had to pay someone else and buy parts to fix the same coil and fix a leak in the coolant reservoir area that was missed all the times that we brought the truck in when you were paid to fix ALL the leaks on the vehicle. I think that is a fair request. Also, just to clarify, we did not hit anything to puncture the fuel tank, so to make that assumption and portray it as fact is a little far fetched. My husband and I both voiced that nothing was hit. We are still unsure how that happened, but nothing was hit.Thank you,Andrea Hatch

Review №44

Fast, response to inquiry to repair starter = 15 minutes.Honest, quoted labor times were accurate to what mechanic friends quoted (2 hours to replace starter on 2003 Honda Odyssey.I had lost a nut on the battery terminal when attempting to clean the terminals. They went that little extra and replaced it for me. Even told me a couple things to try so I wouldnt have had to tow my van there and save myself a little extra cash.They have won my loyalty. I wont hesitate to call them first when another car issue comes up.

Review №45

Very good customer service had a few issues with leaking but they made it right and were good to go

Review №46

These guys may be good mechanics however you may need to leave your car there for a week or more because they are busy. I was in a tough spot, 4 runner had a high temp a/t light on the way back to Idaho. My wife was out of town on business and my 12 year old daughter was home alone. I explained my situation and thought they cut me some slack. Waited three days to see if they could detect and fix problem. They pulled the pan after two days nothing unusual Then promised me they would look at the solenoid for the overdrive the next morning first thing. They didn’t, I caught a plane back to Idaho. Then after I got to Idaho they said it was stuck in 4 wheel low. It wasn’t like that when I drove it. My brother in law picked it up with a trailer. He said the gas tank was nerely empty. I left it with 3/4 a tank. So my guess is they stole the gas as well.

Review №47

I showed up with a really intermittent problem on my 05 Acura TSX. The drive light would start flashing, kick on the check engine light and keep the car in the gear it was in.... Shifting really hard at higher rpms. To make things more complicated, the transmission scanner showed no codes for anything being wrong.After hunting around for awhile, solenoids were replaced, a loose wire connection was cleaned up. Picked the car up..... Same problem.This is where the customer service kicked in. I was into this fix for $1100 already and Cary kept at it free of charge from this point on. These attempts included but are not limited to, a new wiring harness, flashing the computer, and multiple diagnostic attempts/hours of labor.Again nothing posted online with similar problems was applicable to my fix. Somehow Cary logically deducted that it was a computer problem. He ordered a replacement, had it programmed and miraculously the problem was gone. Thankfully I took it right to the shop when this problem initially started happening and the transmission was not damaged as a result.They stuck with me and guaranteed the fix, even when it was highly elusive. Thank you Aamco on Auburn Blvd 👍✔️🇺🇲

Review №48

Carey will always take care of you!!!

Review №49

I had to replace my engine in my 2009 Hyundai sonata. Mike n Cary did a wonderful job at finding an engine, replacing it, and just being genuinely great people. I appreciate all the work that has been done. Forever grateful for the wonderful family like experience from Mike, Cary, and Sara. Thank you so much!!!

Review №50

Great repair shop. Cary the manager is a good guy. I will be a returning customer in the future.

Review №51

These guys were great, provided excellent service. Kerry knows what he is doing, him and his men did a fantastic job on my C230. Highly recommend this group.

Review №52

Mike and his guys were great!They got me back on the road in one day. I feared I would need a rebuild or new transmission. not the case. they were more then honest giving me my options and trying to save me time and money. Professional and friendly staff (Hi Sara) Superb customer support, they picked me up when my 4Runner was ready. I would and do Recommend them. Thanks Guys!

Review №53

I had a difficult issue with my Volvo and it’s transmission. The owner and crew were amazingly helpful and kept me updated on every phase of the repairs, Their level of professionalism and expertise relieved the worries that I had about my car.I recommend this AAMCO highly!!!

Review №54

Awesome customer service thanks again

Review №55

I would highly suggest this shop to anyone needing work on their car. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. My fiancé and I had just bought a 2002 Subaru Forrester from a car auction as a better family car in preparation of our first child coming soon. A few days after having it, the 5th and Reverse gears went out. Since we live across the street from AAMCO, we took it there, and thank goodness we did. From the start, the staff there was nothing but kind to us. It felt like dealing with old friends instantly. They took a look and figured out that they needed to replace parts in the transmission. Once it was fixed, which they test drove it multiple times before handing it back over to us, we went to leave and only got about a mile before the same gears went bad. We instantly took it back and told them it was still broke. Cary (I believe the shop manager) was completely shocked, apologized thoroughly, and said he would take it back and figure out what went wrong at completely no additional cost to us. It ended up that someone else had previously put a new transmission in it which they used the wrong parts on. So, they had to rebuild a whole new transmission for our car because apparently the 2002 Forrester was the only year they used that type of transmission. Finally three weeks after taking it back (so about a month total being in the shop), Cary called us to tell us that it was fixed! When we went to get it, he insisted on taking a test drive with us to show us that it was in fact fixed. Oh, and it was SO much better than before. And the entire time that they had our car, the AAMCO team in Citrus Heights was nothing but kind and friendly to us, despite that they were probably out so much money due to labor and additional parts. We are completely grateful for Cary and his team (I even made him cookies to show our gratitude) and will not only take my cars back there if ever the need arises, but will also highly recommend the shop to anyone in need of service. Going to this shop is definitely your best option. They will treat you like family and not screw you over.

Review №56

Every time I have taken my car to the AAMCO in Citrus Heights, it has been a very positive experience. The people there are very special and have always been nothing but helpful, efficient, and have done great work on my car every time. But most of all, the owner is HONEST, which I appreciate more than I can say (after some bad experiences with mechanics in the past). When I need anything done to my car, this is where I take it.

Review №57

I couldn’t believe the service! I used my vehicle for work and I was really crunched on time. When I first walked in to get my vehicle serviced, Cary (manager) and his team were swamped with business and without surprise they serviced every one of them and got my car up and running in a matter of days. I am grateful for these guys and girls, I wish everyone would go to this location!

Review №58

I recently went to the Citrus Heights AAMCO with my ‘16 Ford Fusion and for starters Cary was extremely helpful as well as Mike. They fixed my car in a very timely fashion putting my and my wheels back on the road.Definitely recommend them!!!!

Review №59

Honest and helpful. Family run.

Review №60

I am recommending everyone I come across to go to this location, they have the best service i have ever had since owning a car. Everyone there are very humble and I am going to always return to this AAMCO.

Review №61

If you are having trouble with your car please take your car here. We dropped off our 2014 Altima on new years Eve. I explained what was going on to Cary who is awesome by the way. He said he will call to let us know what was going on. He gave us a call saying our transmission is going out he needs to keep the car to go threw the warranty. Heard from him on Wednesday Cary got everything going with our claim and by Saturday we were driving off in our car. Cary went above and beyond to make sure that we had our car back soon as possible. They also have financing to help you out which is super easy. Thank you so much to the whole Aamco team you guys are awesome.

Review №62

Great customer service 👍 honest work, great manager. They have the knowledge of the all vehicle repair.

Review №63

What an absolute blessing thesePeople have been there for me when I needed them the most as someone who is as mechanically inclined as I am. I would trust him with my vehicle any day the week.

Review №64

AAMCO of Citrus Heights deserves 100 stars for this review!! Cary and his team were faced with a very difficult task of convincing the warranty company that they need to cover the cost of my transmission rebuild. Yes, I said that right...Cary had to go to battle for me and my vehicle to get this repair done properly and within a price range that was reasonable.I bought my Odyssey on April 13th. I was super proud! I was driving it for the first few days and noticed that it was having issues shifting. I knew that with the purchase of this new vehicle I could take it to any certified mechanic to have repairs/maintenance done. That is how my warranty works. I took it to Maita Honda on Auburn. Superior Protection Plan was only going to authorize two options: 1. Sending a used transmission with 120k miles on it from who knows where and what vehicle. Option 2. Having Maita rebuild my transmission with an additional cost of $1044.60 out of my pocket. Option number 2 was so ridiculous! My service representative didnt want to tell me these were my options. I was not going to fork over that much money when I purchased the warranty. I told Maita, thanks for your hard work but no thanks.Now Im still stuck with a vehicle that isnt running properly and I need to find a reliable mechanic. This is where the amazing people at AAMCO come in!! I called and was having a not-so-fabulous day and Tyler answered the phone. He made me smile just having a 5 minute conversation. He said We can look at your vehicle whenever you have a minute and we will gladly get you back on the road with a properly running vehicle. I brought in my Odyssey and Cary and the crew looked at the transmission and knew that they needed to do a tare down to get to the heart of the problem. The warranty company was not going to pay for this, so Cary made a phone call to his Corporate Office to have them intervene to reach an amicable agreement. He went above and beyond to make sure I, his customer, was getting the repairs to my vehicle that should have happened prior to purchase. There was catastrophic damage to my cars transmission. Cary called Superior Protection letting them know what he had found. Cary worked really hard with the warranty company to get them to cover the tare down and cost of rebuilding my cars transmission. The warranty company pushed back hard, but Cary pushed harder to get this issue taken care of correctly for his customer. They ordered the parts and in three days my car was done!!!In the end, I paid a very small amount out of pocket, but it was far less than the $1044.60 that I was quoted previously. Never have I had to deal with an issue like this, especially when there is a warranty company that should have acted appropriately.My biggest suggestion, if you need a vehicle repaired, ALWAYS go to AAMCO!! Everyone there will do anything they can to get you back on the road at little cost and in a timely manner. I have become AAMCOs number 1 fan!! I know, everyone says that, but when you have a company that literally goes to battle for you to get a massive issue fixed and they have to involve big time corporate people, you know they want you satisfied. Thank you Cary!!! Thank you AAMCO!!!

Review №65

I went to aamco after having conflicting diagnosis from the dealer and another mechanic. Steve found something completely different wrong with my car. They fixed it for half the price the same day! My car run great now! Thanks Steve and Mike. You are my new mechanics!

Review №66

I took a car here for some diagnosing. I dont normally take my car to shops but the owner was extremely nice and very honest.

Review №67

Awsome service awsome people

Review №68

Transmission problems this the place to go and get it check. They also do all types of other repairs on your car.

Review №69

I am 41 and my family and I have had our share of cars, suvs, and trucks over the years. Weve been to different car repair shops but never found one that we felt was honest. We would take a vehicle in to get something done and immediately after something else was wrong. Every time. We keep up all maintenance on our vehicles and drive them well. So, this was something that always bothered me and if one of our vehicles needed repairs I was completely stressed because I knew without a doubt I would be fixing multiple things Because whatever shop I took it too, would fix the one thing wrong and break something else so We would have to come back. So, my reverse went out on my Infinity, I took it to AAMCO on Auburn and Manzanita in Sacramento, Ca. Expecting the very worst.What a beautiful surprise!!! They fixed my transmission, for 1/3 of the cost of the quotes I got from 6 different shops. I had to shop around, transmissions are extremely expensive. I was planning to drive from California to Arkansas as soon as the repairs were done, and asked them if they noticed anything else that may need to be fixed to please let me know. They fixed my transmission so that now I can reverse, they rebuilt it and when they took it for a test drive the reverse was great but it wasnt perfect for them. (I would have never known the difference). They took the entire transmission back out, ordered a knew tork converter, rebuilt it again and reinstalled it. It did not cost me a dime!!! They could have let me drive off with it. I didnt see a difference. But they are Honest and Christian men. They did the right thing. Even though at this point they were not making any profit at all. Then, if that wasnt awesome enough, that they took the time to be so detail oriented and to strive for perfection, I knew something was wrong with my oil because I kept having to put more in. I didnt mention it to them at all. So, they did a diagnostic (free of Charge) so that I can make it all the way to Arkansas, Thats they found a hose that oil was leaking out of. They ordered it, Installed it and I only paid for the part! And, If that wasnt enough, they changed my oil and filter for free! I am now here in Arkansas, my car runs like a dream! They were so friendly, always answered the phone right away when I called, kept me up to date on what was going on with my car so I wasnt stuck wondering, and they were kind! Unbelievable service! Thank you very very very much AAMCO!!

Review №70

They did not return my calls.

Review №71

Ready to take care of you and answer your questions questions clearly

Review №72

Both vehicles have been serviced here .They have been good to us.

Review №73

Great service and super fast turnaround time!! Mike the owner is very professional and made the process super easy. Highly recommend them!!!

Review №74

Finally someone knew what they were doing! This place is awesome and I recommend it to anybody that needs car work done, they were very quick and got the work done in a timely manner my car is running great thanks guysSincerely the Isuzu Ascender

Review №75

Mike and his crew at AAMCO were committed to fixing the transmission on my sons Honda, despite the challenges it offered. I really appreciated their pleasant manners and high ethics.

Review №76

Great service, everytime I have a problem with my car I take it here, they are honest, efficient, really good at what they do. Ive had a transmission rebuilt by them and my a.c. serviced there. Ill always just take my vehicles there I can count on them to fix my vehicles.

Review №77

Just wanted to say that I had the best experience Ive had ever at a mechanic at the Aamco on Auburn Boulevard. Carey and Mike took care of everything I needed saved me money saved me time could not be more happier with this location definitely recommend it and I will definitely not take my car anywhere else except back to Aamco on Auburn Boulevard thank you Carey and Mike and the crew over there Aamco really appreciate it guys...

Review №78

Great honest auto repair, brought my Jeep in for an oil leak and check engine light they took care of all my issues the same day at a great price, Sara is awesome and so are the mechanics, I highly recommend it.

Review №79

I would recommend this place to all of my friends amazing staff quality work

Review №80

Courteous. Professional. Prompt.

Review №81

Service was not so great, Steve seemed put out about me asking simple questions when trying to schedule an appointment. Called Roseville location and had a much better experience

Review №82


Review №83

Fixed my car, they do warranty work.

Review №84

Customer SVC was excellent. Really hands on and honest. Mike is the bomb.

Review №85

Carey and Michael were great

Review №86

Love this place because they are trustworthy.

Review №87

Marked up: location, service.Marked down: prices, dishonest, feels like youre getting used.

Review №88

First they told me i needed a new hose for 150 i switched the hose 12$ but my car stopped holding coolant 1 week later They told me my heatercore needed to be replaced estimate was 2 grand. I took the car to the dealer I bought it from a month prior they told me I needed a new clamp they told me the other place was gna rip me off!!!! Oh yeahh what a coincidence I took my car to aamco a few weeks prior for an oil change Just a coincidence huh maybe the dealership is lying....

Review №89

Had oil change drama. My oil plug got ruined by another place, because it was to tight. They stripped it trying to take it off, and told me this shop did it. The owner stuck up for his mechanic of ten years. Regardless he fixed and changed the oil. Good honest shop

Review №90

Went in for transmission service, paud almost 300, after that there was fluids leaking, took back, they said it needed a pan seal, I told them it wasnt leaking before the service and they never said anything when I picked it up, dont go there. And the mechanic that did the work was rude.

Review №91

Genuinely impressed with the service I received when I brought my truck in to be fixed

Review №92

Bad luck on car always breaks, gurd your loins and your wallet.

Review №93

Its convinient location

Review №94

Sat in the lobby for five minutes and left without ever having talked to a customer service rep...

Review №95

These guys figured out our vehicle issue after 2 other shops could not...well done...!

Review №96

I will not take my van anywhere else.

Review №97

Great service.

Review №98

Honest people.

Review №99

Great service.

Review №100

Knowledgeable, great work

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:6000 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95621, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 916-344-5499
  • Transmission shop
  • Auto repair shop
  • Brake shop
  • Oil change service
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Wednesday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Thursday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Friday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Saturday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Sunday:10AM–3PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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