Dulce Mami Cafe
5612 W 35th St, Cicero, IL 60804, United States
Dulce Mami Cafe
Review №1

This place was cute and the food was delish. I had the pancakes with fruit and granola and the molletes which were phenomenal, not to mention the salsa they serve with them it’s the perfect combo!

Review №2

This place is for someone with a sweet tooth I recommend the crepes, frozen coffees, strawberry milkshake and cookies. We like to come here when we are feeling some desert after dinner.

Review №3

Extremely delicious! the staff was so sweet ♡

Review №4

The best place to eat at any time!

Review №5

Staff was very unfriendly and the whole time they took our orders wrong and when confronted about it they gave attitude like if it was our fault. Honestly I’d say none of this was worth it when the food isn’t even all that. Sure the presentation is very nicely done but the taste is alright.. will definitely not be coming back here again. Not to mention they take forever to get your food out.

Review №6

Not professionally greeted, they took care of a family first that came in after us, didnt give us utensils to stir the coffee asked for cream and they forgot. A little more help in the establishment wouldnt hurt either too. Sorry I had to do this. Customer service is very important working around people. A little pricey for bad service I say. First and last time, lesson learn.

Review №7

Great home made food! friendly staff ! Take out was ready for pick up in 20 minutes! I recommend eating in and take out!

Review №8

Pretty homey place. Food is good and coffee and breakfast look fancy. Very niche little place. Only thing to complain about is the lack of space, small menu and decor. Other than that, no complaints.

Review №9

Very nice from being greeted, to taste to prices! Really cozy atmosphere and not too quiet not too loud. Fresh squeezed orange juice. Fresh homemade crepes wow! Latte art is not only fun but tasty. Being it my first time, I had an awesome experience today and I will definitely be returning. Enjoyed it to the max!

Review №10

The food was great, the service not so much. We had two kids, a toddler and a baby and it them a lot of time to get the food to us.

Review №11

I love the crepes! Whole wheat deliciousness!! I got confused by the menu but its still delicious!!! The cherry crepe is actually the cherry, Nutella, banana, coconut crepe!! Like I said, confusing but still delicious!

Review №12

Had a vanilla frappe and brownie and it was absolutely amazing.the staff was very friendly and welcoming . inside is very cute and clean :)

Review №13

Delicious homemade food! Bought some beverages and food with my friends and tried them all, everything is so delicious and cute! Specially the crepes. Looks like a little café from France (so cute). Loved it!!

Review №14

I usually like to go to this place but the last two times I’ve gone, they have given me expired food!!!!My sister and I ordered chilaquiles and both of us had severe food poisoning later that day and the next day as well.I tried to give it another shot, thinking maybe nothing was wrong with the food but I was wrong.Second time I went, the whip cream on the drinks and waffles smelled so rotten and spoiled. The smell was so foul and strong that I couldn’t even finish it or be near the drink or food with whip cream.Food is also never delivered all at once to the tables, all my family has to eat at separate times because food plates are just brought out randomly .

Review №15

Food is delicious! I definitely recommend it! They make the food on the spot so it would take time but definitely worth the wait!

Review №16

Best Breakfast place in town.. good food, great price and great service..

Review №17

Food was outstanding. The coffee delicious. The service great

Review №18

Extremely friendly staff, good quality and great prices.

Review №19

The crapes are not well done, they are very hard which makes it very sloppy when you try to cut them. Really bad customer service.

Review №20

Got there late run out of cakes too bad for me .i be back

Review №21

These young owners have the best idea by inviting nutella into Cicero ...60804 #60804...the internet says nutella is the poop of angels...♡Veteran Friendly #clownvets...but lets stay respectful ... even this veteran leaves the pup out the kitchen #nopethairthx

Review №22

Food is very delicious and the place is super cute! Super your local business.

Review №23

The crepes are SO GOOD!!! Cute, cozy restaurant and delicious desserts!

Review №24

1st time here service was pretty greatFood was greaaaat good portions good price5star mostly bc of service

Review №25

I was not a fan of this restaurant. It really is mostly a snack thing. There are lunch plates but I wasnt really fond of them. The wait is long, even if there are only two tables beside mine. And they tend to forget what you order bring you one thing for another. I also didnt like the strong smell of mopping with Clorox right where we are eating its very uncomfortable and made me nausea

Review №26

I Love this place!! Friendly staff and cozy place..

Review №27

The food was delish! Need to try the waffles, next time!

Review №28

This review is meant for the location on 51st and Rockwell.went there once and enjoyed their panini, milkshakes, and chilaquiles. ordered today again for lunch and my order was so wrong. the menu online says one thing as to whats included in the dish but the restaurant says something else. therefore my expected order wasnt what i expected. not only that but they know that lettuce onion and tomato will make a sandwich bread soggy so why would they put it inside the sandwich for a pick up order? they had me at five stars but now im thinking twice before i place another order.

Review №29

Clean facilityslow serviceFood great

Review №30

Cute little place! Nutella Crepe was awesome, perfect for sharing. Horchata latte was spot on. Service was friendly and fast.

Review №31

Great food great service 12/10

Review №32

Great food. Great service.

Review №33

I went in and put my order in then said Ill be back in 15 minutes to pick up.I came back, their were 3 people behind me that were walk ins. My order wasnt ready. I only order an omelette. They made the 3 walkins order before mine. I got my food, the omelet was greasy, the potatoes just a very small portion for almost $9.I wont be going back there

Review №34

Love this place, food is amazing but today had a horrible experience I did a order over the phone made a question about their milkshake ended up not ordering it order something else, finally went in for my order I saw they made the milkshake I told them no I did not order the milkshake the Lady there said YES YOU DID! I say no I just made a question, she turned around and threw the milkshake to the garbage. Attitude much worse customer service EVER!!!!

Review №35

I am not sure why here are several good reviews. We had to wait for our coffee for 15 minutes, and they bring the lowest quality coffee in a dirty mug.The table was not clean. And the food was the worse! Un healthy and low quality ingredients.

Review №36

This place has amazing home feel with awesome breakfast, cappuccino, lates, coffee and customer service. Great place!

Review №37

Still sitting here waiting on my waffle. Came in with two other guess and ordered our food the waitress brings eggs and we sat and waiting for 20 min, we asked her where the rest of our food...she forgot about our waffles and she never put my friend order in...we only had eggs at the table..when she bought the waffle it was a black hair in it...we have blonde hair...she said they wear hair nets but she’s clearly in the kitchen without one...I’m also still waiting on my water

Review №38

The food was great however your back door is broken. I live nearby and can hear it daily blasting through my window. It is so loud every time it shuts, can it please get fixed!?

Review №39

Delicious food and drinks, prepared picture taking worthy.

Review №40

Love it, very good food I definitely recommend.

Review №41

Love the attention, drinks, deco and environment.....I am going back tomorrow. The cafeteria ever here in Cicero a must stop place.

Review №42

I love this cozy peaceful family restaurant since day 1! When my husband & I crave a morning breakfast, this is the place.. Chilaquiles, our favorite! Price for 2 varies between $30-$40 including tip. Nice costumer service & clean environment.

Review №43

Good Environment & An Awesome Service, Very Kind ...... Love It My Favorite Place To Shill 😁😭😭

Review №44

10/10 would NOT recommend going. this place was recommended for their cafe items which after ordering did not arrive to my table until after 40 minutes .. JUST FOR THE COFFEE! ( noted we arrived at the restaurant before a crowd so they had enough time to prepare our order before that settled in) after receiving our drinks we still had to wait another 25-35 minutes for our food, which they brought out plate by plate, how does one enjoy brunch if not everyone has received their plate. It only gets worse, after forgetting one an order of chilaquiles, they bring out a plate with the wrong salsa which i only tell them its the wrong order, so she takes it back to the cooks (which is an open area) and the cook has the audacity to yell that im wrong and thats what i ordered . if it was a closed kitchen i would understand her comment but i was sitting next to their “kitchen” and i heard her so that is very unprofessional, why not just ask quietly what the issue was or simply fix the issue. overall it was just bad service and extremely bad attitude, if they dont know how to deal with crowds at work or rush hour then they work in these types of establishments.

Review №45

I loved the cozy atmosphere, Loved the panini and their cappuccino, Well definitely be back again.

Review №46

Good service and Nice little place. First time I was there chilaquiles were not that great. Chicken was extremely dry. Gave it a second chance just because the service was great. Today I am back and the chilaquiles were awesome and the chicken pesto panini. The hot choccolate was also pretty good. Just the crepes a little overcooked. Will be coming back for sure.

Review №47

The milkshakes are amazing ❤️🥺

Review №48

Top service quality. Food is awesome. No complaints here.

Review №49

I went today for the first time and had the best experience ever!!! My 6 yr old had ordered a drink he didn’t like and as I go and pay for my order one of the ladies asks what’s wrong with him and I mentioned to her that he didn’t like his drink and that he wanted a shake instead... The lady then told my 6yr old she would make one for him so he can be happy and she didn’t want him to be sad.. Here I am thinking oh this kid didn’t just make me buy him a second drink... well then here comes the worker and hands it over to my son and says it’s on the house!!! Now that really meant a lot to me because they cared enough to please my picky 6yr old!!! And that to me speaks highly of this place!!! I would definitely recommend it and they have a client for life!!! Thank you!!! And I will continue supporting local businesses!!!

Review №50

It was a great experience great food and great people loved it, Im definitely coming back.

Review №51

Friendly staff, clean establishment, very cozy . Reasonable prices. From omelettes, to pasta, paninis, crepes, oatmeal, Tortas, pastries, cakes, shakes, coffee . They accept cash & debit + credit cards for payment. Love this little place .

Review №52

This is the place where they make your coffee the exact way you like it time after time. The pastries are always fresh as they are baked daily by their own pastry chef.

Review №53

The food was okay, however service was extremely slow and on top of that, they are unorganized. We felt ignored and one of our plates went to someone else.I recommend this place to those who have patience and dont mind asking to be attended multiple times throughout your meal experience. Cashier was very friendly though

Review №54

The hazelnut latte was amazing and great service! Very friendly

Review №55

Delicious tortas and smoothies!

Review №56

Delicious 😋

Review №57

Very nice and very good

Review №58


Review №59

Really liked the waffles with vanilla and strawberries!

Review №60

I enjoyed brunch here so much! Food was great and staff was very helpful and considerate. Excited to come back!

Review №61

The owner was kind of mean her voice was realy loud and we got scare the food was bad they were mean and they weren 6 feet apart

Review №62

I had a great experience. The atmosphere was relaxing and the latte was very flavorful. I have to go back. Service was good and the coffee shop is very cute felt like home.

Review №63

Terrible service, always forgetting something . Meat is undercooked.

Review №64

Everything was delicious! The music was great, reminded me of our Sundays at home with the Spanish oldies blasting. I recommend their chilaquiles, they’re so good!

Review №65

Place is very cozy main reason for me to have the reunion with my friends here, to be honest menu is very limited, crepes are very good but thats it, frappes are extremely sweet i cant even drink it, is very expensive i think everything is over-priced, parking not available...

Review №66

Such a great first time experience for me and my son. I drove 45 minutes to try this place. Everyone was pretty nice and friendly. They get pretty busy so be ready to wait and don’t get so antsy pantsy, these people work hard to give you a fresh acquired experience. You do have to get up and pay in the desk when done. The place is well decorated pretty small but meets my standards overall. The chilaquiles are the bomb.

Review №67

Great place delicious food

Review №68

Delicious, great atmosphere

Review №69

Loved this little neighborhood restaurant. I recommend trying the pepino drink, the iced coffee, chilaquiles, and pasta salad. Its alllll good.

Review №70

Good food but very slow service they need more servers

Review №71

Great little gem in the area. They are very artsy when preparing any drink. Food was good overall but a tad pricey. We will be returning.

Review №72

Food was fantastic and service was great! My Latte de Cajeta was perfect!

Review №73

Love this cafe! It’s amazing! Might be pricey but totally worth it! The way they make their foods are so cute and adorable! It’s also very great to take Instagram photos at!

Review №74

Just one word “delicious “ 100% recommended.

Review №75

Loved every bite! We got the pesto panini and the cherry crepe. They were both nice big portions and every bite was delicious! Will be defenitely going back to try more things. It was so hard to choose cause everything looked amazing. Service was great!

Review №76

Great service, delicious chai latte. Would recommend!

Review №77

Amazing place to go! With no so overwhelming sugar drinks. I always enjoy their chicken torta !

Review №78

Limited menu. Great for light lunch and sweet drinks. Very cute!

Review №79

It was good, just a little too sweet for my taste. I had a waffle and a coconut frappe, good flavors just need to cut back a little on the sugar.

Review №80

Loved their hawaiian crepes

Review №81

I was super excited to eat here. The environment give off a home type of vibe. It took them a little over 5 minutes to acknowledge us and give us menus. Eventually we ordered our food and it was given away to another table. We never got our coffee. No one said anything to us or made us aware of the problem, even though we saw what was going on. Someone couldve came up to us and talked to us about their mistake, update us on the wait, like what kind of service is this? After being ignored for another 10 minutes, we just walked right out. I was really disappointed.

Review №82

Nice comfortable place to go just to have hot chocolate or a sandwich. They have top-of-the-line customer service

Review №83

Nice little Mexican style Cafe. Coffee treats, crepes with fruit and waffles. Nice place to take someone to chat over coffee.

Review №84

Good food and very nice

Review №85

The details they gave for everything we ordered made the experience one to remember. The food was delicious we had Nutella crepes and cappuccinos they were all delicious and the customer service ensuring we enjoyed everything we got was great. I will definitely be returning and recommending this place to others!

Review №86

The owners were super sweet and attentive to our very LARGE group. Well definitely come back🥰

Review №87

This place is full of taste te coffee sandwiches just fine loved 👍

Review №88

It is a nice cozy environment with a nice selection of fast food and drinks. I had an awesome mocha frapè and got a banana muffin for the wife who thoroughly enjoyed it. I will cone back again and try the rest of the menu soon. May be even good for a date night 👍 👍

Review №89

Great service, food and atmosphere. Cozy little place. Beautiful designs on coffee

Review №90

So cute and such good coffee and pastries!!

Review №91

Awesome food, lovely music, love to come back! If you are around, pls visit. Lovely staff

Review №92

I was very excited about trying this place but it disappointed. Four of us went in for dessert. Every item we ordered came one at a time. 4 drinks came at separate times then 3 desserts came at separate times. They completely forgot and never brought the 4th dessert. The amount of time we waited for food was insane. Dont go unless you have have time to wait.

Review №93

Love it they have a very welcoming staff!They have a variety of their delicious crepes freshly made and you must try their frappes and lattes yummy yummy! Cant forget their tasty paninis!! Very nice enviroment!!

Review №94

This local ma-pa shop is amazing. They have wifi, and wonderful customer service. The desserts are delicious and everything is home made. I definitely recommend trying it.

Review №95

Drinks have really good presentation. Food has limited options. They have panini sandwiches and crepes. A little too white for me. Would expect to find a place like this in wicker Park. Only things that appealed to me where the chilaquiles and omelette. I ordered the chilaquiles and they were hard and crunchy. Never been to a restaurant that serves them like this. They easily slip out of the fork because of this. They only have chicken, no beef. They had barely any cheese and no sour cream. Salsa wasnt very good and not spicy. They didnt really feel authentic. I might be back for drinks but definitely not for the food.

Review №96

Great place to stop by in a cold day. Nice warm atmosphere. Owners very friendly and great crepes and pastries! 🍩🍪

Review №97

Drinks were amazing! Atmosphere is perfect for a get together or solo study. You have to try the chocolate latte!!!

Review №98

Clean, and super friendly! The menu is not to extend, but the crepes are delicious, I strongly recommend the variety of coffees.

Review №99

Nice ambiance,,amd chill place to sit w friends for a nice quiet is great! N great service...

Review №100

Saul is amazing, he knows how to explain everything in the menu. Great customer service & the spot is cute, cozy. Definitely needed a spot like this in Cicero.

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  • Address:5612 W 35th St, Cicero, IL 60804, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 708-477-6028
  • Coffee shop
  • Cafe
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–9PM
  • Thursday:7AM–9PM
  • Friday:7AM–9PM
  • Saturday:8AM–8PM
  • Sunday:7AM–9PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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