Cycle Gear
1665 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91911, United States
Cycle Gear
Review №1

Best motorcycle shop in the west coast! Listen I went to four shops and got misinformation and busy inattentive service. In the last ten years I always end up here even when I’m in north county because when I go in someone helps me and I get great deals. They even beat out shopping on Amazon, which says allot.

Review №2

Robin greeted me at the Chula Vista location on Broadway immediately when I walked in and was very helpful for a new rider. He made suggestions and explained all the features, sizing, safety, and more regarding the different gear. I never felt like he steered me one way or the other. He explained the pros and cons, and recommended I try everything. He assured me I can return to switch anything out if it doesnt work out. Very good experience. Plus the store provides a military discount for service members which feels great to be supported. A+ in my book.

Review №3

Had a great experience just now at Cycle Gear. They have a nice selection in stock at reasonable prices. Thank you.

Review №4

Nice shop, A little small. Decent helmet selection, largish selection of important maintenance items. Small selection of apparel, I like this store because I am local to Chula and dont need to drive out to the other cycle gear to get basic stuff.

Review №5

The staff are friendly and helpful. I was returning a gift that I received as a duplicate including the receipt. They were unable to give me a cash refund, but were able to give me a gift card for the same amount. This store also has a pretty substantial military discount and a good rewards program

Review №6

This store keeps true to Cycle Gears excellent customer service. They offered help, they were easy to talk with and have a decent selection of products.

Review №7

Ordered online and picked up quick. Super friendly staff. Did not have my size avail at all in any of the styles in the store. One item I ordered as in stock was not in stock. But staff is always ready to answer questions, and products are normally avail.

Review №8

Cycle Gear is an excellent place to get your riding gear! Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Marcs customer service is amazing. He was so patient and helped us find exactly what we needed for our boys. Our boys were all over the place and he made a stressful shopping experience easy and painless! We will definitely recommend all our family and friends to get their riding gear needs met at Cycle Gear! Thanks for a wonderful shopping experience!

Review №9

Cycle Gear is a Motorcycle parts, and accessories lots of things to buy. Lots of nice helmets. Some helmet have built in blue toothtooth built into them.

Review №10

The manager is fake and likes to criticize customers when they leave. Long haired shaggy guy. It’s been multiple times I call for product availability and they lie about having items in stock. More then likely to avoid customers coming in or flat out lazy to look. I’m talking multiple times! If they don’t want to help or people coming in then the regional management should get new employees!

Review №11

Eddie helped me out a bunch with helmet selection i feel safer about riding, he knows a lot and has a great attitude, even thought i just met him he treated me like family. taught me a lot of things in the short time i was there will definitely be coming back if i need anything and will choose this store ! thanks eddie i hope you see this

Review №12

Associates were not cooperative at all . The barely want to look at the computer the search for the part i was looking for .Only when I told them that online the item shows available at this location, one of them finally looked it up and went to look for it .Personally dont think to go back in this place unless I have toThanks for the opportunity of share my experience

Review №13

Extremely happy w/ the staff at Chula Vista location…Miki was extremely helpful!

Review №14

This place is Aweeome I was in and out without hassle and I was able to pick up a pair of gloves and get fitted for a jacket

Review №15

Nice place/friendly staff!

Review №16

I come here for the knowledgeable staff that helps me pick out the perfect helmet, jacket, and tires.

Review №17

Staff is always quick to help, great customer service!

Review №18

Came in today ready drop $300 or more on a good jacket had a few questions and it seems like they don’t like to help a customer out that much. Definitely gotta work on their Customer Service skills

Review №19

Robin in customer service is awesome.Very informative and provided exact tire I want for my bike.Cool dude

Review №20

Wonderful service from Dominique. He is truly am asset to Cycle Gear!

Review №21

I love this store. They have LOTS of stuff for my bike.

Review №22

Friendly, expert staff. Good selection for a small store.

Review №23

Called to see if they had any Redline 2-Stroke Oil, they said they would check, waited on the phone for a bit, no big deal, he gets back on the phone and said NO! So needing something in a 2-Stroke oil I decided to stop by there on my way to another Motorcycle Store and look for options, what do I find, plenty of Redline 2-Stroke Oil, I called them out (respectively) once I found all of them there, in return I get a berated response, literally.

Review №24

Great store for motorcycles, has a lot of variety on almost everything, and even if they dont have it, theyll get it for you! Totally recommend it 🤙🏻

Review №25

Most of the time I have good experience when I buy at this store, yesterday I was looking for a specific part for my motorcycle I asked one of the employees and he just kept walking. Then another employee showed up and asked me if I needed help. I explained him and he couldn’t help at all. After trying to figure out by myself that second employee was staring at me so often and coming back and forth as if I was acting suspicious or trying to steal something, I felt so uncomfortable so I decided to grab the part I thought would fit, paid and left.

Review №26

The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. They had just what I needed!

Review №27

Great customer service. Robin was very knowledgeable and helpful

Review №28

Very open minded and kind staffs! I like them.

Review №29

Petty good Cycle Gear location, boss.

Review №30

Just went in to browse, overall it was clean and the dudes were friendly and helpful. If I purchase something I will edit my review. 👌🏼

Review №31

Enjoyable guys help me out and on with the day thx

Review №32

Great customer service!

Review №33

Picked up a Bell helmet for autocross today, helped by Andy. First impression was positive, clean store and good selection/variety, greeted promptly. Andy showed me a few options and even helped check other locations for other color/designs of the model I wanted. Could not have been happier or more impressed, will definitely be recommending this store!

Review №34

Excellent customer service, sales rep went above and beyond to help me locate a plus size helmet for my large dome. Never had I experienced this level of personal attention to make sure I got what I needed. Will definitely return.

Review №35

Today was the first time I’ve been to Cycle Gear as I am a beginner rider. It’s a little intimidating when you see all these great motos and riders with a lot of experience and your just learning but Andy and Mark really made it easy for me and helped me out with everything I needed to get started and to be safe on the road ahead. They were very patient with me and I really appreciated that. Real cool guys. They have a good wide selection of inventory and everything you need. You won’t be disappointed. I hope this review helps everyone and the beginner riders.

Review №36

Mark is awesome and very help full. They have everything you need!

Review №37

Excellent service, great prices, nice people

Review №38

Great guys work here. Ask for Mark and hell set up well.

Review №39

Stood in line for about 15 minutes.Got good service, a quick return and a summer riding balaclava & long sleeved COOLR shirt 2 go.I like Marc he is a great employee!

Review №40

Very helpful staff, good selection of riding gear in all price ranges

Review №41

Very courteous and fully stocked

Review №42

The stuff you really need when you own a motorcycle and a way cheaper than the dealers

Review №43

Great prices and selection, also the whole team will guide you in the best direction for your purchase. 🙌

Review №44

I live in Chula Vista and I work here too. Cycle Gear opens a store here and I think Great, finally getting some love here in South County, so I should support the local store or I will be traveling for parts again. So I did shop around on some Dunlop Q3s that are supposed to be a dual compound tire that wears down the middle well and is stick on the sides for turns. I ride the 94 that has plenty of turns, you take it to Buckman Springs then over to the Sunrise Highway over Mt. Laguna and can take the Grade down toward Borrego Springs and back around. But I call the 8 ball guys in Kearny Mesa and they had a good price. I thought if Cycle Gear will match it, why go all the way North? They did, so I took off my wheels, dropped them off and got them back the same day I think. The weights to balance looked a little funky, but if I have problems with them, they said to bring them back and it only makes sense that they would want a good reputation. So. It is a chain store for bikes, BUT it is local and we dont have that much and if we dont support the Cycle Gear, the bean counters are going to put the store somewhere else. Manager Sean, I think that is his name, is doing a good job. Why not give them a chance? Less time it takes to get maintenance, the more time to ride! Besides I am a local criminal defense lawyer across from the Chula Vista Court and I help motorcycle riders that make mistakes. So lets help each other! We can meet each other to ride from the Cycle Gear store. I like checking out the new Sena head sets. I wonder how the new heads up display is going to work. I can probably find out at this store...eventually! Dan Smith

Review №45

Its a small store but Robin, Chase and the rest of the crew are good guys and will help you to the best of their ability. Sometimes the store doesnt have what you want but they can call other stores to see if they have the item and can ship it to the store or go online and have the item shipped to the store. Most of the items have 1-2 year manufacturers warranty which is great because sometimes the items arent made well enough, I exchanged a pair of boots and was told the 2 year warranty has been extended to the new boots. Im a happy customer and will be coming back to buy other items that I need for my long rides. Thanks guys, ride safe!

Review №46

Great place for all your Motorcycle needs!!! Customer service is knowledgeable!

Review №47

Unbelievable! My husband and I came in with zero knowledge and Alan walked us through picking the right helmet (size, construction, features, and price point), riding jacket, and gloves. We even tried on riding jeans, but we decided not to buy. These guys have the patience of saints. James (I think, maybe Jeff or another name starting with J) helped me try on jackets, and when I couldnt decide between two jackets, explained to me the pros and cons of each, and I went for safety and comfort instead of style. Alan helped my husband find the jacket he wanted in no time. Highly recommend this shop to anyone looking to buy new gear. These guys are the best!

Review №48

I purchased a few visors for a helmet I bought. I ordered the wrong visors. It has been a few months (I had not opened the packages) and they let me return them and order the correct visors.

Review №49

The store is kept clean in the employees are very friendly and helpful. If you have any questions about your bike, they may be able to answer. It seems like they are not so much about making money as much as helping people which makes me want to spend money there.

Review №50

Id like to shout out towards Marc for an outstanding customer service that goes farther than a $$$ sign. He was able to inform me about Helmets and which size would be a snug fit but not too tight. Then he was also very helpful about which jacket to wear, I was able to find one and looking forward to either stopping by and purchase the jacket in store if not online. At end of the day I walk out with a Scorpion EXO-R710 Golden State Helmet - is just an awesome looking helmet. Cant wait to get my hands on a bike and start riding. Thanks.

Review №51

Great store for riding gear and accessories. Ive never bought parts from here but Ive seen plenty. The people who work here are nice and very helpful. They offer fair prices, great discounts, and have everything from regular to very high end products.

Review №52

Eddie was a bit ignorant and didnt really didnt seem to know what he is doing there.Just went for a simple return and he had to call other store to figure out what to do.Even after I filled out his blue little form he still was asking me for my info.Hello Eddie!Its there on the form you just made me fill out unlike any other store. So I wait for the other store to call back. Still had a lot of issues processing the return on his register.He couldnt even leave the counter and help a customer locate brake pads while we wait.1Star because Cycle gear is a good store but this location lacks the customer service you would expect from CG.Maybe open a door greater like Wal Mart and have Eddie fill the position. Thats what he is good for.

Review №53

Great spot for picking up gear as long as your on your bike. Car parking can be infuriating due to all the traffic. Prices are pretty fair and they typically will price match. What really makes them shine is their backing of their products.

Review №54

Id like to give them five stars bit I cant due to the fact that I had to find my own stuff. The staff was very polite but preoccupied with just one customer. I will return because I did get a great deal on my jacket and glove. Surprisingly as I drove on the freeway I was hit by rain, perfect timing.

Review №55

Great... the people working there help a lot

Review №56

Friendly, helpful staff.

Review №57

Super helpful and friendly staff. We had a tired repaired quickly. Sadly, getting specific parts can be hard. They didnt have the oil seal we needed. Also, not a large selection of handlebars. Good selection of riding gear, but not really a place to go if youre looking for parts.

Review №58

I like their flexibility with ordering online and picking up at store. They dont have a huge variety for female riders but they can help through their website.

Review №59

The last time I was a cycle gear the store clerks but I was trying to steal something didnt like it

Review №60

I bugged the worker for over an hour about helmets. Ended up buying one for a great price. He never got upset with me or complained, will go back here.

Review №61

Well stoked staff know their stuff always ready to help .

Review №62

Super helpful & easy to place things on hold online to be ready for pick up!

Review №63

Great selection of leather and synthetic gloves!

Review №64

Lots to choose from. Good customer service. I just didnt like how they tried to persuade me to get something similar to what I wanted. I know what I came to buy!

Review №65

Great service. Ok selection

Review №66

Love going here. Sales rep are always helpful and answer any questions I have. I have purchased gear for my wife and myself and every time I go here they have never failed me.

Review №67

The staff here are very helpful and friendly, and more importantly, honest. In fact, they have the best customer service at any type of retail store or restaurant ive ever been to. Obviously they cannot carry every part or piece, but theyll do their best find it for you. Id like to thank Robin particularly. He spent the time ( a lot of time) to help me get all the parts I needed. And when I needed to price match what they had online he did so willingly. I will definitely continue to take my business here.

Review №68

Open on got my cousin a helmet for a good price, helpful staff.

Review №69

Very thorough and knowledgeable on everything they sale

Review №70

Everybody is really helpful and knows pretty good knowledge when it comes to 🏍👌🏼..

Review №71

Really helpful staff. I liked that they have a different staff for any specific item that you need

Review №72

Emry was the greatest. I was a first time rider, looking for gear for safety..Im sure I was a pain with all my questions....But he was very professional and patient. If you need any gear......hes the guy to see....Thanks again Emry.........Jena Cocke.

Review №73

I founded everything for good price

Review №74

Great customer service great price

Review №75

Awesome service

Review №76

Went in to get ATV gear for two adults and two kids. Alan was very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. We’ll definitely be back in the future!

Review №77

Good prices on riding gear and good selection.

Review №78

Great place for motorcycle parts and accessories. They have a great bike night once a month.

Review №79

Its ok been there a couple of times, some employees dont even care you will ask for something and they will just point at the back wall, theres one guy that actually tries to help you

Review №80

Great costumer service. Great selection. Military discount.

Review №81

Nice shop. Helpful staff always willing to help or talk. Wish they kept a larger stock of items.

Review №82

UPDATE 04JUN2019 (Reduced rating from 5 to 2 stars). The staff (not including the manager are the reason for my revised rating not dropping to a 1 star).Went in to try and talk to the manager on several occasions to inquire about a donation for a charity event that my motorcycle club was hosting. When I finally got a hold of him, I was given the runaround and excuses about having to check with the regional district before he could make a decision, which he had a scheduled meeting the next day. I gave him my number to call. A few days later, I stopped in to speak with him again only to be told that he hasnt heard from the regional district yet...yes the same district he had a meeting with a few days ago. The funny thing about this is the Kearny location just donated right away and when I asked about the regional district meeting, he replied, What meeting? Being that both locations fall under the same regional district, you would think that both locations would be a part of the same meeting.Instead of wasting my time on multiple occasions trying to acquire a donation for the charity event and lying to me, the Broadway manager could have simply told me no. I live less than 5 miles from the Broadway location. However, after this type of service I have NO problem driving approximately 15 miles out of the way to go to the Kearny location from now on! I highly recommend AGAINST going to this Cycle Gear location (Broadway).

Review №83

Good customer service helpful no pressure Brian was really helpful or is it Ryan anyways thats what its about customer service I will be back these guys are good I like the store

Review №84

I have been here a couple times. Both times I have received excellent personal service. I wish they carried some more brands, specifically Klim.

Review №85

Good product varietyGood customer serviceGood prices

Review №86

I purchased tires from website and had them delivered to store. I had them install the rear tire on my rear wheel for my 2017 FZ10. It took me an about an hour to remove it because I didnt want the rim to get scratched. I picked up the wheel with new tire installed when I got home and looked at the wheel my rim was all scratched up. I called them up and let them know they really f----d up my rim they said that I had signed paper so I accepted that my wheel was that way. Had I known this is the type of service they provide I would have read the stupid paper before signing it. Lesson learned will not do buisness there again.

Review №87

My candy store. knowledgeable because they all actually ride (unlike most other gear stores) they have staff that ride street, dirt, supermoto, and cruiser. For any one of my bikes they can tell you whats junk, whats good, and whats overpriced,*cough* dianese, and what lasts.....because theyve tried em. Love this store.

Review №88

Jake is cool, he know his stuff compared to some folks at the Kearny Mesa store.

Review №89

The people working here are very nice always willing to help me with any question I have, I recommend to go at that location for anything you need for your bike

Review №90

Employees were very helpful!

Review №91

Excellent customer service.Jake, Peter and Allen do a great job.

Review №92

Great selection prices and service

Review №93

I Cycle Gear always has the best customer service in retail.

Review №94

Good shopping experience. I am waiting for my merchandise delivery.

Review №95

I wish store had more stuff and stock, i liked their friendly service

Review №96

Great place to shop, really friendly staff

Review №97

Friendly people helpful my son wont take off his helmet he loves it. Will come back thank you!!

Review №98

These dude are awsome, great service as soon as i walked the door dude already had my gear waiting for me quick in and out..... def 5🌟

Review №99

Robin gave us amazing service!!

Review №100

Awesome place n good to moderate prices.

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