LKQ Pick Your Part - Chula Vista (West)
800 Energy Way, Chula Vista, CA 91911, United States
LKQ Pick Your Part - Chula Vista (West)
Review №1

Car yard is well organized And staff ready to help and very friendly. Parts easy to find at the lot. You can also go online to check to see if they have a part before you go there. Also you can view the stock they have online to save you a trip if they don’t have a part but they often do. Parts are well priced.

Review №2

Got everything I needed and more.. cant wait to go back and get my own parts for my vehicle. I recommend this place to anyone who knows what they are doing. Bring your own tools

Review №3

They dont know that some prices is almost the same if you bought the identical item by internet ( You can check the price list in the web page of this business) and you not need disassembly that part and lost your time looking for that part under the sun so I suggest you check that part on internet probably youll be find a little less prices before you go and even some business they send you for free that part to your address and another thing you not need to pay extra charge for the guarantee, core and taxes and finally you save gas, time and the entrance at this places. I recommend to this business to offer less prices than internet included the guarantee And free entrance. Sorry but its true.

Review №4

I should of gone with my gut at this one. Went there looking for a Acura break master cylinder. Found the car took it off and went back to see what price they were gonna give me so I can pay for it. I looked online before I got to the clerk and new they were 45 online. Got to the clerk and she said 45 for the one I had taken off. So I said to her they are that price new online. So I just left it there and I left. I had read negative reviews and I should of gone with my gut. Will never go back to this junk yard. They are ripping people off . Its supposed to be a junkyard.

Review №5

Great prices and you always find helpful workers. They have everything organized you could always checkup front to see if they have what they are looking for.

Review №6

I have fune when I go here. Its pretty to see what you can find for ride.

Review №7

LKQs bosses at Chula Vista are all scammers and thieves. The cashier doesnt have a green idea about auto parts. In addition, they try to press some idiotic guarantees without informing the customers. The place is extremely badly organized and messy. There are no wheelbarrows for customers. Prices are twice as high as in Las Vegas. This is probably the worst junkyard Ive ever seen. Such a waste of time !!!!

Review №8

They told me they didnt have the model I was looking for ....I still went it and found it. Its way cheaper than ordering online. Foreign car parts aint cheap but here they are.

Review №9

We were looking for Honda Civic parts and they had lots of them. Bring your own tools and get to work.

Review №10

West side import are not as it is posted. But they are bunched by make. Now domestic side west suv and truck in one spot cars in another. Lkq east is correct

Review №11

One of the last few great places to get your parts

Review №12

Very cool place, nice staff. Had what we were looking for.

Review №13

Great place. Great customer service. Excellent price for auto parts

Review №14

If you like to save money on good used automotive parts and like to work with your hands then this place is for you. There is a $3.00 entrance fee but its worth it.

Review №15

Nasty service not costumer parkingVery poor response from employees🤮🤮🤮🤮

Review №16

Itslike a toy store for adults (if you like cars)

Review №17

Prices are getting way to high and they stopped the bonuses program

Review №18

Nice little scam they have here. Google maps will bring you to this entrance, you pay $3, find out cars are import brands only, wait 30 minutes to try to get reimbursed, staff looks you in the eyes and says Nope, $3 more to use other entrance.

Review №19

This place was great other than the fact that the young girl at the checkout likes to over charge you & charge you for the 30 day warranty without asking. Got super defensive when we questioned the price on the parts we were purchasing. Tossed the receipt at us without a word and we tried walking away, told us we needed to sign, again got super defensive when we told her she should’ve said something instead of tossing it at us. I now understand why literally everyone that was in front of us were frustrated by the end of their transaction. Someone needs to work on their customer service skills.

Review №20

Few things have changed ever since ecology has been bought,warranty is included AUTOMATICALLY so you are required to ask the cashier to remove the warranty, also every purchase requires a stock number indicating where the parts came out of, reason for that is the company is trying to set up an inventory online so that way you can check before you go down there and check if the part is even available.

Review №21

Unorganized, no one speaks english, only spanish.I feel sorry for the workers they poor managment.They keep inventory on the make and model of a car, not whats there. We needed a part for a specific car, year .We asked if they could verify the part was there, they dont do that. So we had to drive there and look for ourselves.

Review №22

They had a headlight for a Toyota Camry prices went up even at the gate

Review №23

Beware of LKQs two Chula Vista West yards. Their latest scam, and it is a scam, is to quote you price that includes a 90 day warranty. Up until recently, theyd ask would you want a warranty on that? They are adding in something (in this case a service (warranty) that you did not ask for. This goes against California Consumer protection laws. Be sure to state that you do not want a warranty when shopping at this and some of the other LKQ yards. The nickel and dime aggravation continues, If you buy a part, they will claim that some component is not part of the item and is charged separately. Additionally, they charge more than the listed prices on the LKQ website under the claim that sites are free to charge their own prices. I understand that this is not corporate policy but rather local management playing games. Be sure to check Ebay / Amazon for the part you are looking for, in many cases, the new part online is cheaper than LKQs price. They have gotten very expensive of late. Remember, buyer beware at LKQs Chula Vista junkyards.

Review №24

Always a great place for salvage parts.

Review №25

Some cars here are nicer than cars Ive seen driving around town. Been coming here for years. I usually scout first before lugging around my tools because property is huge.

Review №26

Huge ripoff business. Avoid at all cost. They searched my tool bag on exit looking for anything to “confiscate” and force you to buy back.My father had a nice branded Ford tool they forced me to pay $10 so I could leave. Ridiculous and the staff was laughing in my face because they clearly do this everyday. They only have your “stuff” as inventory to force you to buy back.Sandra, the manager, refused to share her last name, but was happy to enforce this policy since I didn’t find anything to buy in the lot.

Review №27

Lady at the window trying to get over on people left and right all ages just like a old Couple was at the check out window and tried to only give them back 5 dollars in their change out of a item that was only 30 dollars and they gave the lady at the window a 100 dollar bill then once I got at the window she tried over charging me and adding a Warranty without asking and a core fee when yet the item didnt have a core fee Cashier I.D. number is 3610 at 12:22pm on 5/31/2021

Review №28

$3 admission. They tend to keep cars a few months, so its best to first call them to see if they have your model/year car in inventory -- and how long it has been there. We went looking for a Prius headlight but the cars we needed were there for over a month and too well picked over. All that was left were car-casses. ;-) Ended up going to Riverside where a 1 day old wreck was stored. Calling in advance also lets you understand where the damage is located. In our case we needed the front end intact.

Review №29

This place you get to pick your part and you have the freedom to check other cars for parts. It’s literally a supermaket of parts. Love this place and all the LKQs. Just becareful don’t trip or bump you head with hood of the car. Enter at your own risk. Other than that it’s an amazing

Review №30

Been here for my fox body a few years ago, and went here recently for my car. Fun to look through cars and see what the people were into, and its definitely crazy cheap compared to buying new.

Review №31

Bad customer service and long waiting to pay

Review №32

Prices are a bit steep, went to get a tailgate for my truck, they tried charging me $10 per cable extra off the tailgate, doesnt make sense to me I took it off and it is one unit.

Review №33

Went to sell my vehicle that was running perfectly fine. Arrived at the location, and was told to call a number instead of being helped in person. Got quoted 300 and was given a check for 280. This place lowballed me and was stubborn on not negotiating. The fact that even even shorted me 20 bucks without explanation is really sketchy. I’m not sure what type of business they’re running here. Probably not sustainable which is why they have to rip people off.

Review №34

Terrible service, waited over an hour after appointment window for someone to come pick up my car. If I hadn’t called multiple times I wouldn’t have received any updates on eta or if anyone was even on the way for that matter. Wasted for hours of my time. :/

Review №35

Is expensive bad service people are not frndly, i bought of a fog light i need to remove when i check on ebay parts is same price brand new horrible no more good deals

Review №36

Horrible service and bait and switch on part price. Once you spend your time to take a part off and you think you know what its going to cost due to their web price checker. They bump the price because they know they got you. Theyre excuse is that pricng change by location and the the web pricer is not accurate. Avoid the scam.

Review №37

Tough guy security will literally put his hand on anybody hed like for no reason.

Review №38

Bring your own tools and just get the part you are looking for and paid for it, easy

Review №39

The part I needed was literally hanging there on a salvage car waiting for me to come pick it up...Thank you for my passenger fender light!!😄🙌🏾

Review №40

The people that work here are great. I am visually impaired which makes a place like this a little intimidating but everyone that works here seemed more than happy to help me out and give me directions on where to go. I do think having row markers would help a lot but thats just a small thing.

Review №41

So refused entry with out a mask. There is No State mandate to wear one. Or enforce a regulation you have no authority to enforce. But I get it refuse service to anyone you choose.

Review №42

Its a great place . Decent price usually has a good selection. The website search tool is not that great

Review №43

Its a pretty big junkyard, but they didnt have what I was looking for which I find strange for such a big place.

Review №44

Great selection of cars. But the prices are a little high. In some cases I could spend a few more dollars and get the parts brand new. Also the parts they are charging you for are different than whats listed on the website. They need to update the parts price list so it matches what theyre charging you.

Review №45

This is a great place to find parts for your car. Understanding the numerical system on the location of the car youre looking for is a bit confusing but once you figure it out you can find what youre looking for. So its important to go on their website to find the car and the location of the car before you arrive. The reason I gave it three stars is because there is little or no customer service. Theres no explanation theres no help in finding anything on the lot. The gentleman that who are on the front gates are of little help at all and find it more important to be on their cell phones then to help you. Important things to remember its a junk yard and its dirty and you have to bring your own tools. Makes for an adventurous day. Picking your own parts off of these old cars saves you a significant amount of money. Would definitely do it again and would recommend. My only fault with LKQ Pick Your Part is it has very poor customer service.

Review №46

Am i the only person that has had a good experience here? LolsGranted that the employees here aren’t very helpful, i didn’t think they were that bad. They wont help you pick your part. Also they will not loan you any tools. You are 100% on your own for those things. In fact i have found that even other pickers wont loan you a tool. I have asked a few times and got denied every time. LolsI dint have 100% success rate here, but i usually get the part that i am looking for. I have had some problems with seized bolts. All in all going to pick your part had saved me thousands of dollars and i will almost always come here to look for a part before i shop online or at the auto parts store.

Review №47

I came to this place for a windshield from. 30+ miles away,on arrival found my window.I removed my old one then spend at least 2 hours carefully removing the one I needed.At the register I was told thatI was 3 minutes to late and couldnt pay for the windshield.I explained to heavy set woman my situation,I had removed my windshield and lived over 30 miles away,I was sure the manager would understand.But she replied with a smile I am the managerand I have had my windshield broken its horrible I know.

Review №48

I sold my car through the BAR Consumer Asisttent Program very confusing place, I arrived first door they said not here go to the second door,second door said no no here go to the third door 🙄🙄 anyways third door one of the girls was kind of rude, the other girl Lily was very kind and helpful

Review №49

Dont understand why they want to check pockets for every paying customer

Review №50

Always friendly and fair prices.

Review №51

Good to get parts..

Review №52


Review №53

DIY get the part you need to fix your car. This is is the place. Make sure to bring a rag to wipe your hands after removing parts from vehicle.

Review №54

So they have a large sign out front that says they offer a full refund for 30 days after purchase. I went in to return the radiator I just bought yesterday and the woman out front tells me offer means you have to buy the warranty. What the heck? No one told me that yesterday when I asked. FALSE ADVERTISING. They have crazy prices for a salvage yard anyway, I paid $40 and a $10 core charge on the radiator there, and I just bought a brand new one for $135 no core charge or nothing. The woman there is always super rude also, diggimg through my box like Im a criminal or something. Stop touching my stuff, Ill move it for you if thats what you want. Im just super annoyed by their sign that claims a return policy with no explanation that you need to purchase some additional warranty. If you put a large sign out front please do what you say your going to do. I will not be going to this yard again, ever.

Review №55

You pay a $3 fee to enter and you search for your part. If you cant find your part you can ask for interchange and they will find cars with similar parts for you! The only issue is the prices for the parts have went up so it can be easier to just purchase them some parts at the store without the hassle of searching.

Review №56

I go to this place literally every weekend I call it my adult playground I like to buy cars and fix them up and I use Pick-A-Part to put together dont get me wrong Ill buy a brand new when needed this place definitely needs a great place to put a car together that youre fixing up I strongly suggest going on their website and starting at Pick-A-Part garage and you can literally find out how many of their yards have the car youre looking for being in San Diego or LA or Fullerton that website will tell you if they have a vehicle but it does not tell you if they have the part youre looking for because they cant keep inventory on each car so get on the list to get notified the second they get the car and get your butt out to the wrecking yard

Review №57

The parts are expensive almost like new ones

Review №58


Review №59

Nice yard, good selection of cars

Review №60

Overpriced. Customer service is awful.

Review №61

Friendly people, good prices

Review №62

Expensive parts

Review №63

Love this place! Got my Eclipse back up and running with the parts I picked up at an amazing price. Thanks again guys! Ill be seeing you later :)

Review №64

Came here for parts, in and out, very cheap! Get the warranty too, it’s not that much. My car works now and I can finally drive around. I am very grateful for this place and God

Review №65

The place is nice but the employees sucks who ever that guy on casher screw you! you gave this place a 1 star review because of you. over prices and rude employees. dont go to this place save your life a stress.

Review №66

Great place with reasonable prices if your looking for spare parts for your vehicle. If you need help removing a part there are people there who will help you for a small fee.

Review №67

I have been coming to this Junk yard since I was little with my dad. It is a great place to learn about cars and to find parts for cheap to keep your later model cars running.

Review №68

Very helpful in getting my heavy part to the front. Lots of props to the knowledgeable gals in the office

Review №69

I love pick your parts. I love it because im a do it yourself type of men and when I am going to do something major to my vehicle, I simply go there and sort of practice on a similar car first before I go on and f-mine up. lol Anywho, today it was pouring rain and it was still open. 😀. Oh, the savings on buying used parts is awesome. Of course, before I buy them, I always inspect them thoroughly and compare prices with new ones. I give the LKQ a 5 star and highly encourage ppl to go out and pick your parts. 😀

Review №70

The entrance guy was giving attitude . no respect ..

Review №71

Small fee to get it, plenty of cars.

Review №72

So on top of the $3 entry fee on my receipt there were two other fees added including tax which I understand so my total Parts price was like $33 and the total bill was $42 so theyre definitely making a few more bucks off everyone now

Review №73

Was overcharged by Napoleon, brought it to their attention next day and then REFUSED a refund and offered recompense by deducting from next visit. UNETHICAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL. Check prices before you leave! Mel is the manager and rude and cocky.

Review №74

They have whatever you need!!👍

Review №75

I paid 5 dollars to walk around (that is just one location I visited 4 locations in the same area I spend 20 dls total). Lkq locations have several things to correct 1) they need to have an inventory 2) if Im paying to enter the yard why do I have to pay for imports then pay for domestics and newer and late models (ended up paying 20 dls for nothing). 3) Provide at least paper towels to clean your hands after all customers are paying a fee to enter the facility. Another way that they ensure a sale is; they wont let you have your old part with you to match the part that way the customer is forced to either buy the warranty (because of the insecurity of wrong part) or buy more than one part. The list can go on, but I think this is the most important ones.

Review №76

Always friendly staff and somewhat organized.

Review №77

Lots of parts great deals !!!You can also check the inventory at the website before you goCheers!

Review №78

Fun place. Great staff. Tons of car parts!!

Review №79

To expensive...prices

Review №80

Its hit or miss sometimes. they told me that an alternator foe my car was just over 20$ one time and when I got to the counter with an almost brand new alternator I found, they charged me 35 bucks. I was like wth?! already took it out of the car and needed it. they had me by the balls. I buy parts from them several times a week so I was certainly unsatisfied that day..

Review №81

Had what I needed, reasonable price. Nice people.

Review №82

Good prices. Check the website for availability if youre looking for something rare or more than 25 years old.

Review №83

Sometimes you go down there and spend all day and dont come back with was a good day. Prices were good

Review №84

Very serviceable, they did not have what I needed but told me upfront, Thank you!!!!

Review №85

Got what I needed fast and easy, no hassles.

Review №86

This place sux...need to put prices up on the site so people dont waste gas

Review №87

Decent prices and good car selection.

Review №88

Love to walk the yard

Review №89

The worst place to deal with... Pays for cars with check and bank charges fee to cash it... Dont ever go there..

Review №90

Has the scraps i need in a affordable price

Review №91

Good but too much to walk in the sun

Review №92

If you find your part its a risk.If you get the warranty they sell to bring back the part you bought for an exchange itll bump up the combined price of what a new part cost.

Review №93

They have a lot of cars and admission is only $3 but their prices for parts is a little ridiculous. $21 for sun visors from a 2000 Hyundai

Review №94

If you are looking for cheap parts this is the place just bring your tools and $3 dollars.

Review №95

Great pricing and tons of parts

Review №96

Need to work on keeping their restrooms clean

Review №97

People on the the phone dont know regarding. inventory or prices.

Review №98

U get to pick ur part.

Review №99

The people are idiots and they hang up on you

Review №100

Love the selection

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