Wreck & Roll Auto Body Inc.
5436 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60609, United States
Wreck & Roll Auto Body Inc.
Review №1

This is hands down the best body shop in the city. They offer great work for a great price. Sal is the best. I recommend this shop to anyone looking for any type of body work. They fixed two of my vehicles and left them looking like new. This is definitely my go to shop.

Review №2

5 star experience with these guys. Alex and Sal are my guys! They did full suspension on the truck, front guard/bull bar and side steps. I just went in and added LED light too.

Review №3

These guys did body work, suspension work and installed the roof rack on my Mazda 3. I am happy with what they did. Pictures of my cracked rear springs. Thank you guys!

Review №4

They do very good work and their customer service skills are very professional and friendly

Review №5

Dont recommend bringing your car here theyre unprofessional and waste your time. I was told the car was to be fixed within 2 weeks, 3 weeks max the parts had just arrived it was confirmed by Sal Judeh and Aleks the 2 guys at the front desk, 2 weeks later i came back and the car was sitting in the same place as dusty as it could be my car parts had been sitting for so long they were using it as a table it had not been touched i asked whats wrong and they said their machines were busy and they couldnt do anything about it to come back in a week. I later then came back and they said the same thing over and over. My car had no damages on the inside and when i went to go see it the seats and doors were broken i asked what was that about and They said it was probably a rat theyll get that fixed for me not to worry about it. Up to this day the car has not been fixed If u want your car back Soon dont bring it here theyre unprofessional and its a waste of time

Review №6

Was referred to them, from a friend.. I have seen the work done by them, that was fixed. It looks good, & Ive seen the owner of the car driving previously, on the 3rd of this month, July.👍🏾 #goodjob

Review №7

Great great great customer. Service! They out a security bar on your steering wheel so no crazy folk will steal it!!

Review №8

I was referred to this shop and I must admit they performed above expectation!! I am Super pleased!!!

Review №9

Thank you for everything.. appreciate you Sal

Review №10

Great service. Had them do my struts and some control arms on my 99” Accord. Rides like new. Best price of all the quotes I got.

Review №11

Unlike other auto-mechanic shops, these guys will diagnose your vehicle for free. I so much appreciate that. And the desk or customer attendant guy seems nice though.

Review №12

Had a bullet hole in my car and my car looks back to brand new. Did a great job and was fast. Definitely recommend them.

Review №13

These guys are awesome..I recommend..👍😄😉

Review №14

I have used their services 4 times and each time I was pleased with the work and they were very timely!!

Review №15

Left vehicle where it incurred city tickets. They took personal items from vehicle. The biggest offense was they switched the engine; the VIN on the engine they installed doesnt match vehicle. They really deserve a -0 rating!!! Use this place at your own risk!!!

Review №16

I highly recommend not coming here horrible switched out my parts my car is non operating

Review №17

Took care of my gxp quick and cheap always come here Sal always hook it up

Review №18

Id rather let my car fall apart than take it here again. Mediocre work, passive aggressive attitudes, and sketchy business practices.

Review №19

I used this place because somebody else paid for it thats why u dont have me in your roster so my review is Accurate they said my car would be ready at this time but it wasnt and I had to wait an additional what 2hrs and its cold in yall somewhat waiting area oh trust me this is definitely the right place.

Review №20

They were very accommodating and on point in getting me in and servicing my car quickly. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs work done on their car.

Review №21

Good work...Kind of expensive..But good work..

Review №22

Over price.. A friend suggested the place and some late 30 or early 40 yr old Greek like guy gave me the highest price i have ever heard of.. I went to Maaco, now Im happy 😊

Review №23

They are everyone said if, you get work done, you will have to come back after they’ve hAve worked on your car. Sal and the rest of the guys over charged me, good thing it wasn’t my money, but still. Very unprofessional and the work sucks. They don’t do good body work either.

Review №24

Prices are pretty decent for an autobody shop but dont trust them if they guarantee a particular service. I got my left passenger mirror replaced for cheap but the automated adjustment no longer worked. They promised me they wouldnt even have to touch the electricity. When I asked them to fix it they told me they were too busy and to take it to take back to the dealership despite paying them $400.

Review №25

Had a tune-up and 2-O2 sensors replaced. The price was the best I found and the team is really friendly. The best part is that I got same day service! I dropped off my car aroud 10 am and was able to get right after work. Bill is the owner and he called me twice throughout the day with updates. I have found my new happy place for my car!!

Review №26

Act I: youre greeted with a HUGE SMILEAct II: Youre told, dont worry!Act III: Car not delivered when promisedFinal Act: youre cast in Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeFriendly Bill and Sal turn vicious. Suddenly all the things you were TOLD were going to be done didnt get fixed.Friendly Bill and Sal, so friendly they are, prepare a work order WITH NO DETAILS but what YOU OWE.You ask questions: Bill becomes belligerent: how dare you question me. Pay up and take your car somewhere else!Might be better to take your car elsewhere from the start. If youre stuck, insist on and take time to get a detailed, item by item check list of work to be done with line by line prices. This is no time to be in a rush, or to put your trust in someone who takes no pride in CRAFTSMANSHIP, PREFERRING instead to take your money while shortcutting the work. Take date stamped pictures of your car. Strange things come up lug nuts. Even rear view mirrors.Youve been warned.

Review №27

Family owned--Friendly--Great Service--They came highly recommended from my uncle and I am so glad I checked them out. I have a car accident that left my bumper in pieces. These guys fixed it and even did a little mechanic work that my car was over due for. I read some messages on here of people complaining so much and I cant believe it. Bill is the most humble and kind little man and his daughter is always eager to help. I know every business has good and bad aspects, but I cant possibly see these two people being mean to customers. They even put out a fire while I was there waiting for my tune-up! They were so nice to the customer and in the end she left very happy. Either way, I think theyre worth a shot. I will never go any where else again!!!

Review №28

I wish I could give it negative stars. The place is HORRIBLE. Do not take your car here. I took my Tahoe here to be serviced. They consulted with us after checking the truck. Gave us a time and price of 1500 and change. They also told us theyd have it few within a month. They ended up keeping my truck for more than 3 months. With the end price being $1000 more than originally discussed. Id call to see what the problem was and the woman who worked there had a NASTY attitude. She would have me on hold while she get whomever was fixing my truck. Which took more than 15 minutes each time. When I told her I wanted my truck back after all they had it for 3 plus months. She said they hadnt done any work in all that time. I demanded my my money back. She told me they wouldnt give me my money even though they hadnt serviced my truck yet. I threatened to call the cops. At this time Im 6 months prego and needed my truck for doctor appointments. After almost 4 months and $2500 later I get my truck back. Minus my remote start that they stole. Oh I forgot to mention that they went through 3 different mechanics in that process. DONT WASTE YOU MONEY HERE. BEWARE YOUVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

Review №29

Great prices have done body work on my car.Very happy.

Review №30

Awesome work, decent price. Im really happy with the results. Great turn around time. Really friendly and personable customer service. The owner and staff are really nice people, I appreciate it, huge plus in my book. Would definitely be back .

Review №31

Took my car they told me it would take them 1-2 weeks to fix its going to be 2months now and the car is still there with nothing done to it everytime i call they make some dum excuse save yourself the trouble and take your car somwhere else

Review №32

Love love love this place. They did a great job on my car. State Farm recommended Wreck and Roll after I had an accident that left my car in pieces. Wreck and roll did a wonderful job putting my baby back together. It honeslty looked like nothing had happened!! Also, they have really good coffee, sodas, water, and cookies for patrons while you wait. Highly recommend these guys.

Review №33

Get a fair estimate on your car defects

Review №34

I took my car in cause someone had given me a couple of dings and scratches they did a excellent repair job in a timely manner thank you Sal and Alex

Review №35

They recently fixed my truck and it looks brand spanking new! They treated me very well and would update me if they need to keep the truck a little longer so they can get all the little details done.

Review №36

Did a great job on my vehicle made it look like it was

Review №37

They are terrible at fixing cars. If you go once you will be back complaining about their work. Ive been back and fourth several times about the same issue. The last time I took my truck into their shop, they damaged the outside of my vehicle in 3 different places Then tried to play like they didnt notice it. Theyve also kept my truck 9 days for something that was supposed to take maybe 5 hours. Very poor macanic work.

Review №38

They honestly did an amazing job on my vehicle.. Im very pleased

Review №39

Needed Sparks and coils.. Great job good timing and professional

Review №40

Not pleased. Unsure why another component of vehicle failed after the initial service. And, of course, subsequently charged several more hundreds of dollars.

Review №41

Went with a friend to get an estimate on some bodywork for her car

Review №42

They fix my car with no problems

Review №43

Great service my car look brand new

Review №44

Quality body work and paint. They do mechanical work as well.

Review №45

It takes them a lifetime to complete each job request. Dont take your car to them unless you are willing to wait an eternity! When I got my car back my power locks were broken and my rearview mirror was off the windshield. I gave them the car in good condition. None of these things were wrong with the vehicle.Reply to owner 3/26/21The Bodywork that you all did on the car was good work. However, you all completely stiffed me on the engine swap. The disgruntled worker that you all had put my new engine in did a horrible job. There were all types of components to the engine that were not hooked up correctly and it took me months working with another shop to get it corrected. Little by little as I drove the vehicle things started unraveling. What you did was wrong. I was under the impression that you all also specialized in engine repair but you took the opportunity to hire a mechanic off the street to do the work at your shop for a extra profit off of me. Theres nothing wrong with taking time to do good work just be honest up front dont tell me its going to take two weeks and it be 3 months! Dont lie to goodpaying customers about the quality of your engine repair service. Your late response to my review is a testament to how slow everything is there. I posted this review years ago and youre just now responding SMH.

Review №46

Very bad experience. They do not honor there WARRANTY. Whats the use of them giving u a warranty if they wont honor it. I truly thought that they were honorable buisness folk and i quickly learned that they were like everone else, only about money. Im truly offended by them not doing the right thing.

Review №47

I needed a new door on the passenger side of my car and they did a awesome job and paint job for a ok price. It took about 4 days but the reason I gave 4 stars because some other minor things suppose to have been done with the price that was giving and it wasnt. The daughter of the owner of this establishment is soooooo nice and she have excellent customer service skills. She was very respectful and had a pleasant vibe everytime we spoke and she try her best to work with you on a fair price ... I would definitely go back..

Review №48

Bad pricing I had all the parts to my and just needed them to frame straighten one piece on fender side and charged me $1,250 for it.

Review №49

They r good until they have to honor a warranty and after that ur last in line. I did recommend them at one point but their not consistent and they keep ur car sitting there until once u have spent ur money with them they have u last in line. They dont care if ur without or not they are just taking in the new people and leaving u hanging if they have to fix the mistake they have made. Commucation between the front desk people and the owner sucks. Would not recommend them for anyone

Review №50

Family owned and they treat you like family. Great place, highly recommended !!!

Review №51

Poor service

Review №52

They get the job done right

Review №53

Theyre awesome people and reasonable

Review №54

Bogus paint drops all over the car bubbles in paint shittest job EVER DONT GO TO THE SHOP

Review №55

Dont go here they dont honor warranty n they cheat u period

Review №56

They do good work

Review №57

I Keep all my business with them...

Review №58

Good work and fast service

Review №59

I took my car into this place for repairs and the work that was performed was not correct and i was promised it would be taken care of over and over,so once they received payment for the work, they didnt care that it wasnt right. After being there for a lengthy time, after being told they were going to get to it and repair the problems, I then had to have it towed out of their yard. Because their promises and word means nothing.

Review №60

Very bad customer service and unprofessional. Never go to this place unless you want poor service.

Review №61

Good staff and prices

Review №62

Omg!!!!! Papi and Maria!!!!! I love you all!!! Victor Lil Brownie!!! 💖💖💖

Review №63

Customer service seem to be pretty reasonable but when it came down to the actual repairs on my car terrible all they had to do is change two oxygen sensors they kept my car for three days parked it outside in the lot got a ticket on it and then I told him to replace the front hub they kept it another day and told me they couldn’t repair it so I’m sorry I won’t be back in this business at all, because guess what my check engine light is on again

Review №64

The owner is a cheat!!!! DO NOT GO HERE!!! Im in the process of taking them to court. They destroyed my vehicle and and lied about the work they did.

Review №65

Very good body shop..

Review №66

Its an ok auto shop, the staff is friendly and their prices was a little over board

Review №67

Theyll make sure satisfied

Review №68

Terrible Terrible Terrible Service & So Unprofessional Customer Service

Review №69

Rip off, and theyre sheisty

Review №70

Its good

Review №71

Great Service

Review №72

Good customer service

Review №73

Bad service

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