4355 Windmill Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82009, United States
Review №1

Good selection. Good prices on wood stove pipe and interior doors. Neither of these were in stock in Colorado and Menards had a better price. They have building materials, furniture, food and appliances. We drove up from Northern Colorado to buy 3 oak slab interior doors which none of the big box lumber stores had in stock in the front range of Colorado. They were regular stock items at Menards. The drive to Wyoming from Bellvue, Colorado saved us a long wait on special ordering in Colorado. Plan on answering your own questions and finding things on your own since employees wont approach or engage you. The online website shows quantities of items in-stock. This was helpful before making the one and a half hour drive. It was worth the trip! 3 doors, stain and stove pipe for about $300 plus tax.

Review №2

I love Menards but I was surprised to see one of the employees smash a grocery cart on the brick wall! The one in the purple with vest.Cheyenne approx 4:40 pm

Review №3

Love this place, enjoy going with my husband. We love to buy building products and household items. Unfortunately last visit a board in a stack was sticking out from the rest of the pile. We ended up with 2 flats on our trailer stuck in the shed. Fat boys tire serviceman Dusty helped us out. The guys at Menards just kinda ignored our problem. A bit disappointed was hoping management would help a bit. It was about $250 to get out of the shed. We were pretty drained so left, looking forward to our next trip.

Review №4

Very organized and clean. Helpful staff. Impressive.

Review №5

Great service! They had everything we needed in stock. Jeremy was very helpful and was able to answer all our questions. Everyone in tge store is kind and knowledgeable. Great experience during stressful times. Thanks Menards

Review №6

This Menards location is awesome! It’s a well-maintained store with a hearty supply of extremely helpful associates.

Review №7

Menard is great, however they do not carry things I would expect, needed all-thread 3/8 with 24 thread per inch. Not first time they did not have something I needed, but to their credit neither did Lowes or home depot, menards is my favorite home improvement store by far

Review №8

Such a great store. Has just about everything you need. We love going here. Great addition to Cheyenne

Review №9

First time in menards and I was really impressed. Very friendly and helpful people with great product knowledge. Much nicer store than the two big chains we have in Colorado. I will be back.

Review №10

Menards has great customer service and will actually show you where items are in the store (try getting someone to even answer questions at their competition stores). Prices are also on the lower side (especially if you use the consistent rebates).

Review №11

Incredible customer service. Everyone is ready to help at every turn. They give honest advice and answers. The store is organized in a way that is easy to navigate and the employees treat you with respect and are eager to help. Their prices blow Lowes and Home Depot out of the water. Highly recommend Menards over any other store in our area.We just spend about $30,000 in material for our remodel and they were so helpful. The same project was quoted at the other stores for closer to $50,000.

Review №12

DO NOT EVER special order an appliance. The friendliest staff member does not make up for keeping over $1000.00 of our money for three months, missing the delivery date by 1 month no communication from the company at all. When we finally got a hold of a real person they stated it will take another 9 months. We asked for a cancellation and refund. NOPE! IN STORE CREDIT ONLY So they get our money no matter what because of a absolutely TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY. Menards broke the contract of purchase by failing to deliver or refund and is making almost 6 months of interest on my money.

Review №13

Anytime we are in Cheyenne, we stop at Menards. They have a diverse offering of products to choose from!

Review №14

Great service..needed a floor sander last minute holiday weekend and they took care of us with no hassle..friendly staff...very helpful

Review №15

Huge Selection of all goods from grocery to home improvement! Great Customer service!

Review №16

The inside store workers are always helpful and if they don’t have an answer they find someone who will help. However every time out in the pick up yard - It is a chore to find ANYONE willing to help you (let alone with a smile). The workers out there seem completely disturbed that they have to help you out with loading wood.

Review №17

It was great like always until check out time. When we approached the cashier we had two employees demand request we put masks on per company policy but our WY Governor lifted the mandatory mask law on March 16, 2021 other than in medical facilities and schools; so youre company needs to adjust the regulations according to each state that a Menards is located in. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Review №18

Was sold a fence that instantly started to rust when exposed to weather. Had someone at the store help me design the fence and what to order. Was not told about the fence connector kits that apparently need to be ordered. So after waiting 3 or so weeks for the fence panels to come in I now try and order the kits to attach the fence. I arrange for Menards to order the kits and have them shipped to my house. I then check the order status a few days later and see that its cancelled. I called and asked whats going on? Was called back later in the day and told Gilpin Fence will not ship to peoples homes, so I had to pay to get it shipped to Menards and then pay to have it shipped from Menards to my house...and restart the order and wait up to another month for the parts to come in.I ended up ordering them from lowes and got them in a couple weeks.Finally install the fence and bolts and fence starts rusting badly. The paint on the fence is terrible and insanely soft. Any rubbing causes it to flake off in spots. I was told this was normal. So I filled the installed complaint form as the fence is now cemented in the ground. BUT THEY ONLY USE SNAIL MAIL. No phone, no Email, no Fax. So any Questions take three weeks or so for a round trip. Now they tell me I can return it. Its cemented into the ground. Can I give it back in pieces as I am going to have to cut it apart? No response from Menards. I picked up the fence 4/1 and am still dealing with this...

Review №19

Awesome store, they always have what Im looking for! They have pretty good prices too, I would recommend

Review №20

Wow, everything under one roof for fantastic prices!

Review №21

Great store. Great prices. Great customer service. Our family enjoy going to Menards to look at everything. They have everything and anything you need. W.Perry Dickinson was good and helped us design our garage. He Was very helpful and knowledgeable. Will recommend and will always choose Menards.

Review №22

Menards is like Toys r Us for adults. I have a to make sure I have a very specific mission when going inside, otherwise Ill browse and end up spending waaaaay more than necessary. Great selection and very friendly employees.

Review №23

Not a good experience. First impression was some older lady yelling across the room that we did not have a mask on. She was extremely rude and aggressive.Second impression cost them over 40k. We went there to get prices on a pole barn to be build. We stood there looking at the displays and reading material for a long time. Nobody asked if they could help. The young gentleman was respectful when we went to seek help from the information center but he was not trained to help us. He called his manager over. The manager was respectful but only pointed out that we could use the computer to do our quote. He was of no help with any questions regarding the build or anything else. The computer was freezing up when trying to do our quote. Very bad customer service

Review №24

Nice selection but not what I was looking for.

Review №25

I ordered a sliding glass door from them. They were a month late on their quotes lead time, wanted to charge me a restocking fee when I tried canceling the order due to their being so late. Finally, went to pick it up and the packaging was too large for literally any car besides a moving truck. Would have been nice to mention that. Horrible customer service when we did need to return it. How ridiculous to be charged $200 for something I never even took home.

Review №26

Drove an hour to shop here. Service is so much better than the “orange store” or the “blue store”. Today Victoria and Cindy went above and beyond to help me in hardware (and then all over the store). Worth the drive from Longmont.

Review №27

Tonight was the 2nd time Ive been in this store and Holy cow! Its an enormous sized store, with everything from groceries to paint and so much more! Customer service is absolutely fantastic!! I now understand why my mom shops here so much lol. Great job guys! Keep up the great work!!

Review №28

Crystal, the Paint Dept manager, is amazing. Always gives great service.

Review №29

Where do I begin! Between the staff having as much knowledge as the wood inside the lumber, I would get better advice from a fast food employee! Everything they sell is cheap and breaks after a little while. The last straw was today when I was inserting my card for payment the mask I had on fell below my nose, and a female employee said “put your mask above your nose sir” I am literally 10 feet from the door to leave and would of been out of the store in 20 seconds. As a result I went to returns and got a credit on all the items. I have spent thousands of dollars at this store, but as of today I will NEVER spend another penny here!!

Review №30

Had to make an exchange without a receipt. The lady at customer service explained how to look up the receipt and print a copy at the kiosk. That was easy! Masks are being enforced. The whole shopping experience was great.

Review №31

We Love to shop at Menards. At Menards we have fun looking for things to buy.

Review №32

We ordered some soffit. The order was supposed to take 2 weeks. We are going on 6 weeks. We have been promised our order on multiple occasions. “It will be here in 10 days”. We have been told that three times. Come to find out it was never ordered. Have to sit on hold for 10-15 minutes just to be disconnected, Practically every time we call. The product they had ready for us to pick up was garbage and damaged. Absolutely terrible customer service. Don’t order anything through this store unless you have to. No one knows what is going on and they all blame someone else. We are still waiting for our order.

Review №33

Was very well organized. An employee who had just gotten off work assisted me in trying to locate a motion detector security light. They did not have what I was needing. The young lady went above and beyond helping a customer.

Review №34

We had to do a return and had a hard time with the keos but Kendra I think that is her name, was a great help.

Review №35

All i can say is they are AMAZING!! I ordered an lighthouse online for Christmas (for my senior mother ). When i got it the bottom was broke. I called them up and explained how it came and that i really really wanted one for my mom and was so excited to get it. It was around 8 at night. They totally took the time and told me what they needed from me. Searched for another, and sent it. Im so appreciative of everything they did. Menards is very very lucky to have Levi and Beckah as employees!!! Thank you and God Bless you both. I Pray you have a Very Blessed AND MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄!!! AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH... LISA❣

Review №36

We have shopped Menards in Cheyenne since it opened. We are from Eaton Co... in March we special ordered a complete shower kit that was in stock & ready to ship from the vendor MAXX, however due to all the COVID issues our order was much delayed! Once we got the order,in several different shipping dates, we found one of the panels had been damaged. MAXX agreed to replace ASAP. It took approx 3 weeks for the replacement order to arrival in Cheyenne. A big Thank You to Leslie in the plumbing dept & 2 very helpful shipping/receiving clerks our order was finally found & we picked up yesterday. Menards definitely need more employees like Leslie & the 2 receiving clerks.

Review №37

Crystal was very helpful and kind in the paint department.

Review №38

Great prices and massive selection. Staff was super helpful.

Review №39

Since when can you not bring dogs in there?? They were out of most of the things I needed. The parking lot is ridiculous & poorly planned. There is not a staff anywhere to help you. Maybe when they fully recover from Covid, Ill go back.

Review №40

Products are cheap, and the quality is even cheaper. Spend your money elsewhere.

Review №41

We love Menard friendly staff and always have what we want!

Review №42

Horrible customer service, been here 3 days in a row and no one ever asks if I need help. If I didnt have gift card for here Id shop somewhere else

Review №43

Decent unload time, wouldve left 5 Stars but they left a bunch of shredded pallet parts behind.

Review №44

They have great prices here and great stuff and bonus 11% rebate on everything got to love it I do

Review №45

Awesome... Found what I needed almost unassisted(literally a foot away before I asked). Quick and painless! Enough time saved to spend time looking for stuff I dont need. Super friendly cashier! I wanna say Megan? Sorry not positive. Very friendly to myself and daughter...Ill be back everytime,. Instead of when Im just on that side of town😁

Review №46

Great store for purchasing anything other than major appliances

Review №47

Corporate ridiculous about masks. Staff helpful and friendly. Would be much better without the mask syndrome.

Review №48

Very nice people and helpful too

Review №49

Had some bad vinyl flooring planks, Menards let us bring back the complete order for a full refund. Talked to Becky in flooring and she was very helpful in picking out different flooring and was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting the right flooring for our needs. Will definitely return for our shopping needs.

Review №50

I usually dont leave reviews but i was doing fine with shopping here until. The lady at the cashier who was the 4th or 5th employee to see me decided to tell me that when I bring my 4year old with me again he needs to be wearing a mask. He is 4years old not gonna make him wear a mask. The first time in this whole pandemic I had ever been told to tell my 4year old has to wear a mask. She said next time then I can leave him at home. I would recommend going somewhere else to do home improvement shopping

Review №51

From tools and materials to build a house to furnishing and even stocking up on food. Menards has it all!

Review №52

Great store. Its a private company so if they want to enforce wearing masks, then they can. Get over it.

Review №53

Its like the walmart of home improvement not a big fan, I prefer lowes.

Review №54

A great selection of everything you need!!

Review №55

Id give them half a star if I could. Absolutely RUDE staff that care far more about someone wearing a mask below their nose than they do about the rat infestation in their store. Dont believe me...go check it out. We will NEVER go back.

Review №56

Love this store... at least twice the section of home depot or lowes.. and better prices..

Review №57

Great place, very well organized and great helpful staff....

Review №58

Waited on the yard for 30 minutes with no service. They had 6 customers on the yard so a little busy. After 14 mins talked to some one about getting a forklift driver to get my pallet of product. Saw 2 more forklift drivers drive buy and not say anything, 3 employees stand around talking and another double checking semi loads and hauling empty pallets (about 30 mins on the yard now and only one new customee arrived since I was waiting) told desk I didnt have time to wait and they said sorry and I left.

Review №59

After walking through the entire store, 2 employees spoke to me and only 1 of them said theyd help me after she was done with the previous customer. Completely ignored in the appliance department, even though I walked right by them! Was thinking of buying a new refrigerator, but looks like Ill go to home depot instead.

Review №60

Mask police. If your mask slips prepare to be called out by local Karin Menards employee. Mask crooked prepare for cashier to impose mask overlord on you. Place cares more about masks then customer service and potential money customer is prepared to spend. Go elsewhere.

Review №61

Dont rely on Ron in building materials to give you any sort of help.

Review №62

Great place many choices on almost anything

Review №63

Garbage company. Just have HD or Lowes price match the 11% off, they usually will.

Review №64

Decent prices and good quality Ill go to Menard rather then Lowes or home depot any day

Review №65

After walking around the store for over 30 minutes talking to several nice employees, I went to check out and some old lady sitting behind a desk yells across the store. Sir put your mask on! Now everyone is looking at me, I explained to casher my mask didnt fit and I have medical issues and cant breathe enough with them on. The lady still sitting on her butt yells louder, put your mask on!. Another issues was the casher was handing me a better mask to use. Embarrassed I canceled my order and will never return to this store. She is the most unprofessional employee you have!

Review №66

Horrible infororcing on masks, pushing an Agenda will never step foot in this store again. Medically proven not to help at all

Review №67

The associates were very helpful and knowledgeable. I found what I was looking for.

Review №68

Only went in to take a #2.. but it was nice

Review №69

Not impressed with this store anymore. I have a medical exemption for masks because of lung and sinus issues. I was told to leave because I couldnt wear a mask. I confirmed with the manager later that is thier policy. If you can wear a mask this store has decent products at good prices plus a fair selection which is why I didnt give it a 1 star. Its a shame things have turned into this but its thier right as the store owners. Also they dont allow kids in the store either.

Review №70

Drove from Denver to Cheyenne. This place is awesome, it was worth the ride.

Review №71

I was asked if I needed help like 8 times. Is this the twilight zone? First time ever in a Menards. Hopefully they will move down to the Denver metro sometime soon.

Review №72

Very disappointed with Menards Service if I could leave him a zero star review or a negative review I would

Review №73

One of the (if not THE) few businesses that would be considered a one stop shopping experience! They have more choices and an extensive variety of anything you wish to purchase!

Review №74

I had help from Tom. He was great. He helped me get a cart and load the things I needed that were to heavy for me. Another gentleman loaded them into my car for me. They were a great help.

Review №75

My husband I went to Menards over the weekend. We did not find what we were looking for even though we asked several different sales associates for location of frost free garden blanket. Several associates had to ask other associates and we never received a straight answer. While looking around I stopped in the sink basin section to get ideas for a new sink. I found a great one but it had no price on it or even a sticker of info. Another sales associate walked up to me and asked if I needed help. I asked if he knew the price, he replied with “I have no idea.” I asked if he could look it up? He said No. Then I looked at the next one over. He asked “can you even lift it?” I asked, do I look like a person that can not lift? He said I was to small to lift a sink. I picked up the sink and gave it to him and stated he lost my business.What happened to good training? What happened to respectful communication of all kinds of people. So what if I’m a girl that does not mean I can’t lift. It seems that Mernards hires incompetent, judge-mental, male chauvinist pigs.Shame on you Mernards! Teach better customer service and teach your employees with a mapping system.

Review №76

The store has my favorite smart lights called sylvanias from my experience there one of the best kind to get

Review №77

This is the first time I’ve ever been to a Menards, in purchased (2) roll up garage doors and then around back to get loaded. They only had one in-stock and said it would be 2 1/2 weeks to order another one. I asked about transferring one from another store, but they said they where unable to do so!! Now I have to make an almost 4hr round trip to get the other door needed because of their inability to provide good customer service!!! I won’t be back after this!!!

Review №78

I enjoy the 11% in store credit back on purchases. Seems like they run the 11% sale once a month. The staff is friendly. They still require masks for covid-19.

Review №79

Its my go to place. Its close to my house and they have good prices on the things i need for small projects around the house.

Review №80

Could find what we were looking for. The employees didnt seem to know or even care for that matter. I find it odd that food is sold there. The food just seems out of place.

Review №81

I have no idea why they think they can discriminate entrance based upon age but i uploaded a picture to prove it. This store has same materials as any other material store for building, but don’t bring your kids, or expect to be treated like a human. Have seen like three other people be told they cant enter cause they have their child! Who does that?! Glad they, and myself, said guess you have to call the cops, and proceeded to shop. Should have just gone to another store but the next one is like a five minute drive plus the walk back to my vehicle then getting out again😒 i consider people who try this type of stuff traitors to America, what happened to freedom, liberty, and caring for children????

Review №82

My favorite place!

Review №83

While in line to pay I was approached by an associate to completely cover my nose with my mask in order to be checked out. I sighed and asked to be left alone to which this associate then went to other employees complaining about being yelled at before 10 am. Very unpleasant and unprofessional attitude towards a paying customer. If I could rate no stars I definitely would

Review №84

They always have what I want!

Review №85

Wander around in this place for awhile, you can find things that you didnt know you needed. The more I shop here the more I like it. If you are a maker, or a homesteader, theres lots of little things here to give you ideas.if youre a homeowner, lots of things to maintain or improve the house.

Review №86

My husband went in today with his service dog. He was berated at the door by an employee about bringing in his dog. My husband tried showing said employee, the dogs papers and she wouldn’t look at them because that was too close to her personal space. My husband was the followed around the store by another employee, completely obvious. With that we obviously will not be spending any more money at this store. Your employees should really learn to treat customers with respect.

Review №87

Good high quality

Review №88

If you shop here something wrong you don’t not shop here go to Lowe’s

Review №89

Great prices and very helpful and they have lots of great advice

Review №90

Was looking for a dishwasher. Not many to choose from. No military discount either. Going to get the dishwasher from Lowes

Review №91

Not an overly huge fan of their customer service, I think Perry is probably the only person in the whole place who you can take his word for something. I once bought some sensors for a wireless t-stat. Had 2 in a box, one was defective and the other I had already mounted in my home. I brought back the defective one and tried to have cust service swap out a good one from a new box so they could defect that out and I wouldnt have to go thru the effort to undo the work done at my home for the working sensor. The lady at customer service went round an round about how they could not do it even threating security and management on me. Manger came over and asked her why she couldnt do what I asked, they gave me one good sensor and received the one defective one to return to the manufacture. Another day I was at the cash register, total was like 5.15. Gave her a ten, she rang it in. I then said hey I have .15 cents can I just get a five back. I heard a huge story about how that would short her drawer and she would get written up. Dont start me on their masks and minors policy, just save your time and go else where.

Review №92

Chad in closet department was very helpful!! Should be employee of the month. Thank you Chad!!

Review №93

Received the worst customer service I ever have in my life tonight. Went in will the full intention of spending a decent amount of money. Was screamed at by an associate because my husbands mask was not a mask but a gator. I am talking bloody murder screamed at. We just left. Will NEVER be back.

Review №94

I recommend going to Lowes or another store. The employees will basically force you to wear a mask or tell you to leave. To no surprise I just left. Oh and they really hate kids for some reason. My husband and I will not ever be going back.

Review №95

Clean store. Helpful staff

Review №96

We own 2 motels and we love Menards. Great deals helpful staff.

Review №97

Love the variety this store offers. It is a one stop shop!

Review №98

Horrible customer service!! We purchased 4 appliances that had to be special ordered. We called to make sure that everything was in and ready to be delivered. We were told that it was all there and we set up a date and time one week out for delivery. The day of delivery about an hour before the delivery time they called to let is know that the stove and microwave were not there and they wanted to reschedule the entire delivery for another two week . I let them know that we wanted what they had delivered and we would wait on the other two items. This call took over 1 hour with all the transfers to different people and departments. Most of my hold time I could hear them talking and laughing in the background. By the time they showed up they found the missing microwave. Fast forward one week and we received an email saying the stove was now ready for delivery. Again I called to set up delivery. Went through another 30 minutes call transferes trying to set up delivery. They said someone would call me back that afternoon and let me know what time the next day it could be delivered. I did not receive a call back to set up delivery. They finally called and let me know they were 2 minutes away from delivering the stove. No longer going to buy anything from them that has to be delivered. They were never professional about anything!

Review №99

Wonderful home improvement store with a little bit of everything. Friendly staff and they are taking great precautions to help stop the spread of covid-19. Keep up the good work menards!

Review №100

They have great prices and a great selection of just about everything.

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  • Address:4355 Windmill Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82009, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 307-635-2201
  • Building materials store
  • Home improvement store
  • Building materials supplier
  • Hardware store
  • Lumber store
  • Plumbing supply store
  • Tool rental service
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
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  • Sunday:6AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
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