Tisun Beauty
5420 N Tryon St #1, Charlotte, NC 28213, United States
Tisun Beauty
Review №1

I never knew just how well stocked this supply store was until I left the state. Now it is definitely my go to spot when I need to know that I will find whatever beauty supply is I want to achieve the look I desire. I have always been amazed at how the business manages to keep up with all the latest trends so that they have them readily available but also keep the old go to tried and true brands and items we grew up with a come to love. Theyve always managed to have what I need in stock, run great sales and offer every beauty supply item and an extensive diverse array at that. They also carry accessories, clothing jewlry and have a salon too. This is truly a one stop shop. They have always been professional and helpful whenever Ive visited. For the first time that I can recall since Ive moved away I see theyve hired quite a few more black staff members. Im happy to see this especially since the black community has patronized this establishment for years. I drive 4.5 hours from Virginia to shop in the queen city and this is usually always my first stop.

Review №2

Was looking for specific hair items and the manager/owner helped me and was knowledgeable. He didnt have some of the specific products I was looking for, but he gave me great alternatives. He even threw in complementary gloves so I can attempt my new hair adventure. Great customer service.

Review №3

They have every hair product you can think of along friendly, helpful sales clerks. Ill definitely keep coming back.

Review №4

I patronize this place for the last 7 years but today was such a disgrace! I realize after reviewing my receipt that 1 of the several items I purchased was overcharged, the item was for 1 price but rung up more. I told the cashier who completed my transaction and she paged multiple times for someone to come do a price check. I had took a price prior to to send to a friend because we were just talking about this particular item. Long story short after waiting forever a woman came and said she had to talk to the manager, time was going by so I decide to go look for the lady. When I found her, I was approaching her and so was the manager. The manager from the jump became aggressive and unprofessional. I asked her name and she refuse to give it then she had the audacity to put her hand up toward me and tells e to be quite. I begun to call JESUS name out loud because she was trying to take me there, then she had the nerve to call security. I kept asking for my money back but she refused and continue to talk down to me, the security guard told her just give me my money. Long story short she still refuse instead after all that give me the item for the price that was on the shelf. The pathetic part about this is her customer service was definitely uncalled for and she had no professionalism, the price difference was only 2$ and as big as this store is and all the customers they have she didnt want to honor the price that was clear under the item. I have shared my stor with my circle and they didnt just lost 1 customer today the lost several. Moral of the story dont treat people a certain way because of their skin color. JUST BE NICE AND PROFESSIONAL, PERIOD!!!!!!

Review №5

A Supercenter of hair products,Wigs, and hair. Gave 4 stars because the customer service could be better.

Review №6

They have a wide selection of products, jewelry, clothes, shoes, scarf, wigs, bundles, cosmetic, pocket books. You can just purchase, a great deal of things in just that door. And prices are reasonable.🥰

Review №7

This location has everything and laid out on display very neatly. Some items are overpriced but its worth the trip. Careful with parking the lot needs to be repaved and glass with debris is everywhere.

Review №8

This place is awesome! BEAUTIFUL WIGS! The only down is with that kind of crowd they need registers every throughout the store. Line was ridiculously long down the isle. I couldnt do it but will go back maybe this time in the early morning.

Review №9

Everything beauty you want and didnt know you needed! My favorite hair store. Check out is quick and nice rewards program! Love it!

Review №10

This is the beauty supply of all beauty supply stores. So if you havent been do yourself a favor and check it out.

Review №11

A very dangerous store. Went for a drawstring ponytail left out spending 140.00 its like a candy store for women. They need to have more people at the registers though

Review №12

It is virtually a hair and beauty supply mini mall. Its something for everyone.

Review №13

They have any and all you might need for your hair plus more beauty products, clothes, hand bags, and jewelry.

Review №14

Every hair product imaginable reasonable prices many products for men also!

Review №15

Tysons have very good selections of things that you can buy things that you need so I really enjoy Tysons

Review №16

Very good selection and and great service! Now, the parking lot -OMG- is a crater-filled nightmare! Thats not Tisuns fault completely, because there are other businesses on that strip.

Review №17

Lines are always long but great products. They have everything

Review №18

I brought 50.88 cent wig, a 8 dollar of glasses n 3 if caps n some edge control gel 4 dollarsc n was charged 124.for this. .n I looked at the receipt n ask. Ok the wig is 50.88. So how does a 8plus 4 plus 3 come up to 74 dollars. She tried to tell me it was taxes ..n then get an attitude ..then when she re rang everything up again she charged me 74 dollars for the shades n edge control n wig caps n wig. But didnt put the wig in the bag. N I had to see customer service ..they over charge alot for no reason..I RECOMMEND TO LOOK AT EVERY RECEIPT .because they think people are crazy or what. But that 74 dollars for for something that was only 15 was ridiculous. The customer service people were very nice n got everything rectified..but what how many people get over charged n never say anything, or dont even look at their receipt ....this was the worse experience ever

Review №19

I’m giving 3 stars bc, the store is wonderfully stocked. But the lines are always too long. & the cashiers are very slow.would rather go to Anne’s but Tyson has more stock.

Review №20

Brought a Pixie wig, their selection is way better than Beauty 101 on Independence Blvd.

Review №21

Its my to go place when I want good quality hair and products.

Review №22

They had a lot of hair. However, I was surprised that there wasnt anything that I wanted or needed. The sales people were great!

Review №23

The best hair store in Charlotte, NC. They never disappoint for all your hair care needs! The staff is helpful and friendly.

Review №24

This place is a hot mess trying to check out and only 2 people on register. If you know that your busy trying moving your line a little faster then usual. Overall thanks for all of your merchandise that you carry in the store. I had to leave because I refuse to wait 45 minutes in line to purchase 3 items 😒 thats not called for.

Review №25

Everything u want for beauty shoes clothes nice a lot to look at

Review №26

Hate going to this place. They seemed to have bad attitudes. However their inventory is good.

Review №27

This place is huge sooo much to look at my 👀 eyes got tired they didnt have what I was looking for it was okay not my side of town sooo a little disappointed 😑 when I came there ohhh well

Review №28

Always love Tysons. Ive been going there since my girls were little. They are both in their 20s now.

Review №29

Maaaaan this place is HUGE!! Its a wig wearers dreaaaam 😂 I personally went in there for some braiding hair (so many colors) but I never want to go to another hair store again..!

Review №30

Best prices in town for any hair products, wigs, clippers, and even some clothing. You will definitely find something that you like or need in the establishment. Hurry up and buy...

Review №31

My favorite all in one beauty store 😍

Review №32

If I could give 0 stars I would,rude, poor customer service, just go somewhere else there are many more beauty supply stores I rather go to!! Disgusting

Review №33

They have great selections! More than just hair products!

Review №34

I got everything I needed for my hair and all at a wonderful price! Lots of product options to choose from. This is my first line go to spot when I need hair products!

Review №35

They overcharge like crazy for some of the units so be wise and do your research before you shop here. Great selection of wigs but one unit was sold for 30$ more than the price you would pay had you just bought it online.

Review №36

Unbeatable prices, quality goods/items and wide collection to pick from. Customer service needs to be upgraded, check out is so slow with mostly only 2 people serving tens of customers especially on weekends

Review №37

Good customer service and pretty quick check out

Review №38

I must say that i am always able to find what i am looking for at Tisun they rock

Review №39

Anything u looking for u will find!!

Review №40

Prices of common idems in every store are to high compared to same clothing in real clothing department stores.but great hair and prices and awesome loss prevision officers.

Review №41

Store is to big not to have what you need do better, stop making up excuses.just stock your store. Please

Review №42

Tisun is the best hair store in Charlotte. This is my opinion. They have hair products for all types of hair.. I only shop here for hair accessories & they have a salon in there too.

Review №43

Issa, Jocelyn, and Hanna are great exceptional individuals at Tisun! Very friendly staff!! Issa kept her word on making my exchange! Roslyn

Review №44

Hair hair and more hair, the service was good my niece got what she came for, HAIR.

Review №45

Love this. Have everything a female needs.

Review №46

Great Location! Friendly Staff, but not Knowledgeable About the 10,000 ETHNIC PRODUCTS That They Sale!! Help!Hire Knowledgeable Diversity Employees!! Not one could tell me Yaki versus Yaki Perm? One lady tried! Thanks!

Review №47

Real nice deals on hair and products

Review №48

This is a mega Beauty Supply store in all of Mecklenburg county so far. Your “1-stop shop”store. They carry almost every hair care product & major hair brands trending for people-of-color. You can purchase other items like clothing, jewelry, makeup, wigs, hats, & scarfs. A full-service hair salon is located inside the store as well. The location and surroundings is a bit discouraging. To compensate, Tisun has onsite, in-store security from open to close. Do expect long checkout lines, semi-knowledgeable staff, high turnover in staff and/or high traffic in-store as well as outside.

Review №49

They need some more attendants working there to cover the store. Other than that, its a great place to find something you need for hair and Beauty 🤗

Review №50

First time I have ever been to this place it was awesome wall to wall products. And the staff was very helpful.

Review №51

The insane mark up is what makes makes it hard for me to support smaller beauty supply stores. In comparison with Walmart the price difference is significant for working people. And I know I know, Walmart has millions of stores and they can afford to price merchandise so low, but at least Walmart hires any and everyone and contributes to community programs,...just saying. But service is good and professional, which cant always be said for Walmart.

Review №52

This place is the absolute worst!!! Customer service is non-existent, lines are always wrapped around the store, and finding someone to assist you probably one in a million. With all the other options in the city choose somewhere else!!!!

Review №53

Tisun Beauty is a very nice store. I go there for many items I may not find in my town. The associated are very knowledgeable and eager to assist you.

Review №54

Truly as far as I know just about whatever you need to beautify yourself they have it. Will be visiting soon.

Review №55

The rewards system was down. Save your receipts.

Review №56

Has everything you need here from hair, hair products, jewelry, shoes, and clothes. Huge store. Big variety

Review №57

They have the most unprofessional and unfriendly staff working there! Not very helpful or knowledgeable about their surroundings within the store. Very large and they need to do better with the selectiond concerning lengths, amount in parting, and curl patterned lace frontals. 13x6, 6x6, wet and wavy etc. So tired of seeing body wave and deep curl. Staff is why I gave 2stars.

Review №58

All the hair you could purchase for whatever style you desire

Review №59

Customer service is TERRIBLE!! Lines to back of store. Several employees standing around looking and doing NOTHING!!

Review №60

My wife Shirley stayed in there for 2 hours she came out with five wigs and a host of beauty products I think she likes the store remember Brianna Taylor say her name

Review №61

The business is great but the parking lot is terrible. And it take away from the Business.

Review №62

Love the customer service in the atmosphere of the store

Review №63

Great selection. Virtually no customer service

Review №64

I hate this place!! I try to avoid going there!!

Review №65

They always have everything you need

Review №66

This is the second time the hours were listed incorrectly on google and I wasted my time coming to this location.

Review №67

Good selection yet MUCH more Expensive than the beauty supply store on Freedom Dr.

Review №68

Yesss favorite Beauty Hair Store 2 hours or more visiting this place!!!

Review №69

A number of the employees arent courteous to customers. Sometimes I think they forget that people of my color keep them in business.

Review №70

They got everything I needed nice attitude there

Review №71

They have a lot of different products and sections within the store.

Review №72

The store is alright at best. The problem is the people that come to the store. People will park where they want to (the picture I took is of someone parking in between the handicapped access space between the handicapped parking space), they will be rude, if not violent, which is why there should be a constant police presence but there isnt.

Review №73

I went to pick up 3 items - 2 types of conditioners and black soap. I typically dont like going to this location because it is so large and usually a lot of people. It took longer than usual because the aisle couldve been more descriptive. They usually have what I need and it was the closest location at the time.

Review №74

Every thing you want is here great spot

Review №75

Im a hair care specialist... Yes I love this store. Not only will too find what you need, they give you discounts and have great sales.

Review №76

The young lady I asked for help behind the wig counter was unhelpful every anwser was I dont know.And, are you really asking me to do my job?I hate the lack of good assistance or product knowledge.

Review №77

I love this place highly recommended they have everything for Beauty... i mean everithing and the best prices are there! 2😉😀

Review №78

A large variety of products. They pretty much have everything you could think of but all of the beauty supply stores near them are beating them with prices. Youll definitely overpay here but if youre trying to get in and out quickly they are extremely efficient.

Review №79

Horrible place! Prior to making my purchase I was told I had 7 days to return. Came back less than 24 hours later to be told my sale was Final and no return could be made. Quality of items are poor-which is why I attempted to return. Buy from Amazon where they value customers and their happiness.I begged the manager to please ensure her staff do not advise people of return policies that are not valid and nobody has money to waste.I guess this is why they have security out front. Dont buy from here EVER!

Review №80

Everything is nicely organized and easy to find.

Review №81

Tisun carries about every product you can think of but the parking lot is dangerous. Pot holes everywhere!!

Review №82

They almost have everything you need.

Review №83

Staff not very friendly not very helpful some of the items are overpriced some of them are reasonably priced I dont like the jury section manager back there very nasty

Review №84

It was awesomeIts the super walmart of hair weaves an i love it

Review №85

I have a large clientele and I send all my clients here to purchase their braiding hair. This location is the ONLY location in Charlotte that have the Queen Bee pre-stretched hair. They never run out of stock!! I send my clients here because they will always have everything you’re looking for.

Review №86

You can find various types of hair and cosmetics here

Review №87

Had a huge selection however the staff was extremely loud speaking in another language. Myself and the cashier were having a hard time hearing each other. Side conversations should be taken to the back

Review №88

If you are closed, your hour should reflect that. If not on Google at least your website homepage. Or you could put a sign up outside, so people dont walk all the way through the parking lot to your place of business, in the rain to find a locked door. Ive seen over three dozen people do that. Weve tried to wave them down so they know you are closed. That should something your employees should handle not a customer. Eight more people have walked to your store while I am currently writing this.

Review №89

This place if fully stocked with variety all over the store.... so go visit

Review №90

I love Tysons its so big so many choices and the employees some no more then others

Review №91

I love Tisuns, they have a great selection of everything. From a types of hair: Remy Brazilian and more. Crochet braids braiding hair. Hair care needs, beauty and make up.

Review №92

A variety of products but long wait in lines.

Review №93

The lines were too long and some of their employees wasnt customer service friendly

Review №94

It was very good

Review №95

They have everything here! All the oils and rose water I could ever want.

Review №96

Always find what I want and more great service.

Review №97

Well organized, clean variety of everything

Review №98

Large store and lots of beauty supplies...only drawback was that the line was waaaaay to long...I know were in a pandemic, but they are in need of more employees.

Review №99

Yep! Lol... 👍🏾

Review №100

A good day not overcrowded, masked and social distancing.A happy experience while looking for a wig.

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