D&L Parts Company Inc.
9313 Monroe Rd suite a & b, Charlotte, NC 28270, United States
D&L Parts Company Inc.
Review №1

After a couple of misadventures with the home warranty service and an online parts site, I looked for a place in town that might have the updated fresh food fan for my GE Profile refrigerator (a common problem with those made in certain years). Wed been dealing with a refrigerator that would not get below 60 degrees - except for freezing the deli tray area - for over a week. Sure enough, D&L had the exact fan I needed!!! An hour later I had a fully functioning refrigerator again. This will definitely be my first stop next time Im in need of an appliance part.

Review №2

Great selection on most all major appliance brands!At a great price and best of all the staff are phenomenal!Thank you Melissa, TJ and Brittany

Review №3

I just want say thank you guys for helping me find the right fuse to fix my microwave! The customer service was superb and I will definitely be back!

Review №4

Place sucks is not for the public, soonest I Walking in they ask me if I have an account. I said no. Man said is only for bussness.

Review №5

Dont trust anything they say.They cant even look up parts right.but are very confident in themselves. Dont advise you to shop there unless you know exactly what part and part#you want.they just want to make a sell right or wrong.... 😵👎

Review №6

The staff was very friendly and they seem to have a large inventory. They charged me less when bought the part than they quoted over the phone!!

Review №7

Knowledge, stock, and service. As a do-it-yourselfer wherever possible, I have relied on MELISSA at D&L for over a decade to provide me with the parts I might need (to fix the dryer, to replace the HVAC capacitor, replace the ice maker, etc). But even more, she KNOWS EVERYTHING about how appliances work and how to fix them and keep them running for years. Im sure everyone at D&L knows this stuff, and everyone is super friendly and helpful, but we owe our good luck with appliances to MELISSAs knowledge and help. Thanks for meeting us out in the cold parking lot to discuss an old fridge! Above and beyond your best customer service experience, thats Melissa at D&L. I promise to follow her advice on everything! THANK YOU!

Review №8

I have recently been in the need to repair two different dryers for two different reasons in the last 18 months. After unsuccessfully going to a certain home improvement store first, I went to D&L and got exactly the part I needed quickly, easily, and affordably. Dont waste your time on other places, just start with D&L the first time. I will next time!

Review №9

Very reliable place when you need a part for your appliance

Review №10

They have always got the right parts when I order! Long time customer!

Review №11

This place is awesome, the two that run the shop are supper easy to talk to and have a great eye for art and more importantly detail! Razor sharp line work, and they really pack in the color and shading! Will definitely come again and recommend!

Review №12

Great experience here today. All I wanted to do was call the store in the morning to verify that location had a certain part we were looking for. Sure enough a very nice lady answered verified the Part # was in stock but it didnt stop there! She then advised this product was non refundable and to ensure we were fixing the right piece to bring in the old one & she would check it out for us. Fast forward several hours later, my husband takes the old heating element in & sure enough she was able to spot out the blown spot, tested it and the part needed to be replaced. She then pulled out the exact part we needed (from my call first thing in the morning) she placed it behind the counter awaiting our arrival. Such a great experience we will absolutely be recommending you & will be back! Thank you very much for showing your care & knowledge towards us today!

Review №13

Melissa and Mike always took good care of me. I worked in Salisbury and always had the right parts and on time. Never had one bad issue! Thanks Melissa.

Review №14

Great local shop for help with parts for appliances. Have helped me many times with getting items for repairs. Have always gotten good results and great help. Thanks for serving the Charlotte area!

Review №15

Able to find the part I needed locally! Worth the short drive. Great staff

Review №16

3rd Trip, Dishwasher again, Top Shelf height adjuster assembly. In stock, Good price. Happy as usual with the staff. 2nd Trip here for Home Appliance parts. First was a Kitchenaid Dishwasher Drain Pump. Worked perfect, Hope the revised impeller design keeps it from separating from the shaft. This trip was for a Samsung Dryer Element. Not OE NXT but it reads 10 ohms. Fingers Crossed. Price was on par with online vendors. Hope the fact that the box was not thrown on my Front porch will make for a long service life.

Review №17

I went to Home Depot for some parts for my microwave and they recommended D&L Parts. So I called and spoke to Melissa and she asked me to email her the info which I did. She reached out to me about a week later saying that she have not been able to find what I needed but will keep looking. That was about 3 weeks ago and as of this day I have not heard anything back from her. I can understand if she cant find what I need but at least be professional about it and let me know. I decided to call the manufacturer directly and will get what I need in 3 days. I will not reach out to them for anything else because of their lack of professionalism. I will also inform Home Depot to not recommend them as well.

Review №18

I have been going to D&L for years. If you go in there even with basic to no knowledge, theyre able to help. My most recent experience was with my dryer. Went in looking to buy all parts that could be the cause of my dryer not heating. They advised me that it could be several things and to test all parts before buying anything. I followed their advice and they ended up saving me over $100. Customer service has always been above par. Thanks, AGAIN, D&L for all the support to us DIYers out here! Ill never go anywhere else.

Review №19

Such friendly people. Very reasonably priced. Great popcorn!

Review №20

Very helpful, great customer service!! Went out of their way to ensure right part for the job.

Review №21

Bad experience I called up for a simple part they gentleman named Ryan said they had it I drove down to pick it up when I got there he said the part I needed was not going to fix the problem. The part I need cost $10 dollars. So I said ok he works here so he know what he is talking about. So I called the professionals out come to find out it was the part I needed so a $10 dollar job ended up costing me $200 dollars crazy so thank you to the guy that cost me $200 dollars a few days before Christmas

Review №22

Got an ice maker from them for my sons fridge. They warned me that I may have to use some parts from the old one to make it fit right. I did and it workes great.THANKS D&L

Review №23

Great service from Melisa and Mike. Feels like family with the service and greeting one gets.

Review №24

Knowledgeable great staff. Love doing business there

Review №25

Were the only place in town that carried the HVAC unit capacitor I needed and were willing to sell to the general public (no contractors license). Fast, reasonably priced, and saved my family a lot of grief from the heat.

Review №26

I called D & L because my washer wasnt draining. I thought it was the pump, but when I described the issue they suggested it might be the lid switch. I bought the lid switch, installed it, and it did the trick! Very knowledgeable and helpful staff! Saved me from spending lots of money on costly repair services or a new washer!

Review №27

When you call these people, they put on hold and you could be on for 15 minutes and no body picks up the phone. I have tried them 3 times they do the same thing put you on hold. Is this the kind of company would anyone deal with?

Review №28

They have an extremely knowledgeable staff thats extremely helpful

Review №29

Great customer service. Reasonable prices.

Review №30

Customer service is always amazing

Review №31

Love Melissa. Always helpful!!!

Review №32

Always great customer service love you guys

Review №33

Very professional service, using this parts company for years.

Review №34

Horrible customer service, would not connect me to the parts department at all. Asked if parts were in stock and they said yes and when I called back to set a pickup time, they went from having 100s of transformers to 0.

Review №35

Great customer service wonderful people

Review №36

Fast and Awesome customer service!!!

Review №37

Awesome service!!!

Review №38

They always have the spare parts I need

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