AT&T Store
1117 Walnut St, Cary, NC 27511, United States
AT&T Store
Review №1

Jake Moore was FANTASTIC!! He was so helpful and hilarious to talk with! You can tell this guy knows his stuff and loves it. We came to switch from Sprint, and Jake made the experience so easy and even fun! If you come here, ask for Jake! You won’t regret it!

Review №2

Ask for Jake! Ive been a customer here for years. Some experiences better than others. When I worked with Jake M., I felt like he was a trusted ally. He treated me like he would his sister, I knew that he was doing his very best to take care of me. I will be sure to make sure Jake is working next time I need to go, and if he changes stores, I guess Ill be traveling a bit for my next phone so I can get it from him. 12 out of 5 stars

Review №3

Dylan helped me right away, he was friendly and made the 2 hours I was there enjoyable. He educated me well on my options and seemed authentic in his desire to meet my needs within the constraints of my situation. What I thought would be a difficult process was efficient, easy, and smooth.

Review №4

Think twice before getting fiber. This is just to let people around the area know to think twice before getting fiber internet. It’s a great product when it actually works. But that’s not very often. My AT&T internet is out right now, for an unknown amount of time. This happens almost monthly with AT&T and they are always so slow to fix it. The fiber is a physical cable buried in the ground, and it is always getting broken one way or another. I would recommend sticking to regular internet, instead of the fancy fiber stuff.

Review №5

Excellent service from knowledgeable staff. I was greeted by every staff member that was near me. Normally I’d find this a little intrusive but they were pleasant and everyone I came into contact with was motivated and happy to be at work. A pleasurable experience. They didn’t have the phone in stock but I was given many options to get one. I recommend going to the corporate stores over the retail ones. Night and day experience Robert.... was amazing.

Review №6

David was great. It took his time and they took care of everything that i needed.. your great customer service is much appreciated David

Review №7

I absolutely enjoyed working with Dylan. He answered all my questions and made sure that I understood everything. He helped me set up my new phone and new service before leaving the store. He provided great customer service.

Review №8

Dylan did an excellent job helping me clear up an issue with my upgraded plan. He was easily understood and quickly corrected the situation.

Review №9

This store gave us the WORST customer experience Ive ever gone through at a retail store. Consider yourself warned if you have any needs that go beyond buying a product! They lost my business as a loyal customer and the manager could not have cared less about it. Goodbye, AT&T! You can thank this lazy branch for losing your customers.AT&T Phone Customer Support sent me to this location to issue a return on my new phone that stopped working after 10 days. The store refused to issue the return. Even though they were legally required. The careless manager said it was out of his hands because it was the weekend and no one could approve it even though AT&T phone support was on the phone with us all telling him it was approved. All this manager cared about was explaining why he was right instead of trying to help and trying to solve the problem.It was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL customer service and a complete waste of three full days trying to find a competent AT&T employee to help. UGH!

Review №10

This store is by far Is the best location! David and Sean the store manager helped me with the most difficult time I was having switching from T-Mobile to at&t. They have a huge tv in the waiting area and comfortable seating. The atmosphere was non stressful and I was out in no time. It’s worth the travel I stay 35mins away from store location.

Review №11

My experience at AT&T’s Cary location is smooth and delightful. From the moment walking into the store I am welcomed and assisted in a neat and timely manner. They do the best to help and provide very good service. Wonderful atmosphere with enthusiastic, kind, and diligent workers.

Review №12

The rep Antonyo was extremely outgoing, friendly, and took his time to help me out. I feel greatly blessed to have someone care about their clients. What stuck out to me the most was how he took his time to go over every single step, and help me out with every question I had. I went back twice to him because he is outstanding. I get super anxious having to be on the phone with customer support, and having help from him makes me feel 100 percent at ease.

Review №13

Special shout out to Julius and his team in the Cary store ( Jordan, Miguel, Dylan & Brian) for helping me with a very difficult situation! Julius went above and beyond to get the situation resolved all while helping everyone else take care of their customers as well! I was in the store for hours due to the situation that I had to get fixed, but everyone in the store was extremely pleasant and helpful to me and every customer too as I got to witness many transactions during my visit! Keep being awesome guys!

Review №14

Brian Odonnell was so helpful yesterday. There were a few obstacles to get a new sim card for my phone but he handled it all with ease and a smile. His team went out of their way to put on cartoons for my kiddos to watch while we worked on my phone. The best customer service!!!!

Review №15

This AT&T has the BEST Customer Service Ever!! Dylan went above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Today was my daughters birthday and he delivered!! Thank you soooo much!!!

Review №16

I had good customer service at this place. He was able to help me set up my new account and number. I had gone to a different at&t location earlier this day and didnt receive good service.

Review №17

Four stations. each station had one rep and one customer. no lines, no one sitting on waiting sofas. After 10 min. I was waited on. service took about another 10 total 20 minutes I was waited on and got my phone service started up and walked out the door happy. it was on a monday during the late morning or early afternoon.

Review №18

Denzel was extremely helpful, kind, and thorough with helping us port out numbers and start our new service. He took extra time to make sure all our questions were answered and that we were comfortable with our devices. We highly recommend!

Review №19

4 starts for customer service, it would be 5 stars but they were unable to give me the gold iPhone I wanted and I had to take a blue one. (Something about the system) other than that it was quick friendly service!

Review №20

Anthony was amazing! He fixed my phone issue in fifteen minutes and answered all our questions. I went to another store a day before and I was there for over 3 hours and they weren’t able to fix my SIM card issue. Eventually they gave up on me. I recommend this store and Anthony. I will come here from now on if I have any further issues or want an upgrade. Excellent work!

Review №21

Amazing Service!! A well informed team to help you with all your connectivity needs.

Review №22

Dylan Bennett was awesome! Great customer service, great deals, very helpful.

Review №23

Great service! Manager and associate listened to us patiently, worked super hard to help try to resolve our problem and got us more information than we had been able to get via phone in customer service. Shout out to Julius AND Denzel! Ill go to this location for ALL of my ATT needs going forward!

Review №24

Dylan is an excellent sales rep! Knowledgeable. Friendly. Efficient. I’ll ask for him if I have to return to the store.

Review №25

David at the Cary Town Center AT&T store made buying my first phone a pleasant experience. He was so patient with setting up a phone plan and went out of his way to provide me with everything I wanted and needed. Excellent customer service.

Review №26

I was working with David he was amazing he really helped me, and was so patient and did everything to help us with service and also accessories.I would absolutely recommend coming to see him. I also had Rob who is the manager he was so helpful and amazing as well Cary store is the best!!!

Review №27

Julius took the time, care and patience to explain the trade-in process and to make sure we fully understood it. He is a very professional, friendly and knowledgeable person, was not pushy and just a pleasure to work with.

Review №28

David was extremely helpful, informative, and saved us a lot of money. Listened to our needs and executed within a timely manner. Thanks David !

Review №29

Fast, friendly service. Good deal, employees were very helpful. Recommend this place!

Review №30

Jordan has amazing customer service. we are freshly moved from Iowa and Jordan helped set up our new phones for NC and give us lots of tips and places to go in NC. Give this guy a promotion

Review №31

Came in to the store in Cary. Dealt with David on a simple upgrade. You can tell he was half way there. It seemed like he didn’t care and didn’t want to be there. Then we ended up receiving the wrong phone in the mail. Had to pay a 55$ To fix his mistake. Came in dealt with Julian the manager. Let’s see how it goes. Another case of an employee who’s there for the paycheck. What has America come to?!!

Review №32

Had a wonderful customer experience with Brian O upgrading to a new phone last night. He was efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. From the moment he began working with me to understand my needs, he instilled confidence in his ability to address any questions or issues. He was never pushy in upselling, but provided some useful insights into other accessories and products available, as he continued progressing my phone purchase. It was an all around stellar experience that made me happy to be an AT&T customer.

Review №33

Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have dealt with multiple reps at this location and have never been disappointed.

Review №34

I wanted to use my husbands upgrade, since his phone was the only one on our plan that was eligible. My phone had an10 months until trade in eligible. The representative we dealt with, never told us that we had to change plans to unlimited to get promotion and stated that the difference would only be a $20 difference per month. We do not need an unlimited plan. It was a horrible experience. The manager Robert tried to correct it, but too little, too late.

Review №35

Rude. Disinterested. Unresponsive to our requests. They were only interested in pushing cable packages. Once we made it clear that we werent interested in purchasing one, they recommended that we just use the website to do our phone shopping and ditched us for the next customer.

Review №36

It took 2 1/2 hours to upgrade our phones. Then the guy grab the wrong phone and I had to come back at the end of the day in order to get my new phone. It definitely shouldnt taken so long. The manager was great.

Review №37

I have visited this specific location in regards to my phone a few times and have always received fast and friendly service, but this time was an especially exceptional experience and that was all thanks to Denzel. Not only was he friendly and efficient in helping me in regards to my situation, he also had something that you cannot train someone to have: empathy. He made sure I was heard, understood and actually took the time to help me until the issue was fully resolved. I rarely write reviews but I truly felt called to immediately after talking to this awesome employee. I will definitely be back each and every time, especially knowing that you have great employees like Denzel there. (I also want to give a shoutout to Jordan, even though he wasnt the specific employee that helped me, he was also next to Denzel to greet me and was very friendly and understanding).

Review №38

David was an excellent representative in selling us an upgraded phone. Friendly and efficient. We actually ended up with more than I expected. We ran into Jake who we purchased UVerse from many years ago. He did a good job back then.

Review №39

Delaying the process. Sales person spending more than 45 mins with each customer . If you go to this store takes 2 hours of wait time.

Review №40

My son and I went into the AT&T store today because he cracked his screen. We met with Irene Benjamin from Asurion Insurance, and she was awesome! She helped us out and took the time to explain everything. Her personality was great! She was so bubbly and personable. I wish more people in this world were like Irene. It would be such a happier place. Whatever Asurion is paying her is not enough. She is the best customer service rep that I have ever dealt with. Two thumbs up!

Review №41

Not crowded but they do not have tech support to solve number sync issues with Active 2

Review №42

Let me start off by saying this: I almost never ever leave reviews. So this experience was definitely top notch for me. My representative Jake M was incredibly kind, professional, and patient with me and my husband. He answered all of our questions and concerns, showed me a map of coverage, and helped me pick out the best plan and deal for me. This was my first time switching cell phone providers, and so far I’ve had a great experience with AT&T. Everyone at the store was very professional and kind as well. Keep up the great work and awesome customer service! :)

Review №43

If you’re buying something from them, I’m sure they’re extremely helpful. Help as an existing customer sucks. Hard to say if it’s this store or just how ATT treats their customers. Won’t be coming back, that’s for sure.

Review №44

It takes an excellent experience for me to write a review on a business or service, and that is certainly the case yesterday when working with Denzel Coates at the AT&T store at this location.Earlier in the day I visited a different AT&T authorized retailer to set up prepaid service on a mobile router....which was not completed correctly. I decided to go to this corporate location and could not have been happier with the service I received. Denzel not only set me up with the correct plan I wanted, but was able to cancel the service that was incorrect.During our interaction the store was getting busy and Denzel asked me if it would be ok if he checked in the other customers waiting for service. Making sure customers are acknowledged, and checking with me to ensure I did not feel neglected, was awesome.He told me he started with AT&T in 2009 (call center) before working in operations. He not only set up my new service, but made sure my device was working correctly and that I understood how to operate/manage that device.Any business could use a crew full of Denzels, and if they did, they would be successful. I hope someone at AT&T reads this and recognizes Denzel for his excellent service. Well done and thank you!

Review №45

Jake is amazing amazing amazing. Great experience. Treat him good.

Review №46

Miguel has been a wonderful help and guided us to great move to AT&T TV. We love AT&T!

Review №47

Shockingly unprofessional, verbally abusive and extremely insincere manager at this office.Very poor reflection for this business and AT&T.

Review №48

We got what we needed, the service was...I wouldnt say bad, but the agent that helped us certainly wasnt going to do anything he didnt have to. It also felt like any chance they got they tried to up-sell or get us to buy something extra. Overall I would say it was an adequate experience.

Review №49

Jordan was awesome! Great customer service

Review №50

Brian Odonnell was by far the best AT&T rep I have encountered in my two decades with AT&T. He went above and beyond to help me. The next day when I had an issue, he contacted me on his day off to resolve the issue

Review №51

Worst customer service person in the store . Insufficient knowledge and making us wait for more than 1 hour without anyone attending

Review №52

Excellent service by counter staff. AT&T as telecom service provider -so They have blocked Samsung Note 8 from their network.. So, I had to use a older iPhone for AT&T service 😳

Review №53

Robert was amazing, the process was smooth and he helped fix the issues that we had. I recommend coming here for anything AT&T related!

Review №54

David Stumpfel was great to work with during my visit to AT&T in Cary today. He was so helpful in getting a new phone ordered, new Apple Watch purchased and set up, and so knowledgeable about discounts I was eligible for. He was a pleasure to work with and will be getting all of my future business!!

Review №55

David and company were very helpful and knowledgeable. I had a great experience at this location and look forward to doing more business here.

Review №56

David was wonderful and very professional. He was patient and very attentive to my needs. He took the time to listen to me and answered my many questions and helped me understand the options available to me .... we need more people in the service industry with his commitment to truly assisting their customers . He is the example not the exception ...

Review №57

Ronald helped with the purchase of two new phones. He took his time explaining things to me and making sure our unlimited plan was a good fit for our needs. He was very pleasant to work and I appreciated his knowledge of AT&T service offerings.

Review №58

Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake. Can I say Jake. That boy is awesome . I hope his managers KNOW that. He even showed me how I can visit his “store” through a QR CODE. He’s outstanding

Review №59

David was outstanding! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Great experience.

Review №60

We switched from Verizon to At&T

Review №61

Brian was excellent! Knowledgeable, personable, and covered many topics! Not a long wait...served within minutes. I felt safe with the precautions they have taken in the store...masks, barriers, and hand sanitizers.

Review №62

Went in with questions that were answered 100% by Ron, who was very helpful. When we came back a week later to add a line and do an upgrade he had it done very quickly and was very friendly/professional.

Review №63

Dylan was very helpful and kind at this location

Review №64

Great customer service from Robert, after dealing with multiple 611 representatives who didn’t know what they were talking about and not getting a full explanation of billing issues, Robert was able to jot down and give a full explanation of each charge. Thanks Rob

Review №65

Jake was very helpful, friendly and was knowledgable and completed helping me in a timely manner, this store was great!

Review №66

My friend and I came into the AT&T store around 7:45pm and Ron helped us so much. We felt so bad for coming into the store so late, but Ron was so helpful and and personal with us! We are so thankful for Ron and would recommend Ron to anyone for help! Thank you Ron!

Review №67

Have been with AT&T since it was Cingular. Went to the Cary store with a problem. Instead of even trying to help us they persisted in trying to sell us stuff. Jeff was totally tone deaf to the situation. There are other carriers that want us as customers. Perhaps they should pay some attention to keeping the customers they have.

Review №68

This place is very unique for an AT&t store. It is very large, has several tables with chairs so that you can sit while working with the AT&t representative. But best of all, the employees that Ive met there have been excellent. I had several issues after having migrated a line to AT&t. All of which were fixed by managers at this AT&t store. Even the 611 and level 2 support on the phone were useless. It wasnt until coming to the store and getting a manager who had been around for a while that my line got sorted out. Lesson learned if you got a problem with AT&t go to Robert

Review №69

Good service

Review №70

The associates at the att store helped solve a huge web of confusion I had gotten tangled into. Long story short, they were able to get my phone line and account transferred over to me. They helped me correct some information on my account that had been entered in wrong-both my name and email. They walked me through selecting my new plan and were patient to wait for me to understand. I should have gone into the store in the first place, they are way more helpful and understand what needs to happen.

Review №71

Worst customer service I have ever experienced with a retail phone carrier. Hopefully I can get done what I need to get done somewhere else.

Review №72

Ron was great! Very informative and helped us get exactly what we needed. Thank you.

Review №73

Worst at&t store literally sat there watching everyone who came in after me get helped before me so I just walked out well never go there again and I don’t even leave reviews made me waste my lunch break

Review №74

Great job! Thank you so much for the excellent services you provided!Blessings

Review №75

Awful sevice. I waited half hour to get some one to talk to me. They have attitude and very slow. The guy named Brett did not want to help. his co-worker had to tell him to talk to me. I had to drag information out of him. His answers were yes and no. I literally had to ask him the only question I shouldnt have what plans does att have?

Review №76

Great store. Great experience. Ask for Rocco

Review №77

I’m from Va. in town visiting my daughter and decided I wanted to upgrade my phone. AT&T store is pretty much just around the corner. No wait time was asked right away what we came in for. The young lady that helped us was name Leighvonda Newsome. She was very friendly and helpful to help me decide on the phone I wanted. I really wanted the iPhone 11 Pro Max not in stock so instead I got the iPhone 11 still I think was a good choice with the trade in of my old iPhone 7 Plus. Keep up the good work young lady kindness goes along way these days at least in my book it does. Thank you again for your help and instructions on how to set my phone up at home. 😀

Review №78

I had to wait 10-15 minutes to be seen, which was fine because they looked short staffed. However, I wanted to upgrade my phone, and the person who was supposed to be helping me rushed through the process so quickly, wasn’t helpful with answering my questions, and ended up processing the order without verifying the color of phone I wanted (though he had enough time to try and sell me accessories...). I was the one who had to double check on the color, which ended up being the color I didn’t want, and by that point, he said it was too late to cancel the order for some reason. He said I could cancel it online, and there was no option to do so, which makes me think they have no idea what they are talking about. So now I have to wait to get the phone and return it to the store for the correct color. Horrible service, will never be shopping here again.

Review №79

Thanks Madison for your help in resolving the issue. I am removing the review posted earlier. Could you also help me with the billing issue for my Internet plan as well? As you may, I am paying twice (2X) than what was promised when I signed up for it.

Review №80

I proposed my issue, explained the routes that were taken before arriving at the store, and they didnt even try to assist. The in-persob mobile service industry continues to decline because of these failures.

Review №81

A professional and courteous. They log you into the waiting list so you won’t be missed.They are problem solvers.

Review №82

I had amazing service and they worked like they enjoyed their jobs

Review №83

Omg the staff here was so helpful and super friendly. One of the guys, forgot his name, stayed with me past store hours trying to help me fix my phone. Finally it worked! Thank you guys so much!

Review №84

Waste of time. I went there to ask for help settong up voicemail (some provisioned setting seems to be corrupted). After an hour, it was suggested i try 611...which i had tried earlier and was unable to resolve. So still not fixed!

Review №85

PSA- if you go to the AT&T store on Walnut St be careful when upgrading your phones. What should in have been a simple upgrade turned into the sales representative bullying me into changing my plan by lying to me and saying that the new plan was exactly the same and would save me money, even when I said several times that I liked the plan I had. I asked him about all the features and he said over and over that it’s exactly the same and that i would be saving $40 a month. Well my bill Comes today and it’s TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE!!! Granted, some of the charges are one time upgrade fees, but the kicker is that he changed my plan from one that had a $20/month access fee per line to FIFTY FREAKING DOLLARS A LINE!!! That’s $150 more than the old plan! So yes, the unlimited elite plan is “cheaper” than the unlimited plus plan, but the access charges are more than double!!! $50 a month for access?! That’s INSANE! I am ready to throw AT&T in the garbage at this point if they think for one second I’m going to be paying them $600/month for a phone bill. FOH.

Review №86

David Stumpfel was great. Added a line and saved a hundy on my bill. Way it should be.

Review №87

Ordered inline, chose curbside. So easy! Curbside was seem less. I got an email from them when phone was ready and a link to let them know when I arrived. Answered a couple questions and 10 minutes later I was driving away. I almost wish curbside was the only way to shop!I didnt miss going in to be ignored for 10 minutes to be added to a que and then have the process take an hour!

Review №88

After going to the att store in north hills leaving in tears I was able to get Anthony at the Cary att store to go above and beyond in service! He was efficient, helpful, patient and very knowledgeable. Even the 800 number for att couldn’t assist me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ATT CARY!!

Review №89

I love this store, the service is great and the people treat you very well, I recommend them 100%

Review №90

Automatically walked in, explained my situation to combine accounts and they were dismissive and rude. I’ll probably switch carriers just because of my experience now.

Review №91

Jake and the manager with the “red” hair were great with my dad and his many questions.He got a good deal and left feeling not taken for granted or taken advantage of.

Review №92

Ordered a phone online today, an hour later I got an email confirming the order was ready to be picked up. I drive 30 mins to get there and wait over 35 mins in curbside pickup just to be told they don’t have any phones in stock, and just to top it off I paid online and have to wait 5 business days to get my refund! Sooooo irritated!

Review №93

Nice big at&t store. More room to move around in than the store in PA. Bought me a car charger.

Review №94

Robert was awesome! His customer service was excellent!! I am new to AT&T and I am extremely satisfied with my service thus far!!

Review №95

Great service and savings! David and Rob were very helpful!!

Review №96

Literally; the rudest staff I have EVER encountered. Brain - the non-helpful, mannerless employee who assisted me, was beyond terrible and completely unwilling to help. The supervisor was on the phone in the back for my entire 45 minute stint; which is probably code for not even in the building. Spectrum here I come!

Review №97

Ron was extremely helpful!!! Well come back to Cary and to him for future support; he explained the technology, products and deal options for us to choose the best possible solution to our problem.

Review №98

Jake was amazing, patient and totally got me a GREAT deal. Only ask for Jake for a great visit.

Review №99

The Absolute worst! Took them 20 plus minutes jist to sign you in, and another 30 plus to get attended, i saw costumers come in and leave because they couldn’t get help, i myself left. It’s like waiting for Jesus to come back when waiting to get help. Very disappointing.

Review №100

Its better to handle business in person.After a long evening of dealing with AT&Ts call centers, I was welcomed at this location by their helpful employees and manager. What took call centers almost 3 hours and over 6 separate calls (from disconnections and various miscommunications). My request was handled in moments by the friendly staff (with a small wait period). They were polite and they had wireless charging stations ready for use for customers and plenty inventory available for new customers wanting new phones. I will gladly come back for any future needs.

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  • Address:1117 Walnut St, Cary, NC 27511, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 919-462-1996
  • Cell phone store
  • Telecommunications service provider
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–8PM
  • Thursday:9AM–8PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:8AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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