Liberty Tree Guns
530 W Fir Rd Suite C, Carthage, MO 64836, United States
Liberty Tree Guns
Review №1

The best gun shop in the world! Why go anywhere else. The staff is great and always eager to help you with your purchase!

Review №2

Overall a nice experience, with friendly staff. No hassles or attitude.Firearms selection is above average --for this particular region.Prices: average.Ammo selection: not much.But thats typical, everywhere, right now.For this area, its a generally nice store to visit.And if you cant escape the Joplin area to shop elsewhere --better yet, to LIVE elsewhere...Well... My sincerest condolences.

Review №3

So far, I have to say that they were very pleasant to speak to on the phone about the ordering process, their stock is better than a ton of places, and the pricing seems more than fair and even the best price on certain items. We will see how the order fulfillment stage of it all goes, but everything was nice enough where I felt compelled to write a review based on my 1st interaction.Edit: Everything was great. There was follow through / follow up, items were well packaged, discrete packaging, fast shipping, easy process. I can say that without hesitation, I would recommend placing an order with them.

Review №4

Ordered online. Shipped very fast. They sent multiple communications with the order status. Everything arrived packed well. Great pricing. First class operation.

Review №5

Liberty Tree went above and beyond to correct a situation that was out of their control, I ordered a Chiappa 1892 that was junk and instead of referring me to the manufacturer they handled it directly. I appreciate a business that respects the customers, keep up the good work.

Review №6

I had a good experience here a month ago and bought a second weapon a few days ago. There are several negative reviews below mine. The common irritation points are that the staff are inattentive, the store is too small, and they do not carry 1,000+ guns.The first point is from a mismatch in expectations. You walk into a small town gun store feeling entitled to special treatment and when you dont get it, you will be upset. Not every store has to conform to your standard of fast food service. If you dont put on your big boy pants and approach an employee, you might have to wait a bit. That was my experience.On the second point, if you compare Liberty Tree Guns to other local stores like Rayzors Edge in Joplin, you will discover it is 3-4 times larger with a bigger in-store inventory. The size is big enough for the inventory they carry with room to spare. The reason it feels crowded is probably due to an increase in people buying guns and ammo and also depends on the time of day and day of week you show up.On the third point, Liberty Tree does have a huge inventory. The sign says, 1,000+ Guns In-Stock. I dont know if there are 1,000 guns in the store, but there are well over 100. You can count them in the pictures on Google. They also have a warehouse and a large in-stock inventory to select from online that ships to the store pretty fast. Being in-stock and being in-store are two different concepts.My experience with Liberty Tree Guns was that I ordered online and received a text message from a store employee to let me know when the gun was ready for pick up. I went to the store shortly after they opened, and approached an employee. I was met with friendly service and my gun was located fast. After that, I had to fill out a background check which was done by tablet instead of paper like other local stores which made the process faster. After getting my gun, I also bought ammo which I couldnt find anywhere else online.Overall, I like this store. The people are nice, the website is easy to navigate, and they actually have weapons and ammo in-stock! That alone makes them worth shopping with these days.

Review №7

The STD Manufacturing Shorty was all sold out in my state (Connecticut) and a quick google search showed liberty tree guns had the firearm In stock for a great price. I spoke with salesman Remington and he made ordering and shipping extremely easy. Firearm got to my local FFL in 3 business days. ALL my friends are jealous THANK YOU LIBERTY TREE GUNS!

Review №8

I ordered a Cobra Derringer for my wife, but because it is a single action weapon, she isnt able to use it. I called and asked about refund policy and procedures and was instantly told I could return the piece. About 20 minutes later I had a return authorization in my inbox. First class customer service! This is a store where I will shop again!

Review №9

Theyre getting ammo back in stock, awesome place. Have picked up a few things there. Workers are friendly and knowledgeable

Review №10

You know when people have a problem it’s best they go to the source to try and fix the problem!Liberty tree are full of great people! Amazing pricesOn new and used fire arms.Understand if you go to the full extent to make a google review make sure you go the extra mile to fix your problem first! It’s not everyone’s fault you had a bad experience it’s your fault for not speaking up and saying something about the problem!

Review №11

So far pretty awesome. Placed an online layaway order. Had payment questions so I called. Just hung up with Hunter who is super professional and informative. He answered all of my questions. Awesome employee who was more than happy to help.

Review №12

Awesome customer service! Product shipped next day and Tom was super helpful! A+ will buy from them again.

Review №13

This gun shop is always super busy and they seem to have outgrown their space. It is very crowded which is a good sign. It seems like they are very understaffed... no one to help you at all. You have to figure out who the actual employees are...I suggest wearing store shirts etc. I cannot figure who to go ask for help! They are always on the phone and not actually helping people there to buy items.They do have a wide variety of hard to find ammo.But dont be mislead by advertising and billboards. They are a very small shop and no where near 1000 guns at all. I only seen 50 rifles at best. No exaggeration.

Review №14

I purchased a Bersa Thunder plus .380 pistol. The folks were very accommodating and I paid by cc. My only complaint was the transfer to FedEx was slow and duplicate numbers were produced. It took a few extra days for my FFL to receive a 2 day priority shipment which he finally received after a week. However Liberty forgot to include their FFL certyand that delayed it further. Then my FFL went out of town for a few more days. Needled to say the $50 shipping fee I paid was a bit high and given the poor performance of both Liberty and FedEx I only gave this transaction 3 stars. I’m sure this company can do much better.

Review №15

If they dont have it, ask them if they can order it. Very professional and helpful salespeople. They also offer CCW classes. In this day in age where the 2nd Amendment is constantly threatened with abolishment, add this shop to your phone contacts.

Review №16

Great company and really knows there stuff I would recommend them for any type of gun products you might need.

Review №17

Best gun shop in the area. Friendly staff, competitive prices, and lots of inventory!

Review №18

Talk about a place everyone is welcome! If you love being treated like a friend and feel welcomed and not a dollar sign or a burden, then go to Liberty Tree!

Review №19

Made my first trip there today. They came highly recommended from a relative. Their inventory was a little low because of our current situation but I found exactly what I was looking for. The guy with the beard and a half waited on me and was very nice and knowledgeable. Great experience and I will go back. Highly recommend.

Review №20

Smooth online transaction- shipped me an item that had originally been marked as in-store pickup only. Phone representatives were attentive and mostly cheerful. My only complaint would be the steep price I paid, and is the only reason I deducted a star.

Review №21

One of the best gun stores in the Joplin and Carthage area.

Review №22

My husband went in to see about ammo and to look at a particular gun, no one even spoke to him or say I be with you shortly, they were to busy with their buddies, use to enjoy going in there but they have let it go to their head. Will do business with someone who appreciates the business.

Review №23

Overall good store for rifles ar’s ak’s really anything you need they always say hi when you walk tough the doors they always help you find stuff they will make sure you have found every thing before you leave it is just a great gun store

Review №24

They have a good stock of firearms in however I took my AR-10 308 in to get a offer on and he tried using a ar-15 in 5.56 as a price reference.

Review №25

Dont try to sell any firearms here. This place will offer you nothing. Not a good place to sell your firearms.

Review №26

My experience,,, I think they could have gave me more options... Didnt really feel like they wanted me in the store.. It was a used 9mm... they could have offer me to buy another clip.. it jt didnt feel right and I bought Three guns from you guy my last experience... Was Great the SR 9mm....Then I go used,, I needed an extra clip they didnt even bring it up to my attention... I figured being a wonderful place like you guys are.. Your guys would be more in to let me know what I needed with it or if you had something that you recommended or something with the weapon so basically thats why I gave you a one-star but still I would not shop anywhere else but liberty God bless

Review №27

Would not leave one star if I could leave a review without one. Ordered a gun they had listed on their web site Saturday the 5th 2020. Paid in full. On Monday they canceled the order. Said they sold the gun on Saturday the 5th, but could not, or would not tell me what time gun was sold. I read all their reviews before doing business with them. When I finally got to talk to someone who knew something, (first guy was clueless), the person I spoke to was very rude and hostile to my questions. Accused me of raising my voice, while he was the one yelling. Im 56 and retired military. Worst gun buying experience of my life. Basically their web site lies. Did not offer to make anything right. Terrible customer service. If its sold, take it off the website!!!! How hard can that be. Spreading the word through my gun community, and our gun club to stay away!! Buyer beware!!!

Review №28

First opened it was great. Seems like its gone down hill if youre not talking to them about a high dollor purchase their not interested

Review №29

Not going to lie the only reason we stopped here was cause a billboard that said 1000 guns w or whatever it says.... you walk in employees dont really notice you. And there was no way that many guns on the floor to see there was maybe 100-150. So pretty much a big let down. Then my husband was looking for a gun and couldnt get anyones attention.. probably wont be coming back here...

Review №30

Good people, good selections

Review №31

Excellent service, my first online pistol purchase and sent to my local FFL. Excellent customer service and fast shipping. Highly recommend. Thank you again Tom

Review №32

Dont trust their website, i have bought two GUNS on their website each time I go to pick it up they dont have it. This last time they Advertised a gun that isnt even being made anymore and they still have it on their website. Take your money somewhere else

Review №33

I decided to change my review due to the communication problem being solved. Purchased several firearms from them in the past and they have always been willing to help, except my last visit and that was resolved in a positive manner. Theyve always presented the best customer service. Liberty Tree rocks! The owner really cares about his customers.

Review №34

This place is awesome! Great selection, good deals and nice staff! Will be coming back.

Review №35

I want to start off saying I love this shop and I’ve spent thousands in there however recently I’ve been hearing Some lies from these guys. The first being top dollar for your trade. I bought a .38 revolver less than a week later I decided I wanted the 357 instead so I went to see how much they would give on a trade there offer was less than half what I paid a week before. #2 this we stand behind what we sell yeah right 6 months ago I purchased a brand new ruger supper black hawk hunter in .44 magnum I took this brand new revolver to the range shot 1 cylinder through it reloaded and it wouldn’t do anything I couldn’t even pull the hammer back the following day I called liberty tree to see what we could do they straight up told me I would have to call ruger and get it fixed well luckily ruger has amazing customer service because they sent me the BUYER all the parts I needed to fix it. I don’t mind fixing the thing but shame on liberty tree for lying.

Review №36

Visited a couple of weeks ago and the staff was great. Very helpful and informative. Will be back many times Im sure.

Review №37

Good help

Review №38

I just recently started doing business online with this establishment and I have found that they are reliable, courteous and offer great merchandise at great prices. Will continue to do business here.

Review №39

The only gun store I will ever shop.

Review №40

I took the Concealed Carry Training Course and absolutely loved it. Chad was our instructor that day and although he was in the throes of a terrible cold, he still shone and he demonstrated a superior and thorough knowledge of all the pertinent statutes and laws that govern the subject. The day flew by because the subject matter was so practical and important, and because Chad has a gift for incorporating humor into his teaching. The time we spent on the gun range made me comfortable with firing a semi-automatic weapon, and our class was so engaged and interested that our open discussions were informative and helpful. Liberty Tree provided a great lunch, free beverages, and made me wish that my MU law school professors had been 1/4 as interesting as Chad! Well done Liberty Tree! I plan on taking as many different courses as they have to offer!

Review №41

Very knowledgeable & friendly staff. Always helps you get what you need at a great price. A++++ staff & merchandise.

Review №42

This is my second review for this emporium of the ballistic arts. There is simply no where else I would rather do business. I know all the staff by name now, and they are all helpful. They have very competitive prices, extremely friendly demeanor, advice is free and generally excellent. I mean it is as if they actually know about the firearms they have for sale. If for some strange reason they dont have what you are looking for, they will gladly sell you something else. JUST KIDDING, they will order it in for you. They also have competitive transfer fees. ps, watch out for Gabe he will sell you like 4 guns before you even know where your money went, or maybe it is just me. Probably mostly me.

Review №43

I took the concealed carry class at liberty tree. It was very informative and professional. I also bought a gun at Liberty Tree. Every time I have been to this store it is very busy, but i am always helped within around 10 minutes. When I bought my gun i left there knowing everything i could possibly know about it. I learned a lot about other brands of guns as well. I think they are very knowledgeable and will be my first choice next time i am shopping.

Review №44

I am upset and can’t seem to get ahold of them. I found them through another site. They had a reloading press listed “in stock”. Order was placed and money was charged to my card. This was almost two weeks ago. I gave them the benefit of the doubt with the current situation when no tracking information arrived. Tonight I got an email the order was canceled and I would be receiving a refund. The product is also still listed as in stock on their website. I don’t understand what occurred but I hope the refund comes in. Frustrated.

Review №45

Hey, it was my first time in your shop today. I just wanted to say that youre all polite and professional. Youll have more of my business in the future. Thanks.

Review №46

Good selection & friendly staff

Review №47

I took their CCW class last Saturday and although I was told ahead of time how well Chad Harris teaches, I must say that I was surprisingly impressed. He was brilliant in his knowledge; down to earth, yet articulated everything we needed to know in an intelligent, cohesive manner. I would endorse anyone looking to train that they give Liberty Trees team a shot (pardon the pun).

Review №48

Well stocked inventory and fair prices. Best of all they take time for their customers with a genuine interest in being helpful.

Review №49

Quality people providing quality service, selling quality products. I would spend a little more money to drive to Liberty Tree and pay more for a gun to support these guys over some of the competition. Every customer gets first class service, Ive never seen anything less from the guys (and sometimes gals) at Liberty Tree. Just awesome.

Review №50

I took their conceal carry course and was very pleased. They are a very genuine group of individuals and truly treat everyone with respect and are willing to help. Im a Joplin resident and dont even mind the drive to Carthage to do business with them even though I have a dozen other options. I highly recommend their courses.

Review №51

Great service and I will buy there again

Review №52

Extremely knowledgeable staff who are very friendly and welcoming

Review №53

Very knowledgeable and have a wide variety of firearms. Found exaclty what I needed at a fantastic price. Even sold my used over new to helpe save a few bucks.

Review №54

This is an absolute great place to shop. Excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff, well lit, and clean. If you are looking for something, Eli probably has it.

Review №55

Nasty people what gun store serve cucumber water. They have signs around town saying top dollar paid for guns but they will give bottom dollar .said no thanks to their offer guy behind the counter threw a fit. Nasty customer service wont ever go back!!! This place needs shut down the power think hes special he illegally turn in spent rounds the local police dont care cause he gives them a huge discount... I wouldnt trust this establishment!!

Review №56

Unbelievable, I ordered late on a Wednesday and had my order by Friday!

Review №57

Been going there for years and its been great!

Review №58

Took my CCW class with these folks, top notch. Recently called about a hard to get pistol, and got a great deal from them. Chad, and all the guys down there are awesome. One of my top 3 recommendations in the area.

Review №59

Good thing they work in a gun store because they have plenty of weapons when they try to rob you of yours.

Review №60

Great people and a great place to buy guns.

Review №61

I think they are all helpful and know what they are doing

Review №62

Had an issue with a product and they took care of it. Appreciate it.

Review №63

Amazing place! Smells like cedar, guns, and freedom! Excellent service, wide range of inventory, and a gunsmith on hand to fix your guns! Couldnt recommend more!

Review №64

Very friendly and helpful staff. They have a large and comprehensive inventory of guns and accessories also.

Review №65

Loyal Liberty Tree customer. Great store, great service and prices! I will never buy anywhere else

Review №66

Best place in the 4 states to buy a gun, take ccw, and any other safety courses. Very friendy, knowledge and family orientated. If youre looking for any guns, ammo or gear this should be your first stop.

Review №67

All the people at Liberty Tree are amazing! Its a 1 stop shop for everything. CCW, weapon purchase, accessories, ammo everything. I drive a extra 30 minutes past others to go to Liberty Tree.

Review №68

Very well knowledge of different types of guns and very helpful in getting you in the right kind of gun for each individual and all the time helping out the community and kids

Review №69

Helpful and friendly staff. Offers great training. Very good prices

Review №70

I visted the store today 11/26/16 very well stocked and very helpful friendly staff. I will definitely go back.

Review №71

No place to try and trade guns. Good gun store but wont give you near the value of your gun in on a trade.

Review №72

I bought a pair of binoculars off of amazon and ordered the wrong ones, I tried to cancel the order the same morning and they said they were already processing and could not be canceled.. I had to send them back after receiving them and they did not refund my money for 3 weeks, only after I filed a claim with amazon. Basically they waited until the day that amazon was going to refund my money to finally pay me. I was out 600 bucks for approximately 3 weeks. This order was place on October 19 2017

Review №73

I placed an order online and it was mysteriously cancelled for technical issues. Its probably a scam, be wary...

Review №74

Good people there helpful and you feel good after being helped

Review №75

Went above and beyond to rectify the issue.

Review №76

Always have the best service, no one is stuck up, all are helpful .

Review №77

Great place to go just stop and look thanks

Review №78

Outstanding service, selection and CCW classes. Highly recommended.

Review №79

Great place to get ccw lisc

Review №80

Great customer service!

Review №81

Friendly, Knowledgeable, professional service. I try to buy from them over any big box store when ever I can.

Review №82

Nice atmosphere helpful sales people

Review №83

My first stop when looking for a firearm. Excellent service.

Review №84

Great experience very helpful will be back!

Review №85

Great folks, great business... highly recommended.

Review №86

I would call and check on used inventory bc I went to get one transaction went threw and guess what I got a text later saying sorry but these guns where sold in the store... like really... wont do business with them again

Review №87

Really nice and can answer any questions.

Review №88

Great place to get CCW training

Review №89

Great Service

Review №90

Friendly service, Helpful people Ammunition and optics

Review №91

Because theyre the coolest

Review №92

Great people, relaxed atmosphere

Review №93

Friendly and good prices

Review №94

I spent money .

Review №95

Great Place!

Review №96

Nice store

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