Majestic Turnaround
706 30th St NE, Canton, OH 44714, United States
Majestic Turnaround
Review №1

Almost 100 vendors! There is so much stuff here! You will want to spend the whole day here.

Review №2

One of my favorite places in Canton! Friendly & helpful staff and TONS of variety! The vendors are constantly bringing in new inventory. Tons of vintage clothes, decorations and furniture to shop. Lots of one-of-a-kind finds and collectibles! This place is great for junk enthusiasts and pickers! Definitely stop by when you are in Canton.

Review №3

Owner was very nice, rating 2 stars because of the product we bought, it was a Wii that had a post it note on the front that said tested and works, the store offers no refunds but because of this post it note I bought it with confidence ( if it didn’t say it worked I probably would’ve not bought it because it was 40$ a decent bit to spend on something that might not work) when we got home and got it all set up, it did not work at all, we got a completely black screen, also the sync button for the controllers did not work. We called them but like I said no refunds. So the moral of the story is be careful with what you buy here because it may not work even if It says it does, and the vendors will not be held responsible by the owner

Review №4

The antique store of all antique stores. Plus you can have packages delivered to the store. The shipping is alot cheaper to have delivered there.

Review №5

Visited a few antique stores today. This was unfortunately my least favorite. Had a bad odor to the store and not organized very well. I just felt like I couldnt see a lot of things due to the arrangement of the store and the way things are packed in.

Review №6

Quaint shop. Appreciate them letting me have items shipped there in and out no issues friendly staff

Review №7

One of my favorite antique shops! I always leave with something special to treasure as my own. I walk around for a couple of hours, thoroughly looking, at all the unique finds. Highly recommend.

Review №8

This place blew my mind!

Review №9

This place is HUGE. There are tons of goodies to look at so make sure you have time to spare. They have everything from vintage toys to jewelry, clothing, glassware, just way too much to name. Definitely one of my favorite antique spots.

Review №10

An amazing amount of stuff from the recent past to the 40s and 50s. If you want to see everything, then bring a lunch and be prepared to spend a day. Staff is attentive and helpful. The only downside is no public restroom is available and not everything is priced.

Review №11

A must stop, hugh shop with something for everyone!

Review №12

Majestic Turnaround is a great place to shop if your looking for vintage antiques. There is so much to see make sure you wear good walking shoes. Each booth has something different to offer and you wont go home empty handed. Make sure to check out the record room if you love vintage music. You can set and play old albums before you buy them. The room has a unique old style bar atmosphere, really cool. Ask for Donna she great and will answer any questions you may have.

Review №13

My first time there. WOW! If its not in that building then it mightnot exist. Great place! The staff was very kind and helpful. Lots of great deals to be had and memories around every corner. Stop in . You will be pleasantly amazed.

Review №14

Great selection of vintage, antiques and much more. The guys behind the counter are very sweet and helpful!!

Review №15

I just couldnt believe this antique hole in the wall mall!!! Wow I love this place prices are good alot to take in with alot of vendors.

Review №16

Weve been to a lot of indoor flea market/co-op type establishments and this one is by far our favorite! We traveled over an hour and a half to get there and we were not disappointed!

Review №17

The staff was kind & very helpful. There is a lot of things to look at my favorite is the jewelry ! I will definitely come back

Review №18

Cool store. Huge selection. Employees are friendly.

Review №19

Im in town from Florida with my dad for Fathers day weekend, stumbled upon this place and we totally enjoyed the experience.The woman working there were really helpful and curtious, It was a blessing in disguise. God bless

Review №20

I love this place, there is always something new to see and to buy.

Review №21

Very helpful finding what we wanted. Huge selection.

Review №22

So much more than before! Tons to browse, my new favorite area stop.

Review №23

Giant space with so much to explore. Prices are good and the staff were friendly

Review №24

Love this store hidden gem with more jems inside! The best!

Review №25

Hands down my sons favorite place to wonder around and find odd little treasures.

Review №26

The prices were unbearable.. i get they dont get stuff for free but they are selling things that are next to nothing for hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars.. not a cool expierience. the employees were quite rude with their mannerisms

Review №27

The store had great items, just a bit to pricey.

Review №28

I liked alot of the stuff but alot of it was beyond over priced. And the main thing I needed was shutters which I kept seeing but were being used for walls..

Review №29

Really cool place. Huge assortment of, well....everything. Had an hour to blow to wait on the restaurant next door to open up, so we stopped in. This place was so much larger than I expected! Grabbed a free coffee offered by the establishment and ended up spending well over an hour. The lady at the desk was very friendly. Its a fun place...if suggest checking this one out.

Review №30

My first time here and it was an AMAZING experience! tons to look at and good prices! staff was super friendly and funny! i wanted to leave a review for the super sweet blonde girl who helped me in the jewelry cases, thank you so much you were so kind and helpful!!! really unique pieces and cool finds from clothes to decor. i will certainly be returning!!! also all covid guidelines were followed and everything was very clean!

Review №31

From Baltimore, Md... Me and my husband went here and to our surprise it was actually huge on the inside. Every corner we turner was more wonderful antique surprises. I do recommend this store to allantique antique

Review №32

Have a lot of great things, for a flea market theme unfortunately their prices reflect 100% full going price, I was able to find a few treasures but not much, and for what I do I just cant find the value in this place for that purpose for me. Its great for the collectors only, and I am not looking to buy things for free or next to nothing but for a Reseller this isnt the place for it. It is a really great place and if something does come normally together they separate out the items and individually price them and sometimes the price is more than what the items are really worth. However, I do recommend going there if you want cool and unique items to use as decor for your home because there items for retail are fairly priced

Review №33

1st loved it. Ill def be back

Review №34

Would of been better if I wasnt followed around store by sales people

Review №35

Love this place,its wayyyy to awesome first time there and Ill be going there again💯👍

Review №36

They are very friendly and laid back atmosphere the employees are helpful and respectful. If you are looking for a slice of history from you childhood that makes you smile you will find it here with there 29000 square foot building you can find anything. Owner Barb Watson looks out for the 80 some vendors placed strangely around her store.

Review №37

I am not sure if its set up the way it is due to covid or if its just an interesting idea. A flea market where each booth has a different owner but that owner is not in the building. Every item is labeled with a price and the number of the person whose booth it came from. You take all of your stuff to one check out counter and check out everything your purchasing. That has two effects. It is nice that you only have one transaction. But if you are a price haggler they have to contact the seller for every item you want to haggle them down on. I just recently discovered this place. it has been two weeks since Ive been there and I came back this week and found a lot of new and different things already.

Review №38

People there are very friendly I like going there to see if I can from old things!!

Review №39

Such a great place to walk through time! With the wide array of vendors and items you can spend a good amount of time just exploring. Very much worth the visit!

Review №40

Found so many interesting things here! This is a must see! You are guaranteed to find something interesting!

Review №41

Nice place. So much to choose from.

Review №42

Found a few treasures on my travels near Canton Ohio. Wide variety of item. Worth a stop.

Review №43

Majestic Turnaround is a wonderful antique mall with many vendors selling so many treasures. It is easy to navigate and the people running it are so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this antique mall in Canton, Ohio.

Review №44

Huge. Love it.. So many vendors with a large variety. To pricey for me but enjoyed browsing. We will be back.

Review №45

Super cool antique store

Review №46

Friendly staff. Always something different and you need to find here.

Review №47

Nice well kept, prices are a little high on some things but if you take your time and look around you can find some good deals!

Review №48

It is a very interesting place

Review №49

Lots of really cool and awesome treasures,brought back lots of memories of the days when things were so much better

Review №50

Dont blink or youll miss something! Really neat and huge store of mostly antiques. The employees are so kind and helpful.

Review №51

Amazing! Staff are so helpful. So much stuff and great prices. 😊

Review №52

This is a great place to go and shop around if youre a collector or for whatnots.

Review №53

Its as if youve tripped and stumbled unto a wrinkle in time; all of your childhood memorabilias..trinkets and treasures you once thought you lost; came to a full circle back into your life. Walls.. Aisles..Shelves..Boxes on Boxes; filled with the endless wonders of things we all grew up with and Im talking generations back and back and back...finally Majestic Turnaround A Store that utterly lives up to its name!!! Thank You..without a doubt brought tears to my eyes that I was able to find roller skates.

Review №54

Everyone at this mall are the kindest people who will make you laugh while you explore their vast amounts of vintage trinkets and awesome pieces. I cant wait to go back!

Review №55

Great place to spend a few hours and discover something cool.

Review №56

Everyone is very nice. the biggest thrift store Ive been in!!

Review №57

A little too pricey for some of their items but a great place.A lot of nostalgia items.

Review №58

Fairly illiterate owner BARB leaves Google reviews for other businesses that are only to promote her own. Has the nerve to post pictures from her store into reviews of other businesses. Youve been reported. You can delete those fake reviews. If so, I will remove this one.

Review №59

I want two of almost every thing. We can all dream right. This place is super cool. Lots of old vintage and simply original things.

Review №60

Great store with a huge selection. If you want to see everything, you will probably want to make sure you have at least an hour.

Review №61

Its a large antique mall inside an old bowling alley...lots to look at.

Review №62

This place is great its like a giant flea market and they have alot of stuff.. staff is very friendly. Every one should check it out

Review №63

Cool store, great service, fair prices.

Review №64

Love this place!! Owners are so great and always willing to help! Purchased a lot of pieces for my living room and kitchen, saved a lot of money. Also if youre looking for a particular piece they will keep their eye out for you and let you know if something youve been looking for comes in!! Would definitely recommend this place even if you just want to look around and get ideas!! 🤗

Review №65

Always something great here!

Review №66

Antiques shop. Decent prices. Located inside a previous bowling alley.

Review №67

Lots of interesting things. Much bigger than it appears!

Review №68

Love looking around here.

Review №69

Jam packed - great fun!

Review №70

Got what you need if not they will find it!!!

Review №71

Make sure you alot plenty of time for yourself to wander among all the wonderful things. 🙂

Review №72

Its like a antique shop slash flea market...I just discovered it while waiting for a haircut and its pretty cool ...all sorts of stuff...not very expensive and you can wheel and deal a little which makes it more fun...people are nice and helpful...lots of new stuff coming in every week...just for an example my first trip I bought two fishing poles for my kids for five bucks, two thirty year old unopened bottles of Pepsi for 3 bucks and a butterfly knife...pretty random stuff...Ill be going back often I predict.

Review №73

Super friendly, very informative and knowledgeable. Love this place!

Review №74

Something for everyone, Not out of reach price wise.,The staff is very helpful and pleasant. Id like to see more Holliday items, and primatives but all and all I enjoyed the visit and bought some great treasures.

Review №75

We went today to do some shopping today. the prices were to high and the items where sub parI dont think I will be back.i spent $300 and most of it was on sale.what a sad day for me.

Review №76

Friendly and open lots of new things to shop

Review №77

Really awesome place! Incredible variety, many different vendors, items new and old, neat and tidy for how many items are packed in there. Definitely plan to spend at least an hour here!

Review №78

Coolest antique store in he Canton area! So many cool and unique finds here!

Review №79

So much cool stuff!

Review №80

Fun couple of hours!

Review №81

Great variety of merchandise

Review №82

Really eclectic store. Didnt have a lot of time but plan to spend a couple hours there. Barb was very friendly and helpful helping me get the items I was there to purchase. Definitely going back.

Review №83

Nice antiques interesting stuff.

Review №84

Found my sons globe that he loves

Review №85

My favorite place to find bugs bunny stuff!! I love this place

Review №86

My friend and I were in your store a couple weeks ago the 2 guys working there were very nice and very helpful I bought some Fiesta pieces and they collect also and know there stuff on my dishes really helped definitely will go back and check out what they have in fiesta dishes again Summer their prices were high but some of them was very reasonable pens on what you’re looking for I guess

Review №87

So many awesome things old and new.

Review №88

Have picked up multiple great pieces here. Staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell they love what they do. Will definitely stop by anytime im in the area

Review №89

Normally I don’t write reviews, but, this place is fascinating, so many treasures to find!! Definitely something for everyone. The staff are absolutely amazing and so helpful! Going back soon! Make sure you have plenty of time to look, there’s a days worth of looking through all of the booths!

Review №90

Awesome 😎

Review №91

I’ve been in a few times. I sometimes see cool stuff, but more often than not it’s overpriced junk. The employees at the counter were pretty rude, and I wasn’t impressed.

Review №92

Found 4 pieces of furniture for $300 total, told them I wanted, they put them in layaway for me before I made the deposit! Wonderful people, so much cool stuff.

Review №93

Really cool place. Has something for everyone

Review №94

Nice selection of items but overpriced. Yeah dont do Goodwill, they are really overpriced!

Review №95

Cool store! Second hand merchandise. I go every couple of weeks to add stuff to my collection.

Review №96

Was such a cool place to visit in Canton Ohio one of the must-see places open seven days a week cant beat it

Review №97

Lots of cool items need to have time to take it all in

Review №98

Lots of variety reasonable prices be and helpful staff

Review №99

Could spend days looking. Found some great treasures

Review №100

So many treasures! Love the staff, they make everyone feel like family!

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  • Phone:+1 234-360-3496
  • Antique store
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  • Flea market
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Buys used goods:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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