Lone Elder Store
25995 S Highway 170, Canby, OR 97013, United States
Lone Elder Store
Review №1

Great small market with many options. Love having a gas station so close. Stop here a couple times a week, covid compliant and people wear masks.

Review №2

I frequent the lone elder store on my way home from my friends house in canby, It is a nice small store run by a family. I’m writing this review because today especially I noticed very nice hospitality from the employee Tony, he helped me find a new soda i was looking for (Lemonade Sprite) Overall great place and recommend, I was surprised to see so many poor reviews considering the experiences I have had

Review №3

Based on the reviews I was hesitant to come, but so pleasantly surprised with how friendly the service was. The store owner (older man) was attentive and got me my food quickly as I was in somewhat of a hurry. I will be coming back again :)

Review №4

I’ve been coming to lone elderFor some time now. Some things you’ll find are less inexpensive than at other locations but I’ve had to keep track of how much I’m spending due to the fact that I’ve been overcharged on several occasions and have had to tell them “hey, that doesn’t sound right. It should be less” and not everything has a price tag so your not really sure what your spending. I’ve witnessed a young woman go in to buy eggs and they were pretty expired and she had asked for a discount and they said no. I’m writing this now because I bought a protein bar and it was 5 months past it’s “best by” date. Bottom line: buy things that have a price tag and keep track of how much your spending.

Review №5

Still as of July 2020 and no one is wearing a mask here. The card machine and doors are very dirty and no sanitizer in sight. BEWARE unless of course you dont mind getting Covid 19. Everything is STUPID expensive too.

Review №6

I only gave this store a store a star so I could write this post. I was there buying a soda and a water from the fountain. When I filled the water the first amount came out mixed with lemonade far so I dumped it out and refilled it. The older man who is the owner comes out and starts berating me, yelling in another language and throwing the “F” bomb out. I have never been so surprised or treated like this at an establishment! I would strongly suggest driving a little further to not patronize this place!

Review №7

Recently stopped at the 76 gas station the Lone Elder Store is paired up with. When getting gas I realized I recently misplaced my Juul and figured I’d stop in and see if they carried them. To my surprise, Tony, the store clerk at the time informed me they just started carrying Juul vaporizers that day. Although I didn’t buy any food, it smelled pretty good and looked tasty by gas station standards!

Review №8

I just went to this store for the first time in a long time hoping I would not get over charged, again. Well it happened once more and getting called out on this Jamie didnt like being called out on this. He tried charging me 7$ for four cans of amp energy drinks when the sign clearly says 2 for 3$ clearly making the price of four amps 6.40$ so even with such small overcharges these add up and do not go into the register. I suspect they are being pocketed which is not only illegal but it is wrong. That is theft and is a felony.

Review №9

The man and woman owner are the worst. They short-changed you they dont scan things so that they can overcharge you. The gas pumps work slow because the man is too cheap to buy new fuel filters he just lets them dry out and replaces them. He has been using the same fuel filters for over 5 years. Ive seen the man yell and scream at customers especially women. Half of the refrigerators in the store are typically off because they are trying to save money at the sacrifice to the customers getting good quality food & drink. They have problems keeping on top of expired food and product in that store. I could write a book on the things that they do wrong there. I had to give them one star because less than that is not an option.....

Review №10

I have been coming here for about 6 years. I only come because its the closest place to my house. I agree with the other reviewers. The owners can be rude at times, they consistantly sell expired items and wont let you replace them if you realize it after you bought it, and Ive noticed from time totime the prices not aligning like they should. Especially the other day when they tried to charge me $14 for a six pack of beer, and when I said o never mind I dont want that, its too expensive Jaime was very rude about it... Seems like their running a little scheme... I try not to go there unless I dont want to drive into town for a beer or something..They always close earlier than their advertised 9pm as well. Sometimes as early as 8:30...annoying..O! I will say its fine if your just going for gas. The gas attendants are chill.

Review №11

The food is not good, and not well stocked, with some items expired. Rockstar energy is cheap, and gas attendants are nice!

Review №12

Clerk shorted me 10$ and was very rude. Gas attendants are nice.

Review №13

Very bad food, wont give out condiments, speak very bad english

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2.6 Rating
  • Address:25995 S Highway 170, Canby, OR 97013, United States
  • Phone:+1 503-266-4898
  • Convenience store
  • Gas station
Working hours
  • Monday:5AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–8PM
  • Thursday:5AM–8PM
  • Friday:5AM–8PM
  • Saturday:5AM–8PM
  • Sunday:5AM–8PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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