Andala Coffee House
286 Franklin St, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States
Andala Coffee House
Review №1

We needed a cafe to get some work done on a Sunday afternoon, the white choc mocha and Nutella cappuccino were both the cure. Did not realize it was a hookah bar, but we were pleasantly surprised by the yummy drinks. Nice vibes, lots of plants and cozy seating, would recommend :)

Review №2

Andala is a great little cafe/restaurant! A lot of great menu items all at a reasonable price make this place a hidden gem. The sandwiches were very big and filled with flavour. The hummus dip to go a long with it was also great. You must try this place out if you are in the area!

Review №3

Good place and nice vibe when you sit outside for hooka. The waiters kept checking on us for food and if we needed anything. They were out of chicken which was a bummer for us !But a good place to hangout and pretty decent prices.

Review №4

The food tasted amazing! They also had hot tea you could get as a table that was really good. Being seated and actually getting service was a bit of a hassle and my group was seated by the entrance where the woman in charge was- meaning we got to hear her yell at the servers every couple minutes. Not an amazing spot to be seated but the food was extremely tasty. Id go to get take out again!

Review №5

Great food, great atmosphere outside, but pricey for the amount of food(no leftovers)

Review №6

I ordered French toast with fresh fruits and got just the fresh fruits. After waiting 10 minutes I asked the server if it was coming and she said she thought I ordered the fruit plate instead of the french toast. That’s when I realized she didn’t even care to repeat the order and just assumed I came to a cafe just for fruit. I paid a lot of money for fruit that day.Also its pretty much self service. They tell you they’ll seat you but after waiting 5 mins for that I just got “okay you can sit anywhere”.You have to find a place yourself, then go fetch the uninterested server or rude main counter lady.Also no sanitizers near tables. You have to go in and use small sanitizer bottles that you are not allowed to take to the table. Even though there are like a million of them.It’s a beautiful place being run by arrogant/uninterested staff. My friend ordered a Bagel which was good according to her. It was cheaper than the Frenchtoast with fresh fruits that came without the french toast.Would recommend only if you are okay with self service, rude looks, paying extra and confusion.

Review №7

TLDR; their falafel is better than my Baba’s homemade (unbelievable) ✨ I’ve tried some…interesting “takes” on falafel around the US, but it’s always my Baba’s falafel that tastes the best. All that changed mere minutes ago as I bit into Andala’s delicious falafel sandwich and immediately texted my Baba that sorry, but I’d just tasted the best falafel in my life. Do yourself a favour and try some DELISH, AUTHENTIC Palestinian food. Plus, their iced coffee is amazing. Wow. 10000/10 would recommend

Review №8

Good selection of hookah flavors. Quality food with halal meat. Good service wanting to please. Its become a go-to..

Review №9

I came here with my dad for breakfast, he got an omelet and I got oatmeal. The portions were great, the fruit tasted fresh, and the food was delicious. Their black iced tea was amazing, and my dad said the potatoes were fantastic. I cant wait to go back and try one of their lunch options!

Review №10

Good eats, nice staff. I will definitely come by again!

Review №11

I visited here for the first time on 10/15/21 and was extremely disappointed at the poor service. We took a table inside and after asking a female staff member if we needed to order up front or if she would come to our table, we waited patiently for her to come to us; she never did. A young man there said it was his first day. After 20 minutes; we approached the front desk again and the woman in charge made a face and said, “I can take your order.” She seemed put out when we asked what the process was for ordering. At that point, we decided to leave. This was woman was unprofessional and told us with a nasty tone to have a nice day. She never bothered explaining where the service went wrong.

Review №12

Very poor customer service. It was my first time here. My friend and I ordered a latte, bread, and a tea, which took ~30-35 minutes. When we asked to cancel after it had been 30 minutes, the woman behind the counter was super rude and said “I have their order here” as she had just finished making the latte. The waiter apologized and said they were short staffed, which I understand but we didn’t order a meal... a chai latte, tea (literally tea leaves and hot water) and bread (already made on the counter) shouldn’t take 30 minutes.

Review №13

Amazingly chill atmosphere to grab some Arabic or Turkish coffee, a meal, and focus on work. The Combo plate is great if youre craving a bit of everything, and the Wake Me Up smoothie is a great meal cap of peanut butter-banana goodness. Great attentive service on weekends, solid variety of seating from small tables to full couches to sink into. Hookah is available, but they can only do it outside, so only plan on that when the weather is nice. Will definitely be back in the summer to sit on the patio.

Review №14

To be fair the food was good ! Good decor ! Nice location.However, the manager has a really harsh attitude, she kept giving one of the waiters really hard time. I remember she yelled at the waiter in front of like 12 people (multiple times). Also, that day they were short staffed and everything was slow but folks were cool and waiting so no need to give people harsh talk in front of others. I was stressed out because of the attitude was around that made me so uncomfortable. Because of the staff members they have; I am giving them only three starts. Please make sure to have some welcoming staff members and stress free environment!

Review №15

Looks like a nice cafe/restaurant from the outside. The cashier/manager was not welcoming and made no effort to be courteous. I went for breakfast. Slow service (I think they were short staffed that day.) It wouldnt have been so bad, but the cashier (manager?)was not friendly and borderline rude. The waitress was very nice, however the eggs were greasy and gave you a small amount of potatoes. Not sure if I would go back.

Review №16

The food is okay - we got the foole plate and chicken shawarma plate and it was enough for 2 people. We also got the kiwi hookah and anise tea. The service is bad. The hostess / server did not seat us for 30 min even though there were tables open. Once she sat us she forgot about us and didn’t take our order for 15 min. Even though it was not overly busy, she then forgot to bring our hookah so we were waiting for 25 min after finishing our food for the hookah. The $40 hookah was not good you could not taste any flavor. They use the cheap coal. We also ordered pistachio cake and they did not tell us until after we paid the bill that they did not have it, after we had asked about it multiple times. I also did not see them wipe down/sanitize any of the tables after clearing them! They add the tip to the bill already. For $100, it was a very disappointing evening. Please train your staff better.

Review №17

Love this place so much! Great food great vibes for any time of day: grab lunch there, get coffee and get some work done etc. the workers are so accommodating too. 10/10 would recommend!

Review №18

We heard about this place online and decided to give it a try while we are visiting Boston. We got some hookah and drinks, as well as some appetizers to share. The hookah is great and very reasonably priced, and the service was fantastic. But even better was the food, everything was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was also great, everything was so perfect we said we’re coming back tomorrow for brunch while we’re still in town.

Review №19

Andala is an amazing little coffee shop, with so much more to offer than just coffee. The atmosphere is incredible with great places to work and hang around. The falafel sandwich is one of the best sandwiches I have gotten from a café. The menu is extensive and all of it is really delicious. The coffee is also very unique and tastes amazing. Would highly recommend!

Review №20

Absolutely delicious and authentic food. The atmosphere is very cozy and warm. I wanted to try everything so ill definitely be back. I recommend the chicken shwarma

Review №21

Went to Andala on a not-so busy morning. Sat there for 20 minutes--no order taken. After having to ask for our order to be taken it was another *20* minutes before it got there--but only after I asked TWICE for them to bring it out (and it was just two lattes). After waiting ten minutes for the check and asking if they could take off a coffee because it was a terrible experience, the manager came out--extremely rude with a bad attitude--and said there was just no way she could take it off our order. Too bad so sad basically. Its a cozy place inside, but otherwise thats the only thing it has going for it. Will not be going again.

Review №22

Quality and service Tremendously suffered. Absolutely a tragedy how far this place has fallen. I am convinced the ownership has changed. Whatever this place is now… its not worth visiting. What a shame to have seen this place so remarkably warm and welcoming only to become a larger eyesore than the area which surrounds. A poem should be written about the rise and incredible fall of this once Palestinian gem. Almost like visiting your cousin and finding out they became a victim of addiction to unspeakable substances. Staff wears track pants and serves with a condescending repulsive demeanor that is followed with less than mediocre dishes.

Review №23

Go in here and order the Kofta. Do it. Its good. Good yellow rice, lil lemony salad thingy, great spicy lamb patty. Eat it. Youll enjoy.

Review №24

Nice Palestinian / Arab street fare food. Authentic taste and decoration. Sofas and seats similar to what is used in traditional Arab homes.

Review №25

Good food and environment to chat for hours. Too popular and often run out of items and understuffed

Review №26

Turkish coffee, Arabic coffee, and cappuccino were all just excellent. Friendly service and a nice atmosphere. Would recommend!

Review №27

I had a rough experience here. The decor is adorable and the menu is diverse, so yay for those. Otherwise the staff seem a bit disorganized—maybe they’re understaffed.There was confusion about where you go to be seated (design problem around the entrance?) and after being seated 2 different servers asked for our orders. After that I asked for milk and sugar at the counter, and was going to wait at the counter for it but was told they would bring it over, but they never brought it over. :(The Arabic coffee was rather bitter and I didn’t enjoy it, but that’s probably personal preference rather than any fault of theirs.

Review №28

Great coffee, but not a welcoming wait staff. It took about 20 minutes to get a latte and the staff did not seem to be allergen trained.

Review №29

Staff unorganized +unprofessional. Food less than par. Staff and atmosphere does not suit the overall “Palestinian” vibe of the place. I was hoping for a better experience.Lemon mint smoothie was perfect though!

Review №30

Great food and great service. I had breakfast here with an Arabic coffee and the food was delicious. Would definitely recommend to others if they’re in the area.

Review №31

Its a beautiful place for weekends, ambiance is great good service and its road side good place overall

Review №32

One of the best Arabic coffee I have ever had in the US

Review №33

I love this place! Great food, welcoming atmosphere, and friendly employees!

Review №34

Super cute place!! Outdoor and indoor dining options. Staff was very nice and attentive. No AC, so it can get hot.PS - the iced mocha tastes like ice cream!!

Review №35

Great food, nice servers. Very calm and relaxing home-alike atmosphere.Loved it.

Review №36

Excellent food, good coffee. Lunch rush service was slow and incomplete. Worth checking out when less busy

Review №37

In addition to their special food taste and well designed atmosphere of the place, we experienced a higher level of friendliness by the people working at Andala. We had a problem with our phone carrier, we were trying to log into the parking app to pay for our car but couldn’t; Omar, whom we met for the first time, gave us coins to put in the meter and saved the day. Then our phone could not scan the menu, he additionally gave us his phone to view the menu on. How likely to have these situations happening to you by a restaurant employee? True Arabic hospitality. Thank you.

Review №38

You have to flag down the waiter for any service, but the food was excellent & the outdoor dining was comfortable & nice.

Review №39

One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. Waited 30 min for a cup of water. Waited an hour for my food to come. Servers did not give me a water refill. Did not get a refill of coal for the hookah. If I could give this 0 stars I would. This restaurant is on my blacklist of places to go. To add insult to injury, the place was not even that busy.

Review №40

Very aggressive owner/manager made the experience unpleasant. Wasn’t made aware that they required every single person in our group to get a drink and food item because we reserved ahead of time. They justified that we were using many tables, but there weren’t that many other people in the restaurant

Review №41

Super friendly service. Cute place indoor & outdoor seating as well.

Review №42

We had the chicken shawarma plate and chicken kebabs, as well as Turkish coffee. Food was absolutely fantastic, atmosphere is warm and welcoming and uniquely decorated. A new favorite spot!

Review №43

Loved the special tea and pistachio cake! The kunafi was freshly made and a must try.

Review №44

The coffee shop was sort of hidden at the corner of a Main Street off Central Square. I went inside on a Sunday afternoon around 2:30Pmish, the place was quite packed. I was intrigued by its various cultural extravagant decor and Palestinian flags. The vibe was very young and energizing. I ordered a latte since the staff didn’t really know what a “flat white” was when I ordered. I had to say the coffee was quite mediocre, mostly tasted like foamed milk, maybe that’s what it should be like since in Italy ordering latte will get you a milk served. The one shot of coffee didn’t offer much taste at all, maybe try two expresso shots next time.So without tasting the food, I can only comment on the latte and decor. I would give the atmosphere and decor a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but the coffee ⭐️⭐️⭐️ for the taste and price at $4 dollars. Lastly, I was really puzzled when I get the latte, it was half full in my to-go cup, is that the standard nowadays?

Review №45

Nice local cafe with great middle eastern food. The fresh squeezed orange juice is also really tasty. When the weather is good, outdoor seating...

Review №46

Really interesting vibe, good coffee, food was alright, I get the feeling some dishes are out of this world and others are much less so. I got a kofta dish which was great, and an expensive goat cheese plate that came with about one tablespoon of goat cheese and a bunch of distinctly underripe fruit.

Review №47

Friendly service, delicious service, and an atmosphere of verve make this a great a great visit. The hibiscus tea is a great summer cooldown and the coffee is first rate.Foodwise, the Tuna sandwich had the perfect spicy cilantro edge.Come often.

Review №48

Just had coffee and cake but I very much enjoyed them. It was Arabic coffee specifically with cardamom and the pistachio cream cake was delicious. Ill go back. The place is popular with the breakfast set on Sundays and they had some interesting menu items.

Review №49

The thyme chicken was delicious and offered a flavor thats difficult to find. I will definitely be coming back!

Review №50

Nice staff, amazing food, very satisfying after a three hour walk

Review №51

Good food. Service is not great and pretty slow

Review №52

One of the best places I have visited.Amazing authentic food.

Review №53

Very nice and safe place to rest and have a small meal. The staff is supportive and the meals are nice. Bit expensive for Hookah and takes a while to prepare but the watermelon with mint is the best. People enjoy setting outside

Review №54

Lovely atmosphere, average food, worst service of anywhere Ive ever been. Anyone who has visited will tell you the same. Ive given them many chances but its always the same.

Review №55

Really nice a cozy environment! Everyone feels welcomed! We had an early Saturday breakfast the service was fast and kind.

Review №56

The food was good. The (-1) star is for one of the servers (Zach or Zachary -- slender blonde kid -- today @ 12:27 PM . He was rude to my wife when she asked for a new water because there was debris/floaties in it. He gave me an exasperated *I dont want to be here tone* when I simply asked where the bathroom was located.He came by while we were STILL SITTING there to collect the signed bill and literally gawk at the tip --- poor form (my mother taught me better manners). He was also being rude/pushy (right in front of us) with the female server that was actually doing a much better job than him.

Review №57

Such a cool space, you step inside and are instantly transported to the Middle East. The Arabic coffee with cardamom was like something Id never tasted before, and the hummus plate we ordered was delicious. Definitely a spot to try out if youre in Cambridge.

Review №58

Wasn’t a fan of the warm and fizzy hummus, some staff quite rude but others very friendly (but forgot part of my order), lovely setting too. Has been very good in the past when I’ve been though!

Review №59

So chill. Didnt realize they had hookah, just looking for a bite. But it is a genuinely good coffee house with tasty drinks and food.

Review №60

Definitely recommend this place. The juices and smoothies are very fresh. The food options are pretty healthy. You can spend as much time as you want eating and working or chilling at this cafe. It has very pretty interior which I occasionally love to enjoy while working remotely.

Review №61

It was so bad experience... we tried his food and doesnt have test except that you feel sour test ... and his tea come cold . We dont recommend it .

Review №62

Good food, but server kinda forgot about us for a while, then asked us to leave quickly once the bill was paid (even though there were other open tables and no one waiting to be seated).

Review №63

If you come here look for Omar for best service. This place is great

Review №64

This place is NOT the same. I ordered my favorite iced tea and it tasted like bad tap water... and it cost me $4.25 for a large which looked the size of a small. The cashier was super rude and none of the prices are listed on the menu board. I did not order food, so cant speak to that, but the dishes on the tables looked decent and the place was packed, but my advice, DO NOT order the iced tea.

Review №65

Decided to get the Shwarma plate and it was truly delicious.

Review №66

Took 20+ mins to get our hookah. And another 10+ mins for our water to be served. We were also chastised about our age and IDs (heard the owner lady I presume make an off hand comment to the waitress to “make sure those girls’ IDs are checked.)Previous hookah bars I’ve been at had red hot coals. These were not red hot at all.Also, not restaurant related but there was an extremely rude customer (over 40 years old) there that was eyeing up one of the girls in my group. I went up to him and said something about it.

Review №67

Falafels here are just great. Sheesha was OK, I had expected better smoke

Review №68

Good middle eastern food and great service. Parking might be somewhat hard during busy hours.

Review №69

They have no AC and in a hot day the place was just full of fans. The server was new and in training but was friendly. The food was simple and just OK.

Review №70

The worst customer service ever. They think its the middle east where ppl wont bother if they are not served right. Wake up and smell the coffee this is US and service makes the difference. Ill never be coming here.

Review №71

The vibe of the place is amazing. Coffee and pastries are great. The service could be better. It is a combination between a cafe and restaurant.

Review №72

Amazing ambience, great decorations, but the taste of the food and variety of the menu items could be improved

Review №73

Great place, but dont go if you are in a hurry.

Review №74

The hooka is over priced $45 and not even good

Review №75

My every other day chill spot. Hookah and tea all day

Review №76

A great place to sit, eat and smokeAnd enjoy nice area as well

Review №77

If you go there ask for Omer the best service ever

Review №78

Great staff, great view, and delicious food with fair price.

Review №79

Good food, one of the better (and only) places in Boston for knafeh, but service is hit or miss.

Review №80

Cosy spot with little group of friends chatting and enjoying some coffee and eventual food. I liked it.

Review №81

Fekadu is fantastic, a true host. I had delivery from Andala as part of their collaboration with the online theatrical production of This is Who I Am - it was yummy and was a perfect complement to the experience. If you do this, be sure to get the spinach pie :D

Review №82

Service was great and the food excellent, particularly their eggplant. The mint tea is fantastic. We dined in their well ventilated porch, windows wide open to the soft air. They also have a permanent patio with a few tables in their small courtyard in front of the building. They added to their already exotic decor by displaying some beautiful items transferred from Harvard Squares legendary Cafe Algiers before it closed.

Review №83

Beautiful little spot with delicious food and great atmosphere. A little pricey but very good.

Review №84

A full menu. A bit noisy (music and fan) and then suddenly a horrible smell from outside?...that was weird! But a nice little place!

Review №85

Amazing food. Came for dinner

Review №86

Costumer service is awful and the service girls are extremely rude! I wouldn’t advice anyone to go if you don’t want to ruin your evening.

Review №87

I visited today for a latte, and was treated with disrespect by the waitress/chef and was ushered into ordering within a few minutes. I promptly left and will not return again. There was also zero social distancing, and no masks were worn.

Review №88

A humble abode in the middle of the street, this place has a lot to offer. Authentic Arabic Coffee House with some of the best hookahs in the outdoor. The place has a great hospitality and is a nice joint, specially if you are a college student. Close to Harvard Square yet far from the crowd, the location steals the deal.

Review №89

Went to this place with my partner. We ordered two coffees and sat on one of the tables. The tables were far apart for social distancing. 15 minutes later one of the employees yelled at us because we were drinking the coffee “too slow” and we were not masking up between sips. This is the most absurd, anti-science and unnecessary rule I have ever heard. They said that’s a city regulation which is totally false.We are not coming back!

Review №90

Please try Cafe Latte and ask for caramel syrup in it. I absolutely loved their coffee! 😍

Review №91

Our friend left early and paid for the table. They told us we didnt have to pay because it was covered but then their system apparently didnt show the transaction so we were asked to pay again. I wont be returning because they said we were charged twice and not given a refund.

Review №92

If you come ask about Omer is the best service

Review №93

Authentic Palestinian restaurant with Arabic decor and nice staff

Review №94

Cool space, nice for grabbing coffee or tea. Breakfast was underwhelming, omelet a bit bland

Review №95

About the food you’d expect at a continental breakfast: omelette, turkey bacon, waffles with syrup. Service was not friendly.

Review №96

Nice comfy place

Review №97

Cosy place for drinking tea and study. Chicken musakhan sandwiches are delicious.

Review №98

Nice mediterranean cafe with great Hummus, Falafel and other authentic food, excellent brunch options!

Review №99

The most interesting coffee shop in the area. Definitely check it out!

Review №100

Excelent place to enjoy a coffee or eat a breakast or a meal. The attention is great and you feel like you were at home ! I do like it very much

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  • Address:286 Franklin St, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States
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  • Phone:+1 617-945-2212
  • Coffee shop
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Hookah bar
  • Live music venue
  • Middle Eastern restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10AM–10PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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