1796 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140, United States
Review №1

My new favorite bagel in Boston. We got the Cold Smoked and the Hot Smoked. Both were great. The Cold Smoked was maybe a *touch* heavy on the dill, but still fantastic. The Hot Smoked and specifically the pickled cabbage were the star.The bagels have a sourdough taste to them that Ive never had in a bagel before - its great. I could easily eat them by themselves or with just butter.We also got a dessert bagel - the sweet potato bagel plus rosemary honey cream cheese. It turned out way to sweet for my liking. It honestly tasted like a carrot cake bagel. Definitely worth trying, just not what I wanted at that moment.

Review №2

The bagel and sandwiches are delicious. I see why it is popular with the university students.Definitely order ahead, especially right now with COVID-19, the store front isnt open and they only take online orders.The service is fast though, we forgot to order ahead but the order only took 5 mins to put together.

Review №3

Seems like the original review got reported for being offensive but here is my honest review.Being used to New York bagels, I’m not sure if these are worth the hype. Got the Egspanola and the T-Rex sandwich and the filling combinations were both creative. Banana and bacon combo in the T-Rex sandwich didn’t initially look appetizing, but thinking of it as a dessert made it better.However, all the bagels were a bit tough and they were hard to bite through. All the flavors and the texture were okay but it was disappointing. Their online ordering system also tries to offer minimal wait time, but the pick up still took at least 10-15 minutes in line. This makes it difficult to enjoy fresh bagels.I understand that they are trying to serve good bagels but the huge wait time and pre-ordering system seem to undermine their original mission and lower their bar for quality.

Review №4

Amazing bagels and cream cheese. You should order online and pick up at your designated time (very convenient). I particularly liked the honey rosemary cream cheese. The Hot Smoked and Classic Jumbo sandwiches were super tasty. Highly recommend!

Review №5

Really nice bagels that theyve got here! They are pretty big, and with great flavor. I tried the BLT and its got really nice sundried tomatoes, which makes the whole bagel so much better. The coffee is also pretty nice.As of now, its only takeout, you order in advance via the webpage.5/5.

Review №6

The most delicious bagel sandwiches and spreads. These are a modern variation if a great NY style bagel. The have a little more chew and a slight sourdough flavour. Order ahead or prepare to wait in line especially on weekends. So delicious and not to be missed.

Review №7

Went around 1pm so only a few options left which was to be expected, but our bagels were phenomenal. Cinnamon raisin with honey rosemary cream cheese and their bacon, egg, and cheese was great too on their wheat bagel. Definitely worth a visit.

Review №8

The best bagels I’ve ever had. I particularly love their Onion and Cheddar Garlic bagels. In addition, their breakfast sandwiches are amazing. They have perfected cooking an egg. Over the course of several years, we have spent hundreds of dollars on their delicious bagels, and we have no intention of stopping.

Review №9

Popular neighborhood bagel shop, love their sandwhiches. I hope someday they will have sweet bagels (like chocolate chip or cinnamon). Online order ahead strongly recommended

Review №10

Great 🥯!!! Always a line in the front but otherwise a great spot for morning bagels

Review №11

Wow. These might be the best bagels I’ve ever eaten!!!

Review №12

Such incredible bagels! Honestly better than many Ive eaten in New York. Superior density and chew with a beautifully blistered crust, good coverage of toppings, and generous portion of lox. Highly recommend.

Review №13

Currently, all orders are being taken on-line, so you need to plan a head a little. I really enjoyed the honey rosemary cream cheese spread. I also liked their poppy seed and everything bagels. Basically, these are the same bagels and spread combos you could find elsewhere, but they are pretty reasonably priced given the high prices in the area and they are fabulously well located right by the Porter T stop.

Review №14

Got the BLT on sesame bagel. Has to be the best bagel sandwich Ive ever had. Bacon was awesome, but it was actually the oven roasted tomatoes that took the sandwich to another realm. Love it.

Review №15

This is one of my favorite bagel places in Boston. Breakfast sandwiches are my favorite kind of breakfast food, and their Classic Jumbo egg sandwich might be my favorite egg sandwich in the city. Their bagels are a little expensive but they are totally worth it!

Review №16

Ive had bagels all over the east coast at the highest rated spots in every major city and these are the best Ive ever had.I dream about these bagels. On my death bed Im going to think back to the times Ive eaten these and smile. I regularly take a hour long T ride to get these and Im excited the entire ride there.While the bagels themselves are the mount everest perfection of bagels, the sandwiches are perfectly balanced and made with care the level that a classically trained chef would craft a sandwich.If anyone gives this place less than 5 stars, they have no clue what they are talking about and were cursed with a broken palate. People who complain about wait times on here have no grasp on patience for an otherworldly food experience. Id sit in the rain for hours to get a bagel from this place and would be happy about it.People on here who say Im from new york so Im a bagel expert and then trash this place probably eat grey water hot dogs and think its gourmet. Someone take their phone away and delete their reviews its embarrassing.5/5

Review №17

This is my favorite place to eat in the Boston area, full stop. I just moved out of the state and this is the only place I feel like I absolutely have to go to when I visit home. My personal favorites are the chicken salad (preferably on any everything bagel), the honey rosemary cream cheese, and the cucumber lemonade.

Review №18

Amazing, took three tries to check them not sold out. Worth the attempts, the T-Rex was Extinction level good. 🦖

Review №19

Hands down BEST BAGEL IVE EVER HAD!Get one, you’ll thank yourself

Review №20

Best bagels around and nicest staff ever. I love them! The only complaint I have is that the tubs of cream cheese aren’t full, so 1 isn’t enough for 6 bagels

Review №21

Love the order-ahead feature! Makes pick up so easy and orders are always ready on time. Highly recommend ordering the cold brew along with the amazing bagels!

Review №22

Solid bagel sandwiches, and great staff. The one holdup I have is that theres always a bottleneck of ordering and pickup, so its gotta be a leisurely morning or a visit planned in advance. In a rush its not the best choice.

Review №23

Early bird gets the bagels! Stopped by to grab a dozen to bring back to NYC, and ended up adding a Charcuter-Brie on Cheddar Garlic. So crispy, airy, and tasty! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself!!!

Review №24

I always stop by here for a bagel right after I see my chiropractor next door! They never disappoint! By far the best bagels in Cambridge

Review №25

Its busy for a reason. Best bagel sandwiches Ive ever had.

Review №26

We went here on the morning of Mother’s Day in the rain and we waited In line..finally we got in after 15-20 minutes wait. We wanted a grab n go so we followed the line to the left as instructed by the establishment on a poster. We waited for about 10 minutes only to see others walk up straight to the counter going right pass us!!! So we and other patrons started asking around and lo and behold, all the people in the line to the left were waiting for their orders from the right side and not in line to order from the left grab n go side!!! That was the Pitts!! No sense of order, direction or common decency for others to say hey we have been seen to so go on ahead!! Even the staff had no idea what was going on with regards to alllll the people just standing there. I suggest some sort of line barrier is required to let others know what’s going on or the staff need to let the walk-ins know what’s going on. We could have avoided getting wet in the rain and standing in multiple lines for absolutely no reason if we had some sort of direction. Those who had previously ordered waited inside in the warm dry area selfishly. BTW No bagels are worth all the hassle!!!!

Review №27

By far the best bagels in the Boston area. The sandwiches are amazing (especially the Classic Jumbo and the Hot Smoked), and the bagels are great with just cream cheese as well. Creative flavors and consistently delicious. If youre going on a weekend, be prepared to get there early or wait in line. Always worth the wait though.

Review №28

Best bagel sandwich Ive ever had!

Review №29

The bagels and spreads here are delicious. a plain bagel by itself even tastes good. the honey rosemary cream cheese is incredible. the only downside is that they sell out quickly and there always seems to be a long line (esp on weekends). definitely the best bAgel in the greater boston area.

Review №30

I definitely had my #1 and #2 favorite breakfast sandwiches of all time here. I went with the Classic Jumbo on a cheddar garlic bialy with bacon and roasted tomatoes. The flavor on the roasted tomatoes is incredible (and I am picky with tomatoes). The egg was cooked perfectly, the bacon was right between crispy and chewey, and the bialy was soft, flakey with just the right amount of chewiness. The other sandwich I had was the hot salmon one on an onion bialy. All the flavors mesh so well, the rich and smokey salmon mix so well with the cream cheese, pickled red cabbage and dill. I will remember this place and drool in my sleep about it for a long time.

Review №31

This shop sells easily the best bagels in New England and the bagels shine in their incredible sandwich selection. A real gem in Porter Square.

Review №32

She is my aunt so she gets five stars. I really like the T rex bagel there, it is a bagel with peanut butter and bacon and bananas its delicious. Also my friend Fred approves. He tried the wheat bagel and said it was the best wheat bagel ever. Highly recommend.

Review №33

Awesome bagel shop! Tiny, small menu, but delicious bagels. You will often have to wait in line to place an order, especially on weekends. This line tends to move pretty quickly.Highly recommend Sea Salt bagel with Scallion cream cheese!

Review №34

YUM!!! Amazing bagels and spreads. We need more places like Bagelsaurus. Nothing like it in the Cambridge/Somerville area. Egg bagels are only on Fridays, but soooooo good!!

Review №35

The lines here are long (often curving around the building) so people can expect to wait at least 15 minutes during morning hours. The line moves steadily and is worth the wait. Bagels are chewy and well stuffed, quite unique and tasty.

Review №36

Probably the best bagels in Cambridge. The bagel sandwiches are out of this world, worth queuing for and I hate to queue. The BLT and chicken salad sandwiches are crazy good. I would recommend getting them on everything bagels. The bagels themselves are also out of this world. The pretzel bagel is awesome and the cream cheese flavours and to die for. The honey Rosemary and pecan pie are my favourite. On the weekends before 10 they also have grab bags so you dont need to queue.

Review №37

Delicious bagels and sandwiches. The bagels are perfectly balanced - not too dense or heavy and not too ‘airy’. Really flavorful.

Review №38

This place is great! Fresh bagels, great ingredients and a good value. Came in for lunch and the place was packed (as always) so seating is rare to find, but that’s one of the trade-offs about this place, everything else is spot on!

Review №39

Dare I say I much prefer the online ordering system to the preCOVID frustration of the 8:30am line down the street. It’s organized, streamlined, and overall feels much more efficient and just generally civil. The bagels truly are delicious. I know the breakfast sandwiches seem to shine in the reviews but I think they can overpower the bagel. The toasted plain or everything bagel with cream cheese alone are fantastic, chewy, with a nice crust on the outside, and a rich homemade cream cheese to compliment- the true test, I think :)

Review №40

I’m a regular customer here. Hands down best bagels in Boston. I’m very picky about good bagels and boiled bagels. No where in Boston has come close. Perfect snap and chewy to each bite. Fresh beyond belief.Everything, salt, pretzel are go to.Also their sandwiches are great. Especially Chicken salad.

Review №41

These are the best bagels in the Boston area. Possibly the best bagels in the world (certainly competitive with the best of New York and Montreal). They use a sourdough with perfect amount of sourness and great texture. The line can get very long on weekends but it moves pretty quickly.

Review №42

40 Minute Line... WELL worth the wait. From the time we entered the line to the time we had our Bagel in our hands was 40 minutes. See the pictures for the length of line. We heard all the Hype on DDD, and the Hype is real! It has 8 European style tables inside and we were fortunate enough to grab one. Nobody sits forever to chat and hold up others from wanting to stay. I had the BLT on a Sea Salt with the Spicy Cream Cheese. Overall a very chill crowd!

Review №43

Oh my god those are so good. That TRex is great but the Jumbo/BEC is good too. Bagels are made there. I would go if it was in NY... saying something.

Review №44

Best bagels in Cambridge! Small seating area, so you’ll only get seats if you’re lucky. Delicious menu - eggspanola and smoked salmon are my favorites

Review №45

On Saturday and Sunday, the line for Bagelsaurus is literally out the door and around the building (photo below). During the week and off hours, you can understand why this place is so popular.As a Jersey girl born and raised, I have a healthy love of NY bagels. I appreciate gravlax (cured with dill and mustard, usually Scandinavian), but Bagelsaurus has a lox with dill and red cabbage bagel sandwich that is just as good. Their breakfast sandwiches with egg, cheddar, and bacon (it $2 more) hits the spot every time. To make things even better, not only is the food excellent, but everyone who works here is super friendly. Cannot recommend more

Review №46

My love of bagels started here! The bagels are delicious and the sandwiches are even better! The vibe is simple and relaxing, the staff is friendly and the have the best store logo. This stop will make your morning better! If I find myself in Boston again, this place is on my visit list.

Review №47

Way too hyped 6.69 for a tough bagel and 1 egg and some sauce. At my hometown bagel shop it’s 4$ for a loaded egg sandwich with 3 eggs and toppings. Didn’t live up to the hype 👎🏾

Review №48

I never loved bagels, I DO NOW!!!

Review №49

The bagels were okay they were a little bit hard. Also was a bit expensive for bagels and coffee for our two bagels and two coffees it was over $20. We had better Bagels at Quincy Market, contrary to most other reviews this is not the best bagel in Boston.

Review №50

Seriously one of the best bagels Ive ever had. Well worth the wait!

Review №51

I drove by there for years. Today I finally got a chance to go get a bagel there. The girl comes to the window and asks if we had a pre order. I said sorry I didnt know we had to have a pre order. She then says yeah we are only doing pre orders in a specific slot. And right now we dont have any open slots for a couple of hours. I cant believe they would turn away someone trying to give them business with absolutely no one in line. My very first time going there, and my last.

Review №52

Perfectly fine! Gets a little crowded but good bagels, nice ingredients, fun selection. My everything bagel was a little salty but otherwise tasty. Seating for maybe 10 people.

Review №53

I haven’t gone during the pandemic, but I heard that their online ordering has been successful. This is probably my favorite bagel place. The T-Rex Sandwich is great for someone with a sweet tooth. I personally love the Classic Jumbo Sandwich with bacon; their mustard butter is amazing!

Review №54

This place has the best breakfast bagel sandwiches ever. If you like Tatte, youre gonna love Bagelsaurus. Down side is limited seating. Try the Jumbo and splurge on the bacon and roasted tomatoes. Im hungry just thinking about it ;)

Review №55

Had the salmon on an everything and it was absolutely wonderful.

Review №56

I came here at 8:15 on a Sunday and there was already a line out the door. It moved fairly quickly though and I was out with my food within 15 or so minutes. I had a sea salt bagel with honey rosemary cream cheese, which was delicious. Im not sure it would be worth waiting any longer than 15 minutes, but if you can come at a quieter time its definitely worth checking out!

Review №57

Bagelsausus has the best bagels I have ever had and I am from New York. Very consistent, perfect proportion of cream cheese to bagel, and great staff.

Review №58

The best bagels I’ve ever had!!! Obsessssssed! Wish there was more than one!

Review №59

Bagelsaurus is the best. Not even a contest. And open during a snowstorm for those of us who want to venture out for breakfast. Eggspañola add avocado on an everything bagel is my go to! But I also love a classic sea salt with honey rosemary cream cheese 😍

Review №60

Great bagels made like I remember as a kid in NYC. Perfect density and chewiness all around great bagels good jaw workout.

Review №61

Their bagels and spreads are great. Their line around the block when its only prepaid bulk ordering is absolutely obnoxious.I walked up, immediately gave my order number, and then someone took several minutes to find the bag. This is the opposite of what I want during a pandemic.Its been a year and you only offer pickup. Please figure this out.

Review №62

Theres always a line but it moves pretty quickly and not too long of a wait after youve ordered. Very friendly staff and lots of variety in sandwiches or even just a bagel toasted with a spread. Also one of the few places Ive seen that make a good bialy in the Boston area!

Review №63

Full disclosure, Ive only had 2 kinds of bagels in Boston (Bagelsaurus and Kuppels). Both were really good, but Bagelsaurus was off the charts good.

Review №64

Delicious... each time I went, wait time was about 20-30 minutes.

Review №65

Amazing bagels. Price inflated beyond being a daily option, but a treat worth savoring at a $6+ breakfast bagel sandwich. Limited seating available. Also, 1 star coffee. I would come for the bagels - not the coffee.

Review №66

Best bagels in the world

Review №67

Delicious mustard-y egg sandwich that I paired with an oat milk cold brew and ate at Raymond park down the street.

Review №68

Trex was really good. The bagels are even better

Review №69

+fresh fresh bagels and other ingredients+unique breakfast sandwich takes+fast line time once you have ordered-bagels about 25% too chewy but on the flip side, gives you a good mouth workout-typically a long line during peak hours

Review №70

Very good bagels and even better sandwiches. Highly recommended!

Review №71

This place is sooo good! The only reason I would tell you not to go here is because of how addictive it is. I literally crave bagel Saugus at least once a week.

Review №72

Best spot for bagels in Cambridge. Is the name cutesy? Yes. Does this mean their bagels arent legit? Absolutely not.LOGISTICS-This is a tiny space- dont let the line all the way to the door intimidate you (there WILL be a line to the door, especially Friday to Sunday). The staff is excellent and the line moves quickly.-Come earlier in the day if you have your heart set on a particular bagel. Come early afternoon, the chalkboard menu is covered in masking tape pieces, signifying a sold out flavor.-Come on Friday for maximum options. Theyll have all the usuals plus a couple of their special flavors and sometimes pizza bagels.THE BAGELSIn a word, perfect. Slightly crunchy exterior and chewy all the way through. Always fresh, always well seasoned. This is a true east coast bagel.I usually cant resist a classic everything with cream cheese, but they have a hot pepper schmear that is to tie for and a great line up of breakfast sandwiches for those looking for a real meal. The iced coffee is not too shabby.THE SPACEMore of a grab it and go place. Small, with a few tables. Tidy and well lit, they maximize the space well. Good for having your bagel and iced coffee, not designed for you to camp out with a laptop. If you REALLY want to come for a quiet read or to catch up with a friend, come early or come on a weekday.The staff is always pleasant and efficient, the bagels are always toasted and fresh. Make this your next bagel- you wont regret it.

Review №73

The Hot Smoked (I add capers) is one of the best things Ive every eaten.I dont even like bagels.

Review №74

Delicious Bagel breakfast sandwich.😊 Sincerely, Gary L.

Review №75

IMMACULATE!!! Best bagels in Cambridge!! So much better than the other bagel shops in the area... worth the wait!!! It’s a bit pricey but the satisfaction you have after you demolish one is unmatched. 11/10.

Review №76

The order ahead function has made the winter and covid SO much more bearable. i could seriously eat this sea salt bagel plain and be happy. the cheddar garlic is NO jokeeeeeee. the cream cheese options are out of this world. highly recommend giving the honey rosemary one a try. dont even get me started on the sandwich options. t-rex if your feeling sweet and sassy, classic jumbo with bacon and tomato if your feeling savory. cant thank the owners enough for the precautions they take to keep their staff safe right now.

Review №77

Amazing! Just make sure you get there early

Review №78

Best cold smoked lox Sammy ever! Sooo good. Fresh dill is a game changer. Loveeeee

Review №79

Cant really review the bagels, but Ive heard theyre good. Wasnt able to because they only accept pre orders from the night before

Review №80

Filling bagel sandwiches - had the Jumbo classics and the hot smoked salmon and both were rich and tasty. Would suggest going early for largest bagel selections.

Review №81

The jumbo egg sandwich on the deli rye bagel is my favorite breakfast sandwich in Boston! Seriously incredible. The lines here on weekend mornings are insane though.

Review №82

I would say the best if not top 2 bagel places in Boston.

Review №83

We go here about every 10 days (at least) for bagels (fresh and to freeze)... an absolute must in our house. Sea salt with rosemary cc is a go to for my husband. I do not eat dairy and am obsessed with sea salt with beer hummus and avocado. The sandwiches are all very excellent too. Do expect a wait unless it is a weekday (and sometimes even then).

Review №84

This is my favorite bagel spot in the U.S. Every time I’m in Boston I go out of my way to get the eggspanola with avocado on an everything bagel. Don’t be deterred by the line— it’s always there...

Review №85

Just so good. BLT is amazing.

Review №86

Great Bagels!

Review №87

Cant go wrong with any bagel sandwich they make. Love love love!

Review №88

Its online ordering only at the moment and you better place your order very shortly after they open or you might miss out! If you like sourdough and bagels, this is the place for you. Even if you order online, be ready to possibly wait in line to pick up your order.

Review №89

My favorite bagel shop. Their bagel sandwiches are awesome. There is always a line in the morning, but it is worth the 10 min wait. And we are always able to find a table by the time we have our bagel sandwiches. 👍

Review №90

Finally get to stop by on my day off (since the place closes at 3). I had the onion bagel with honey rosemary cream cheese and enjoyed it very much. Will come back on another day off to try something else. Also love the merchandise, so cute.

Review №91

For being one of the top bagel shops in the area I wasnt to impressed. The cold brew coffee was delicious! I am from New York so I could be a little biased.

Review №92

Delicious bagel sandwich

Review №93

The new online ordering during COVID is fantastic! I am back to being a regular customer after giving up on the long lines last year now that I can order from my apartment an go pickup when its ready. Hoping the online ordering continues!

Review №94

Horrible system, online at 11 am, said 10 to 15 minutes. put in 4 bagels and a sandwich and most of the bagels were sold out in 2 minutes and time changed to 48 minutes to get the 2 bagels, not toasted with a tub of cream cheese. 48 minutes to put 2 bagels and a tub of cream cheese in a bag.

Review №95

My first bagel sandwich (HOT SMOKED SALMON). Very Nice. Love it.

Review №96

From a born and raised New Yorker it’s in my Top 5 maybe even Top 3!! Must Try

Review №97

I mobile ordered a bagel and cream cheese and it took an hour on a random Wednesday. It’s good but not worth that wait

Review №98

Very confusing how to order. There’s two ways:- Order online- On the phoneHorrible system and not clearly written anywhere.You can only place non-pre order orders at 11am. Everything beforehand is pre-order.

Review №99

Yummy, yummy

Review №100

I know who has the best bagels is a very contentious point for many people, so I will put this as delicately as possible: this place has the best bagels period. Ive traveled quite a bit and havent had anything quite this good. You should try and come early, as they often sell out before their posted closing time. If you come during peak hours (late morning, early afternoon) prepare to wait in a line outside the building and stretching down the block

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