Little Gordo Creemee Stand
71 S Union St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States
Little Gordo Creemee Stand
Review №1

The best place for a creemee in Burlington. Happy to support a small, local business. The changing flavors are exciting and always delicious. Maple and coffee flavors are classic though and again, best in the area.The 2021 season could have had more consistent hours, but knowing the state of the world, I cant hold it against the establishment.

Review №2

Definitely worth waiting in line(which went by fast anyway)! We came for the creemees and the creemees delivered! Fantastic flavors that change every day. Great place for a treat!

Review №3

Certainly my favorite, arguably the best, Creemees around. Good sizes, good toppings, great consistency, and SOLID flavors that change fairly regularly. Their Sundays are equally epic, try a wizard.

Review №4

Had my first creemee ever here and it didnt disappoint. Wicked good. If I ever get back to Burlington, this place is on my list.

Review №5

Great ice cream. Less of a fan of the blaring music, featuring explicit language every third word or so. My 4 year old learned a few new ones this evening. Staff were not particularly receptive to changing it when I respectfully suggested a different choice in light of their customer base, which is largely made up of kids. First time this was a problem but will probably steer clear if it is a trend.

Review №6

Great creemee spot right downtown, inventive flavors made in house that contrast modern and nostalgic tastes. I love the chocolate dip! And you know that any place selling something called the peanut butter baby wizard is worth visiting.

Review №7

If you like hipster ice cream, this is the place for you. Not bad by any means, but definitely one of those if its different it must better! type of places. Skip the wizard and just buy the creemee in a cup with the pay $2 to have them mix it together. Three stars plus one extra for the puppy parfait.

Review №8

Came around normal dinner time for a burrito and creemee. One of the three burrito filling options (couldnt see what it was) was marked as out of stock so I ordered the chicken, which was also apparently unavailable though not marked as such. I ended up getting the burrito supreme with a bean filling... not what I wanted but I was hungry. The burrito was dripping wet and did not taste that great – mostly just tasted like the tortilla – and at nearly $13 for a bean burrito Id really expect something more. I did not end up getting a creemee because the only flavor left was pineapple and I came for the maple.

Review №9

College Kids love this place. As casual as can be. Smooth Ice Cream, Nachos, Hot Dogs, Etc.

Review №10

So good. What a cute, quick little stop for super tasty creemees in the heart of Burlingtons Downton. Interesting flavors change daily. Husband got Thai tea and sweet cream twist and raved about it the whole walk to our car by which point it was a melted mess but he refused to throw it away 🤣 the sizes are ample and the prices reasonable. Well be back a lot.

Review №11

Absolutely the best spot locally for creemees. Even better, creemees in Miss Weinerzs donuts...

Review №12

Certainly can recommend the creemee any day and any time. The food on the other hand needs quite a bit of improvement. Got a burrito that was a mess and was not good.

Review №13

This spot is a perfect little stop for ice cream or Mexican snacks. Their flavors are unique and asking. The nachos are amazing!

Review №14

Delicious! Smores Wizard with the best marshmallow Ive ever tried! Hubby tried maple coffee twist which was also delicious. We were told Menu changes daily.

Review №15

We love their scratch made creemee base and are so excited they have Curly Girl Pops and Miss Weinerz Donuts!! The rotating flavors keep things interesting, and keep us coming back for more

Review №16

Great cones, long line to order. Kids size is big enough for me.

Review №17

Crazy ingredients, sweet presentation, friendly AF staff, wasnt even sad they sold out of my first choice (the donuts) they were crushing it! And gave the doggo free treats. Worth the price! Also cool music vibe.

Review №18

Nothing says summer like the scent of laundry co-mingled with the TASTIES CREEMEES and kindest service this side of the Rio Grand? Or do I mean the Winooksi? Top notch flavors and great music too. 100% recommend

Review №19

Great ice cream, unique flavors, awesome staff

Review №20

Seriously the best soft serve I’ve ever had!

Review №21

Love love love love! Its dangerous working right next door. One of the best maple creemees Ive had (rainbow sprinkles, please!).

Review №22

I was sceptical--I was in search of the best ice cream in Burlington, and Im not one who thinks softserve is better--then I had Earl Grey swirled with lemon cream! It was less sweet than standard softserve and way more flavorful. My mind was blown!Thank you, Little Gordo!

Review №23

Ive sampled a few creemees in town and Little Gordos are arguably the best. Unfortunately they had just stopped selling maple creemees when I went there so I ended up having vanilla/chocolate, which was too bitter for my taste BUT it was definitely very very creamy. Id love to come back for more.Edit: Downgraded to 4 stars because sometimes their flavors just dont work out for me. The chai/espresso combination was weird. Still the best texture in town though.

Review №24

Good eats, but could do without the blaring music.

Review №25

Best soft serve ice cream weve ever had!

Review №26

These guys are the absolute best in terms of quality of ingredients! Hopefully some warm days ahead so I can justify it again

Review №27

Everything that I’ve ordered at Little Gordo has been fantastic and I love that they have easy additional options! Their wizards are great- go for a s’mores! They can put sprinkles and Oreo topping on your fav creemee flavor. They had a roasted strawberry flavor that was wonderful! My favorite has been the Creemee inside of a Ms Weinerz donut- it’s honestly the best ever. All staff are friendly and wearing masks, they remind you to wear masks at their service window, which I appreciate and makes me feel good supporting their establishment. You can’t go wrong. Parking is easy in the city market lot, or on Union or one of the cross streets. You should go! If you don’t want a Creemee, they sling Curly Girl Popsicles and BURRITOS.

Review №28

I have never had such a flavorful experience at a creemee stand! Comparing any other creemee to these folks is a waste of time. Theyre my new favorite!

Review №29

Best creemees in BTV hands down, and maybe anywhere. Rich innovative flavors, super funny staff. Loved the maple horchata twist.

Review №30

Little Gordo has some of the best creemee flavors in VT! Tons of unique toppings (peanut brittle, fruit loops, creme brûlée!) and out of this world creemee flavors (horchata, matcha, peach, their maple/coffee is my personal favorite!). They are always so friendly whenever we go (we even got a free puppy sundae the first time we went!) I highly recommend you visit them, you won’t be disappointed!

Review №31

Got the Smores great stuff. Ordered a twist and just got chocolate but was still amazing.

Review №32

Carrot cake ice cream? Really? Well, it was REALLY delicious. One of the best creemees Ive ever tasted. Love that the flavors rotate. Easy transaction. Nice folks.

Review №33

Closed despite showing open on their hours.

Review №34

Best maple creemee!

Review №35

Great rich flavored chocolate cremees.

Review №36

I thought Taco Gordo was as good as food could get. Their tacos in the north end are my favorite splurge. But then Little Gordo came along and is now serving the best nachoes on the planet. Seriously. Never have I had a better nacho. Im fully obsessed with Little Gordo!

Review №37

Had an amazing homemade horchata creemee. Maple is also very good - nice and strong. Cute space right in Burlington, ample parking, fast service. They had good music playing and plenty of picnic tables around for outdoor seating. Definitely a must go for great homemade local ice cream. They also had a variety of meat and veg burritos and nachos if you wanted real food as well. This is a local business to support.

Review №38

Amazing! Best creemees around, and the tacos were awesome as well. We had the chicken and brisket tacos, would highly recommend. Service was quick and the crew was friendly.

Review №39

Nothing but the best

Review №40

I would have been content to have ANY creemie stand 2 blocks from home, even if their ice cream came from a mix, but holy hell this stuff is homemade! And its fantastic, and dense and delicious. Same great customer service as their mothership Taco Gordo, too. Thumbs way up.

Review №41

By far the best creemee in Burlington!! Super creamy, flavorful and delicious! The stand is really cute and had great music. As someone who has tried them all, I can say this is now the best place to get a creemee in town!

Review №42

Earl grey froyo? Yes please.

Review №43

The maple/horchata twist creemee was divine. One of the best in the state!

Review №44

This spot rocked my socks in every way imaginable. Creem like you wouldn’t believe. Toppings straight from my bucket list.Entirely blown away by the Little Gordo staff’s dedication to providing new found creem to the city of Burlington. Do yourself a favor and GET THERE.

Review №45

Wicked good

Review №46

Best softens in Burlington

Review №47

Good prices

Review №48

Nachooooooooos! Local DJ spinning outside. Love!

Review №49

So creemee, sophisticated flavors, my favorite creemee stand for sure!!

Review №50

Fun spot

Review №51

Hibiscus 🌺 ice cream....YUM.

Review №52

SOoooOo good

Review №53

Epic creemees and wizards

Review №54

Best creemee in VT!

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