Five Below
1477 Boone Station Dr, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
Five Below
Review №1

Amazing, love the things there. Very cheap prices for very cool stuff. Clothes, snacks, decor, etc.

Review №2

You always find something good and five below is nice clean organized and a curiosity might get the better of you when you buy from five below

Review №3

I love this store but they should really change their name since they increased the prices!

Review №4

Maci was extremely helpful during the checkout process. She went out of her way to look in the back stockroom to see if there were more of the items I may have wanted to purchase. She also checked the truck delivery schedule so I could come back later. Thank You For Your Help Maci!! :)

Review №5

Great place to take kids for a reward for being super patient from running errands around the area

Review №6

Maci was super sweet!! Today was slammed and she was very happy to assist me and others.

Review №7

Good customer service, good prices

Review №8

Employees are very nice. For a very busy place, everything is always nice and neat!

Review №9

So many fun things to get, they have a bunch of summer stuff out right now, its so cool and fun to look at everything

Review №10

There was no wait to get in the store and they were well stocked. I love the variety of things that they have. If you need a cord for your cellphone, they have 3 styles to choose from including the C-cable that new phones need without then costing an arm and a leg.

Review №11

Clean with friendly staff!! Wonderful variety of very affordable items.

Review №12

Great place. Kids absolutely love it.

Review №13

Awesome, I just need them to order watermelon now and laters.

Review №14

Friendly employee my Daughter ran that bill

Review №15

Went here today to do a little Christmas shopping. Good selection. The store was well organized and the staff was helpful. Good selection of t shirts and gifts.

Review №16

Love the self checkout stations I get checked out faster so I don’t have to wait in line as long

Review №17

My cashier was very pleasant. She greeted me when I walked in. I noticed her wiping down when she didnt have a customer at the register. Assoc#593633

Review №18

Always find good items

Review №19

Love the stuff in there. Cheap!

Review №20

Little bit of this n that. Seasonal items. Helpful friendly employees.

Review №21

Love all the cool deals, but the way the store was set up, you cant get out easily. Packed heavily and set up oddly-- (I understand its Christmas) with merch and customers. I always think--if there was a fire, can I get out easily?? Maybe thats not good.. Employees were helpful at other registers, mine seemed tired. Lol!! Overall it was fine!

Review №22

Very clean, organized, and the staff were very nice.

Review №23

You always find something interesting in this store. Home decorations, crafts/supplies, exercise equipment, cleaning supplies, phone accessories, board games, clothes, shoes and much more!

Review №24

Good assortment

Review №25

We went into the store looking for hair bands and we end up coming out with some candy as well as a USB charger for my phone which is literally 10 ft long and it was blue very cool colors very reasonably priced it works just fine.

Review №26

Store was relatively clean...merchandise was well place...lots of choices.

Review №27

Nice & clean. A little crowded with merchandise.

Review №28

Low 5 below but since the remodel the store sucks because of the layout.

Review №29

They have wonderful things to make the holidays pop

Review №30

A great store for a quick trip with the kids to find some leisure activities and candy 😁.

Review №31

Love this place.Art supplies galore.If your looking for the unusual, it can be the place to visit.Friendly service and self checkouts.Great place for Christmas gifts,and any other special occasion. Without cleaning out your wallet !!!

Review №32

I wasnt able to find what I came for, however, whenever youre inside 5 Below, youre bound to find SOMETHING that interests you, something you need, or something you want. I like the new set up as it is not as tight and chaotic as before. I also like the variety of products of all types. It appeals to us consumers as well as the fact most items pertain to what is new in society, the IT thing, or popular amongst us who they career to. I recommend this store to any fun-loving, in-the-KNOW, upbeat, and cool, laid back modern folks! Its the BOMB!

Review №33

Love the place and great prices

Review №34

My first visit to a Five Below store. Great store, cool stuff, & awesome prices! But didnt realize the quality of this specific location until I visited 2 locations near me. This store was noticeably better than Raleigh and Cary, which I visited later. Burlington had a better variety & more in stock. It was cleaner & better organized. And the staff here was more sociable and courteous. Burlington was definitely the more enjoyable experience, and would be my #1 preferred location. Good job guys! 👍👍

Review №35

Not much for Halloween

Review №36

I love the selection of items. I wish they would mandate the wearing of masks in the store.

Review №37

Great store, clean bright maple parking

Review №38

To crouded but love the cheapness of everything

Review №39

Nice places that got alot of cool stuff and candy

Review №40

Good buy

Review №41

Lacked merchandise and I hate self service registers.

Review №42

Store was clean and neat. Staff was wonderful

Review №43

Its good for my kids

Review №44

Wow! Very clean and organized store. Super nice employees. All kinds of little toys for kids. Everything in the store is $5 or below (Hence the name lol). Tons & tons of different candies to cure your sweet tooth. I personally go here to buy my kids candy cause the prices are great. I definitely recommend that you go and check this place out if you havent yet.

Review №45

Good store, but cramped. Especially during the covid holidays.

Review №46

Such a great variety!

Review №47

Always an adventure, always find something different here cheap for $5 dollars or below. For my cell phone car charger if it has gone bad, lots of cell phone stuff if you have a I-Phone cases etc any other type of phone your pretty much sunk.Art kits for kids & others, exercise bar bells & weights, floor pads, h20 bottles, dorm decorations for college students or high schoolers rooms. And lots of makeup, candy, journals,some clothing, t-shirts seasonal items.

Review №48

Below five stars for sure. This store is Chinese plagarism of any trending art/tech online that is then mass produced and sold at five and below prices. Supporting this store is sticking a knife into the throat of art and innovation.

Review №49

I went and did Christmas shopping, the team there was amazing, and super helpful. Place was super clean as well.

Review №50

Awesome store!! Great selection and nothing is over $5. I almost always spend a fortune in here just because their stuff is so cool.

Review №51

Love this place, Always unique stuff and low price.

Review №52

Great store for stocking stuffers

Review №53

I got something that was suppose to go on a key chain & needs a app on your cell phone to help find keys & your cell phone. It would be a bad ideal to buy it because it goes off so much & by it self runs battery so low. It goes off whether the keys or phone is lost or not & by it self

Review №54

I love taking my 2 year old daughter here. She has a blast just looking around and everything is so cheap she can pick something out every time we come. Theyre right next to the movie theater too and have a great supply of drinks and candy... If you catch my drift. I would never advocate violating movie theater policy by bringing in outside food/drinks.

Review №55

It has things I need. Its convenient.

Review №56

It is a week before Christmas, but very crowded and hard to find help.

Review №57

This is a really nice Five Below. It seems a little larger than most other stores in the chain. They have a huge makeup and electronics section. I would say it is a good place to go if you are looking for odds and ends or candy. The store is kept very clean.

Review №58

Took my grandson here to get him.special something.. He wanted everything! But settled upon a foam dart gun.. This place has all sorts of stuff.. I bought a wireless speaker to use with my tablet for $5! Check it out.. Youll be amazed at the stuff you can get for $5 or less... My grandson loves that play gun!

Review №59

This is one of the best FiveBelow stores! Store is always clean and has a great selection!

Review №60

Yesterday my team went to Five Below to purchase items for shoe boxes. Grove Park Church is filling shoe boxes for grade school children in Kentucky. The clothing, bath supplies and toys will be delivered to the poor county in September. Except for school clothing, we found affordable school supplies, neat games, and toys for the children to enjoy.

Review №61

They now have self check outs! But they dont have items on line in store😢

Review №62

Legit, who doesnt f*ing love a five below.....okay? Get there

Review №63

Everything is just want it says 5 and Below cant go every chance I get ..My daughter as to pull me out of this store cause I get so excited ....They have everything and more ....Great stuff for the whole family .

Review №64

Nothing over $5, deals around every corner. Check out candy rows deep. Always a great shopping trip.

Review №65

There are some decent items but nothing of quality... but you expect that going by the name. Most of the items I have purchased have been fails...falling apart in a short time. If your looking for cheap stocking stuffers or cheap items for a childs birthday party then you will like it.

Review №66

The store had a remodel it looks really nice and the staff is been good to

Review №67

It was awesome the changes in there was great and I love it.

Review №68

Nice store, I was really surprised with some of the merchandise that this store carried, pretty decent quality.

Review №69

Everything $5 and under. Quick stocking stuffers, wide variety of merchandise.

Review №70

An amazing variety of items. A very clean store and helpful people that work there.

Review №71

I would say 5, because they have some of the best deals there. You can go to GameStop and buy a headset for an XBox for $20, while you could go to Five Below and get a good headset for $5. The staff that work there are extremely kind! My friend went there and gave them a $20 bill when they bought something for $5. They walked out without the change! The worker could have kept it, but they walked out and handed the change to them. In conclusion, Five Below is the way to go! :)

Review №72

Just like any where you have watch what you buy, but they have a great selection and the prices are awesome. The kids can get a lot of bang for their birthday money

Review №73

Great place to shop you will definitely find something that you like at reasonable prices I highly recommended

Review №74

Good place good price

Review №75

I love there make up I love the kids stuff also there holiday stuff is always great I do wish they had bigger carts as I have two small kids that need to be able to sit in the cart and I hate dragging my double stroller out

Review №76

They good sale for Christmas gifts.

Review №77

Great store, good variety and value, especially when shopping for children.

Review №78

My daughters got to buy a lot of stuff and they loved it thx

Review №79

Really nice stuff

Review №80

Really cute store. They have just about everything you need.

Review №81

Five below is no longer $5 and below. Some items were $5.55 and $5.95.

Review №82

Im nine year old girl I love it strees toys Candy phone stuff room decorations And for good quality...and nice people so I recommend it to anybody

Review №83

Pretty good selection, always busy though, expect a 5-10 minute wait to check out, its always a line there to check out

Review №84

Just love the variety and prices at 5 and below. Grand daughters love the activity books and different things they can find to do.

Review №85

Nice place

Review №86

All the items in the store are 5 dollars or below. Good place to pick up gag gifts, or party favors.

Review №87

Love this store so glad they came out with it ..seriously life saver store ..any and everything u want or may need

Review №88

Pretty organized I like this store I tend to shop here alot they have a high volume of merchandise so there is constantly new inventory the staff is friendly and they know there stock my kids really love it and hey you cant beat a five dollars set of head phones

Review №89

Love the way the store is. Beautiful job.

Review №90

Awesome store to get items you use everyday at low cost.

Review №91

Neat store. Everything under 5$ and inventory rotates decently regularly.

Review №92

The staff is less than happy about working with the public apparently! Todays experience was not good, the associate was rude and it took Jesus to calm me down!

Review №93

Dont like the self check out

Review №94

Super cool and friendly staff

Review №95

Great little store for inexpensive toys for children. Always seems well stocked and the staff super friendly.

Review №96

Always find something I could use

Review №97

Pretty nice stuff, and for the prices you cant complain. The cashier was nice and had a good attitude.

Review №98

Its five bizzle. You know what it is. Clean store. Good employees

Review №99

The new layout of the store does not have a good flow to it.

Review №100

Great for small or last minute gifts and stocking stuffers!

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  • Phone:+1 336-584-9348
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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
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  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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