Goodwill Southern California Store & Donation Center
3226 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505, United States
Goodwill Southern California Store & Donation Center

Review №1

Donation drop off: Based off other reviews I decided to come at 10:30 am for donation drop off. Staff brings out 4 bins for donations you will not be able to drop off bags or boxes you will have to sort the items yourself into the bins. Clothing, linens, house hold good and other. Ones the bins are full donations will not be accepted and you will have to come back at 1 p.m for next donation drop off. They will email you tax donations documents.

Review №2

Mariano is the best:) friendly and always answers all my questions:) very clean and always find some of the best things there! Definitely recommended spot to go!

Review №3

If you want to pay Retail Prices and sometimes even more for used goods this is your place. I don’t know if it’s because they have some discount items (color tags) or the dollar items on Thursday because if you don’t get lucky enough to find something decent on sale be prepared to spend $30 for a pair of used shoes. Ridiculous! Go to a sale at Macy’s and get better deals.

Review №4

Walking in it was kindly explained how the bathrooms were closed and not to try on clothes. Also, I was asked a few questions about my exposure to Covid. I really appreciated these measures. They were also mindful of capacities.The racks were organized really well and the service was friendly. Found a sweater and a few home things! We came in with our very polite hound dog and enjoyed our time shopping.

Review №5

Goodwill should be called Badwill since they do not put anything good out anymore all the great stuff goes in a bin and shipped to down town to be listed online to sell to the highest bidding moron.

Review №6

I personally had am excellent experience with this DONATION DROP OFF location... and am sooo grateful theyre here in Burbank.Open until 9 PM!!!Take just about anything (FINALLY)...PARKING behind the building.They are masked and gloved even now still in Covid times (May 2021). The fellow there was kind, hard working, and informative. (CLOTHES must be removed from bags before placed into outdoor bin.)Easy to give.THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №7

Poor customer service. Locked dressing roomd

Review №8

They accepted all my donations and gave me a receipt. Feels good to get rid of things I no longer need!

Review №9

I shop to find good deals which is rare, Shane a worker there is rude and lazy does he even work?? All he does is see who is wearing their mask properly and not trying anything on...why is he there???

Review №10

I came on the wrong day.... hardly anything in the store. I could tell scavengers came to get all the discounted color tags leaving racks & hangers in disarray.Couldnt tell if anyone was working other than cashier.On to the next location.

Review №11

Decent place with fair prices but their sale tags and deals were meant for every item and we went on the senior half off day but didn’t get half off and didn’t get much sales so i was confused. but they are very clean and cautious about covid!

Review №12

This store is awful, American Way was much better. THE EMPLOYEES WERE RUDE. THEIR POLICY NOW IS YOU CANT TRY ON CLOTHES NOT EVEN A JACKET OVER YOUR OWN CLOTHES! YET YOU CAN TOUCH THEM WHILE YOUR LOOKING THROUGH THEM. What kind of sense does that make? None. Certainly no science involved! Their merchandise was overpriced and subpar. Boycott goodwill

Review №13

Today, drop off hours are 1030am & 1pm. I arrived at 1045am. The young man told me i could no longer drop off because the bin was. They have no sign indicating this information or hours. I had to call in the morning. I was asked to return at 1pm. I told the young man that wasnt possible, he said if you dont like it, go somewhere else . now he said he had just been hired over a week ago, seems he needs training.

Review №14

The worst Goodwill in the world. This place needs to shut down. They have the price on items & if they want it for themselves, they will tell you that price is incorrect. For discounts, they will say, not for that item, even when they said all blue tickets are 15% off. They are totally unprofessional, rude, dishonest and racially discriminatory. I’ll never come here again. People, let’s spread the word to all of our friends. This store needs to close ASAP.

Review №15

Always got good discounts friendly service and merchandise that is quality you can never get these prices anywhere else I highly recommended

Review №16

Great revamp of store. Very organized.

Review №17

Great good stuff variety

Review №18

Only thing to note of my experience (which I see now others have pointed out) is they do not open for DONATIONS until 1030. I did a Google search for Goodwill near where I was going and it said open at 10, so I went there but then was unable to dropoff given the 1030 start for donations.

Review №19

Been here twice already. Im usually able to find at least a couple of decent items for my kiddos, i.e. shorts & t-shirts. If youre lucky youll find brand new items

Review №20

I had a less than agreeable experience here and I probably won’t be back any time soon. The staff was less than helpful with assisting me and they did not pack items properly when purchased causing breakage on the way out to my car. They refused to even listen to me when I tried to explain what had happened. Lit the worst goodwill I’ve been too in awhile 😬

Review №21

Great Service the Best!!

Review №22

Lowkey trash didnt find anything that good

Review №23

Clean variety of used & new merchandise.. friendly staff

Review №24

I was greeted at the door with a friendly employee who informed me of the new shopping policy, i.e., wearing a mask in the store, following the arrows in the aisles to prevent clogging and of course to social distance. A nice shopping experience for those who follow the new protocols. Thanks

Review №25

Very small. Hardly anything on the shelves and books are overpriced. $5.99 for a used childrens book?

Review №26

Excellent store well arranged very clean

Review №27

Much better than American Way, but still needs a bit of work. Would still return!

Review №28

Use to be a mom and pop Thrift Store. Now its a Goodwill, so somewhat similar, just more expensive. This place is clean, which typically never gets said about a shop that sells used stuff. Typically its dusty, you feel like sneezing, which is why the staff wears these hospital masks. But this one was abnormal from whats routine.

Review №29

This ones my favorite And has great deals.

Review №30


Review №31

Not organized for drop off.

Review №32

Boy have they destroyed this place. Used to be American Way. I have been going here for 15 years. Full of people and great prices. Now as Goodwill totally empty and sky rocked prices. Just as expensive as new stuff. Hate it!

Review №33

An employee named SLYVIA is Very Disrespectful and Condescending. Everytime I think about coming to this Goodwill to shop, I just remember how Nasty she was to me. And then I end up at AMERICAN WAY, Wishing this Goodwill was still AMERICAN WAY!

Review №34

Great stuff

Review №35

Very organize store very clean very professional overpriced

Review №36

Closed due to COVID. Website should list that instead of “open”

Review №37

Expensive for a second hand store

Review №38

The best

Review №39

Simply awesome.

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