177 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14201, United States
Review №1

The piercers are wonderful, explaining everything they are doing and going to do. Both my older daughter and I returned for second piercings and also took my younger daughter there to get her ears pierced for the first time. Highly recommend them.

Review №2

I’ve been going to Cowpok for piercings and body jewelry for over a decade, for good reason. Many of these reviews complain about their pricing. What people don’t realize is you are also paying for their expertise. These are professionals who give advice, address concerns, and offer aftercare. The jewelry is high quality and thoughtfully sourced.For example:I had a lot of concerns with one of my piercing (I changed the jewelry way before I should) they were kind and patient. I sent the photos (Covid) and they gave me advice that ended up saving the piercing.I would absolutely recommend Cowpok.

Review №3

I have adored every moment of every experience I have ever had at Cowpok. I had several ear piercings done in April and Chloe and Anna were fantastic to work with. Chloe is great at helping you style your piercing and explains why she does or doesnt recommend a piercing, piece of jewelry, etc. Anna explained everything before and as she was doing the piercings. I just went back to plan another set of piercings and my experience was, once again, completely awesome. Go, let them put holes in your body, youre going to love it.

Review №4

I have been a client of Cowpoks for many years now and have always enjoyed every moment Ive spent in the shop whether it was for a new piercing, a jewelry change, or a tattoo. After many years of playing it safe with piercings, I recently started branching out into the types that have otherwise intimidated me. After two very well informed conversations with Chloe, I received a surface piercing which was done by Anna, and I honestly dont know how it could have possibly been a better first experience. It very well could have been really traumatic and scary but the professionalism that exists within the walls of this shop are second to none and I couldnt have been made to feel more prepared and confident about the process I was about to go through. And now I have a beautiful new piece of jewelry in my face! Major applause for Anna and Chloe and the entire crew!

Review №5

I am absolutely in love with cowpok! I got my nostril piercing done here by Anna. She was informative, opened everything in front of me, and allowed me to ask questions. She made the process so easy and quick. I highly recommend cowpok elmwood to anyone looking for a professional, comfortable setting. I will exclusively be getting my piercings done here.

Review №6

This is the best place to get a piercing in buffalo. I got my nostril pierced and before tip it was less than 80 dollars. The price of your piercing depends on the jewelry you choose, they have affordable options. Trevor pierced my nose and he was super cool and made sure that I was comfortable during the whole thing. I definitely recommend coming here!!

Review №7

Mike was very kind and very encouraging. He was quick with my piercing and very clean. Mike likes to make jokes throughout the session, which made my anxiety so much better, and I felt welcome and safe.. He made extra sure I had the correct anatomy for the piercing and he also checked how my skin would react first.

Review №8

Anna was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. She answered all of my questions and explained what she was doing at each step. The process was relatively painless other than the actual needle going through. The shop was super clean and you can tell they take every precaution to ensure everyones safety. If you are considering a piercing, I would definitely recommend Cowpok!

Review №9

This is always my go-to place for piercings. Not only did the girl at the desk make sure that I got exactly what I wanted for my nipples, she even showed me rings for my septum for when I can change it in a couple weeks! She gave her honest input and didnt mind telling me the price on several pieces. Anna the piercer was beyond helpful with easing my nerves before the piercing! She helped me breathe and she assured me several times the jewelry was sterile and made sure I loved the placement. Would recommend this place over any piercing shop in buffalo.

Review №10

I went to get my ears pierced- my second hole piercings and a cartilage piercing. I was very nervous as I hadn’t gotten my ears pierced since age five! I was so pleased with my entire experience at Cowpok! The front desk clerk was so kind and the atmosphere was very welcoming and inviting! Sarah pierced my ears and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the entire process. Will definitely be visiting again soon. Thank you, Cowpok!

Review №11

Anna and Chloe at Cowpok on Elmwood were amazing! They help me pick out the perfect piercings and jewelry to complete my ear. They made me feel comfortable and were very patient with me while I was deciding. I would highly recommend Cowpok for any piercings!

Review №12

Just honestly the coolest experience. Great people quality work

Review №13

I had an appointment with Anna and Chloe. The two of them are truly kind, knowledgeable and overall created an amazing experience for me. I love my new piercings!

Review №14

FIRST THINGS FIRST!!!!! I came today to get a double nose piercing and The lady behind the desk when you first walk in....AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! She was very welcoming and extremely helpful... she took careful consideration of my nose shape and suggested which ones she felt would complement my nose the best... absolutely appreciate her!(so upset o never got her name) ❤️ I chose Anna and so thankful I did.. extremely warm and dope vibes... I was beyond anxious!My anxiety was through the roof because I was so nervous about the pain....Anna made me feel so comfortable and just really helped guide me through the process and I barely felt any pain because she helped calm my nerves so thank you very much this is a happy customer and I will be back for more piercings ❤️ Highly recommend coming here 100/10 for sure

Review №15

If you want real options, style, unique, and talent then go to Cowpok. Im sure they are all great but we were with Derek and he was amazing! Hands down!

Review №16

Found Cowpök months ago and planned to go. Anna was professional and kind and amazing. They did an awesome job and Ill be back :)

Review №17

My experience at Cowpok was amazing and worth the three hour drive! Chloe was amazing on helping me choose the correct jewelry for what I wanted and Anna was amazing at piercing l. Would definitely be back for more! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

Review №18

I had a double lobe piercing. They were so friendly and nice. Everything was organized and very clean, which is really important especially now. The jewelry was beautiful!

Review №19

DO NOT go here for an industrial piercing!!! They measured the earring (bar) to my ear, leaving no room for the piercing to heal… causing my skin to heal over the bar! This has gotten me a keloid on the top of my ear the size of a pea!

Review №20

I just wanted to buy jewelry for my tragus piercing big mistake coming here $160 for this little azz piece of jewelry. I really needed it but never again. I found out piercing pagoda sells same gauge for $90 less.

Review №21

I got my industrial changed out by Trevor and he was super nice and let me know why I had the irritation bumps and what was wrong with the jewelry I currently had in. I am so relieved to finally have better quality jewelry! The girl at the counter who helped me pick out the jewelry (I never got her name) was also super nice. I’ll definitely be back to change my industrial again and get more piercings in the future

Review №22

Ive gotten multiple piercings from Cowpok and whichever piercer I had was amazing. Staff was friendly and easy to talk to. Its a comfortable and relaxed environment. I took a couple of friends from NYC here to get piercings as well and they were amazed at how professional and amazing the place was. They tell me all the time that they want to come back again when they visit.Especially with covid I love how they are handling things. Everything is by appointment to ensure there is no overcrowding and the equipment is sterile and tables/chairs wiped clean. They send you texts when theyre ready for you to come in so you can wait in your car. Just everything is great. Will definitely come again soon and highly recommend.

Review №23

Favorite piercing shop! Jewelry is gorgeous! Staff is awesome!

Review №24

Sarah was amazing with my 6 year olds lobe piercing. She was Funny, patient and professional. Clean, welcoming and well organized environment. Thanks for a great experience.

Review №25

Ana is the best very knowledgeable & professional.Just wierd ya still gotta make appointments& are required to wear a mask to buy jewelry ect. N.Y. lifted All restrictions. Lost a ball end to my barbell took over a week my hole shrank &had 2 get it streched reinsertion. Now its like a new piercing. Ouch ...Love thier jewelery & Ana so Ill deal with it.

Review №26

I love the staff...super friendly and professional

Review №27

Cowpok is my favorite piercer ever. Amazing

Review №28

Professional, clean, great jewellery, delightful staff

Review №29

Anna was great. She gave clear direction, very friendly and answered all questions and relaxed my Daughter as she got her piercing.

Review №30

I had originally made a appointment a few days before my 15th birthday and I told them what I wanted and they said I have to wait till I’m 15. Then they were telling me on the phone to make sure I bring my birth certificate and a parent with there ID. So I went today went into the place all happy to get my helix done for my 15th and they said I also need a photo ID which I just turned 15 and I can’t get one from my school because of COVID!! All together the person on the phone should’ve mentioned that once I turned 15 to also make sure I bring a photo ID so I can give it to them. Then this whole problem wouldn’t be a problem.

Review №31

Most professional and quality jewelry in the city!

Review №32

Very PROFESSIONAL!! shout out to the awesome...TREVOR !!!! THANKS COWPOK

Review №33

Love this place! Very chill and welcoming atmosphere to all! Mike and Chloe are awesome! Never had a bad experience here. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff

Review №34

Care and attention to detail are their top priority; the folks at Cowpok will make sure your ideas come to life in a safe way!

Review №35

I got a piercing done with Anna and it was fantastic. She was so professional and friendly and walked me through the entire thing. Great place. Very kind people. I would definitely recommend. I will go back!

Review №36

I’ve gotten multiple tattoos from Mike. Great, clean, and friendly shop. Highly recommend!

Review №37

Friendly and Helpful and recommended

Review №38

Every time I come here Chloe is so nice and knowledgeable, the jewelry is phenomenal, and the piercers are truly talented. This is the only place I trust to put holes in my body! It’s so clean and it’s the only place I recommend.

Review №39

Got my septum piercing from here and I love it!! I got it from a girl I believe named Anna. She was super friendly and professional. My piercing didn’t hurt much and it’s healing very well right now. I will definitely get more piercings from there :)

Review №40

Great place for tattoos and piercings.

Review №41

Got the job done. Clean, nice and personable....

Review №42

I don’t mean to be that person that complains all the time. But I got my nose pierced months ago and have had keloids back and forth. It’s gotten so bad I called them and asked for advice. They said to put a tea bag in it. But tea bags can be imported from who knows where and probably not the best thing to put on my nose. I asked about other methods besides that and they said no to all of them. But it didn’t help at all. I still have this nasty keloid on my nose. They didn’t help at all.

Review №43

I have been getting pierced and tattoos since 2016 with Cowpok. But with the encounter I had with Cowpok not too long ago I will not be going back! I had a very beautiful rose gold medical caduceus earring in my cartilage that was well over $200. I noticed one day that the rose gold medical caduceus was no longer there and only the sliver post was. It completely broke off the post. I looked everywhere for the piece but I could not find it. Also my mom has her nose pierced by Cowpok and purchased a Swarovski crystal stud. The stud had detached from the post. She had looked everywhere, and could not find it. We both made appointments to go to Cowpok to see what could’ve been done. When you book your appointment it states to wait in your car until you receive a text from them saying they are ready for you and if you are late will you charged a late fee. My mom and I both arrive ten minutes early for our appointment, so we wait in our car to receive a text. It is now 5 mins after our appointment time and we still haven’t received a text. So we decided to go in. The piercer and the girl behind the counter were rude. They said “Do you have an appointment?” We said “Yes” They said “Two people can’t be in here at the same time!” We said “We both have appointments!” They said “It doesn’t matter only one person at a time.” I said “Ok well there are no tattoo artists or anyone receiving tattoos, and we are not here to get pierced we are here about jewelry!” Well once I made that statement they both were willing to help us. Anything to make $$$. I had explained my situation to both of them and the piercer stated to me “The only thing I can do for you is for you to bring the piece to me and I can glue it back on.” I said “I can’t find the piece that’s what I’m telling you! Can you replace piece? Or send the post to manufacturer so they can replace it?” The piercer said “Nope! No! We can’t do that! So I would just keep looking and then when you find it bring it into us and then we can fix for you.” I said “So even tho it was over $200 I can just eat the $200!” The piercer said “Yeah basically sorry there’s nothing much we can do.” My mom explains her situation. She just wanted a replacement crystal stud and she was willing to pay just for the stud. The answer she received was “We can’t replace just the stud and we can’t just let you buy just the stud, also we can’t change any jewelry under the mask and we would have to put your jewelry in.” 🧐🤨 I’m sorry but why should she have to buy a stud and a post when the post she has is still good! Also we weren’t asking for you to put the jewelry in! We understand that you can’t pierce or change jewelry underneath the mask! We got that! We can read! That is poor! More importantly poor customer service!! You pay all this money for what you think is “good quality” jewelry and when something goes wrong with it, Oh well it’s your problem now! If your out $200,$300,$400 well that’s down the drain you can kiss that goodbye!! The end result is that cartilage piercing is now closed because of not having an earring in it and my moms nose piercing is also closed from not having an earring in it but also is all scar tissue now!

Review №44

Shop was busy and well managed. Very organized with short wait times. We had 6yr old get her ears pierced, opted for simultaneous piercing. I would strong recommend that approach. Team did an amazing job explaining to our birthday girl what was happening and easing her anxiety over the process. Very greatful for the Amazing Staff!!!

Review №45

Wonderful as always

Review №46

A very knowledgeable, professional, and kind staff! Walked in wanting to get a new horseshoe septum and got exactly what I wanted and they even put it in for me. Prices are reasonable and they have very high quality jewelry. Also got a new cartilage piercing and the girl who did it was amazing! Thank you for a great piercing experience!

Review №47

Everything is by appointment only. I tried to purchase body jewelry, even said that I’ll put it in myself and they still said I need an appointment just to purchase. It was nobody else in there being assisted, appointments are months later. Good place but just not worth the wait and the girl was rude, I’ll most likely try the other location and hope for better customer service.

Review №48

Absolutely love cowpok. Super professional, helpful, clean, welcoming environment Ive ever seen from a piercing and tattoo shop. I feel safe and comfortable every time I go in.

Review №49

I went to get my nose pierced. I went here 3 times and each time they didn’t let me get it pierced. The first time was because I didn’t have identification. Second time the lines were too long so we ended up leaving. Today I went again with my parents and sister to get it pierced. We had identification and everything. But they wouldn’t let me get it pierced because we had different last names. They said that they needed proof that we were related. They said I needed my birth certificate. But I was unaware that I needed that. I didn’t see anyone before me have they’re birth certificate on them. That was so unnecessary because they have seen me 3 times with my mom. How could one just say we’re not related because we don’t have the same last names. The lady was very rude to my mom as she was trying to explain why we don’t have the same last name. My dad was there to prove that I was there child but they didn’t care and only wanted proof that my mom is my mom just because she had a different last name. She told us to leave and that were not welcome here. Horrible staff members. Everyone in the waiting room defended us saying that it’s not that serious and that it’s just a piercing. Others said that u don’t need a birth certificate and can just have proof of identification.

Review №50

Me and my girlfriend went to cowpok on Valentines Day. I got a second nostril piercing (on my left nostril I already had my right side done) and my girlfriend got a stud next to the hoop she had on her nostril. The girl and the guy at the front desk were amazing as well as Trevor who pierced us. Customer service was great Trevor was a funny guy and made us super comfortable it was all around a pleasant and my girlfriend were extremely happy with the outcome. Thanks Trevor, and thanks to the folks at the front desk as well, you guys are great!

Review №51

Very impressed! My SO and I went there on a Sunday as walk-ins for tattoos. (They do walk ins Sundays from 2-7). We highly suggest if youre choosing this option you get there early though.The shop was immaculate and beautiful. Mike did an excellent job on our tattoos, giving great attention to detail. Highly recommended and would definitely go back!

Review №52

About to get my first piercing since I was little. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Review №53

Anna was super nice and did a really good job on my tongue piercing, it was my first time getting a piercing and she was super good about explaining it all in lots of detail also the lady who cashed me out was nothing but extremely nice! I didn’t catch her name but all together this shop was amazing and I would completely recommend!

Review №54

Awesome work done. Staff super friendly definitely will go back

Review №55

Workers are very knowledgeable

Review №56

Ill never go anywhere else for jewelry, piercings, or tattoos! Both locations are 5 stars. I would give more if i could 🤷

Review №57

Today I went in unsure on what to get done. I went in with so many different ideas. I’ve been following Chloe of Instagram for a while and instantly fell in loved with her talent, skills, and overall care for her clients. She made me feel completely relaxed and helped me out with choosing the right jewelry for the piercing I was getting.Once I was done picking my jewelry out I had the pleasure of having Anna be the one who did the piercing. She was so relaxed, friendly and great vibes. I felt like I was just hanging out with my friends.Over all great atmosphere and staff. Thank you so much for helping me and making a dream come true!!!❤️

Review №58

I love Sara and Anna. They are great piercers. This location is very clean. I recommend to everyone, I dont know how anyone would get pierced anywhere other than Cowpok!

Review №59

Always a stimulating experience. Clean. Friendly. Professional.

Review №60

Pierced my nose perfectly and professionally. Always provides amazing service. Keep going back for high quality jewelry with expert advice on sizing.

Review №61

If you need ink, go visit Derek!

Review №62

Very cleaning very friendly staff quick and easy

Review №63

Got my nose pierced and would HIGHLY recommend. The piercer was super nice and pacient and answered all my questions. Very clean place, not too expensive. Everything used in the piercing process came straight from packaging making sure it was clean and sterile. Not too painful and very quick. No infection or any problems after the fact.

Review №64

Great people. Mike made me feel so at ease . Would definately go back. The only downside is the parking is horrendous in buffalo. Had to park 4 blocks away.

Review №65

The girls are chill and laxed and work with you in pricing

Review №66

The staff is very knowledgeable; yet some make it more comfortable than others. Mike was very rough changing my jewelry, where Anna was slower and notably gentle. Seemed more comfortable. Gabe was not helpful at all over the phone and when asked to speak to someone else, he said just come in. Felt dismissive. Very expensive here but huge jewelry selection.

Review №67

Fantastic place, would absolutely recommend to a friend. The staff are amazing - so friendly and knowledgeable. They do offer walk in appointments but be prepared to wait a little while. Thus place is popular!! I had a walk in piercing - staff very knowledgeable and professional, took good care of me and provided take home materials. Much appreciated was the follow up email!!

Review №68

Awesome experience. super friendly people. amazing experience. got all my piercings there. a local fave.

Review №69

Absolutely amazing!!! Went to get my septum done a week ago and my piercer was so good with explaining what I must do to take care of it. Was fast and not painful. My wait was amazing! Had my 4yr old sister with me and they let you draw with chalk outside and even have her a juicebox. Love them so much. Very clean environment

Review №70

Amazing staff. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Lots of choices of jewelry. Extremely clean studio. I would never get something pierced anywhere else!

Review №71

They are clean, great at asking questions, they tell you clear and easy steps to clean your piercing/tattoo... Overall great environment. You NEVER have to worry about infection unless you are just NOT doing your aftercare correctly. Every piercing Ive ever had done was at CowPok... I wouldnt go/recommend anywhere else.

Review №72

Really nice local spot with the widest variety of reasonably priced fine jewelry for piercing. The staff are very knowledgeable, kind, & genuinely passionate. I try to stop by on every visit to Buffalo—sometimes just to browse what is newly in stock, but am never pressured to buy. Please don’t forget to tip your piercer—they are highly skilled professionals :)

Review №73

Clean.Professional.My piercer was awesome!

Review №74

I believe my piercers name was Anna, she was awesome! Extremely professional and very personable, talked me through everything she was planning on doing and was very thorough in explaining her process and giving me information. The cashier was also super friendly and down to earth, I have a whole list of piercings I will DEFINITELY be coming here for in the near future. Thanks again for an outstanding experience!

Review №75

Daryl was super helpful and made me feel less stupid about blowing out my right ear. 😂 A very pleasant experience!

Review №76

Took great care of my 8 year old getting her ears pierced for the first time! Mike was awesome!

Review №77

Love it💜 Has all the tattoo stuff u would want & same w/ the jewelry. The staff is very polite & know what there doing & talking about. Its a nice place too.

Review №78

Wonderful atmosphere with high quality jewelry and staff. Been going here for years.. definitely recommend!

Review №79

My 10 year old lil princess got her ears done today. Sara was fabulous with her!!!! She didnt even cry. Environment was super clean which made this mom/nurse happy. Would highly recommend the shop.

Review №80

My daughters first ear piercing was done the age of 6. They made the whole experience, all about her. It was fantastic.

Review №81

Excellent. A little bit on the pricey side but that’s what i would expect for a quality piercing. Everything was very clean and the piercers made sure I was completely comfortable.

Review №82

As soon as you walk in... you get yhis comfortable vibe. Piercing lady was amazing with my 8 year old.

Review №83

Derek was awesome made a lot of changes from the original and did a great job

Review №84

Came from all the way across town after hearing everyone say good things about the shop . When we arrived the women at the desk tells us to take a seat and that the artist would be available in a half hour . We sat down for 20 minuets as other customers came in and filled out forms that we never received . Finally the receptionist ask for identification and give us a form, when we let her know the person getting the tattoo was 17 and accompanied by her mother she told us New York State law prohibits minors from getting tattoos wich, is fine the problem was she could have told us that 20 minuets ago . In my opinion the whole atmosphere was awkward and tense . In conclusion signs should be posted and or we should have been advised when we walked in all the rules and regulations.

Review №85

They were so amazing explaining everything to my daughter and treating her with respect. She was thrilled to finally get her ears pierced!

Review №86

The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. The place is always very clean. They will change your jewelry for free (dont forget to tip them for this awesome service!) and its usually super fast. I suck at changing my own septum piercing and they handle me like professionals.

Review №87

First thing I look for is if a place is sanitary. This place never fails!! I have gotten all my piercings from here since I was 16. Will NEVER go anywhere else. They are always friendly and honest. Prices are alittle high but the quality of jewelry is worth it. Wish the waiting space was a tad bit bigger because sometimes they do get alittle crowded.

Review №88

Both my daughters went to have their second holes done. Their experience as awesome. The staff is great and very knowledgeable.

Review №89

Ive gotten piercings here, and I just had a tattoo done. I went in for a walk-in, spontaneous memorial tattoo for my father on Saturday night and I couldnt be more pleased with the work I had done. Everything is a little more expensive here, but if you want piercings or tattoos done right, get them done here... hands down one of the best shops in Western NY. Clean and professional.

Review №90

As always, everything was great, from the service when you walk in, the cleanliness of the place. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful! I drive 50 minutes just to get pierced here!

Review №91

Had my 3rd tattoo done here (1st with Cowpok) ended up with more of a colored scar than a tattoo. My current artist informed me it was due to “the artist” not knowing how to set depth of the needles on the machine. All my tattoos prior and after healed fine except the one preformed here. I would not recommend anyone get a tattoo here.

Review №92

Everyone who’s there is so nice they’re easy to talk to they understand your problems they give you options based on what is happening with your piercing I would highly recommend the shop to anybody who is looking to get any type of piercing

Review №93

Took my daughter here recently and wouldn’t recommend. Receptionist in dirty looking sweatpants(classy) and reeked of cigarettes(very classy). Condescending tone when I asked simple questions about pricing.

Review №94

All the workers were so sweet so welcoming and very informative. I got my belly button piercing and they made sure to attend to the needs of my specific body and how my piercing would heal. They take the time out for their customers.

Review №95

We came in as walk-ins and were able to get our tattoos done within 20 minutes of arriving. We had Mikael and he was super friendly and did a fantastic job on both me and my friend. The tattoos were reasonably priced and we will definitely be coming back!

Review №96

Anna is the best piercer Ive ever had. She explained everything in detail with a professional manner but also made me feel 100% comfortable. Highly recommend Cowpok!

Review №97

I got my nose pierced here recently and it was the smoothest experience I could have asked for! Anna is great!

Review №98

Absolutely amazing service from Anna! Couldnt be more grateful for this experience. Its 100% worth the prices!

Review №99

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. We brought our 5 year old in to get her ears pierced and they were so phenomenal I can barely put it into words. They first asked her questions to make sure she was comfortable with us (her parents) which I thought was great and a safe move. Then they asked if she had friends who had their ears pierced and asked why she wanted them. They then had her look at jewelry which got her even more excited. Then we go into the room to be pierced and they explained everything to her. Showed her everything they would be using so she wouldnt be afraid of any of it but they made it extremely playful and fun for her. Instead of running on and on about how amazing they were I will say they absolutely know what they are doing and would recommend them to anyone with children old enough to get pierced.

Review №100

Everyone is so friendly and nice... Make you extremely comfortable... Anna, Chloe, Sarah and Carlos are great Addy piercings... Marc is the best tattoo artist... Highly recommended

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  • Phone:+1 716-885-0252
  • Body piercing shop
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