AG Solar Guard
3410 Texas Ave, Bryan, TX 77802, United States
AG Solar Guard
Review №1

Professional tinting for cars - even old ones - that holds up. Were just a week into the one-step-up-from-basic tint (heat & UV blocking!) and loving the results. For results and service (same day) this good I expected to pay much more, so were very happy with such a gem of an outfit.

Review №2

I am pleased with the window tinting service performed on my Dodge Charger. Very professional and quick work and affordable price. My car was ready in a couple of hours and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Review №3

Really fast service! Very quick! Decent fair prices! Quality work!

Review №4

They did an amazing job tinting my windows! I would recommend them as the place to go in the B/CS area.

Review №5

Fast and knowledgeable. I got a ceramic front windshield tint. Love it

Review №6

I had the best experience here, my car was tended too quickly and the job was fantastic. Staff were quick and efficient and knew their product.

Review №7

Quick and great results. High quality film and mess free.

Review №8

Fast professional tinting price wasnt bad at all got me in and out in less then an hour what more can u ask for

Review №9

Friendly and quick with excellent prices!

Review №10

Very HAPPY with the job they have done!

Review №11

Great service- top tier tinting in BCS area

Review №12

Very nice people. Had me in and out as promised. Theres a good reason they have been in business as long as they have.

Review №13

Beyond happy with my window tinting. They got me in next day. Their work is professional and spot on. The lady at the front desk is no frills, no bs, but NOT rude like people say. She is very busy and for good reason. Dont expect corporate America customer service here. Tell em what you want, drop your keys and leave. Come back, pay, say thank you and leave. Its just that simple and you will have a great window tint job!

Review №14

They had me in and out in about 35 minutes with an excellent quality film for a reasonable price. Thanks yall!

Review №15

Yall Ive had time done on several cars all over Texas. And this place hands down offers you the very best price. And quality that you can ask for. Same day service, fast and most importantly quality. I have Zero complaints!

Review №16

Quick service. I went in to get my side windows clear tinted (Llumar Air( which is the clear, untinted film) for UV only. The receptionist convinced me that also doing my windshield would cut down on UV and are legal because they are not dark. She said car windshields do not have UV protection. I was skeptical but agreed to let them put film on my windshield in addition to my side windows. After leaving I was not happy with the distortion coming through the windshield and noticed some imperfection streaks on the windshield between the film and the windshield due to poor quality work. I also researched online and read reviews from other businesses using Llumar ceramic tint and some other people have also complained about the tint when done on the windshield. However, I have not heard any complaints about side windows and my side windows seem okay. Wish I had just done the side windows. The tint used was Llumar Air 90 on the windshield. I have also done research and discovered that I was given false information at the dealership. Research shows that all modern car windshields have 99% UV protection built in to the windshields. Lastly, I drove the car after dark and found the windshield film, distorted and reduced my visual acuity through the windshield. Did not seem to be a problem with the side windows. I am giving a four star review because of the false information I was provided there about windshields not having UV protection, and the bad tint on the windshield but balanced by the good job done on the side windows. I am removing the film on the windshield. A shame I wasted the $150 for the windshield film based on the front desk persons statement that windshields do not come with UV protection. Bottom line is the information about UV that was provided by the lady at the front desk was false. Also, I do not recommend anyone tinting their windshield. Best to just tint the side windows. Based on other reviews and the curt manor of customer service, I am not going to go back and ask for a refund for the windshield. That would just waste my time and upset me more. If you know what will work for you with tint, they will do a good job on the side windows. But, beyond that the customer service or warranty backup will be non existent. However, if you want your side windows only done and done quickly, they do a good job. On the aside, Llumar film seems to be a quality product. This location has a pleasant waiting room with TV but no restroom access, albeit there are eating establishments with restrooms within easy walking distance.

Review №17

I called to get my window tint replaced on my 2013 Ford f150. They got me in the same day and their service was super fast! My new tint is perfect and I am a very satisfied customer 👌

Review №18

Service was impeccably professional and timely.

Review №19

The service here is the absolute best in town! They installed a new radio, bumper cam, and gooseneck cam for me and did an amazing job! They even took the time to show me how everything worked!!

Review №20

Great products and service. They have been in business 31 years and came highly recommended. I just moved here and will send business their way.My new car looks fantastic.

Review №21

Great service. Susie is very nice. Been in business for over 30 years, must be doing something right

Review №22

Amazing service and quality work. The price is extremely competitive and the work has been extremely high quality. I have had over 40 windows tinted and every single one looks perfect.

Review №23

Great people. Fantastic job. The car looks great.

Review №24

Stopped by and got my tint done in 40 minutes and couldnt be happier. Susie at the front desk is helpful and professional (and nice to chat with) despite the negative reviews on here. I have yet to say how the tint holds up over time, but 5/5 stars nonetheless.

Review №25

Truly great work! Thank you!

Review №26

Great tint job every time thanks

Review №27

Excellent paint protection and UV protection for my new Yukon. Thanks guys.

Review №28

Excellent products and service on my new Mercedes. Thank you Susie!I have had all of my cars tinted here over the last 25 years.

Review №29

I highly recommend this place . They were so fast and very helpful. Thank you for an amazing services and a very affordable price.

Review №30

Very helpful on the phone, good options at different pricing

Review №31

Great experience, very knowledgeable will bring all my vehicles here. Definitely best quality in town

Review №32

Super fast, great quality and great staff!

Review №33

Tint was good.

Review №34

Great job done and great people. Consistent every time.

Review №35

Thank u youre great service. Very quick

Review №36

Had a great experience. They were quick and professional. I did not recognize my vehicle. Thanks AG Solar Guard and Douglas Nissan💯💞🙏😘

Review №37

Always a perfect install and only the best tint on offer.

Review №38

Just had backup camera installed in old ford truck. Staff at Ag Solar Guard was excellent. I have been a customer of theirs for over 25 years and have never had a problem. Susie is always very helpful and professional. Ag Solar Guard always knows what to do and fix what I need.

Review №39

Been going here since the 90s!! I am a repeat customer for all my tint and audio needs!! Susie is the best!!

Review №40

They removed my old warped tint and put in the ceramic kind. Its beautiful and I wish Id done it sooner. Very pleased with my service!

Review №41

They did an awesome job on my tinting...will go back again

Review №42

Excellent tint job today, had illegal film from dealership. Ag Solar Guardremoved and replaced it with a nice legal tint in less than an hour! Very professional service.

Review №43

Great window tint and service. Had my new truck tinted with new ceramic film and had clear put on windshield. Highly recommend Ag Solar Guard.

Review №44

I dont care for this place at all. The lady that works in there Is very rude

Review №45

Been getting my windows tinted here for over 10 -15 yrs never had a problem no bubbles no peeling great customer service and awsome staff

Review №46

I just had my 8th car tinted yesterday. Great service like always! Thanks Susie!

Review №47

Great service and quick turn around time. Had to have illegal film removed and replaced on used car I purchased. Susie was very helpful.

Review №48

I had the front and rear windows on my truck tinted here a few years ago. Their quality of work is pretty good and theyre fairly fast if you set up an appointment.But the lady that runs the place really needs to learn some customer service skills. She kept interrupting me mid-sentence and was all too happy to take my keys and my money and watch me walk out the door. She almost didnt even let me choose the film type. I chose the high priced ceramic tint and she swore I was going to love it.I was never impressed with it. I told her to do 15% on the back glass and I swear she wasnt listening because the rear tint was about as light as the 30% tint on the front. You could stare right through the truck from all angles. This place isnt terrible, but I would recommend taking your vehicle somewhere else.

Review №49

Professional, courteous and quality work. Highly recommend for home tinting needs.

Review №50

Ive used AG solar guard for several of my vehicles (2 cars and 2 trucks), as well as limo tinting on my work trailer. They do a great job!

Review №51

Excellent customer service...Quick response to my email and fast appointment time to get my windows tinted.

Review №52

New Mercedes tinted with great infrared resistant film and clear on my front windshield. Excellent choices of product!

Review №53

Recently had my windows tinted and they did a fantastic job! However I do have a major car seat base was unhooked unbeknownst to me. Not only did they unhook it and NOT TELL ME, they stuck the latches halfway back between the seats to make it look as though the base was still secure. Had I not have been curious about the water sitting in the base which caused me to look closer, I would have NEVER KNOWN! THIS IS A HUGE SAFETY ISSUE. I recommend that if anything that is considered a safety device has to be adjusted or moved during the course of doing business, the customer SHOULD BE MADE AWARE.I dont know how long I woud have gone down the road with my child in danger.

Review №54

Best service

Review №55

Best tinter in town! I have had eight or ten different vehicles done here. Get the ceramic and love your car again.

Review №56

Always great there is no place like this in Aggie Land keep up the good work:)

Review №57

5 years later and the tint has been peeling for the last year. I called when it started and they let me know they didn’t warranty their work. I took my car to another place today and they let me know who I used before had used cheap material.

Review №58

Great place to get window tinting on your car. Great service and products.

Review №59

Great place. A staple in the Brazos valley!

Review №60

Had 2 doors tinted - in and out in less than an hour! Thanks! Great job.

Review №61

Quick service

Review №62

New customer here at Ag Solar Guard - purchased Pinnacle film for my new Chevy truck. Excellent product and service.

Review №63

In and out in less than an hour.Tinted windows on pickup.Price was right.

Review №64

Susie and her staff have been in business for over 20 yrs. They strive to get you same day service and are very knowledgeable in all they provide.

Review №65

Great tinting and so much cooler in my car. Very nice business!

Review №66

Great professional experience. High quality tint.

Review №67

No stars !!! Rudest lady I have ever dealt with! They have no problem charging your credit card for things youve never discussed as well.

Review №68

Great and friendly people. They do the best tint job in town! And theyve been around for over 25 years and definitely know what theyre doing.

Review №69

Ag Solar Guard did an excellent job on my new car. They were fast, friendly and had a fair price. They are the only tint shop that the Ford Dealership in College Station suggest. Yes, Ag Solar Guard is that good.

Review №70

Excellent customer service and workmanship on my new Nissan.

Review №71

I got a bad tint job the lady running the place tried to blame it on the age of the truck clearly a bad job wouldnt do anything for me I wont ever go back

Review №72

I had a headrest DVD system installed by Ag Solar Guard in my 2014 Chevy Truck.Leather is a great match to the factory leather. Works great. Thanks for a great productyou suggested and the fast service.

Review №73

Nice and friendly people, top quality work!

Review №74

I came to A G Solar Guard on Saturday, 1-11-14, to bring my front two car windows to 20% tint. It was known from the start that I would not be receiving any kind of warranty on the tint job because of it being a little darker than the state allows. I understood and decided to do it anyway after reading great and amazing reviews here on Google.The lady at the front desk that manages the store made sure I knew there was no warranty and I was confident in my decision and the job they would do and understood that if I was pulled over and ticketed, it was all on me.I did not expect for the film to have any debris or hair tinted in, but that same Saturday I noticed what looked like a hair over 1 inch in length behind the film and right smack dab in the middle of the drivers side window and noticeable from both sides of the tint. I called as soon as the store was open that following Monday, 1-13-14, and the manager said that I knew there was no warranty and they wouldnt do anything. She agreed to at least look at it and discuss it with me though.The first chance I got on Tuesday, 1-14-14, I took my car up to A G Solar Guard to have it looked at. The manager took a torch and some water to the window to fix it or try to get it out, but to no avail. I was told that it was not a hair, but the film stretching, creating a scratch mark.You can find the YouTube video of me going back to get it looked at by searching: A G Solar Guard making the mark worse Jan 14, 2014 .I called the manager to let her know I would be posting this review and that I wasnt looking for her to do anything to fix the situation, I just wanted her to be aware. I received a call and voicemail later stating that my threat wouldnt deter her and that I knew there was no warranty.Shes right, I knew that. What I didnt know, is that the store would spend less time and effort on a tint job like this and stand behind a bad product. I also didnt know that the torching solution would actually make the mark larger, worse, and way more visible. I want it to be known that Im not trying to get anything out of A G Solar Guard, as I will never take my car or any future cars anywhere near that store again. Hopefully someone will learn from my mistake.

Review №75

Great work & service. Highly recommend!

Review №76

Quick professional service; very satisfied

Review №77

Ag Solar Guard installed Rockford amp and subwoofers in my car. Sounds great and professional installation. Thanks Susie!

Review №78

Excellent tinting on my Dodge Challenger. Congrats on 30 years in business.

Review №79

5th car tinted at Ag Solar Guard, great job again!

Review №80

Totally rude and unprofessional. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with these people when it comes to smart start interlock systems. I went in to drop equipment forna family member and from the jumpnthe lady was rude! Device was dead and the lady I dealt with refused to provide anything in writing stating the equipment was returned. She wanted to argue with me while they had customers in the lobby thatbshe had no pen and paper or a bussines card that she could write the serial number on stating I returnes the equipment.

Review №81

Went to them and it only took about 15 min to strip my front windows and brow, Lady at the front desk was very nice!

Review №82

Amp and subwoofer install works great

Review №83

Woman at front desk is unprofessional and rude to everyone that walks in. Service is horrible, don’t waste your time or money here. Got tint done that started peeling the day after.

Review №84

Great place great service great prices very quick!!!

Review №85

I just had my new truck tinted! Excellent service as always!!

Review №86

Always AMAZING and QUICK service!

Review №87

Always great service! My family and I have taken 4 cars to them now over the last 5 years and EVERY time they have gotten us in and out very fast. I would highly recommend them.

Review №88

Headrest video system is fantastic! Great installation.

Review №89

I had my 2015 Jetta windows tinted and they did a phenominal job! They were fast and easy to deal with... I was in and out in less than 4 hours. I highly recommend using Ag Solar Guard.

Review №90

Excellent service at Ag Solar Guard. 2018 Toyota Corolla bought at Atkinson Toyota and they recommend.

Review №91

Added XM radio to my factory chevy truck.. Works great! Thanks Ag Solar Guard

Review №92

Gave them a call on a cold weekday and they got my car right in. It was quick, professional and they did a geat job. The tints been on about a month and looks great! Thanks!

Review №93

Great tinting service. Had front windshield done in new product. Works great.

Review №94

Had my new car windows tinted by Ag Solar Guard and I was very impressed by the professionalism & knowledge of the lady at the front desk (Susie). Would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to get window tint.

Review №95

Excellent window tinting and knowledgeable staff. We purchased the ceramic window tint for a new Mustang and it looks great!

Review №96

Great place to get your car windows tinted.

Review №97

Fast and worth the cash thank you for the great job

Review №98

3 of the 5 windows needed redone and they wanted to overcharge me for their poor workmanship. would not do anything without the original receipt.

Review №99

Excellent tint job!!

Review №100

The lady who runs the place is rude and their customer service is severely lacking. In the end, they didnt want my business so I took my money somewhere else.

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