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Brookdale Volkswagen
Review β„–1

Fantastic service from the beautiful, wonderful staff at Luther Brookdale Volkswagen.I am traveling across country with my dog Cali from Rhode Island. I needed a 30k mile service for my 2017 Alltrack. When I arrived I was met by Amber, the service rep. Amber warmly greeted me and Cali. Amber in detail explained the details of the service. I received txt messages updating the progress and a video of the car inspection- very impressive. The service was quick and efficient- plus they washed the car. Almost everyone wanted to meet Cali - very dog friendly! Amber was professional, knowledgeable and provided exceptional service! Overall the best dealership service experience I have ever had ! Thank you - I will be back ! 😊

Review β„–2

Poor service and rude sales manager. We had recently purchased a new vehicle from here, it came with issues that had to be brought in to be fixed. We decided to come back to look at our options on the vehicle.The sales manager Humberto Lopez was the person who worked with us, he had an unfriendly attitude and was very unhelpful during the meeting.Humberto did not provide an assessment of the vehicle as we had asked for and failed to answer our questions. He was easily irritated and cut us off during conversation.Based on the experience we had with sales manager of sales here, there isn’t an emphasis on customer service and only on pushing you to purchase right now. A very bad experience and would not recommend coming.

Review β„–3

My minivan needs a new transmission and brakes and brake pads. I got quoted wrong but that was taken care right away. Now I was told my minivan will be 3 weeks out from the day I gave them permission to move forward with the repairs. It is 3 weeks of today. The supervisor last contacted me saying there is a delay on receiving the used transmission for my vehicle. They are looking at the middle to the end of this week for the transmission to come in. Ive called. Ive left voicemail and nobody gets back to me for a simple update or whether the parts came in or not. How can you have your customers trust you, if you cant update them regularly or reassure them that their vehicle is in good hands and is being taken care of?

Review β„–4

BUYER BEWARE β›”I bought a 2021 VW Passat here in August 2021. Within in the first month, I noticed issues with the display as well as the chrome on one of the windows. Thankfully, I bought a warranty so VW made the time to fix it.HERE IS THE KICKER OR RATHER SCRATCHERUpon receiving my vehicle back, I noted several fresh door ding marks.Of course, I bought this up to the manager Maurice.Now, Maurice pulls the video footage from when I dropped off the car. In this footage, he points out a blur on the driver side door alleging that it was scratched prior to me pulling up. He made the same remark for the more substantial scratch on the bumper.At this point, the car is still hanging out in the service area so we all walk over and take a look at the door dings.The scratch on the drivers side door? Well it comes off. Turns out, it was adhesive. At this point, I know the bumper was their doing as well.The best part to all this? That display I mentioned earlier? It wasnt even fixed. I literally turned on the car and got a Activation Code needed. Please Contact the Dealership message.Aside from Maurice, I figure Id call out the Sales Manager Humberto as well. I expressed my unhappiness with the Passat so Humberto decided to see what he could do to help.But oh goodness, HELP was probably the LAST THING Humberto did. Humberto helped sell this car to me and then gave me this wonderful speech on how its very common for new cars to have well factory defect issues.Humberto couldnt even leave me with printed copy of the verbal quote he gave me.

Review β„–5

I just went to this place to have some service done for my car and Bradley Nimz helped me. I like going every dealership of Volkswagen’s because They always have done 10 thousand miles and I want to trust them every time they do service to my car... This place they’ve done only 5 thousand miles after spending so much money... I’ve called him he didn’t answered… no wonder the service was done fast… 😐 I am never coming back!!!

Review β„–6

First time buying a brand new car and probably the best experience I’ve ever had, I worked with Connor as my salesman and by far the best there is he worked with me through the weekend and found the perfect car and deal for me making every step easy quick and gave me the most knowledge about the car and the process this dealership is the best I’ve been to and friendliest people I’ve worked with making sure I walked out happy and with a great deal.

Review β„–7

Scott is a friendly honest guy. Gave me a good deal. Sorry to say. Happy with our purchase. Finance dept are honest. We did have a small problem, but it was my mistake. They were right we were wrong. .

Review β„–8

We confirmed the Honda Fit we were interested in was still available 15 minutes before arriving. We arrive to someone applying for it but were allowed a test drive. We were then told the financing did not go through. We were approved and they said they would fill it with gas and have it ready to go for us. They returned saying a parent of the first customer had showed up with cash so it was no longer ours. Ridiculous and horrible service.

Review β„–9

This was one of the nicest car-buying experiences Ive ever had. Car shopping is one of my least favorite things because of the mind games most salespeople try to play, and how long the process takes. The salesperson I got impressed me right from the beginning; he was friendly and helpful, and above all was efficient and didnt pressure me or read me lines from the Sales 101 playbook. The trade-in assessor worked quickly and gave me a fair price. The Finance Dept. person was also friendly and extremely efficient. The detailer did a nice job giving me a clean car. The team had me in and out of there much faster than I would have expected, and it was a nice experience. No question, I would buy from these folks again.

Review β„–10

Sold a van with O2 sensor issues and A/C issues and they claimed it passed their inspection. Also was denied warranty services for it. Our license plate also was not even ordered for our van until the temporary one was expired... Totally unimpressed with the lack of accountability and professionalism at this dealership.

Review β„–11

Took my car for a throttle body reprogramming, after two hours of waiting, I was told they werent able to do it, yet they made me pay for the service. I will never return to this place again! If they dont have the qualified personal to perform this job they should tell the person right away and not charge (steal peoples money)them for services they dont even provide. I wish I could give them 0 stars. By the way the throttle body was perfectly installed!

Review β„–12

The people were awesome in the sales and service department. The building was very well appointed and they have a great selection.

Review β„–13

After my car service done I came home parked my car and next morning flat tire and tools was missing from my car which I couldn’t change the tire. Manager tried to over prices each time I visit . It’s very difficult prove it but I think they did something to my tire and took my tools so I can’t change my tire . They tolled me need a new tire but I said I just got new tires for my car . Very disappointed

Review β„–14

Very disappointed. Scheduled concierge pickup and drop off at my home for service. Received text and e mail confirmation. Waited a half hour for car to be picked up. Didnt come. Finally called dealership and was told I was outside the 10 mile radius. Yet no one called or texted to let me know that! Interestingly, Luther Toyota picked up my sisters Toyota and she was outside their radius. Sloppy service from this particular Luther location. Will find someone more professional closer to home.

Review β„–15

The finance person asked to hold a check for $18k while waiting for the check to arrive from the bank. They then cashed both checks, over charging me by 18 thousand dollars, and asked me to run around town doing their leg work to get a refund. After multiple visits back to the dealer I was given a refund, which the general manager acted like he was going me a big favor handing me back a check for the amount they had overcharged me for and not offering me a single thing to compensate for the fact I had to come into the dealership 4 times and take time off work.

Review β„–16

This was the second used vehicle I have purchased from a Luther store and was treated with respect. From the Scott F. In sales to the finance department. Thank you guys!

Review β„–17

Jill Taylor was EXCELLENT to work with in purchasing my 2016 GTI! There was no pressure at all! I had millions of questions and she answered all of my phone calls and emails in a timely manner. She was even available to talk with after 8PM! I drove 2 hours to to this dealership and it was worth it.****They even let me put the car on hold so it would be there for me to look at it!****Jenny in the finance department was also great. She worked hard and truly beat the best finance offers that my local credit unions could offer. Furthermore, the deal I received was exactly what I went down there for. There was no hidden fees/upgrades or any little things that got in the way.Before leaving the dealership with my car, there was a minor issue and Jill issued a credit to get the issue to get taken care of ASAP! Anyways, I would buy another car at this dealership again. A+++

Review β„–18

If you’re looking for a true family owned Volkswagen experience, this is your place. I bought my second Volkswagen from brookdale and I don’t even know where to begin. The sales team is amazing, the manager James literally goes above and beyond to help every person who walks in. The finance manager is the most Genuine and kindhearted human I have met. If you need a car, start here. I promise you will never go elsewhere again!

Review β„–19

In honesty, this review is just for the customer service, the repair staff and shady tactics by the supervisory staff as I did not actually get any work done at this dealership. But based on the information I have hopefully I can save more people some money and headache.Let me start out by saying this dealership does not value my time. It is covid season and I have kids. So to find care for my children, move around car seats and deal with putting on a mask while I go to their dealership for anything is time out of my day and a hassle.Back in December 2020 I was told by an oil change tech that my oil pan is leaking. I have a 2015 Passat TDI diesel SEL with 71,000 miles. So it is affected by the emissions VW scam and part of the settlement was doubling all warranties and even extending warranties to cover replaced exhaust components. Until 2024 or 160,000 miles or so. I know this, the dealer knows this, salesmen know this. SO I call and speak with the repair shop at Luther Brookdale VW and they said they didn’t know if the oil pan gasket was covered under warranty. But I knew it was because I am a member of a few online VW forums and Reddit pages and they have had this exact thing done under warranty. So I educated the manager, the tech and the phone operator as I called back with information regarding this. They told me that I can bring in my car and for 150$ or so dollars they can diagnose it. Money I would not get back, even if It was a warranty issue. At this point, I knew I was about to be taken for a proverbial ride. I explained that if this was a VW powertrain warranty issue that the diagnostic, loaner vehicle and repair should be covered by VW. They wouldn’t answer me directly and just said β€œI can’t quote you over the phone what we will charge, but bring it in and we will see what we can do” I told them I would call around and thanks.I contacted another VW dealership, Hopkins VW and explained the exact same thing to their repair techs and they said, β€œ oh, for sure that is covered. We’ve done a few of those. Come on in, we will put you in a loaner. No problem”. SO, I just wasted how much time with Luther Brookdale over this and then it was this easy at the other place??? So I did bring my car in, had a loaner for 2 days. All free through warranty. I tried to contact Brookdale regarding this and that I had the repair done somewhere else, they replied with β€œ Sorry to hear this, please contact me so we can get your car looked at β€œ. This was after I sent him an email stating I had my car fixed somewhere else.Now, it is April. I Thought maybe Brookdale Luther was having a bad day so I would give them another shot. My ad-blue diesel exhaust additive was leaking into my manifold and causing a mess. This is another issue I looked up, saw it was covered under warranty. Again, I called Luther Brookdale VW and through the phone operator for the repair services said they couldn’t verify it was covered under warranty and had to bring it in. So, I would have to take out my kids car seats, shuffle kids around, mask up and get over there…. For what? I said no, please tell me now that this is covered under warranty and I will get a loaner as well. I need to get home. She asked if I bought by car from them. I did not. She said typically their loaners are only for customers. WHAT!? What do you think I am If I come in there. I’m literally trying to give you money by doing repair work. I’ve never had a dealership tell me this. I explained the whole scenario above to the operator and she said she will talk with her supervisor and she felt bad for me. She put me on hold and came back to say, β€œyeah, you need to bring it in so we can see what we can do β€œ We can’t promise anything over the phone. You know where this is going, I refused to bring my car in without a promise I wouldn’t be wasting my time. So I called Hopkins VW and they said β€œSure! Ad-blue leaking into your engine is covered under warranty. Bring it on in! Need a loaner ? It’s all free!!” The whole phone conversation took less than 3 minutesAvoid Avoid

Review β„–20

Stay far away from this shady dealer. After speaking multiple times via phone and text with a salesperson who said I could drive up after Christmas to purchase a car--and told me I didnt need a deposit to hold it, after I asked if I could put one down--they just went ahead and sold the car to someone else. Im beyond furious. I was driving up from 4 hours away and trying to buy it around the Christmas season. How are you going to tell me all is well, and then just sell it to some random person who walks in before I was scheduled to drive over and pick it up? You lied to me, pure and simple. Do not spend a dime at this trash heap of a dealer, and do not trust these people. This is one of the most dishonest interactions Ive ever had with any company. Really adding to the shady reputation enjoyed by the car dealership industry.

Review β„–21

Got my oil changed here on a Saturday. Was able to get in quick with short notice and relieved great service in a reasonable amount of time. My service advisor (Grace, if Im remembering correctly) was very helpful and kept me informed throughout the process. Price for an oil change here was far cheaper than Valvoline which was a nice surprise! This was my first time at this dealership and theyve earned my business!

Review β„–22

I dont like doing theses surveys because its all or nothing. Everyone was very helpful and did their jobs well. I went in yesterday to ask a question and a guy from the service department saw me standing their and asked if I needed help. His name was Eric. Quickly took the time to address my problem, fixed it and ran my car through the wash. He was amazing. Thx Eric!

Review β„–23

Simply the best. Immediate attention when you walk in, but not overbearing. Everyone we dealt with was super knowledgeable and patient with all our questions. They never made us feel anything but welcome. What a nice contrast to others that ignored me even as I crawled in and out of multiple vehicles then begrudgingly allowed a test drive. Some never even took a name or number to follow up. Ha! Jokes on them as we closed a deal today.

Review β„–24

Worst service department on the planet. I only go there if it’s an absolute emergency. I have never had a good experience at this place and would rather drive an hour to go somewhere else. They are incredibly unorganized and a simple oil change takes over 2 hours.

Review β„–25

Everyone at the Luther Brookdale Volkswagen (LBV) dealership was professional, personable and kind. I felt safe dropping off my SUV with the COVID precautions implemented by LBV. Volkswagen covered the cost of my repair and I am happy about that for sure! Thanks to everyone at LBV!

Review β„–26

Highly unorganized will never be going back. Messed up title & registration, delayed plates 1 month + & made buying a car very difficult. Also service center is not clear & the services they are doing & price upfront. I would go to any other dealership before I went here. Stay away!

Review β„–27

Where to begin? I’m simply blown away with how top notch their customer service is. The location itself is beautiful, clean and has wonderful staff. I loved that there were so many women working there! At my previous dealership there was maybe 2. The car buying process can be intimidating and somewhat scary, but the girls here (and James!!) helped me out and i’m so SO happy with my purchase. I came in to look at cars with James and my experience with him was wonderful! James is so knowledgeable, professional, and beyond helpful when it comes to assisting you with your car search. He made the process quick and easy, I was out of the dealership within a few hours. He wants you to be happy and fully satisfied with your new (or used) vehicle and will do what it takes to make that happen.I actually really look forward to coming back to the dealership for my services! I never thought it would be this way because of all of the other experiences I’ve had at my previous dealership. I’m just so impressed and so happy with my decision. The Baldwin family is best. Their customer service is unmatchable. Cheers to my future with my beautiful new Tiguan! Thank you, thank you.

Review β„–28

I recently got a 2020 Jetta and from the start, (the salesperson) Karen was nothing but wonderful. She was so helpful, funny, and sweet. I’m so grateful for her help and so happy/excited for my new, beautiful car!

Review β„–29

I worked with Tim Kullmann on a used vehicle (Ford Expedition) - and he was great. Very helpful and friendly. They supplied a 60 day warranty and took care of some cosmetic issues on the vehicle which was greatly appreciated and made a huge difference. Vehicle was very clean and well presented. The whole process with Tim was excellent and very easy. He kept me posted on everything while it was getting the cosmetic issues taken care of at the autobody. Best of all he got it all ready in time so we could take the vehicle up to the cabin for the weekend! Highly recommend Tim - and Brookdale VW for your next new or used vehicle. Thank you!

Review β„–30

The team at Luther was excellent. Jason and Alexander are top notch. Thanks Brookdale Luther VW!!

Review β„–31

Scheduled repair for recall, after dropping off the car, they sent me an email saying they didnt have the parts but that they found $2k worth of work to do instead.

Review β„–32

Fantastic experience and great price. I traveled 35 miles past multiple other VW dealerships to get to Brookdale. Other dealerships I was investigating told me there was no way Brookdale could lease a car at that price and that there would be some bait and switch attempt once I got there.... That was not the case. They beat the price of the other dealerships significantly. I was in and out quickly and efficiently. Everyone was friendly and professional. Jim, the general manager who I had not met, made a special walk out to my car to say thanks before I drove away.

Review β„–33

I bought my second car on Brookdale dealership, the customer service is awesome, 100% recommended.

Review β„–34


Review β„–35

Working with the sales team was an amazing experience. It’s been downhill from there. I’ve owned my 2019 Atlas for less than a year. I’ve been to service several times for things I shouldn’t be dealing with (technology screen went black, roof leaking, etc.). Every encounter has been less than satisfactory but today was the worst. The service team has no accountability.

Review β„–36

Poor follow through on service. Just bought a 2016 Honda Odyssey right off lease from them. I am now a little over 2 months in and my passenger seat weight sensor fails, repair estimate is $2.4K. Every mechanic including the dealer say they have never seen this happen and after calling them to see if they can help me they will not even work with me to fix the cars safety feature so my air bags will deploy. Poor follow through. I paid your high price to have the service that backs it up and now I see I am just cattle to your eyes. Luther advantage is a croak. Buy from someone else and use the savings to pay for the needed repairs.

Review β„–37

I drove down from St cloud to look at a vehicle that was new in stock. Scott was great and got it ready for me to look and and was upfront as to what time it would be ready so that I did not get there too soon. That particular vehicle did not work for me and there was no pressure about that. I did however find a different vehicle there that was the right one and the process of paperwork with Jacque was smooth. Would not hesitate to contact Scott in the future. Two thumbs up!

Review β„–38

Brought my Jetta In for a 20k mile service and 5k mike oil change. I let them know the back tire felt like it was vibrating a little at high speeds. They had the car for about 2 hours, when I came back they said they weren’t able to see anything wrong with the tires and they rotated them for me but the alignment station was unavailable so they couldn’t get to it. I asked if there was a rain check or anything like that and they said, β€œno the alignment is just a curtesy if it is available.” On the drive home the car vibrated worse than before only now it was coming from the front of the vehicle. I called and they said I could bring the car back in but it would cost $120 to get the tires aligned and balanced. I took the car to Tires Plus and Discount tires and they both said all four tires were cupped and the alignment was off on three. Replaced the tires and the car is smooth as silk now. Lack of mechanical knowledge aside, everyone was really nice. It may be that their service department is woefully incompetent. Maybe buy a car here and then take it somewhere else? Maybe just don’t go at all?

Review β„–39

Best and only place to get a car, be sure to talk to James Baldwin!!! What a guy and an amazing and helpful crew. 5 stars isnt enough!

Review β„–40

The guys in the parts department know their stuff. They went the extra mile to help and it didnt seem out of the ordianry for them. Thanks Again

Review β„–41

Steve F. was great and made everything a breeze! He offered up honest advice about the vehicles I was interested in and about what to do with my current car. He made sure I was fully informed every step through the process. Jennifer B. walked through all the aspects of financing with me to make sure I understood and even dug deeper for a better interest rate when I asked about specific banks. Thanks to all involved!

Review β„–42

I took my car there for a recall, and a very friendly person named Scott came to offer me assistance. He was very professional and kind when he was helping me. I felt very welcomed and less anxious to come to this place for the first time. God bless you Scott!

Review β„–43

I purchased my VW Jetta here in January and had an amazing experience. I worked with Tim K in sales and cannot say enough about how helpful he was. It was my very first time purchasing a vehicle on my own and Tim walked me through everything, had answers to all my questions, and did not jerk me around. If you are going to Brookdale to purchase your next VW, I 100% recommend requesting Tim when you arrive. He has also followed up with me on several occasions to make sure I am happy with my purchase. I bought a used car, so a few weeks after purchase I noticed there was a hole on the window wiper panel. All it took was a quick call to Tim and he had me set up with a service appointment the next day. They replaced it at no charge. In addition, the previous owner had used a window wiper fluid that was not suited to the Minnesota winter so it was freezing, all it took was a call to the service dept and I had an appointment a few days later and they drained the fluid and replaced it. Since then I have not had a problem with the vehicle.I have had nothing but great experiences at Brookdale VW and I look forward to bringing my car in for my future service needs.

Review β„–44

Only good experiences here so far. Both sales and service have been pleasant to work with. Not a bad place to hang out during service. Coffee could be stronger 😁.

Review β„–45

I would say the sales person was good and kind enough to make a good deal on the car. We bought the used one and after making the deal lastly we met the manager and she was vey rude. She did not even provide me the Luther warranty and dealing with me like I was buying a car for free. The only star goes to the sales person. Disappointed with the service from the manager side.

Review β„–46

Very friendly and knowledgeable. My appointment was easy to schedule and they even took care of my new plant while my vehicle was there.

Review β„–47

I worked with Scott in the sales department looking at trading my car in for a truck. Scott was the most helpful and honest salesman Ive ever worked with. I would definitely recommend working with this dealership to everyone! 5 stars all around!

Review β„–48

The salesman that we dealt with was named Bill he was on spot with all of his recommendations and information. We never once felt pressure to buy and were able to test drive all of the vehicles we were interested in. I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone I know.

Review β„–49

Went there to get my CAR-NET system replaced, got my instrument cluster destroyed and scratched! Theyre gonna replace it for me, but still they need to hire people who can do their jobs right!

Review β„–50

Best car buying experience ever-- and Ive bought a lot of cars. From Brendon in sales to Jennifer in finance and Jim the General Manager. We were in and out quickly and with the perfect car and price for us! Ill be recommending all my family and friends to buy their VWs here! Thanks so much! Aimee and Francis

Review β„–51

Buying the car was a breeze but what came after was a test of sanity. I would recommend purchasing your vehicle from any other Luther Dealership.I informed the sales member, manager and financial officer that my car was bought out of state and the title was out of state. I was reassured that this would not be a issue from all members I was working with. They were lying through their teeth. Over the next eight weeks I spent all my free time between work driving to the dealership to sign a new pieces of paper or on the phone with the DMV trying to acquire the title they swore would not be a issue, doing all the leg work for them. They held on to my plates and required me to continue driving back get a temporary permit.I have also recently learned they sold me a car with two damaged tires being held together with a temporary fixes. Worst experience I have ever had. I would highly recommend anyone to buy their vehicle from any other dealership. Remember Luther Dealerships can transfer cars to each other at no cost to the buyer, so you dont have to experience their terrible customer service.

Review β„–52

We bought a vehicle from Jill she was really great, very friendly! She didnt rush or push us, she allowed us to look over the vehicle and not be right on us. Thanks for the first time experience . Jennifer in fiancee also was great. I highly recommend Luther Brookdale Volkswagen!!!

Review β„–53

My favorite local VW dealer.. they have a great selection of cars, the sales and service staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Review β„–54

Im quite annoyed with how I was treated at this place. I unfortunately had to deal with a young lady by the name of Grace, who was extremely preoccupied with her phone, and too busy chit-chatting with her coworkers to give me the attention I needed. When I finally did grasp onto her short attention span, she gave me an extremely brief overview of my car, before rushing away. Most likely to be on her phone or converse with her coworkers more.If the blue hair and crooked teeth werent unprofessional enough on its own, her actions quite were. Im honestly astonished that she still holds a job there, and Im even more stunned that they hired her in the first place.I wont be returning to this place, and I hope everyone else having the unfortunate circumstance with dealing with the poor customer service here soon leaves.

Review β„–55

Service is always great and friendly. We have purchased our cars here over other places due to the great staff and we will continue to in the future.

Review β„–56

They did a good job taking care of my car and got it fixed up in a good amount of time.

Review β„–57

I was very impressed with the service I received from Luther Brookdale VW. Sure, I had a service appointment. (I always do.) But, they got the work completed while I was waiting and provided me with updates as the work progressed. They were friendly and made me feel like a valued customer. It was like a luxury car dealer service experience.

Review β„–58

Went in 6 months ago to show the service manager my car since it had some rust coming through in multiple spots (driver side fender, driver side door, passenger side door). He didn’t seem to eager to help but he ended up taking the pictures of the spots to send to Volkswagen and said it would take a month or two to hear back... I have never heard anything from them ever again... I’ve tried calling and the department never answers. Won’t be bringing my car back here ever again.

Review β„–59

Booked an appointment online more than a week in advance to replace all four tires. The person checking me in for my appointment did not appear to know what he was doing and didn’t get my car checked in for 15 minutes. He then said it would be another 2 hours for the appointment which is double the time it’s ever taken for my tires to be replaced. This didn’t even include an alignment which I still need. I’ve been to this dealership and it’s sister location in St. Louis Park before for service and have not had this kind of experience, but may not visit this location in the future. As a loyal VW customer, I did not feel that my appointment was given the attention or urgency it deserved.

Review β„–60

Helpful staff. I havent purchased anything from here but I did test-drive a car I was interested in. Evelyn is great. Even though I havent gotten back to her, she is consistent on bringing me back in, which I think is good service.

Review β„–61

This is my second used car purchase with Jill in the past 12 months, and both experiences were exceptional! She makes the process so simple and painless, and there is never any pressure as you may feel at other dealerships. Shes the real deal!!

Review β„–62

I wish I could give 0 stars.I tried for 4 days to get a specific Beetle on hold because I live several hours away and could not make the trip for another week. During these 4 days, I spoke with two different salesmen and a sales manager trying to ensure this car would be held. I even offered to place a deposit on it.Najmi had sent me some uninterested and generic emails since I suppose online shoppers arent as important, so I began speaking with a sales manager instead. This sales manager was polite, but referred me to an outstanding salesman, Jill. That afternoon I spoke with Jill, and she told me that as soon as she got into work the next morning she would place the car on hold for me and give me a call so that I could place the deposit (I wasnt certain why she couldnt do it that afternoon, but I wasnt going to be a b*! €h). After waiting until lunchtime the next day and not hearing from Jill I decided to give her a call. She had not placed the car on hold at that time, so she said she would call me back as soon as she had done so.....then she calls back to inform me that the car sold first thing yesterday morning.Jill tried to talk about finding another Beetle for me, but the specific one that I had been bugging them about is a limited availability model in denim blue with a manual transmission. From my understanding, these were only made in 2013 and 2014. Ive searched the Midwest extensively, and there were only 3 available - two in Chicago (one is a piece of crap and the other is priced entirely too high) and the one that was here at Brookdale.I cannot begin express the extent of my dissatisfaction. I suppose Ill have to pay extra for the same car at another dealership. I suggest working on your customer service skills, Brookdale.

Review β„–63

Excellent service department. All of the technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and always give you the right diagnosis and repair the first time. I come here to keep my twenty year old Jetta on the road and have never been disappointed by their service.

Review β„–64

Great sales and finance team. Made getting a new vehicle pain free. If you are in the market for a VW, this should be your first stop.

Review β„–65

I recently purchased a certified pre-owned Volkswagen from Evelyn and she was SO AMAZING. I was nervous going into a dealership as a single woman and they really made sure I felt comfortable and chose the right car. The finance manager... I am beyond lost for words for. She makes the whole process just that much easier. I did have one flaw with the car after my purchase and decided to call to see if there was anything they could do. James the manager went totally above and beyond to make it right. I will never shop other dealerships again. Thanks for making my experience great!

Review β„–66

I visited this dealership with the intent to purchase a used Golf. Steve Fischer was very helpful and friendly from start to finish. He helped my find a vehicle within my price range very quickly, and made sure I knew about all its features and how to use them. In the office and on the test drive, he was never pushy and did not employ any shady sales techniques. He made a conscious effort to respect my time and did not waste it on unnecessary pitches and salesperson jargon. He seems to have a genuine passion for making car-buying experiences as pleasant as possible.In the finance room, all paperwork was efficiently handled and clearly explained by Jacque. Paperwork is never fun, but Jacque made it mostly painless and time-efficient.Overall, I would recommend this dealer to anyone looking for genuine staff and an efficient, pleasant experience.

Review β„–67

I just purchased a new Jetta, Steve Fischer was my sales consultant and I couldnt be happier about the entire process. Steve was very nice and professional, answered all of my questions and made the whole process very relaxing and pain free. Jacque in financing was awesome as well and I will for sure recommend everyone I know to go to Luther for a great, pain free and courteous car buying experience.

Review β„–68

Great service department, nice customer amenities. I bring my 2013 CC here for service and have always had a good experience. Jason in service is very courteous and professional, he explains things well and gives you all of your options. They have a great full synthetic (Castrol) oil change at a good price and you always get a car wash...You cant beat that!

Review β„–69

Really enjoyed my experiences here. They were kind and straight forward. Id recommend them to anyone. Not pushy at all.

Review β„–70

Jill T helped me purchase a used Beetle and was super helpful! Finance department is awesome also. Thank you!

Review β„–71

Jill and Karen are awesome ladies! Very helpful with all your needs!

Review β„–72

We really enjoyed working with Steve Fischer! Steve was very professional a good listener and very patient. Finance Manager, Jacque Gadient was extremely helpful as well; she went above and beyond in our opinion. We feel like we got a great car at a fair price. We would recommend this dealership without hesitation.

Review β„–73

Trade in manager low balled me on my trade in. Offers 9K resold for 15.9KSnuck in $900 paint protection package on me, and missed key features on my new vehicleI typically purchase two new vehicles every other year and I do indeed love VW. However I will pass on Luther in the future*** service department rocks tho when I get my vehicle serviced they do a great job*****

Review β„–74

Pretty good. At the end of the day its a car dealership with ups and downs on service.

Review β„–75

Very friendly Sales agent and staff. Made the purchase a car fast and easy. We were in and out in 2 hours, not like other car dealerships were it takes half a day.

Review β„–76

Sent in a request for a quote on some routine maintenance on my 2013 Jetta, it would have been a couple around $500 in work. I never heard back from them. I guess they dont want my money. Ill take my car somewhere else where its not inconvenient to talk to me.

Review β„–77

I called a different dealer first and had pretty terrible service. I then received a call from Jill and she was great! She was very accommodating, and was able to do pretty much everything over the phone. The process was simple and I couldnt be happier with my Tiguan.

Review β„–78

My drivers seat started on fire from its heat unit so I brought it in to a dealership to have it fixed. They told me the part wasnt in stock and theyd give me a call when its in stock. Okay cool. 2 months later now...Ive been calling the service department and each time they say theyll give me a call back with answers. Not one call back yet.

Review β„–79

Great experience. Jill Taylor is top notch in sales department. Highly recommend!

Review β„–80

Very friendly. Clean. They do fantastic work. Waiting area is comfortable and well stocked with snacks and drinks. Easy to get into from street.

Review β„–81

Brought the car in for an oil change. The service manager notified me of the 50,000 mi maintenance coming up. He reviewed each component and only selected the ones that we agreed made sense to do at the time.As they worked on the car, they found a few things they wanted to bring to my attention. The service manager, Alex, came out to find me with photos of everything they found, explained the issue with each one, and just how critical it was (or wasnt). I elected to repair some, and not others, and Alex made sure I got to the ones that really needed it.When they were all finished, it was a half hour less time than they estimated.Been going here alot, and will keep coming back. Price is right, and the staff looks to educate the customer, rather than just try to sell the customer...

Review β„–82

I am loving being a VolksWagon owner.All VW shops have treated me great

Review β„–83

Once again Luther Brookdale Volkswagen makes me proud to be a VW owner! Scott and Jason are the best and take care of you in times of need thank you so much for all of your help and getting my Tiguan 100% again! I trust that you will never steer me in the wrong direction and greatly appreciate it!

Review β„–84

The worst experience ever the dealership is out to just take you money if there was an option for a negative star I would do it.

Review β„–85

Relaxed atmosphere. Larry was a salesperson to work with.

Review β„–86

Excellent customer service! James did a great job and helped me through the entire process of getting my CC repaired. I strongly recommend it.

Review β„–87

Just purchased a 2013 Beetle PZEV 2.5 Sun and Sound. Couldn’t be any happier with the car or with the service. Preston went above and beyond the call of duty, putting up with my constant questions/texts and Jill was thorough in showing me all the attributes of the car (and recommendation for a sushi restaurant nearby!). Although there is a little problem with the passenger door lock they have assured me they will cover the $50 deductible to repair it come spring (the car is stored for the winter). Truly one of my best vehicle buying experiences…and I’ve had many. Highly recommend the dealership if you’re in the market for a VW.

Review β„–88

Very expensive Parts, I found the same part for 30$ online but at the dealer they said it would be 114 $ they dont care about your car they just wanna make money.

Review β„–89

We had some issues, and we were then contacted and worked everything out to our satisfaction! Was not expecting that, way to turn things around! :D

Review β„–90

Very nice and friendly staff. I enjoyed doing business with them. Would very much recommend this location.

Review β„–91

Overall this location is fine. I leased my current Jetta from them and I feel like some of the info that was given to me during the decision process was purposely inaccurate to sway me into a new lease. When I eventually talked to their sales manager months later she didnt seem to care that much, just gave a generic oh sorry to hear. So I probably wont return for future leases. Ill go back to Westside.From a service perspective, the team is friendly and theyre generally quick to finish stuff up. With that said, they do not do a very good job at anticipating needs. A recent example, I had brought my car in for a flat tire and it required replacement. I had an appointment made a week in advance for this, yet when I get there they didnt have the tire I needed. Why it wasnt ordered and ready for my visit, who knows. No one had answered. So I had to wait another week to get a tire. Just very inconvenient. I sent a note to the service supervisor and my original sales rep about my experience and have not received a response to it to date. Their no response tells me all I need to know about how I much customer service means to them. And not to mention Ive had like 3 or 4 recalls on my Jetta already, though I understand thats more VW than Luther.

Review β„–92

Always good service when I come into town. Jared and the staff are always super friendly and helpful.

Review β„–93

Awesome experience! Excellent customer service. Thanks Nuj

Review β„–94

Nice people, but they did not diagnose what i requested. My quote had environmental disposal fees for windshield wipers and wheel alignment.

Review β„–95

Update 2017:I came for 2 recall repairs on my car (free repairs but no fun taking off time for the repairs). The service rep was kind. Quoted a 90 wait time (compared to 4.5 hours at the vw dealership in St. Louis Park). I added a star to make 3 for the competitive wait time, but minus 2 stars for the inability to provide a free rental while they work on their recalls, as well as the poor service from the last visit.Old review: Eh, I needed a warranty update on my car so they took care of that. But I wasnt impressed with their overall service, prices for continued upkeep, and the quality of their vehicles.

Review β„–96

These people are teriffic the repair dept is above and beyond the best ever. They make sure you are 100 percent satisified and even calls the next day to make sure. You cant get better service then that

Review β„–97

I worked with Todd to purchase a new vehicle and the process couldnt have been smoother. I already knew exactly what car I wanted, but I also knew inventory was limited in the state. They were able to get me the financing I needed and a fair price. Best of all, I spent all of 30 minutes in the dealership picking up the car. Everything else was handled over the phone or through email with quick and professional responses from all parties involved. I recommend anyone looking for a Volkswagen to at least see what Luther Brookdale has to offer; the purchase process couldnt be easier and the price was more than fair.One caveat is that I havent utilized the service department yet. I know the service after the sale can often times make or break the experience, but if the service side is anything like the sales (not always the case) I expect good things. I will continue to recommend Brookdale VW and update my review after some more experience with the service department.

Review β„–98

I have visited this location twice in the past 3 months since purchasing my VW Passat. The facility is clean, well lit, and accommodating. But the best part? The customer service. Both service representatives I worked with were professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend Luther Brookdale Volkswagen for servicing their VW!

Review β„–99

Not happy. Lots of little things Im finding wrong with the car I purchased there last fall that shouldve been fixed. Stripped out drain plug, missing owners manual etc.... My fault for not inspecting every little thing.

Review β„–100

They always take care of me and my car maintenance needs!

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