Merely Sweets
260 W Birch St, Brea, CA 92821, United States
Merely Sweets
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Situated in Downtown Brea, Merely Sweets bakery offers a variety of sweets & treats for everyone.Ive been to Merely Sweets at least a a handful of times and ordered twice recently during COVID-19. Called in to place my dozen macaron order, emailed and invoice to pay online, called when I was parked outside the store for curbside pick up - quick, easy and extremely convenient!Macarons are sold individually at $2.15 each or $23 for the dozen. Each dozen is placed in a long rectang

Review №2

The banana pydding is amazing! The cookies are pretty good too however the cupcakes were very dry not the best. Go for the banana pudding not the cupcakes.

Review №3

Icing was decent. Cake was dry and had no flavor. Tried strawberry cheesecake, churro and the brownie. Looks good, but not good

Review №4

Was greeted with good service.

Review №5

They have the best triple berry cake, better than Sweet Lady Janes in West Hollywood. Also, the salted caramel and animal cracker macarons are irresistible.

Review №6

I loved the cupcake that I had. The animal cookie macaroon I would definitely recommend if you like the animal cookie.

Review №7

Bought 2 dozen macaroons. The quality was not there. They were not consistent is size, tops larger than bottoms, no feet, and the fillings were not visible unless you took them apart. I will not visit this shop again.

Review №8

Horrible service. The worker in the front is rude. Drops the bag when she hands it to you.

Review №9

Always delicious! Amazing customer service, very kind and considerate. Birthday cupcake and banana pudding are my favorite! Very clean and have adjusted to covid restrictions very well also. 5 stars all around.

Review №10

Yummy dessert spot. No drinks so stop at Starbucks before heading in.

Review №11

Absolutely love it

Review №12

Banana Pudding is a must 🤤

Review №13

Super great place, good sweets made every day. Close parking!!! Legit for making cakes for all your celebrations. And the service is on point! Good vibes and cool ambient... Do not miss mini berry tarts or the unique carrot cake they are out of this world!

Review №14

I ordered a cake here for my birthday, all chocolates and they were fine. But they charged me $6.00 each for 3 small edible roses on the cake. Over price for 3 simple, roses unbelievable. The cake box was also very thin and plain. Their french macaroons are only good for 24 hours after that they are harden

Review №15

Im personally a fan of cookies. A BIG one! Merely Sweets isnt a great cookie place. BUT its a pretty good dessert place. They specialize mostly in cupcakes and macaroons (the French kind, not the coconut kind). The cakes are well made and taste great too. Overall, its worth a visit especially if youre craving something cakey for dessert!

Review №16

I couldnt give it 5 stars as I didnt try anything. I took my vegan friend for her birthday only to be informed they no longer have vegan options.Disappointing.

Review №17

Stay away if youre trying to get your wedding cake made here. My fiancee and I got a consultation where their rep made everything sound perfect and easy - she got our specifications down without a problem.Then she left the company about a month after we confirmed our order and it all went to hell.We were informed that they could no longer provide free shipping, they could no longer do the type of cake or filling we wanted, and they wanted to charge us another $40 to color the cake.So all in all, we wasted $30 on the consolation (which is non refundable) and a lot of time.So do yourself a favor and consider a different place because Merely Sweets is not a professional place at all.

Review №18

The cupcakes were all amazing! And the red velvet cake was super moist and not overly sweet. It was perfect!

Review №19

I absolutely LOVE my sons cake for his 3rd birthday! Its simple but yet AMAZING! Thank you.

Review №20

Sweet tooth fixer! The macaroons are divine! The blueberry lemon cupcake is really good, not to sweet and the flavor is just right. The staffs are very nice, friendly and helpful.

Review №21

Great New place we found.. very accommodating and friendly service. Great samples.

Review №22

I love the macarons here but my all time favorite thing to get is their Blueberry cookie. Its like a oatmeal cookie but instead of rasins they have blueberry. Almost everything we get is awesome and they are so awesome there. Service is always nice. If you have a sweet tooth come by and tey out one of their many treats.

Review №23

Amazing and cute cupcakes. Always stop by here when in town. Try the black and white cupcake or strawberry

Review №24

The best banana pudding ever made on this planet. Better than Magnolias bakery too.

Review №25

I love the variety of cupcakes. Had the black and white cupcake, but Ive had the vegan chai vanilla and that one is amazing.

Review №26

This business ruined my gender reveal celebration! I had preordered a dozen cupcakes and was told they would be ready at 10:30 am. They told me I needed to pay over the phone which I did. The next day, I walk in at 10:30 and no cupcakes were ready! The employees came up with a bogus story about some cupcakes were smashed and they needed to redo them. Sure! Truth is they didnt expect that Id actually be there at the pick up time I was given. AKA they hadnt even started my order. I explained to them that I had my gender reveal lunch at 11:30 all the way in Ontario and it was a very special moment being my first pregnancy. All they said was they were sorry and offered free macarons. I had to basically persuade an employee for some sort of discount she was hesitant, yet finally took off $19. My cupcakes werent ready until12:05!!!!!!!!! Most of my guests had to leave before I could even arrive to my lunch. AVOID! This business is far from reliable!!!!! STAY AWAY

Review №27

Visited this store last week with my girlfriend. The cake tastes delicious as they look.

Review №28

Their macaroons are really delicious. Their caramel and raspberry macaroons are my favorites! Friendly and accommodating staff too!

Review №29

Excellent customer service and cakes and cookies and whatever else they sold us. Love this place.

Review №30

Just YUM!

Review №31

Love the macarons here! I tried the red velvet cupcakes and thought it was a bit dry. Overall, macarons and service was great.

Review №32

$1.75 for 1$10.75 for 6 and you get a free box?$20.75 and you get 1 free YAY?!geese can it get pricier ? Regardless merely sweet is an adorable shop located in downtown Brea ! I realized i really love salted caramel macaroons and like usual it was my fave at this pristine little shop.

Review №33

Located in the downtown area of Brea across from Bruxie, Merely Sweets has a wide assortment of macarons, cupcakes, cakes, and other sweet treats.The storefront is super clean and modern. I feel like every piece of decoration is put up for a specific purpose - nothing is done without extreme and careful thought, so the entire storefront looks incredibly polished and put together in a very tasteful way. I love the brightness of the store upon walking in. The open windows, the ledge table, the white walls, everything just seems to call out hey, put a cupcake or a macaron on me and Instagram this moment!Anyway, I originally came here for macarons, but I couldnt help but be swayed to buy a cupcake. Im a fan of all mint colored things, and the frosting on the happy birthday cupcake totally drew me in. With a candle on top and funfetti cake on the bottom, this cake was seriously begging me to eat it. As big of a fan as I am of macarons, the birthday cupcake became my go-to sweet treat from this place. The cupcake itself is super soft and moist. While it pretty much crumbles into soft cake once its in your mouth, it doesnt crumble like day-old pound cake thats been sitting on the counter overnight. Nope, the cake from Merely Sweets was one of the moistest, tastiest cupcakes I have ever had! It definitely made me consider buying a whole slice of cake.Black and white cupcake - I was intrigued by a few of the cupcakes, but I ended up trying this one because I really like chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. I thought it was a good cupcake, but nowhere near as good as the happy birthday cupcake. I ate it a day after buying it, and the cake still maintained the moist decadent taste that the other cupcake had. It was rich without being too heavy on the chocolate taste. The vanilla buttercream on top (with the black and white sprinkles) was good and not too heavy, but wasnt as light and fluffy as the teal vanilla frosting on the birthday cupcake. I dont know if I would buy this again, but it was a decent try.Cupcakes are $2.95 each and $3.25 for filled cupcakes. Macarons are $1.95 each or $22 for a dozen. While I love macarons, I definitely felt like the cupcakes were a much better buy. But! The macarons here are much cheaper than the ones at Bottega or Caffe Concerto.I still ended up buying six, trying the lemon, lavender and honey, salted caramel, circus animal, vanilla and rose. I really liked all the flavors that I tried. The macarons were made just the way I like - I look for shells that are crumbly upon biting, but after taking that whole bite, give that chewiness when you get the filling and shell. Love love the macarons here! My favorite was probably a tie between the circus animal and the salted caramel, just because the caramel had that ooey gooey texture that I like. The lemon was also really good, not too tangy (more on the sweet side), and the rose was light and fragrant. I think the circus animal macaron was the most unique, with sprinkles on the outside of the shell and a pink filling (reminiscent of the pink circus animal cookie) on the inside. Definitely a top flavor. And the lavender and honey was just a bit too sweet for me, but I loved the pretty purple sparkly dusting on the outside of the shell.The workers here are super nice and friendly, and all seemed to understand my need to take countless pictures of the storefront, my cupcake, my macarons, etc. I love the individualized boxes, the bags, everything about this store! Im sad that its located all the way in Brea though.Theres a big huge parking lot in the back that is shared with the Starbucks, Corner Bakery, etc. or you can find parking in the garage or various lots in downtown Brea.Overall, the perfect place to go if you want to pick up some goodies and sweet treats for a friend ... or yourself. Highly recommend their Happy Birthday Cupcake and the Circus Animal macaron. Ill probably be visiting tomorrow to pick up some treats for my co-workers. And okay, for myself, too!

Review №34

Great cupcakes and cakes but too pricey! ... not worth the price

Review №35

They are incredible creative! They made our cookies for our last event and all the girls wanted photos with them

Review №36

Absolutely delicious maracons!

Review №37

Tasty but pricey.

Review №38

Overpriced but delicious.You cant win it all. Parking on the street can be a nightmare in the evenings.

Review №39

Passionfruit Tart cant be missed.

Review №40

Says they are open, but the are closed

Review №41

Good service, delicious cupcakes

Review №42

Lots of yummy sweets to choose from!

Review №43

I didnt like it 😳

Review №44

The vegan cookie was dry.

Review №45

Awesome macarons and staff!!!

Review №46

Super cute place !!! Delicious sweets !!! Good coz were not too sweet.

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  • Address:260 W Birch St, Brea, CA 92821, United States
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  • Phone:+1 714-529-9909
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  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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