Mark Muffler Shop
5270 Scottsville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104, United States
Mark Muffler Shop
Review №1

Employees were nice. They waved me in, started work right away and got done quick. The price is the lowest Ive seen here. Im pleased.

Review №2

Well we came in we only had to wait 15 minutes and it was very crowded so that was good we ordered and was seated our waitress was amazing (Thank You Chey) thing but as far as the cooks go if you get the right food when it comes to the table you will be amazed we ordered 2 steais 3rd 2 steaks and a catfish and both steaks came to the table not correct both have had shrimp added they forgot an order of the shrimp. They need new cooks but customer service was great manager Mickey offered me a 20% discount after setting here for an hour and 45 minutes waiting for my food would not recommend this place if you are in a hurry or it is busy.

Review №3

This place is awesome!! Garrett is the one who helped me when I got there. If or when something is wrong with your vehicle, he gives you a complete explanation of whats going on. They feel more like family, than just another car repair company.

Review №4

Great shop for exhaust work, although I bring my old cars here for oil changes. The staff is always super friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable.

Review №5

They did a great job with quick turn around at a fair price will do business with them again.

Review №6

Very helpful associates. Fair and honest!!!

Review №7

Took my car in for an hour job was done in 40 mins. Friendly staff and and even advised me not to purchase more than I needed. Headed back soon for more update maintenance. I would recommend them to others.

Review №8

They always do great work for a honest price!

Review №9

Wanted a custom FlowFX system for my ‘06 V6 Accord, and they fabricated a whole new Y-pipe for it in just a few hours. Sounds great and quality checks out. Recommend!

Review №10

Really awesome guy there if you need anything done to your car this is the place to go🔥

Review №11

I work here so I kind of biased. I love MM. Its a great place to work and our team really tries to do a good job.

Review №12

This place is truly great. Not like the other shops that want to scam You for the most money. The guys here are real and their prices are fair. I recommend this place for all Your muffler and exhust needs!

Review №13

Honest and friendly service, knowledgeable staff, and fair prices! If you end up waiting for your vehicle to get done, they have the nicest waiting area Ive ever seen at a shop!

Review №14

These guys...First, they get my truck in almost immediately. Then, after discussing exactly what I wanted and needed, they gave me, what I consider a very reasonable estimate. I honestly expected about 4 times more.But get this....they got the work done quick. A lot quicker than I expected.So, I go back to get my truck, and not only did they accomplish exactly what I wanted...but they did it for far less than what I was expecting.I mean, just crazy. These guys must be from another planet or something.They were so courteous and professional, I just dont even know what to say.( If you did not catch the faux sarcasm, let me just say that I was beyond impressed. Will definitely go back to them.)

Review №15

Took my car in for an alignment. As I picked it up I asked if they had any issues, they said no. Drove it down the road and could easily tell the alignment was worse than it was to begin with. Now its unsafe to drive on the highway.

Review №16

Theyre the best in town & very friendly.

Review №17

Visited mark muffler approximately 5 months ago for wheel bearing replacement. Was very satisfied with the speed and quality of work but now here I am trying to remove 2 over torqued bolts when changing brake pads myself. Very let down by this. Thought I had found a shop to take my vehicle to regularly. Will not be back to mark muffler!

Review №18

I had a check engine light and a service brake assist light come onI called and was seen right away. Engine light was nothing and brake light needed more time so took truck back next morningThey did a complete brake inspection and determined all was well and I had plenty of brake pad left. So no work needed.When I picked up the truck, there was no charge !!So they did all the work and were honest as Abe that I didn’t need any service and didn’t charge a penny!!I will be back

Review №19

My daughter was traveling with my granddaughter and the car was making a rubbing noise. They were honest and a great help. Thanks for the help.

Review №20

Terrible people who dont deserve your business.

Review №21

Had a exhaust system put in for my 2020 sierra not only did they do a fantastic job but they actually found a busted front axle that I wouldnt have know about. Cant thank them enough.

Review №22

Love this place its the only place i will take my car to.. the guy are so nice and remembers your name..

Review №23

Truck was experiencing rattling at 2,000 RPMs due to heat shields deteriorating over the years. Mark Muffler Shop was eager to help me with the install as the rust had taken over the bolts beneath my vehicle. Very happy with the way the job turned out. Affordable rates and able to help on a short notice.

Review №24

Great service and fair pricing

Review №25

It was great and very affordable lowest I found in town

Review №26

Plain and simple if your white hell help you if your a person of color hell manipulate you I was kind, professional, and considerate and with condescending comments cause I dont know much about cars so he got upset we discussed the part and the details and the labor now all of a sudden the price changes what a coincidence but its fine bigots like mark muffler are reasons why rascism is still an issue Ill definitely notify people about the circumstances of this place and I would be happy to take my business elsewhere

Review №27

Stopped by to get an estimate on a tune up on an 04 Tahoe I just bought, mentioned I thought I had an exhaust leak as well and Rick spent a lot of time explaining to me how common it is in these motors and went into a lot of detail of what all it took to replace it. I scheduled an appointment and went home and did some research (not that I didnt trust him, but just verifying you know?) Sure enough it was a big enough job I wasnt comfortable tackling myself. The day of the appointment went smooth as silk, the job was finished in the time as promised and now the Tahoe purrs like a kitten. Reasonably priced (especially for the job) and got the repair done quickly. I appreciate the extra time taken to explain and the professionalism/courtesy that was shown to me. I will be back for all my auto needs going forward. Thank you!

Review №28

Great auto repair location. Ben and Garrett were great and the install of my muffler system was done well. They also have a drive through oil change bays for a quick oil change. Stop in or call ahead to schedule your car repair. Prices are responsible.

Review №29

Nice people here and honest too. Had issues with my brakes and after getting them replaced I had a weird sound back on them, the guys here got new parts and replaced them for free. Excellent service.

Review №30

Wonderful people and Service. I originally stopped by to replace a broken exhaust a year ago and have come back ever since. I just recently started using their Oil Change service and that one time made a huge difference on my car. It runs better and I didnt even know my gears could shift smoother.

Review №31

Best mechanics and service in town.

Review №32

Ben is always super helpful and listens to your needs. A great place to take your car, as you know it will be done correctly the first time, and without any hidden charges. I highly suggest people check out Mark Muffler first before going anywhere else in BG.

Review №33

These guys are great! Honest. Upfront. Easy to deal with. My daughter is in college at WKU. We’ve used these guys twice in the last six months and they are the real deal. Ben is awesome

Review №34

Nice people. Did good work. But price was 350 higher then the estimate. Once I was in they had me an I could not drive to another shop.

Review №35

They were quick, reasonable, and friendly. I was in and out with an oil change and air filter change in less then 20min. The total cost was more than reasonable. I would recommend them to everyone

Review №36

I got a oil change and been here years getting one. I went to get oil change, they looked at my air filter and air pressure. I pulled out started driving down the interstate had a very loud roar when I started driving .Pulled over and looked, my air filter cap was not on tight enough. There was a crack in the filter cap. I fixed it myself and started driving fine. A month later I having to replace the whole air filter duct and sensors because a piece broke off where they checked it. So a 64 dollar oil change turned into 360 dollars. U arent touching my air filter again!!!!!!

Review №37

Great place for service and repairs. I get all my oil changes here and they have worked on more than vehicle for me. Priced reasonably and fast service.

Review №38

My daughter is away from home at WKU and needed her car ac repaired it was nothing major but they took really care of her and didn’t overcharge her either, we’ll be back if we have any other issues. Thank you so very much!!!

Review №39

Excellent service. Willing to go above and beyond to make sure the solution to your problem is found

Review №40

The waiting room and bathroom area is the cleanest and nicest Ive ever been in for an auto place. The people were helpful and I was in and out in a jiff. I also felt they were honest and didnt try to make up stuff to fix.

Review №41

They are Crooks! I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone.. They dont stand by there warranty after supposedly fixing it..I paid over $1500 to have 2 vehicles fixed and they did the work but both vehicles didnt get fixed so we dropped both vehicles off and went to pick back up a few hours later and on the truck they said its something different now, but I got it checked by another shop and they said it is indeed what mark muffler was supposed to have fixed so I told them that and they said pretty much they dont have to fix it..ok.. So on my SUV they said its fixed so I go and crank up my car and STILL the same problem! They dont want to fix there mistakes! Im probably going to file a law suit on them.. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE! I WANT MY MONEY BACK SO I CAN TAKE TO A REAL MECHANIC SHOP!

Review №42

They performed what they did at a reasonable cost.

Review №43

First time there. Im blown away by how freindly they are. Great prices for high quality work. Definitely our go to now.

Review №44

I always get my oil changed here! Fast, friendly service!!

Review №45

Great place to get an oil change

Review №46

Great customer service, work done to my vehicle done in a timely manner, and prices are reasonable. Reliable shop!

Review №47

Went in to get true dual exhaust from manifolds back put on my Tahoe. Paid over $500 for exhaust with no mufflers and tips and it has a y pipe instead. And hangers are already broke. Exhaust was done less than a month ago. This place is over priced and takes short cuts to get a job done. I’ll never go back.

Review №48

They are quick, efficient, friendly, and their prices are great.

Review №49

They do a really good job on fixings cars quicky and efficiently. They charge what is a fair price for labor and repairs.

Review №50

Less than a day turn around on my truck with a bad fuel pump. Quick work on getting it back to me in less than 24 hrs. Will definitely be going back for any future needs!

Review №51

Nicest guys ever. Found our dropped oil cap. Added some oil and didnt charge us a thing.

Review №52

Great service and reasonable prices 👍

Review №53

They did a great job on fixing my exhaust issue on my Infiniti QX56, and I was there less than 30 minutes. Cleanest mechanics shop Ive ever been to. Ill definitely be back when I need more work done.

Review №54

Didnt know the area. Found this shop online.Knowledgeable staff. Was able to get in & out in a timely manner. Clean & organized shop.

Review №55

Didnt start on my vehicle till 3 hours after appt. time.Everything I wanted was - No, we cant do that.It was a classic car needing custom work.They may be ok on modern vehicles, but not able to think and adapt to unique situations.A good exhaust man can run that stuff anywhere....

Review №56

As usual marks muffler is on point, always knowledgeable about issues, prompt on appointment and completing to job . Fair prices and loyal customers. My one stop shop .. thank Marks Muffler ..

Review №57

They seemed nice when we got there but after they got my truck in the back and started working I heard them start it up and rev it 2-3 times. the welds look like they chewed up some bubble gum and slapped it on there and half of them aren’t even on the gap. never going back.

Review №58

Terrific place to have your vehicle worked on. The staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and super kind. This is the only place I take our truck and car to be worked on.

Review №59

They always take care of me

Review №60

Fast and friendly! Reliable and respectable. We drive from Smiths Grove for our service.

Review №61

I was driving from Florida to Ohio when my car needed repair work. Not knowing the local area, I stopped at Mark Muffler and found them to be honest and reasonable. They were able to complete the repair the same day.

Review №62


Review №63

Most Honest Mechanics Ive ever met! Ive been taking my car here since I moved to Bowling Green 6 years ago! I dont trust just anyone with my car!

Review №64

Super friendly & fast service. Need an oil change? Dont hesitate to stop here!!

Review №65

Nice people who are not trying to sell you everything they have in the shop. I have found my new favorite oil change shop.

Review №66

The team at Marks Muffler really step up to keep my daughters car safe while she attends WKU. Thanks guys for being there for her when I cannot.

Review №67

Three times Ive had problems that they resolved without charge. Works always been right.

Review №68

Great service. Friendly staff.

Review №69

Great shop with good mechanics who know what they are doing and do a good job repairing cars. They are pleasant to work with.

Review №70

Absolutely the best muffler shop Ive ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I bought a winter truck in Nashville. Great deal but the previous owner was a Harley guy and deleted the muffler so the truck was as noisy as Harley. The highway drive from Nashville to Bowling Green where I spent th enight was brutal. Next morning, 8:30 AM I called around to see if anybody could install a muffler and have me on my way that day. Mark Muffler could. Be there at 10:00, they said. I showed up, signed in and gave the gentleman my keys. A little while later, the guy came out with the piece of WATER PIPE that the Harley dude had welded into the exhaust where the muffler should have been. We all had a good laugh. I was back on the road with a new exhaust system by 11:00! Now, heres the really important part. I have 2 identical Dodge trucks. I had the muffler replaced on the oter truck about 10 months ago. Made the mistake of pulling into Munroe muffler for that one. Monroe replaced the EXACT SAME COMPONENTS on this other truck. Monroe charged me 3 TIMES AS MUCH! (and the new exhaust on that truck rattles horribly at idle.) So, I have to give Mark Muffler major kudos for being fast, honest, doing a quality job and being very resonably priced. Highly recommended.

Review №71

Great service, went out of way to help me get back on the road as quickly as possibly!

Review №72

GREAT people!! Technician inadvertently damaged my vehicle. (He must have known it because I later learned he had quit the next day.) I found the damage 2-3 days afterward. Went in to speak with owner & manager (Robin & Rick). Without hesitation, both authorized me to have it repaired and bring them the bill. I did and I was reimbursed immediately. Just the kind of people I will trust with my vehicles in the future.

Review №73

Great work and pricing. Quick and efficient! Always my #1 place to go! Recommend!

Review №74

They were fast, friendly, and extremely reasonable. I had a problem while on vacation and decided to give them a try based on their Google reviews. Im glad I did.

Review №75

Great honest people, totally trust that to work on my cars.

Review №76

The repair to my Durango was going to be $900 at the dealer, but at Marks it was $495 and they did a great job. Professional and friendly. Mark Muffler Shop has a customer for life. I think Ill take them some donuts the next time I go in.

Review №77

Very nice people, I blew my engine, and they let me stay until they closed while I waited for my ride.

Review №78

Ben and the crew will take care of all your automotive needs.

Review №79

Quick efficient Great place

Review №80

Great work and great prices

Review №81

Best service and mechanics, Rick and Ricky D. Ben runs a good shop.

Review №82

Got an appointment easily and the guys did good work

Review №83

He always do a great job

Review №84

The last and final time I brought my vehicle here a mechanic cracked my transfer case and tried to lie his way out of it and convince me that I done it a while ago. He tried to fix the cracks with RTV which is basically an automotive rubber silicone. They done poor job and it started leaking in my drive way which never has had an oil stain on it until now. I call the manager and talk with him and he tries to claim no fault. He mentions his mechanic told him he heard a POP while tightening the drain plug. The POP is when he cracked it! Finally he agrees to fix it the problem. I pick up my truck and its not leaking which is great but it doesnt go into 4 low anymore and I hear a grinding when I take my foot off the gas as it slows down. I didnt ask them to look at it again because apparently they cant even get a fluid change done without breaking something and they sure dont want to admit to fault.

Review №85

Awesome guys! Quick, friendly service and the price was right!

Review №86

They did a great job on my trucks exhaust and it was fast and affordable too!

Review №87

They do their best to get your vehicle running right!

Review №88

They gave me a free diagnostic, and they were quick and very professional

Review №89

Friendly quick service

Review №90

Fast, friendly, fair, and knowledgeable! Well be back.

Review №91

Polite and expensive as hell

Review №92

Great shop! Super nice, quick, and the shop is very clean!

Review №93

Honest and fair in a business thats usually not. Highly recommended.

Review №94

Quick service and very honest!

Review №95

Great people honest hard working company

Review №96

I always take my cars there for repairs and oil changes. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and quick.

Review №97

Very professional. A friend suggested them and I will be returning for future business.

Review №98

Excellent work great prices trusted mechanics

Review №99

Very bad experience

Review №100

Awesome place grear service

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  • Address:5270 Scottsville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104, United States
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  • Auto repair shop
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