130 Stratford Dr, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
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It was my 1st time in this store. I have to say it was a big store and had a lot of stuff to look at at. I really couldnt believe how many different things entertainment. The amount of Funko Pop dolls they had was amazing. They also had the large scale dolls. I had to take some pics for you to show how many. The pics dont do it justice but you can get the idea. I recommend visiting this store if youre in need something entertainment wise.

Review №2

This store is cool but im waiting for the enhypen albums where they at ?!?!?

Review №3

One of the largest fye stores Ive been too, tons of music and collectibles

Review №4

This is a decent location. It has everything that you would expect an FYE to have. (Music, movies, collectibles, electronics, etc.) The only problem with the store is the location. The mall itself is about empty, and as it stands it looks like this location may be closing soon with the amount of items it had on clearance. This location still has twice as much as the Woodfield mall FYE. But since it is in a nearly vacant mall it doesnt make it worth the trip.

Review №5

Love coming here for vinyl records! Its been at this mall all my life & its always been a great store! Keep this place alive please!

Review №6

My sons and I love coming to FYE at Stratford Square Mall! We are trying to keep this mall alive for a long as we can!

Review №7

Great selection. Awesome staff.

Review №8

Sarku Japan has a Chicken Teriyaki plate that taste really good,with a hot sauce they have.This is located in the food court from the Stratford Square Mall in Bloomingdale ILLINOIS.After the Japanese food,you must try a tasty Smoothie from Quencher Smoothies,right across from the FYE store.

Review №9

My go to place for buying movies. The largest selection of movies for miles. A little on the pricey side but its well worth it.

Review №10

Friendly customer service reps that really hope the mall doesnt close.

Review №11

Great gifts for everyone on your list

Review №12

This place was ok. You might find a cd or dvd youre been looking for. They have used cds and dvds there.

Review №13

I love Stratford mall its a great place to go the people there are super nice. also everyone follows the the six feet distance of each other. Thank you

Review №14

Great selection of Funko here. The Mall is pretty empty but this store needs to stick around. Go in and support these guys. All very nice and friendly employees.

Review №15

Very clean. I can find what I want. Price not to bad . u can also order on line

Review №16

Love this place inventory a little low this time better than the online store no doubt 👌

Review №17

Cool dudes at the register, they were helpful and engaging.Neat place to find retro stuff and horror related items

Review №18

The people who worked here set off an alibi to spend more money throughout the selection week to week. A good thing that was available.

Review №19

Love that there are a few music stores around, good selection of music and DVDs!

Review №20

Took my nephew Christmas shopping. We stopped for two gifts and came away with many more. We discovered this FYE last year, when the Woodfield store didnt have what we were looking for. This store has much more and the staff is very helpful. I also appreciated the attention to COVID safety measures!

Review №21

This place has so much cool stuff.

Review №22

Since the glory days of physical media (CD, DVD, BD, etc) are clearly over it is difficult to imagine how FYE can stay relevant but clearly they have shifted gears. If youre looking for niche items for your favorite pop culture subjects, they have it there somewhere.

Review №23

Good if you like animee

Review №24

Great place, now they have special prices for DVDs movies.

Review №25

I found the CDs I was looking for, however its not like it use to be. Not hardly any CDs in stores. Vinyl records are back as you probably already know. I didnt really look around the store at all. I ate some good Mexican food there in Stratford Mall and saw FYE and then went there to buy CDs. But its disappointing that things are changing and taking away items I still use. The computer manufacturers are discontinuing many things we still use. Well back to FYE. Good service and friendly. I wish I could tell more but I was in a hurry.

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Review №27

I absolutely love this store. Great range of CDs and DVDs. New things are pretty expensive but the used things are at a great price!

Review №28

My son can spend a lot of money in this store

Review №29

I like the anime merch

Review №30

Some of that Bob Ross cereal

Review №31

Very overpriced but still some good items

Review №32

There are always so many different sales and deals going on here. I simply cannot go in here without buying something. They have so many unique items and a wide variety of goods. Employees are very helpful, always know what their talking about and extremely patient. Great place to shop!

Review №33

Its nice to be able to go to a store and still be able to buy videos sometimes of the less recent and more obscure variety... Today we were looking for the never ending story and we got it. Thanks again!!

Review №34

I havent been to the mall in a little while. We visited FYE and its a lot more affordable than it was in the past. They were easily charging 20 a CD years back. Glad to see them having reasonable prices. Ill be back to pick up some more.

Review №35

Good place for music/film lovers and collectors

Review №36

I still like buying music the old fashioned way. Its also a great place for pop culture items. I also like shopping there bargain bins for great deals on music, movies, toys, clothing, etc.

Review №37

Walked in store, cashier had face buried in phone. No greeting. I couldnt find what I was looking for and asked if they had something in stock and her reply idk they move things around and didnt offer to find out or help me look. I walked out

Review №38

Employees are nice, items are amazing. There was a sale and they had $3 t shirts and $4 POP figures, it was amazing.

Review №39

LOVE this store. They now carry K-Pop music. Im so happy to see that. The employees are really nice.

Review №40

Outstanding service! Store could be a little more up to date, put a little money back it to. Shelve, clutter.

Review №41

Has a TON of cool stuff here. definitely worth visiting.

Review №42

A bit pricey for there items

Review №43

Its nice having a store like this close by. Seeing the random collectible items in person rather than online is much nicer.

Review №44

Went in for a turntable at $200, when I walked out I had the turntable and a CD and paid less then $80!!

Review №45

Cheap movies and lots of awesome Merch

Review №46

Great 👍

Review №47

A decent store in a mall that is unfortunately struggling to stay afloat, as so many are currently. Over the years I have visited this establishment and it has been a good store for finding hard to find items especially in the music industry. Ive found that the employees are friendly and helpful and Ive never had any issues placing special orders for items that were available to them. Ive sold movies and CDs to them before as well as purchased things and its a pretty decent deal all things considered, you dont get much for what you sell and their prices are a little more than they should be to be honest but its partially a convenience factor. A little bit cluttered and disorganized at times but fairly easy to find what youre looking for and you can always find someone to help you. I recommend that you shop here if youre in the mall!

Review №48

I called to ask a question and get info about a special release product that was supposed to release the next day. The employee who answered the phone states he was not allowed to talk about anything they had, then all i heard was silence. Myself being someone who is a store manager, i wouldve at least given direction or advice, or explained why i could not disclose information.

Review №49

Great store a lot of movies.

Review №50

Nice place for collector

Review №51

Great store has everything we needed in terms of collecting novelties

Review №52

Many cool things to choose from, cheap quality though

Review №53

This place is amazing has a huge variety of movies, posters, collectibles you name it the best place to go for anything pretty much

Review №54

Been going to this store for years; came back today and was browsing, reading a book; as usual, everything was good and the variety of wares and media impressive. All of a sudden, this big guy with gray hair from behind the counter comes up: How you doing? You know buddy I cant have you just reading, you have to buy the book. I apologize and leave, and I am bit surprised; seconds later I am annoyed. He had also previously exhibited some rudeness and was generally uninviting. For that alone, I give this star two stars out of what wouldve been four.

Review №55

Great place to go in the mall, has a large variety of music, movies and memorabilia

Review №56

Bit pricy but sometimes you can find good deals in their sale or clearance section.They carry items from popular tv shows such as Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and other things like that. They also have a big selection of DVDs, some posters, other things with characters from popular shows on them, ECT. They also have a big funk pop figure section.Last time I was there, the guy at the cashier was very friendly and kept making jokes. It was a good time.

Review №57

Always great! The blond cashier is always really helpful and tells us about the weeks sales.

Review №58

Ive had a love-hate relationship with fye for many years, not just with this store but with the franchise itself. As one of the dying breed who still enjoys physical copies of movies or music, I have tried to enjoy coming to fye and support the business, however, I think today may have been the final straw. I came in on a Saturday afternoon, not many customers in the stores but I assume still a peak shopping time considering the store is in a mall. I went to the counter with about $30-$40 of Blu-Rays. No associate at the counter. I waited, and waited, and waited, and no one. I look around the store to see 2 associates giggling over something in the very back of the store. I make eye contact with them and attempt to waive them down, but nothing. Like seriously? This is a dying business in a dying mall, and you actually have a customer, and you do nothing? I left my dvds at the front as a memento, and I think I am officially done with fye. Not just this store, but the brand. I guess its time to join the likes of Blockbuster, Toys R Us, Circuit City, and all the other stores who failed to adapt and understand their customer.

Review №59

Great selection of old and classic movies. They also have used movies and heavily discounted classic movies.

Review №60

This one is huge biggest one i have ever been in good assortment of stuff

Review №61

They have something for everybody.what a nice place

Review №62

I mean I do work here so it is a little biased. We are all friendly and easy to walk up to, and we are more then happy to answer any questions or talk about music, movies, etc. We are all nerds here so theres nothing to hide!!

Review №63

Other than some slightly high prices, its a great place to shop for vinyls, CDs, movies, anime merch and a ton of pop culture merchandise. Great store, I highly recommend.

Review №64

Nice place with plenty of stuff to fawn over...hard thing is that i cant afford most of the stuff i want from there.

Review №65

This place is always a little more expensive than they need to be. Ive been coming here on and off since I was a little kid. A very good thing about them though is they can have hard to find C ds and movies. Other than They are expensive

Review №66

Great place to geek out for anime merch, game merch, tech, etc.

Review №67

Nice store with cds and dvds and A whole lot more.

Review №68

I like the place, the employees are friendly and always help you if you need anything.I know this is in their policies but in wish they werent so pushy to sing you up for their rewards program.

Review №69

Very nice and organized. Staff was very helpful.

Review №70

Love going here for all things Deadpool. And its good for other comic book characters and anime. A bit pricey, but they normally have sales going on.

Review №71

Lot of product for all of your nerdy needs. Vinyl is awfully expensive but its still a good store.

Review №72

Everyone is always helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Never had a bad experience there and my son and I go a lot!

Review №73

They sell kpop stuff, anime stuff, and pop culture stuff. its really cool.

Review №74

I still like cds great store good prices on cds and t shirts

Review №75

Its a good place to browse.

Review №76

Plenty of movies, music, movie paraphenilia and candy here. Girls love their t-shirts too.

Review №77

Nice store alot of variety

Review №78

Great atmosphere, awesome products, friendly staff. Best store in the Stratford Mall and youre missing out if you dont browse

Review №79

Nice selection of collectibles, movies, etc., but prices arent always the best here.

Review №80

Best FYE Ive ever been in!

Review №81

Always something cool and different to buy here!

Review №82

Great place for cheap DVDs and merchandise

Review №83

Nice but it should have moore deals on their DVDs

Review №84

Great son Loves this place!

Review №85

Love this store, they always have fantastic clearance!

Review №86

Movies and accessories for your tv and phones. Best location for music

Review №87

Decent sized. A lot of collectibles. Lots of used movies and music. They have a METAL section. Not very stocked. Bit pricey like anything in mall.

Review №88

Always great sales and clearance deals!

Review №89

Cool place but items are randomly placed

Review №90

Great place to get hard to find movies

Review №91

Many ideas for holiday gifts.

Review №92

Decent prices and cool finds

Review №93

Big sale on some cool tshirts. This FYE is a lot bigger than the one at Woodfield Mall.

Review №94

My grandaughter loves this place but my pocketbook hates it!!!

Review №95

Good store. Good selection.

Review №96

Its one of my daughters favorite places to go!

Review №97

They have movies i cant find anywhere else. And their prices are the best

Review №98

Always a fun store, good variety

Review №99

I ordered the chicken tenders not so good very dry for what I paid. Service was half half. The staff need to be less judging (racist) . Wont go back there again.

Review №100

The staff are a bit of the stuck up nerd crew who feel the immediate need to correct you in everything kind of like mustang owners. Besides that store is legit, not many places like this left.

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