Mox Boarding House
13310 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue, WA 98005, United States
Mox Boarding House
Review №1

Mox was so fun! Everyone was so friendly, and the selection of games was mind blowing. I had the brisket fried rice and it was really yummy, as was my cappuccino. We were pretty disappointed by the ginger noodles, so definitely would not recommend those. Treat yourself to an affogato! We brought our three kids here, and we had a blast playing games while we ate. They were super helpful suggesting games for us to check out. Cant wait to come back.

Review №2

Love this place so much!!! I sat down to play brew with a friend recently in the cafe and upon asking for assistance with the rules we were met by a very helpful game professional. I’m 5 minutes we understood how to play after an hour of rules and internet reading. The cafe staff were attentive and helpful, however the menu didn’t have much for dairy free people. A super fun time with lots of helpful staff! Will be back soon!

Review №3

Theres something here for every type of game nerd, PARTICULARLY a paradise for tabletop RPG diehards. Everything from Fate to Savage Worlds to BESM. Huge assortment of trpg books and every single employee has something enthusiastic to say about the games youve picked out. VERY on top of current trends in board games and indie board games - found some harder-to-find-expansions of games, current run of Tim Fowers (Burgle Bros guy) games, Tiny Epic Games, etc. Walked out with a Taco Bell board game 😂 Was a good time.Cafe is super cute, food is reasonably priced, portions good, recipes are delicious. Good assortment of non-alcoholic fancy drinks. The tables are huge and made to PLAY GAMES. Bonus points for having a super clean, super nice bathroom.Atmosphere is perfect. Everyone here is just A+++ polite, courteous, and knowledgeable. After being at a ton of game stores in Washington from Puyallup to Bellevue, and across the country from Philadelphia, Utah, Boston, and more... this one by far has made the greatest impression. Huge shout-out for being LGBTQ+ friendly.

Review №4

Fantastic selection of games to buy or borrow, great food and drinks, friendly staff, and surprisingly beautiful decor. Really nothing more you could want to play games with friends!

Review №5

Fantastic place to play board games and grab a bite to eat!! Lots of great board games and very friendly staff. Really great atmosphere. The restaurant area is really nice and you can play games there too, but there is also a non restaurant section. Overall a super fun experience.

Review №6

Great atmosphere and drinks! The staff is super friendly and quick to offer recommendations on games! I highly recommend for date night or with a group of friends!

Review №7

We need more places like MOX!The staff is great, prices are competitive, but where else can you try out new board game with friends over a meal, and then save 15% on something you were going to buy anyway just for hanging out there. Whether its miniatures, cards, paints or boardgames this place has it all.

Review №8

I walked in and felt welcome. I went to look at the Magic boxes and sleeves and Cal came and helped me find the coolest things that were reasonably priced for great quality stuff. Carmen greeted me coming in the store and at the counter. Thanks for the great experience!

Review №9

I love this place! Its a geeks heaven. From the extensive collection of games for sale to the library of games you can play while there to the restaurant. All awesome. I think it will be a home away from home.

Review №10

Generally I do not bother writing negative reviews as chances are they were simply a bad encounter at a bad time and not representative of a business in its entirety, however; I think that I can say wholeheartedly that my experience did not fall under those circumstances.I came to this business following the recommendation of a family member and was highly encouraged that it was a fun and friendly environment, seeing anti-discriminatory warning stickers on the way in I was further encouraged that it would be an inclusive experience, only to be harassed and harangued by the front desk.They had no interest in serving me and promptly explained to me that I am not only not welcome, but also that I do not fit their expectations without so much as giving me a moment to speak. Without escalating the situation with people who are so eager to ignore my needs, I left.We are pretty blessed to live in a wonderfully inclusive community that is more than willing to provide me with the same services they offer with Far greater service and as such I dont even believe Ive missed anything by leaving immediately. More than willing to pander along the lines of anti-discrimination yet also quick to discriminate, Id rather just see a sign that says we dont want you and avoid the hassle.

Review №11

Fantastic gaming store with great food

Review №12

Really wonderful atmosphere and staff! Love that they have cocktails now and this is a great place to play a game with a friend with good food and drinks 👍🏻

Review №13

We reserved a room to celebrate my SOs birthday and had a great experience. Our server/bartender was very attentive and friendly and accommodated our staying a few minutes past our reservation so we could finish up our board game. We got a good game recommendation and it led to my friend buying a copy. Great spot and good people!

Review №14

I love the atmosphere of Mox! The perfect place to enjoy some of my favorite things: good food, boardgames, and cocktails! BONUS: Their checkout system for games allows you to try before you buy!

Review №15

Great all around.The store has many options and stays up to date, has knowledgeable staff, lots of tables available for events (first come, first serve), good food, standard restaurant beer prices ($6-8), and of course you can enjoy a game with your meal (or meal with your game if you participate in an event, tables opening at 5:30 pm).Has a small lot across the street for parking, and theres abundant although usually pretty full street parking in all directions.

Review №16

Mox Boarding House is an amazing one stop shop for a fun evening. Grab some friends and buy/loan/bring a board/card/tabletop game and find a seat. Order some food or some drinks from their cafe. Rent a room and bring your entire group of friends. Going to be a fun night.

Review №17

Great fun as always! Cody has the best service and makes the best drinks! Food is okay but the drinks, games and atmosphere make up for it. My ahi tuna salad was tiny and left me hungry.

Review №18

Talk about selection! Holy cow so many games. If youre into ttRPG, there is the usual core book selection, but if youre looking for that one specific adventure path, call ahead to see if its there. The 50% off table has some serious steals (grabbed a couple myself). Miniatures have their own area as does MTG (dont expect boxes of cards you can fumble thorough). Next time I visit, going to try the food...

Review №19

The grilled cheese and the burger were really good. They also allow you to play a lot of fun games.

Review №20

It was awesomely decorated, and food was interesting and reasonably priced. 4 stars for a 90 minute wait for food, but they were very low-staffed. We found a work-around by ordering to-go, and eating it in the tournament room which is totally ok with staff. The staff who recommend games to borrow are very friendly and knowledgeable. Once we got our food, everyone had a great time.

Review №21

Mox was amazing, it was a huge layout with access to board games and card games! A great space for tournaments, a huge magic play area, space for minis games.But most importantly. We were able to borrow and test play a game while we eat and had a few beers.Excellent experience and great food!

Review №22

We had a fun evening! The food was great, but made all the better by an amazing server, Cody. When we go back to Mox, and we will go back, it will be greatly due to the exceptional service. He also makes a terrific Amaretto Sour!

Review №23

Used to really love the food, but recently the menu has changed and Im not a huge fan. The food tries to be more adventurous than what is called for. Would prefer some basic snacks rather than the fancier items that are now on the menu. As an example, the poutine used to be great, but now its a Korean variant that just isnt as good. Service is still good, though, and drink selection is fair. Atmosphere is still the best for a night out with gaming friends.

Review №24

I thoroughly enjoy the conversations I have with the staff every time I go in. Im used to attending the one in Ballard but this one does a great job of making everyone feel welcome! Only wish was more parking.

Review №25

Good service in the restaurant section. Very nice waitstaff. Tons of board games and magic cards along with D&D items. Great place with reasonable prices.

Review №26

MOX has two lovely and unique locations, one in Ballard and this one, in Bellevue. Both include quite well laid out and stocked game stores where you can try a wide selection of games, and unique and charming restaurants where you can grab a bite while you try a game, or simply sit and enjoy the atmosphere. In Bellevue, the theme is art deco, with cute and subtle gaming nods. And while it may look like a standard strip mall building from the outside, the inside is quite nice.

Review №27

Great collection of games and good food too. Staff recommended a new game to us and we thoroughly enjoyed it

Review №28

Always a fun spot to visit. COVID has effected order pickup, etc... But hopefully it will return to normal. Parking is atrocious, but pro-tip: you can park on the lower side (west) of the building after 6pm.

Review №29

Its just OK. Ive been to most LGS in Washington and this one has always felt the most corporate, expensive, and unfriendly. If you do have to go to a Mox, the one in Ballard is much better!Zulus Board Game Cafe in Bothell is where its at for quality of community, organized play, and game selection.

Review №30

Shares a parking lot with an auto repair, so during the evening rush they asked the two local business if it was cool to park while they are closed.. great little shop, no offense to the pianos but a coffee shop here too would make this six stars lol

Review №31

Excellent place to spend a few hours with friends playing board games. The restaurant is pretty good with spacious seating for comfortable play and outdoor seating. We ordered noodles, fries, shakshuka and affogato, all of which were really good. The prices were reasonable too.

Review №32

If youre into games, this place is heaven on Earth! Board games to try out, space to play tabletop, RPGs, card games and boardgames. Their staff are all friendly and happy to assist. The restaurant is very impressive: plenty of adult beverages, coffees and a menu Id be happy to explore even apart from the game store.The players Ive met here have all largely been very pleasant to be around. This place is as much a community as a retail store.

Review №33

Fun place, great atmosphere. LARGE assortment of board games

Review №34

Amazing concept. Always makes for a fun evening playing games with friends while you eat. They have such a wide variety of games too!

Review №35

Very large, smallish rpg section, smallish dice selection. Miniature gaming section almost entirely Warhammer, nice selection of paints and hobby tools. Friendly staff.

Review №36

Great atmosphere, even when busy you can carry a conversation. Very friendly and helpful with games!

Review №37

Had an amazing time. Large game collection, well curated. The attached bar was very stylish.

Review №38

The fries could be better but the burger was true fire. Plenty of space to play. I wish they also had Yugioh.

Review №39

As I am from out of town I had never heard of a Mox before one of my friends took me after dinner. This place is floor-to-ceiling stocked with games that I’ve never heard of and associates all somehow have a strong level of knowledge about each of them. This was super cool and I look forward to coming back again.

Review №40

Cal(?) was informative, and introduced our group to Forbidden island as well as Mysterium. We loved Forbidden Island and played multiple rounds. Will come back for Cals expertise.

Review №41

A great selection of games and gaming related items as well as amazing food and super knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Review №42

Rented the library - great vibe, good service, and there is a great selection of games to borrow too!

Review №43

Mox was a fixture in my pre pandemic life but I am sad to say it is suffering in post pandemic times. While the prices were always high, you gladly paid them in exchange for the atmosphere, friendly service, and good food. But now the prices seem oppressive with hollow atmosphere, apathetic service and a dismal restaurant menu. I am hoping they can bounce back from this and will check back regularly to see if they do.

Review №44

Great community, great staff. Good COVID safety, still mandating masks. Food is fine, a little more expensive than you would want in a standalone restaurant, but service is great.

Review №45

One of my favorite places to hang out. Theyve got a large selection of board games, many of which you can try in-house. They also host many events to play MTG, roleplay, ect.

Review №46

Fun place to visit, play some games. The food is alright, a little over priced, but decent for a place that you get to sit and play a board game while eating!

Review №47

Food is amazing and they have so many games. I got Mansions of Madness and played it there while we ate. A great way to spend the day!

Review №48

Nice place to spend a night with friends. Grab a board game and play it at the bar while eating good food. The burger and fries are great. They also serve Full Tilt ice cream!

Review №49

We had the pleasure and surprise to go here while visiting friends in the area. Love this place! The wait for a table was a bit long but we just grabbed a game, pulled up some chairs and hung out while we waited. Before we knew it our table was ready. We took the game into the dinning room to finish up. The most surprising thing about this place? The food. Legitimately, some of the best food we had while on vacation in the area. So if you are into board games, friends, a good time, and some bomb eats, this is your heaven. I highly recommend it.

Review №50

Very nice facility good selection for wargaming. Usually quote busy around magic events but thats expected. Parking can be a bit tight. One of my favorite places to play 40k though.

Review №51

I always enjoy going into this store. We didnt have one of these in SC Im so happy I moved. So many great things like these people.

Review №52

Friendly staff and well stocked shelves, including a reasonable amount of tabletop RPGs. Your neighbourhood gaming store, only upscale!

Review №53

This place is amazing!! I dont know how it took me so long to go here, but Im glad I finally did. The Pride stickers and pronouns pins for Pride Month were a very nice touch.

Review №54

One of the best places in the area for board games, and then add excellent food on top of that! They have a wide selection of games to try and the staff are very knowledgeable and can give recommendations for whatever vibe youre going for!They recently got a new chef too, and while the food was good before, its been elevated to a whole new level while still being comfortably priced (Id call it about $$)! Their fries alone have taken my top spot for fries in the Seattle area (and perhaps ever) - hand-cut, double-fried, perfectly crisp skins and a wonderfully smooth interior, all well seasoned. Their kimchi poutine was a highlight!

Review №55

If you live in or around Bellevue, checkout this game store! Friendly staff, and their prices are super competitive! Hard to find 40k stuff for a cheaper price anywhere, especially in a physical storefront

Review №56

Tons of space, lots of natural light, the staff are friendly, the food is good, and the shelves have lots of cool products.

Review №57

The hidden gem, especially for food. Open late night till 12! Best pasta I ever had. Blacked chicken. Get it. Sweet potatoes fries are amazing. And theres a great beer selection. Did I mention games that you can play at the dinner table? This place is a big kids paradise.

Review №58

A happy surprise and a board gamers paradise rolled into one. Open quite late, and configured with the expectation that youll need space to unfurl your playing board. Food is hearty and tasty. Choice of beverages equally impressive. Youll not be left wanting.

Review №59

Open, inclusive, prompt, and helpful to new and old players if all kinds. They even carry stock for dnd players into niche worlds and podcasts, which is a huge plus for superfans. Would, and will, go again.

Review №60

Nice workers put for products like pokemong tcg magic some singles and sealed products re very overpriced. For example, the shining fates etb is 90 when retail is 50.

Review №61

Enjoy the food, games, and drinks, but both times Ive been the food side of the place has had sub par service. Board game side of the business has been great

Review №62

Pre-pandemic MOX was our fave place to go as a family. Two older boys (middle school) who love games and it was family-outing perfection. I used to recommend it to everyone. But they eliminated the kid menu and have zero options for kids on the new menu - I’ve talked to families we used to go with and they also agree. I love a good menu change up, but the dishes we have tried are just ok and with no variety or options for kids we are bummed. We love MOX. My sons are super sad and asked if they don’t want kids there any more. I am hoping this elimination of options for families isn’t a way to push families out. The gaming community is usually so fun and open to everyone! But aside from the occasional game purchase in the shop, this family and friend community won’t be spending time or money on food and drinks any time soon. Heartbroken. Still love the staff and still my fave place to buy games. But it used to be so much more!! Hope y’all bring some of that back!!

Review №63

The food and drinks in the bar are really good. The store cashiers are great at making excellent recommendations based on whatever info you give them. Cooperative? 2 people? Card game? Easy. Theyve got suggestions and are super knowledgeable about basically all the games on the checkout shelf. Also the selection is wonderful (for both borrowing to play and buying).Only complaint is that there isnt a ton of parking.

Review №64

Great food great cocktails great atmosphere phenomenal place to be if youre a nerd or if youre just in the mood for a good time

Review №65

Amazing places, lots of great board games, friendly people

Review №66

Very cool place. I was there as a vendor while they were closed. But I got to look around a little. There is a bunch really unique trinkets and collectables on display, and different themed rooms. It was easy to that when they are open it has a very cool vibe.

Review №67

We came to browse the store, bought a game, and then played it in the attached restaurant. Really fun date night. Mox burger is great!

Review №68

Fantastic place to bring family and friends.

Review №69

Great place to get great games. Fun place to eat and try out games, too. They have a huge range of games.

Review №70

Horrible long wait without clear communication. Restaurant still at 25% capacity due to lack of plastic barriers. Its been a year since Covid started - obtain barriers!!! Have been waiting over an hour for a table after 5 prior guests have paid their bills but not been asked to leave...

Review №71

Awesome! Great environment and many games.

Review №72

Very disappointed with the new food menu. They changed the poutine fries completely, which was our favorite side item (and reason to visit). They also added spicy and kimchi ingredients to every dish. The food menu used to be good and unique and perfect for the atmosphere but now its awful and theres nothing for us to enjoy. Really hope the food menu goes back to what it was, otherwise this place is no longer worth it.

Review №73

Food menu isn’t what it used to be (miss the garlic fries and steak) :( but games beer and grub is still a great combination.

Review №74

Mox is great! Come and have food and play board games. Every Tuesday, if you try a game you like you can buy it new for 20% off. Discovered this place a week ago and already come back for 3 visits! Playing the games is free, too. Great place, great staff, great games!

Review №75

Great selection, good food from the restaurant and you can play games while you eat. Perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends

Review №76

Best place for magic! Wow! I wish we had Mox in ABQ!

Review №77

This unique eat-and-demo-board-games spot is fun for adults and kids alike. Our family likes to show up at 11am on weekends to get a table in the dining area, then we try out a few board games for free while we eat parmesan garlic fries and other yummy lunch options. The Cobb salad is tasty and the burgers have that flame broiled taste. This place gets packed in the evenings!

Review №78

Best place in the PNW for tabletop and board games, period. They have almost ANYTHING youre looking form and they have so much table space. Food and drink is good, though nothing spectacular.

Review №79

Please change the menu back or offer some of the old menu items, can’t eat here anymore as the menu has now changed. Used to be a good place for food, not anymore.

Review №80

Love this place! They have so many different games that you can try out. The staff is very friendly too, and they explain you all the games. They also give you great suggestions depending on number of players and types of games you want to play. They have tournaments frequently. The cafe is alright. You can have alcoholic drinks only inside the cafe, they are not allowed in the gaming area outside the cafe. Bottom line, if you are in Bellevue, youve got to come here!

Review №81

My new favorite game store.Came here for Legacy. I arrived early enough to go to the attached bar and have an on-tap craft beer, crisp and clean, and plate of seasonal sausage, which was fresh and strong. Great service.Then theres the actual LGS. Event registration was a bit unusual but the staff was friendly and helpful. I had a very short wait, even though it was my first time there. A digital overhead pairings board and match slips (for a weekly!) kept everything quick and efficient.If I could run an LGS this is how Id like my LGS to be run.

Review №82

Mox is just amazing. Great food. Great atmosphere. Free games to try out. Just be aware that parking is always tough. Take an Uber there or be prepared to hunt for a spot.

Review №83

Best place to get MTG games under your belt. Staff is friendly, and knowledgeable, and helpful. Solid selection of singles. They have a resto too!

Review №84

Fun dinner and board game with family.

Review №85

This place is a real treat. Covid cant stop MOX! (Soo thankful).If you get a chance drop in, check out the huge collection of games. Its NUTS!Set aside some time though! you might get lost!

Review №86

This is an awesome place to go with a group or as a couple...lots of fun and competitive games..the snacks and bar here is decent as well. I tried the garlic parmesan fries which were quite tasty.

Review №87

Great place for Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, boardgames etc. Tournaments too.

Review №88

Extremely favorite place for all to savour environment gr8 for children, big boys & enjoy the best friendliest Library

Review №89

A great store for board game lovers! Its great to be able to try out a game before buying it!

Review №90

A really awesome place where you can enjoy a meal eoth your folks and also play board games with them, its really fun and different about what we are used to on this times

Review №91

Always a quality experience. They have tons of board games, the mtg competitions are organized, and younger audience friendly (my kid who competes is 13). Plenty of knowledgeable employees. Can buy dice, cards, kids games, novelty games like oversized chess, and a small collection of nerd gear. Squishables, game token pillows, stuffed animals, hoodies, and tee shirts.Restaurant is okay. No hard alcohol, but plenty of craft beer and wines. Their garlic parmesan fries are a mandatory order when we go. It has real fresh garlic and large parmesan shavings.Their mac and cheese is heavenly.

Review №92

Good place to hang out, get games, and play games with some friends. They do have social distancing procedures in place that I think are better than quite a few other places I’ve been to recently. The staff are always accommodating and kind. Only downside is not all of the food is super rad; most of it’s pretty ok, and the portions can be rather large, something to keep in mind if you’re a smaller person like me. Overall, a good spot that I frequently enjoy.

Review №93

Idk but they have suspicious Pokémon packs. Seems resealed

Review №94

I love Mox so much but I hope this isnt the permanent food menu. Why is there kimchi on everything? The current menu seems mis-matched for the board game pub vibe.

Review №95

Nice place to have fun with Friends, motivate people to play games, many collection of games, food quality also good, restrooms available, no charge for games, just pay for food and drinks &play as many as hours you want, this weekend crowded tough to get table, thoroughly enjoyed with friends

Review №96

Mox Boarding House has always been cavernous, and you really feel the extra space during the current lockdown. Theres plenty of space to browse the aisles and display tables, but there are still masked employees available to answer your questions and to provide suggestions. Theyre still receiving new games, as well as coordinating distribution among their three stores. Of course, the dining area is closed, like other indoor restaurants.

Review №97

Wow! This place is awesome! Games, food, and beer - how can you go wrong?

Review №98

New menu is great! Always a nice change of pace to have a meal and play a board game.

Review №99

Lots of games to choose from. Good for kids, group of friends and also for dates. Food is a bit pricey but no pressure to buy. Overall a friendly and fun atmosphere. The main seating area can be loud sometimes and they have private game rooms as well if the noise bothers you.

Review №100

I am here almost once a week now as Mox always has friendly staff and an amazing atmosphere! Stay for lunch or dinner, grab a boardgame and just play with friends.

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Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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