Westernco Donut
1412 156th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007, United States
Westernco Donut
Review №1

We loved this little donut shop! The selection is amazing and the donuts really good. I loved my glazed donut with fruity pebbles on top! One of my favorite cereals! It was between that one and the fruit loops donut Ill get next time. My friends had plain cake and loved theirs too. I think the prices are insanely good because our total for 3 donuts was something like $4.50! At top pot where I usually get donuts, the prices are so much worse and they have barely any selection.

Review №2

Love this doughnut shop! Theyre delicious and they have a good variety. Plus they usually throw in some doughnut holes when you get a dozen. Great prices too.

Review №3

Delicious donuts and friendly people. My husband really enjoyed the coffee, even if it is from a machine. Go figure....I ordered vegan donuts and they were spectacular!!! Good stuff 👏 👍 👌

Review №4

Amazing food, amazing prices and friendly employees. Would definitely recommend picking up the chicken bacon sandwich for lunch after your doughnuts. Ill definitely be coming back many times!

Review №5

Family-0wned and Family—run, this gem of a neighborhood donut shop has truly top-shelf and outstanding small batch hand-made donuts and pastries that are made and baked right there on site! All of their items are generous and oversized providing value for your buck! I highly suggest you find yourself in your neighborhood around 6:30 a m do not miss the hot cherry turnover!!fi

Review №6

This local donut shop has become a weekend tradition! Delicious donuts and pastries made fresh with such a great variety to pick from. Do not pass up the chance to try their blueberry scones and go early to check out their variety of kid friendly donut holes. Yumm!!

Review №7

I try to stop every Sat morning on my way to work. The baked goods are really good. The owners are very friendly and I dont mind spending a little more to support our local businesses.

Review №8

Always fresh selection of amazing doughnuts and pastries. Exceptionally clean at all times. Wonderful family business!

Review №9

Went here to get my Apple Fritter fix. One of the best that I can remember having. Crispy glaze outside and soft and gooey inside. The owners are super nice too!

Review №10

Local donut store in Bellevue, but A coffee, try at other places.

Review №11

The best apple fritters in the world reside in this place. high quality old fashion donuts and coffee is here. but i will travel from seattle and beyond for these heavenly fritters they are that good! and the owners are super sweet ppl. 💕

Review №12

You could not get more Americana if you wanted. Westernco has been here for 20 years, making incredible donuts and coffee. Personally, the maple bars are breakfast more often than they should be. If not else, the coffee is hot and fresh. You wont break the bank either, both coffee and pastry alike are well below competition pricing. Do it. Or donut it.

Review №13

The customer service is amazing, and the lady is really kind. Ive been coming here for 4 years and Ive never had a bad experience. Donuts and coffee are top notch.

Review №14

The donuts are fresh & wonderful..always an amazing array of the sugary perfection confection donuts to choose from! ..and they somehow always have my favorite.. french cruellers w/white icing! (ive loved them since childhood, but they are not easy to come by) the airy, fluffy batter formed into those light, puffytwisty-looking rings of perfection! the clean & neat display cases are just bursting with beautiful donuts, pastries & savory items, just teasing your tastebuds (we tried the sausages wrapped in pastry, and they were delicious!...just warm in microwave..all family members loved them...(they are on the order of a top quality, well made, gourmet all beef hot dog.. (not greasy), really flavorful & great texture...yum! so glad we decided to try them) ...but more than their fresh & delicious donuts, the owners (every one who works in the shop) are so friendly & welcoming...genuinly glad you are in the shop...and very happy to help you. (even opening the doors for you) they are happy to see you, offer amazing, friendly customer service & delicious donuts...who could possibly ask for anything more!

Review №15

Fantastic place! Nice little shop with good food and nice people. All good prices too! Got a chicken, bacon, cheese roll and it was super good. Bread was sweet which went well with the cheese and bacon! Got a maple bar as well which I loved! Recommend a visit.

Review №16

I think this is the best donuts you can get in Bellevue.

Review №17

They always have wonderful donuts, and weve been enjoying their hot sandwiches lately too!

Review №18

The kind of Donut Shop I grew up with, including all the classics the way they should be made. The staff have always been friendly and treated my daughters with patience and respect.

Review №19

Good donuts. Definitely better than the grocery store. They are a little expensive but the donuts are fresh and they provide prompt customer service.

Review №20

Open during COVID-19: YESQuality: 👍👍Worth mentioning: The bear claw! I was excitedly shocked to find the bear claw has fresh apple filling, none of the pre-made filling. So it wasnt overly sweet and the apples had a great texture.

Review №21

The croissants are out of this world amazing and the service was phenomenal! So warm and welcoming! Definitely will be back soon!

Review №22

The first time I went there the lady behind the counter was so RUDE ....that I left without buying anything. The second time over, there was an old man and I was asking him what kolaches they had ...and she comes from the back and shouts “Can’t you see what we have, you can see right? “ and starts to explain what they are. I told her to calm down and started asking the old man about the danishes. She was mouthing something to him ....bu the old man was kind and very patient in answering questions I had. I highly suggest grabbing their donuts and crossaints. But the lady is OUT OF THE WORLD RUDE.

Review №23

Friendly people, and excellent food.

Review №24

Really excellent donuts and great service! Their Blueberry scones had a lot of blueberries and tasted divine.

Review №25

I just got a phone call from this bussiness saying it was the social security administration and they tried to scam me. Middleeastern man. Trying to get my info and steal money and my social

Review №26

Hands down, Westernco makes the best donuts in town. I recently switched to Westernco and my team loves them. Apple fritters, bear claws and raspberry filled are our favorites. Also love the pink frosted sprinkles, so decadent. The owners/operators are always fast and friendly, even during the pandemic. If you havent tried Westerco donuts, youre missing out.

Review №27

The best donut I have ever had!Super amazing donuts and friendly staff. Cannot fault any of it. The value for money was incredible. I tried the coconut, maple and apple fritter. They were all super fluffy, flavorful and sweet. If you are wanting a donut this is the only place you should buy from.

Review №28

I got a ‘Apple fritter’The donut was tasty and fresh !I would go again to try other donuts 👍

Review №29

Best cake donuts I’ve ever had. I don’t know what they do different but it’s different and it’s even better than a “regular” cake donut.

Review №30

Really nice employees, but our donuts tasted not fresh, almost day old taste. We got the wrapped hot dogs my kids loved them

Review №31

Great selection & great prices. Fresh classic donuts.

Review №32

Delicious donuts! Very fresh and large. I tried the apple fritter, chocolate crossiant, old fashioned, maple bar and chocolate donut and they were all good. My favorite was the apple fritter which was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Review №33

They always have a great variety of donuts and pastries and they are always fresh! As well as some nice employees love the place.

Review №34

Great donuts and coffee 😊

Review №35

Delicious. But not after 3PM.

Review №36

So many delicious donuts and kolaches! They have yeast raised glazed donuts as well as the cakey donuts. Highly recommend!

Review №37

I went in for a dozen donuts. I saw they sell these breakfast sandwiches. I left with 10 of them instead! They were a big hit with the crew, they all mentioned the buttery taste and how delicious they were.Very friendly counterstaff!Ill be back again and again!

Review №38

Everyone loves doughnuts, especially when its snowing. We came in 41 minutes after they opened and they were still setting up, which is fine, but as we are trying to decide what to get the lady behind the counter said I have to go because I dont have time right now. So we left. Made it so awkward. The doughnuts from the Two minutes that we were there looked old and the savory croissants looked super old.

Review №39

Our favorite doughnut shop. Always reliable. Hard-working and nice staff.

Review №40

The owners are very friendly and they make amazing donuts. I’m on keto but I would break the diet for these donuts anytime I’m in the Bellevue area.

Review №41

Wasvpretty good, first try at tge savory options.

Review №42

Amazing donuts period! The eclair and maple are to die for.

Review №43

Great doughnuts, high prices

Review №44

My favorite donut shop. Been coming here when Im in town for 20+ yrs

Review №45

Best donut place ever

Review №46

So affordable and delicious! They have several different kinds of donut holes, which arent as common as wed like. The coconut donut holes were particularly delicious and unique. Excellent maple bars, too. Small place, but I appreciated the safety measures I saw: one door stayed open so I didnt have to touch the door handle, the employee was behind tall plexiglass, and I had access to the credit card machine so I didnt have to hand anything over.

Review №47

Great old school donut shop. All the classic donuts you grew up with. Delicious!Seems like a family run business. Everyone is super nice and helpful.

Review №48

My favorite donut shop on the eastside. They really know how to make an apple fritter.

Review №49

Not very friendly- pushy to be specific.

Review №50

Straight Up, Best Donuts in the whole city. Including Seattle - yes even the fashionable hipster spots in Seattle city limits proper. The absolute best blueberry fritter I have ever tasted. And best creme and custard filled I have ever had too, and thats saying something coz Ive had a ALOT to compare to. The taste is perfectly luxurious, but the filling doesnt have that over-done-with-sugar-instant-diabetic-guilt that you get from every other donut shop around. Light, fluffy tender like I want to make a sleeping bag out of them - theyre that good.

Review №51

Super friendly staff. Tasty donuts. Yay!

Review №52

If you are very particular about your donuts and pasties, require quality and attention to detail, all at a fair price look no further.If you arent buying from Westernco you are wasting your time and money. I pass multiple donut shops everytime I come here and when I do it is by far the best decision I make all day.

Review №53

The staff was rude, and the dounts were unfresh. Never will visit this place again.

Review №54

I went here with my 4 year old. He was so excited. But when we got there, neither of the workers had masks on. So we went somewhere else. Reckless!

Review №55

Really well made donuts, you should definitely try this place out and support them

Review №56

My wife loves their crullers.

Review №57

Great warm breakfast items, GREAT donuts, coffee, Martinellis, milk. Better than most places.

Review №58

Amazing quality great customer service!

Review №59

Fantastic and tasty treats! So kind and friendly service. Support local businesses!

Review №60

I come to this place pretty often. The best donut place in the area by far. I personally have an obsession with donut holes/munchkins and they have the largest assortment that youll find anywhere. The family that runs the shop is very friendly and the donuts are fairly priced as well.

Review №61

Great donuts🍩 They sometimes give you free ones too!

Review №62

Love this place! I refer all my friends! The staff is very friendly, and their donuts are amazing, plus they have other goodies.

Review №63

Theyre my favorite. The owners are extremely kind and dedicated to the community and their business providing wonderful pastries and other breakfast goods to those around and passing through.Their filled croissant sandwiches are wonderful and theyll quickly heat it up for you to start the day off (or to end a late night, hehe) right.All of their donuts taste just like I remember as having them as a kid. They dont mess with success. They are maintaining it!Definitely give them a try before travelling elsewhere.

Review №64

Best donuts in town. The owner even remembered me coming with my son 10 years ago as a preschooler... Not fancy. Just great.

Review №65

The best donut Ive ever had! They were delicious!!

Review №66

Is so good

Review №67

Great local donut shop, run by a very sweet couple

Review №68

Best classic glazed donuts in the Pacific Northwest!

Review №69

Don’t let the old gas station vibe fool you. These are the best donuts around.

Review №70

Surprised buy the little donut shop that looks like a tire shop. Ham, Swiss and egg croissant was very tasty and filling. Good piping hot coffee, and the donut selection is crazy big. I had no clue they could make all if those in a small bakery shop. They open super early in the morning too.

Review №71

Rude people who could not care less. Called to ask about same day pick ups per their request on their website and was met with I dont have time for this. Just come now and pick up. We have a lot. when asking simple questions to avoid issues with the requests. Will never go here, and would never recommend this place based on the lack of basic human decency on the phone.

Review №72

Best donuts in town. The older couple working is always so nice

Review №73

Tasty, fresh donuts every time Ive visited. The attendant is friendly and the store is spic and span. The place was a bit tricky to find the first time (thanks a lot Google Maps), but worth your time.

Review №74

I always thought Krispy Kreme donuts were like the best and untouchable until I had a Westernco donut! I first tried Westernco Donuts when a parent dropped off a bunch of donuts for the staff at the preschool I worked at and they were DELICIOUS!!For the last couple weeks, I’ve been stopping by a couple times a week to grab something sweet for lunch or for my family and we haven’t been disappointed yet. The cake donuts are my favorite. This is probably going to end with my getting really fat (but happy) at this projection.I’m guessing that the lady and man who are always behind the counter are the owners?! They’ve always been very nice, quiet and respectful.

Review №75

RECOMMENDEDIts a nice little shop for donuts. The good thing about this place is that it has a lot of variety. And they are good. Sandwiches were yummy. Plus its not an expensive place.Just one little complain, I ordered a coffee and got chocolate mocha!!! too sweet for me...

Review №76

Their donuts are very fresh and light. They put a lot of filling in their filled donuts. Their maple is very good on their maple bars. Much cheaper prices than Top Pot.

Review №77

Good place for a to go donut munch, the taste is good, nothing too special just an alright shop

Review №78


Review №79

Yummy donuts!

Review №80

Great donut shop. Lots of variety and plenty of donuts on hand. The shop is clean and organized. Prices were very reasonable as well. The owners were friendly. Most importantly the donuts taste great.

Review №81

This place is awesome. Delicious donuts and pastries, good strong coffee and the NICEST people who run it. It is our tradition to walk there almost every Sunday morning. The bacon maple bar is the BEST of I have ever had!

Review №82

Great donuts and friendly staff. My coworkers love when I bring them donuts from here! The donut holes are delicious and very inexpensive.

Review №83

I went in with some friends a while back. I do t eat donuts, but my friends certainly enjoyed them. Also a good place for a cup of coffee.

Review №84

Great apple fritters, delicious cake donuts, excellent coffee and maple bars, and multiple donut holes to sample several flavors at once.

Review №85

Always fresh and tasty. Great choices . good friendly service. Nice local neighborhood business feel.

Review №86

Small Mom & Pop shop. Great customer service. Always good to our kids. Make a yummy donut and share samples. Good people.

Review №87

These are hands-down the best donuts around. The staff are friendly and honest. They will let you know if certain donuts are old and add discounts. The prices are good as well.

Review №88

Best apple fritter Ive ever had. The bottom is so deep fried and yummy, a lot of glaze on a deep fried top, and the inside is actually really good too! Its got a great apple flavor with chunks of apples, soft and almost gooey. And I cant believe it was only a dollar!!!

Review №89

This is my favorite donut place in all of Washington. Their crullers are the best, the old fashioned is amazing, the raised are light and flavorful. I havent had anything less than great here.

Review №90

MOLDY!!!!!DO NOT EAT!!!!I use to love this palace but we went there for mothers day to get some of their savory pastries and when I opened them up when we got home one of them was totally filled with mold and the meat in all of the others was rotten and smelled so bad. When I went to return them to get my money back as soon as I opened the box the woman working g their said oh yeah I fix for you. I do that and I said This is full of mold and the meat is rotten she said no not mold it jalapeno I told her that we tried to order jalapeno but we were told that they ran out of jalapeno....and jalapenos are NOT fuzzy!!

Review №91

Best donuts in greater Seattle at 1970s prices! Been frequenting this place for 20 years. Wonderful people!

Review №92

Fantastic donuts. My wife and I stopped in on our vacation because of the great rating and were impressed by how well made the donuts were. The blueberry fritters and cheese danish stood out the most.

Review №93

My families favorite donut shop!

Review №94

Always fresh, stays fresh longer at home too. These are the only donuts well eat.

Review №95

Best donut shop in Redmond. Store front is clean and simple. Staff is quick and friendly. Donuts are fresh and handmade. More reasonably priced than other donut shops. Best part is the kolaches!

Review №96

Aside from the guy who took a cheap shot in his libelous review - they make everything in house, not from Walmart - it should be obvious theres a unanimous opinion that this place is great. Disregard the guy who must be a real joy to have as a customer, and you can see how great Westernco is if you like donuts.

Review №97

Great assortment that my office loved. I got 3 dozen assisting and a bag of donut holes. Much better than Top Pot.

Review №98

Just love being here. The donuts are so fresh and the owners are very welcoming.

Review №99

I just had the best apple fritter Ive had in a long time! The best on the east side so far.The coffee was just the run of the mill stuff.If you like good donuts though, this should be your goto place on the east side

Review №100

Staff and the owner are always friendly and helpful here, and the donuts are fresh and delicious!

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  • In-store shopping:Yes
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  • Great coffee:Yes
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  • Coffee:Yes
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