Uwajimaya Bellevue
699 120th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005, United States
Uwajimaya Bellevue
Review №1

You can find a lot of things for Asian cuisine cooking. I like prepared food counter. They are always hot and tasty

Review №2

Great selection of Asian food obviously but my favorite thing is they just sell proper Wagyu A5 which is pretty hard to find. Just love it. Total Wine is also next door which helps. Get some Steak here and some wine from Total Wine to pair it with :)

Review №3

Clean and good selection of Asian grocery and food items.

Review №4

Uwajimaya is a great place for Japanese groceries. If youre looking for Chinese or Korean, while they have some, youd be better off at a different place. They have great housewares and fresh produce meat and seafood. Only other thing Id say is that stock can be inoredictabke but thst is partially current times.

Review №5

Id give 5 stars for the store. Good variety of products and fresh produce. The lower rating is for the hot foods. Ive bought the roasted pork, BBQ pork and other hot dishes a few times and found them pretty disappointing each time.

Review №6

Love this store. Ice cream reminds me my childhood. Good memories. Best treats ever.

Review №7

Produce is expensive and just okay. Exotic selection. Diverse work staff although the one in Seattle is much more interactive! Skip food court, you will be disappointed! Great safety/Covid-19 protocols!

Review №8

Large, not quite as clean as the Seattle location, but fresh produce. The prices here are a little higher than others like QFC and Asian Family Market but you wont find Japanese specialty items anywhere else, like real wasabi root and fresh sushi grade seafood

Review №9

Best source of Japanese grocery in the region. The wide selection and good quality sashimi grade seafood is why we go there almost every week. You can easily put together a sushi/sashimi feast at a very reasonable cost.

Review №10

Waj is wonderful! Hot food, cold food ready to eat, groceries, fresh produce. Great market!

Review №11

This location has a large variety to choose from in their ready made foods. The vegetable tempura turned out pretty nice. My only complaint is the parking spots are small and my car keeps getting dinged and scratched whenever I shop there. Ive once seen someone park a pristine white car and then come out later to see that whomever was trying to park next to them (and left without a note -- rude!!) had engraved some deep scrapes all across the left side of their car.

Review №12

Really nice store. I love the sesame balls! Highly recommend buying them! Nice place to go if you have never been to Seattle.

Review №13

If youve never been, go! Amazing selection of ingredients and even hot food to go! Great place for lunch or early dinner too if you work in the area (I do).

Review №14

Great selection of Asian products. Large layout so youre not tripping over other shoppers. Wish they were open a little later.

Review №15

I only shop at store that have great foods and GREAT STAFF. The other thing is food store that maintain and keep their store clean Food safety is number 1 in my book. Great sushi!!!!

Review №16

I love this place! Best Japanese snacks and plushies ever!

Review №17

Such a great store! I am not as familiar with all the aspects of Asian cuisine, so its fascinating to explore new foods. Fresh produce, meat and fish!

Review №18

Great store. Clean and well stocked. Was even able to find some great Hawaiian brands!

Review №19

Friendly staff. Helpful. You can tell that they enjoy their jobs. Delicious Sushi and local flavor of Pokè are two things to try here. Gift department features many thoughtfully hand-picked items, imported from all around the world.

Review №20

Good selection of Asian/international foods and a decent deli. Unfortunately, I feel like many items are overpriced.

Review №21

Good selection of Asian good. Live seafood is available.

Review №22

Everything you need to prepare sushi, fresh and high quality. A bit pricey.

Review №23

Always able to find something fresh, healthy, and reasonably priced. Great selection. Outstanding variety and choices.

Review №24

Great variety with baby exotic fruits as well as things from Asia as well as Hawaii and a little else from all over the world. Veggies seem to be pretty fresh with a very good seafood selection also.

Review №25

We stopped by here for groceries on our fam summer vacation. Lots of alcohol selection especially Japanese made ones. Fresh local grown veggies were sold here. Thanks for this Asian store we got what we wanted

Review №26

I had zero experience using wok, and I bought my first wok from this store. unfortunately, I dont know the wok I bought is not dish washer safe. So, the first thing I did is putting into the dish washer to wash it. There are some rust stains on the wok surface. So, I contact the store and want to return to it. But I got a very terrible experience with very bad customer experience when I trying to return the wok bought from this store. The store manager declined to return and refund me because of improper usage. The manager from the store blamed me I did not read the manual. How can I get the manual before I am buying this product? The product manual was well packaged inside the product packaging. There is no explicit sign/description to tell customer that this product is not dish washer safe. Apart from that, the font size of the not dish washer safe content in the manual is super small, which very easily to get neglected. If I know about this, I would not to buy it. I asked the store clerks to do somethings, but they all refused and blame me either did not read the manual or did not ask them at the first place. Well, I think there are some improvements this store can make. For selling such wok lack of proper description, they should at least put some clear signs beside products to indicate if the product is dish washer safe or not, especially for those customers never using wok before. What made me really frustrated is that the attitude of the store employees, none of them is trying to help their customers, just try to blame them at the first place and doing nothing.

Review №27

Amazing! if I were you I would personally not get the packaged ready food near the deli, its not the best tasting. but the hot ready food is pretty good. amazing variety of meat, fish, and seafood. its all fresh and top notch quality. the makeup and other personal products are pretty cool. good variety of food here. it can be a bit pricey but its worth it. huge isle full of cool drinks and different kinds of ramen, udon, etc. pretty cool altogether, definitely my favorite Asian market.

Review №28

Great selection of Asian food and grocery. Service is great. Price is on the expensive side, compared to other Asian market nearby (e.g., H-Mart, Asian Family Market).

Review №29

I like this place and find most of all the stuff I need when I cook Asian foods. Location and parking is great too.

Review №30

The sesame balls are great. Overall a nice selection of “Asian” foods. It can get crowded so it is best to come early or late. Bring a reusable bag.

Review №31

Always a favorite go to for panAsian groceries, offering a bunch of great choices. I like the hot lunches and prepped food to go. So convenient & generously served!

Review №32

As someone who grew up in Japan, I love this store. It has almost anything you might need or miss from Japan.

Review №33

Good selection of Japanese and other Asian foods. Reasonable prices for unique food and snacks.

Review №34

The store is pretty big and clean, and the selection of items are good too. The quality of their produce, meat and seafood are better than average grocery stores.

Review №35

Great selection of meats, sashimi, veggies and cookware. This is my go to marketplace along with H-Mart.

Review №36

Very nice story to shop at has so many different things.

Review №37

Excellent selection. Helpful staff. One of my favor grocery stores ever.

Review №38

Great selection of Asian food in a crowded shopping experience. Japanese liquor selection could be better.Good deli and bento selection for ready to go food.

Review №39

It reeks of fish in here but that comes with the territory of having a fish market in the back. Prices are amazing, variety is amazing, their in-house bakery goods are also amazing. Cant wait to go back!

Review №40

I purchased FAKE Ube Bread at Uwajimaya in Bellevue. I thought it tasted weird after reading the ingredient list I saw there was no mention of Ube so I contacted management and they said it was flavored for which there was no mention of flavor just mimi ube bread. That was last week and its still being sold as ube mini bread.

Review №41

Good selection of fresh fruits. Seafood is a little pricy. Dine in area is closed so take out only on prepared dish.

Review №42

Unprofessional customer service. Even though they provide meat-cutting service, their staff seem really not to want to do that and said me to buy pre-cut frozen one in the refrigerator instead. As I said I want to buy non-frozen meat, they gave a large loaf of meat with an impatient gesture and refused to slice meat. Yeah, I was sorry to disturb your work, and I realized it was the price for interfering with their work.

Review №43

Great place to shop and the deli has tasty food and they really fill the takeout containers full

Review №44

Great Asian Market! Amazing produce, Fresh seafood as well as live in tanks, Amazing Frozen goods, all the Asian Condiments you can think of with many variations. They have a Sushi and Shashim bar with fresh Poke and a few different kinds of Roe and Caviar. My favorite thing they have here is the Hot Bar with the fresh BBQ Meat case as well as Katsu, Croquettes, Tempura, Eggrolls,Dumplings, Baos, Sesame Balls and your standard hot Chinese food bar. They also have Amazing Eggsalad sandwiches in their cold case with quite a few other sandwiches too. They also have a baked goods section with Amazing Bread. I love taking the trip to this location

Review №45

I always get here buy Wagyu beef and Japanese Snack for my kid. It is great place for sushi as well.

Review №46

I want to pull a chair up to the hot bar and never leave! I miss the bubble tea place!

Review №47

This store is dangerous. Its got a great selection of fresh, frozen, fried, freeze dried, and whatever other form of food you want! Love the ready to go meals and grill counter with soft, bouncy steamed buns and the selection of snacks and bakery goods!

Review №48

Love this store soooooo much. I just wish they could get and restock my Sunsoya brand hazelnut tea. I guess I will just have to be patient. 😁😁😁😁

Review №49

Lots of great food lots of Asian specialty stuff. Alittle pricey for some of the hot food

Review №50

Very nice Asian market...sells many varieties of live seafood. Bought a spatula..

Review №51

Well stocked...awesome variety of foods. Reminded me of home.

Review №52

I drove 30 miles just to find out they didnt have the sesame balls I love. Still worth the drive though

Review №53

Got Japanese and East Asian food, good selection of ready to eat items. A bit dark inside and somewhat more expensive.

Review №54

Great store. Great service. Good produce.

Review №55

Great selections, good pricing. Excellent staff.

Review №56

My husband and I love coming here. The deli has such delicious food! And were always try to get snacks weve never tried.

Review №57

Always a pleasure to be here at this Uwajimaya! Great selection of Japanese and other Asian products. Great seafood.

Review №58

I had THE BEST experience visiting here. Ive visited before but this time was super special.Alfred from the Seafood Department went out of his way to give me the freshes Sea Urchin. He observed that I was admiring the fresh ones and sharing my love of Uni to a friend.I havent seen a live Sea Urchin since Kindergarten when my teacher took us and let us observe the wonderment of sea life. (My teacher was actually a Marine Biology in Kindergarten). He saw me being giddy and stoked and completely catered to me.He took his time to make it readily available to me. Super accommodating, super friendly. My friend said this place has the best seafood in Washington. The quality is absolutely impeccable. I also bought the fresh scallops here. Best scallops other than Toyoda sushi in Lake City, hands down.I went to the beauty department and Amanda went out of her way to make sure I was satisfied. I asked so many questions and she was just so knowledgeable. She gave great suggestions for my skin, knew how to ask questions to further my experience and give me the best premise to further my skin routine.I look forward to coming here and shopping again. 💙

Review №59

Great selection of food! I recommend trying out the poke here. :)

Review №60

An excellent, large, Asian grocery store with a hot food counter and some non-food items as well. They have some good imported items, large bags of rice, produce, and a meat/seafood counter. Great for most Asian specialty items and delicious hot food as well. There is a Korean bakery as well.

Review №61

Great place to stock up the total room. Whole Foods is nearby, Uwajimaya has decent prices and more cultural/veg selections

Review №62

I have been shopping at Uwajimaya my whole life and I have no idea how I could survive without them! They have a great selection of food and a great staff. They always have just what I need!

Review №63

My favorite of all the Uwajimayas. Not as crowded as the Chinatown. This store has it all.

Review №64

Mask up, get in line, wait your turn; no parties more than two please. You cannot sit in the deli area, and deli orders must be paid for at the deli. Same amazing food. 😊 Safe distancing is requested, but you can shop and still have fun. Delicious produce, beautiful fresh fish and seafood. Amazing store!!

Review №65

So awesome to find all kinds of Asian ingredients and hawaii favorites in a convenient location.

Review №66

Not as big a selection as the one in Seattle but its a good place to stop by for a grab and go lunch

Review №67

So much fun stuff! Disappointed that they no longer carry a variety of sriracha sauces tho... I dont like the rooster brand.

Review №68

I was hungry lol worst place to go when you are lol best of everything i love uwajimaya

Review №69

I LOVE this store, Ive been shopping there for decades, I remember going with my Mom to the old location ( which is now a Trader Joes). Staff is super kind 🥰

Review №70

All kinds of Asian delights, fresh fruits, and pastry treats....and of course, groceries. Also there is a houseware section with interesting gifts or gadgets. The space is clean and the staff helpful. For the breadth of stock, its a bit crowded and the selection in some categories somewhat limited. Although there are only 5 locations to this family-run business, the larger ones with more product depth would get my 5 stars.If you get the chance, look up the origin story of the current CEO, whose father founded the company after the family was interned during WW2. He was born in Tacoma, graduated UW and worked at Boeing. Several of the current grandchildren work for the stores to this day.

Review №71

Great selection of Japanese items. They also stock Angelo Pietro Salad Dressings which are excellent. The seafood department is excellent. Fresh, frozen and sushi grade fish is available. They have American Wagu beef in the meat case. Plenty of parking and easy to find.

Review №72

Very nice place everything clean and fresh! So good!

Review №73

I love Uwajimaya in Bellevue. This is in face, my favorite place to shop for produce and seafood. If you can get to this grocery store, you should shop here if you like exotics and good quality.

Review №74

Not bad for the sashimi steaks (I like the Atlantic salmon). Raw oysters not so good (not very fresh compared to what they have in whole foods)

Review №75

Great place to get all the Japanese groceries

Review №76

Bustling place with so many great selections

Review №77

It’s a Seattle institution. Good produce, good meat, good sundries.Everybody who works here is nice. Seriously when was the last time someone was even curt to you at Uwajimaya?Never.

Review №78

Has a great selection of prepped food. Otherwise an above average Asian grocery selection

Review №79

Every single cart in the entire store is broken. The Home Depot is right there - go buy a wrench and fix the things please.Love weaving through crowded and narrow aisles with a cart that randomly lurches left or right. Happens every time.

Review №80

Very clean, organized, with fresh selections. It doesnt have as much vegetable selection as other asian places, but the higher quality makes up for it.

Review №81

Uwajimaya Bellevue has a great selection, and if you love ramen and udon like I do, the Bellevue store has even a better selection of noodle products than their Seattle flagship store. Being half Japanese I love high quality Shoyu and Uwajimaya has a great selection. It brings back memories of visiting my grandmother in Japan. The Japanese Shoyu is so much better than the American soy sauce. The prices at Uwajimaya are surprisingly not that bad, considering they are an Asian specialty store. Sometimes they are actually cheaper than the general grocery stores. I love S&B extra hot curry and Uwajimayas price is the best anywhere.

Review №82

This market has very fresh seafood and wide selection of produce. The store is clean and has a food court. The sushi is made daily and sashimi super fresh. Great for the hot summer days when you dont feel like to cook! Plenty of parking space. A bakery shop and Ellenos Greek yogurt stand inside of the store. Very diverse selection of food choices. We like the roasted ducks in the deli and guava cakes from Hawaiian bakery. Delicious

Review №83

Always busy good selection really helpful staff

Review №84

I just love this place. So many unique treasures and the staff are very friendly.

Review №85

I love Uwajimaya, we go here at least one to two times a month!!!!!

Review №86

Amazingly Delicious Asian Culture Food

Review №87

Always the best quality produce.

Review №88

Uwajimaya is a wonderful store from picking up ready to eat asian meals to finding all the ingredients, spices and sauces to make your own spectacular ethnic meals at home. Plus, they have wonderful, fun items to gift to yourself or to your favorite peeps.

Review №89

Uwajimaya is our go to Asian store, the store is well organized and selections are good. Also, of course, have to mention their fresh food take out, its cheap and really good! We always get the jumbo combo, general tso, green bean tofu and rice + chow mein!

Review №90

Nice store. Big selection, friendly staff, even has a good court and lots of on the go food options.

Review №91

Delicious imported fruits. Vegetables are always fresh. Very High quality meat and fish product. Professional special orders for meat. (Cut, skin removal)Parking lot is a bit too busy. But they have music to greet you in and out.Great place to shop with kids. They have snacks from Japan and toys are lovely.

Review №92

I prefer this store over International District one. Probably smaller but they are usually good in putting goods in stock.

Review №93

By far, this is the best Uwajimaya in the PNW area. The selection within this store is AMAZING. From noodles to spices to frozen items to beauty / home items, this store carries the widest array of products of the three Uwajimaya stores in Washington. It is worth the visit!

Review №94

Always something new to try and the only place i know i can find authentic japanese wagyu.. always a fun cultural experience.

Review №95

I feel I’m in Japan in this store!I can find most of Japanese products here!

Review №96

Always a good place to find you Asian food items.

Review №97

Great place to shop, with helpful staff

Review №98

Best Asian market in the area! They also have deli some hot foods, they recently open drink shop, yogurt shop and bakery! They also decorate the store for different holiday !

Review №99

Great selection of Asian groceries.

Review №100

Got my fix for oxtail soup.Love to shop here.

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  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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