LKQ Pick Your Part - Bakersfield
5311 S Union Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93307, United States
LKQ Pick Your Part - Bakersfield
Review №1

Last Saturday of the month very good sale on tires limit. 4 per person. $$$$ less than $12. A tire.

Review №2

Yesterday the last one of the month was the best day to pick up tires.

Review №3

People in the registers to meanThey sale you guarantee wen you dont ask for it.Place is a messBig lines just one register open

Review №4

I called the Bakersfield lkq talked to a man about a gas tank he said nothing available, I said ok thank you, the employee very rudely just hung up with no response. If that’s the way business is done I will not recommend lkq.

Review №5

They have always had the parts I needed and hadnt had any problems till today. I picked up a car door and their website said doors were 50 dollars. The guy working charged me 77 dollars. I asked why the price was so much more and he said taxes and other fees. Then I found out that he charged me 15 dollars for a warranty I didnt ask for. Thats wrong

Review №6

You know it is hard to say . The selection is good ! ( BUT ) you will spend about 1/2 the price of new ! You pay to get in ! You are searched like a criminal ! In and out ! If you want the good cars you have to pay a second time to see them . And if you want a guarantee you have to pay for that . So all and all I suggest buy new

Review №7

Un friendly staff, RogerHigh prices,Security who violate your rights.Compared to the salvage yards where I live, this place is a joke.

Review №8

For the choice of used Auto parts, the prices are outrageous! Just got a seat belt, only the one anchored to the floor, not the strap belt, and it cost $30 bucks! Make this place your last when desperate! Good luck people

Review №9

If you need information the staff can help though check the online inventory or the app pyp garage. For any more questions you can call or ask the cashiers who are willing to help just please make sure theyre not busy

Review №10

Nice salvage yard . Always look ahead of time for available cars in their website so you wont be lost looking since is a big place and bakersfield is HOT during summer . Great staff be aware of prices on their website .

Review №11

Hey everyone there was cool helped me with a wheelbarrow . Very reasonable no excellent prices on my harness.Best parts trip I think I may have ever hadThanks guys and galssincerely, Scott

Review №12

Horrible experience. I paid admissions to get in. I pulled the part myself, that took an hour and a half. Then I finally made it to the counter to pay and they tell me $229 for a column off a 2000 Tahoe. I could have brought it from their full service yard cheaper and saved my Sunday morning and my $3.00. it was a joke. I found the column online for $80 shipped to my door with the key and lock cylinder, pick a parts didnt have those. I will never waist my time with these people ever again.

Review №13

Always find what you need!! Great service

Review №14

The prices are reducules you have to find the parts pulled them out and still pay top price check ebay or Amazon and compare the price this place takes advantage of hard working people

Review №15

1. The entry is badly marked. Unless you know where you are going, it looks like the entry to an auto glass place.2. Our 13 year old target vehicle required a 2 dollar up charge over the three dollar entry per person.3. We asked them to confirm the price given on the website before we entered. They said the $42 price quoted on the website was out of date and said it would be $66 plus tax. Thats a $24 increase over the price we got 2 minutes before in the parking lot! More than 50% higher than expected.4. Could not locate the app for my phone to get free admission.We took a hard pass. Not interested in bait and switch pricing.

Review №16

Honestly the worst pick your part I’ve been to!!! They gave me the hardest time and kept trying to low ball me and the girls in the office were not professional at all . Sadly but true

Review №17

Free admission, if you download the PickYourPart/LKQ app. Although to enter the Premium/Late Model section, there is a $2 upcharge, which is on top of the $3 entry fee, if you dont have their app displayed when arriving.

Review №18

It was better when lkq did not own them

Review №19

Rude employees at this placeThe customer service ar poorPrice rasonablesHave 2 the same yard

Review №20

Easier than pulling the part yourself at about the same price.

Review №21

I love the Pick-A-Part especially now since they have their app.

Review №22

Was working in this location delivering asphalt for their yard.

Review №23

Good for used parts if you know what youre looking for.

Review №24

I may have not found what I was looking for- a 2003 honda accord front driver side panel. I was satisfied with easy guidance from the yards organized strategy. Yard was broken into different parts, which was marked at the end of each row-American or Import. Every vehicle was completely identified with a conveniently visible and easily readible sticker. The staff was willingly informative of the availability of their stock and much needed part that I was looking for. No confusion or inconvenience on LKQs part. No indifference from the staff or other customers either. Regardless the empty outcome I was very satisfied with my experience here today at LKQ. Good job guys!

Review №25

Worst customer service, Prices to high more expensive than New

Review №26

This place is better than heaven. Well if u like hot, no shade, and parts for days. If they had some portable shade for inside the yard that would really be better than heaven. All the employees are always helpful even when I have a million questions. And the parts never stop. Its awesome!

Review №27

Decent selection of cars but the workers here are miserable! I would rather pay 3x the amount for the same part at another location where you dont have to see these sorry people. Not only that but the prices here are so inconsistent and they want to charge you up the ***. Ive been to other LKQ locations and this one I would have to say is by far the worst. Go to another location that values your time and money and not this multibillion dollar company that doesnt care about you. Youve been warned...

Review №28

Nice place to find parts

Review №29

Not the cleanest or most organized LKQ Pick-Your-Part, but had some above average/newer/surprisingly intact vehicles. The inventory is good bottom line, but even fewer amenities than you would expect from an LKQ yard.

Review №30

For the ones that actually read this. This places charge a warranty weather u want it or not if u dont get the warranty for all your items they will not sale you the part I ask to get it remove and they said they couldnt sale me the stuff I brought what I needed only Im glad I made a complaint with BBB they need to be look at ... and find a better way to make money instead of over charging customers!

Review №31

When u dont wanna spend the ful lprice on a part thats not electrical . i would recommend you look here first .. I peraonally wouldnt buy electrical or any sensor type of part here .. It may be defected and i doubt they do money back ..

Review №32

Always check part prices on the website and confirm with the payment booth. Ive had them charge me much more at times than what it showed online.$3 per person to enter and $2 more if you want to enter the primo lot

Review №33

Do not go to this place they will rob you very rude people work here not truthful when you sale them your vehicle they give you a quoteand when you are there they give you another one. They take advantage of people. If it was possible I would do a -1 or no star.

Review №34

Lotta cars. Super put shopping bags over your shoes.

Review №35

It was great love pick a part can always find what Im looking for

Review №36

Same as any you pick,you buy ...normal junkyard atmosphere..the armed guard was friendly enough...However after my time pulling the parts i needed...At the cashier window it was quickly apparent that auto-zone or oreilleys would be the wisest financial and part warranty choice....p.y.p...$12 short of brand new lifetime warranty...and thats without adding their costly 30 day.....

Review №37

Found a few parts for my old 4 runner. Price is ok paid 13 bucks for 3 small plastics and a pull handle.

Review №38

Its a good place for auto parts but I need your own tools and you have to know what you are looking for but a great place to find parts

Review №39

I always have fun at pick a part with my dad

Review №40

Had the part I needed at a reasonable cost

Review №41

Its like disney land !

Review №42

Every time I come here it seems to get worse! They overcharge at least double the regular price which we found out after a phone call.Seen three people leave in anger since they couldnt afford the steep price for even the smallest parts. Honestly anywhere else would be a lot better to get what you need than this shady place.

Review №43

Sold my was quick and easy... would sell to them again 😎

Review №44

Did not have my part

Review №45

It is pricey for used parts.

Review №46

The lot was ok, found what we needed, its the service was awful and over priced.

Review №47

LKQ was scheduled to pick up my jeep that runs..... the driver was on time ..However he pointed to a small dent and said the catalytic converter was aftermarket. And that the price was reduced by 100 dollars. ....He would have to get underneath car to see the cats........ needless to say really screwed up my schedule waiting around for b.s.

Review №48

Super overpriced go literally anywhere else unless you are desperate.

Review №49

Plastic dash bezel was $10 more than other LKQ PYPs. For this reason I give them a big one star rating. Fail!

Review №50

Do not give these thieves $1 of your money. First they tried taking all the gold computer parts out of NY tool chest claiming I got them out of a car, I had to call the sheriff to get that straightened out..... Next, they have prices in their website, so I go and pull the part I need it takes almost 3 hours, and wouldnt you know, theyre actually charging almost 5x more then they say for the part.

Review №51

Fair price

Review №52

Download the app Pick Your Part GarageThe face of the app will be an octopus.Completely skip customer service. This place is essentially a fee station. Go early. Electrical and small parts are free to me. Larger parts are worth buying 👀

Review №53

Love it

Review №54

Picked up a battery

Review №55

Too expensive

Review №56

Saturday November 30I spent an hour pulling parts5 parts I paid for them and I knew something was wrong. The receipt did not add up right with the 40% off. It added up to 20% off when it was 40% off day. I talked to the office they just Ignored me and said it was right. I just want to let everyone know check your receipts and add them up. I will never go back there again. I was just wondering how many people they rip off sense Thursday

Review №57

Used car parts for cheap

Review №58

Best place to purchase discontinued parts. Low prices.

Review №59


Review №60

Found what I was looking for

Review №61

AFTER youve paid the entrance fee (of 6$ for two persons), you realize that you have to pay another 4 bucks to be allowed to see primo row cars. And then, AFTER youve paid these 10 dollars, you find out that the car listed in the inventory doesnt even exist!!! Do yourself a favor and dont waste your time and fuel to come here! One star is still way overrated

Review №62

I work here. Great place

Review №63

Not good at all place is trash

Review №64

Was a lot better when I was a kid. The prices have gone way up and they put all the newer cars in a different lot where you have to pay even more.

Review №65

I called pick a part at 3:58 p.m. on a Tuesday. I waited on hold over an hour only to get a recording at 5:00 announcing they were closed and was instructed to call back during regular business hours. I never spoke to a person. Because of them my car was towed and impounded. They are horrible at customer relations, especially the dispatcher. The driver seemed nice but he barely spoke English. I wish I could have called someone else but all the different numbers I called that were supposed to be different businesses but all my calls got routed to this same rude dispatcher.

Review №66

Husband went to look for a part for his truck that has been discontinued and found it.

Review №67

Very inconvenient...We left my part at the gate where we paid a 3$ entry fee this time.. We went and got the part we were looking for and went to go pay.. They charged me the price of the part plus a core charge.. I said my core was at the gate 40 feet away, can I go get it? They said no, I would have to go get it and start over again.. So the end result was It cost me 9 extra dollars, when I could have sat home and had the part delivered to my house for 5 more dollars and not have had to go get my own part....

Review №68

Great place to get parts

Review №69

Too expensive, and each employe has their own price. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Review №70

Found a vehicle exactly like mine an I was in heaven! Pretty much was the 1st or 2nd person to get parts off it. Thank God it had the part I needed.. Saved me ALOT of money an time considering there a 30 day wait through the dealer only part I needed. Im one happy camper.

Review №71

The charged me $26 for a used mellted tail light shell when i could have bought 2 brand new ones on ebay for 40. This is not like the pick a part in los angels. This place is a rip off2002 mk4 VW mk4 Jetta GLX VR6

Review №72

Embarrassing very unprofessional and I would say you have a better chance anywhere in the world getting a better deal

Review №73

The staff is rude and act like all things are an inconvienence. After not having a tool for a certain bolt I was charged for one bolt to go and buy the tool I needed to remove the rest from a 2 part bench seat. After buying the proper tool and finishing the job I was charged for two separate seats instead of a two piece bench because they are two parts. What a shame. Paid more for the hassle then it cost to go and buy one from a private business.

Review №74

These guys need to update there business hours way more often! I dont know how many times I have looked up their hours and driven clear across town just to be turned away and told they close earlier than it says even on their signs at the location completely a waste of my valuable time, gas and energy and most of the employees there are rude as hell and act like its the most miserable job on the planet. Then they raised their prices on everything last year. For being such a large company you would think they could find someone to update their business info regularly and Hire people who value their jobs. Step it up LKQ

Review №75

Said they had the truck I was looking for pay to get in and its not there. Asked the workers they said it should be in the other lot where you pay 2 dollars more and still nothing waste of time and money when they said it was there. Horrible visit.

Review №76

Friendly staff, had what I needed and didnt over charge for it, get the Pyp Garage app and admission is free.

Review №77

Very rude

Review №78

The place is pretty picked over, but it usually has what I want. It costs $3 to get in and look around. Download the app and you can get in for free.

Review №79

Friendly and efficient staff.

Review №80

DO NOT take your vehicle there for Salvage! SCAMThis company conducted an obvious Bait-and-Switch on my daughter. She was told on the phone that a flat rate of $250 would be paid to salvage her 2003 Chevy Impala. The car was complete and other than not running had all parts there and was ready to be parted out. When she arrived after paying for a Tow Truck to take her there. She was told that all they could pay was $105. They knew she had paid for the tow and would be stuck if she had to pay for a return tow. This constitutes an obvious Bait-and-Switch scam.

Review №81

Large variety of cars and parts, great service and kind staff. It can be a little tri my finding some more exclusive and technical parts, but if you look hard enough, I think you could find any parts you need.

Review №82

The website says it has an inventory of cars. The car I needed was listed, so I went. I had to pay $3 to get in, then another $2 to get to the area that has the car I needed. Then the car wasnt there. The cashier guy said, They probably got rid of it yesterday. I called yesterday and confirmed that it was there. I feel ripped off.

Review №83

Staff are rude and I always see the pocketing cash

Review №84

It’s better to buy parts online instead of going here to wasted your time everything is really expensive and there is mud everywhere you can even walk

Review №85


Review №86

Paid $3 to get in. Had to hike through the mud to the back of the lot to find the part I needed, removed it and went back up front to pay for it where they tried to charge me more for it than a brand new one from autozone plus an extra $5 if I wanted any kind of warranty. So basically I paid $3 to play in a mud puddle and have a clerk call me a cheapskate.

Review №87

This place is a fraud, they steal your money to get in, the vehicle you looked up online that shows its there is not there. Will not give you your entrance fee back, called there cooperate they said owell. If you steal from them you go to jail, if they steal from you doesnt matter.

Review №88

Only reason I come here is it’s the only one in town. Prices are not the best. I only shop here if I need something straight away otherwise I’ll shop in other towns. They say they close at 5 but if you turn up at 4.30 the gates will be shut. But it seems most of the lkq’s ive been to around the US are all the same. Parts all over the ground, prices that are higher than others and staff that like to over charge

Review №89

Horrible company they say one thing and when you call again it’s a completely different thing. The customer service people don’t know anything about cars and always put you on hold and can’t answer basic questions. Horrible experience!

Review №90

To find parts for your car is ok, but the people working there are very rude the worst is the one that marks the guarantee in the parts you buy he shouldnt be at costumer service maybe cleaning or something else but not interacting with people

Review №91

Didnt take long at all. Was in and out. The workers was real nice and helpful. I will return for future business

Review №92

Front man was extremely rude, plus this place is a straight scam said they had the car I needed parts from and come to find out it doesn’t even exist.

Review №93


Review №94

Love 1/2 off days cant go wrong this gal dont mind getting grease on hands. Ill help my husband any time he works on cars. Helped my dad a lot to when he was alive.

Review №95

I love this place

Review №96

Thay had what I needed and the workers were polite and helpful

Review №97

Change you dam times so I dont have to waste my gas next time. A**holes.

Review №98

Ive been using LkQ for years, the service is awesome! They Employees are always Friendly and very knowledgeable. I recommend LkQ to everyone.

Review №99

No complaints, could be a little easier to navigate. Otherwise great place, great service.

Review №100

ULTIMATE salvage yard! high end, in stock, very cool way to run a yard. Highly recommended.

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