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Monarch Home Services
Review №1

Monarch performed the annual heating system inspection and performance. The inspection was very thorough and found no problems. Several years ago we didnt get the system serviced like we do now. We decided to have Monarch service the systems and they found cracked heat exchangers in both units that could have filled our home with deadly CO. We will always trust Monarch with all of our service needs.

Review №2

TL;DR Went to Costco. Costco uses Monarch for Lennox. Bought a Monarch brand HVAC system (ducts, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger). Great warrantee (10 yr parts, 10 yr compressor, 20yr heat exchanger, 1 year labor, 3 years preventive maintenance) 4 day turnaround from purchase to install. 5.5 hour install. Very clean and professional. You dont have to go through Costco to use Monarch.Monarch is the company contracted through Costco for HVAC services in the Central Valley from Bakersfield up to Merced extending out to SLO. They are the company that is used at the Lennox kiosk in the store. You dont have to go through Costco to use Monarch. The longest wait I had was getting the home inspection (3 weeks).The home inspection was completed by Brent. Brent did a thorough inspection of my condenser (outside) unit, registers (vents), intakes, evaporator, heat exchanger (furnace), and delivery system (ducting). Having been a HVAC tech in a past life, I had an idea of what needed to be done, but I didnt have the tools or manpower. So, I was curious to see what Brent was going to say and/or upsell since I had already conducted my own inspection.I was pleasantly surprised that Brent hit all the major areas and took pictures of the areas that I missed. My HVAC system was over 20 years old. My ducting had holes in it from other techs (electricians, cable techs, solar, whoever was in the attic) that got a little hot and created their own vent but didnt patch it up. Not only that, but there were parts where the ducts had pulled away from the joints, so there were plenty of inefficiencies. I wasnt getting between 25%-35% of the air that was supposed to be delivered to the inside of my home. Instead, I was cooling/heating my attic.When we went over the cost of a new unit, I was really surprised that Monarchs own brand was much more affordable. Its not some foreign made product, but an American made product with a great warrantee:- AC: 10 year parts and 10 year compressor- Heat: 10 year parts and 20 year heat exchanger- All: 1 year labor, plus 3 years maintenanceI decided to purchase the system that day.The system I purchased improved my units efficiency from a 5 ton 10 SEER to a 5 ton 16 SEER which should save me about 38% in energy costs.Install occurred 4 days after inspection and purchase. Install began at 7:15 AM and was completed at 12:45 PM. A total of 8 techs worked on my install. Tarps were laid throughout the house and at least three people carried large items (two carry, one guide) to ensure no walls were hit or nothing else damaged.After installation, airflow as noticeably better and operation of the system noticeably quieter. It remains to be seen how much more energy efficient the system will be.

Review №3

Joshua Lopez was very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I would recommend him highly for his services. Very informative.

Review №4

Was very pleased that a major install was completed in one day. All three guys were extremely polite, professional, and very willing to inform and answer questions. I will know how good a value my system is in a few weeks time.

Review №5

Great customer service, Vincent our sales representative was really professional the installation was first class. We had a small issue when cleaning the ducks but it was taken care of immediately by the customer service and installation staff.Thank you.I would recommend this company to anyone.

Review №6

The tech that was here seemed very honest, and showed me pictures of the unit that is on the roof. I am very pleased to know that there are good people still out there. I am grateful that I got your information, through the mail, and you are real! I am hoping that you understand how skeptical I was about Monarch, only because of so many “fly by night” businesses that end up being scam artists. I will happily refer your services to my family and friends. Thanks so much.

Review №7

Fast & efficient. Polite and easy to talk to. Offered several services, but no pressure. Setting up for next appt to do further services was also easy and convenient. Used this co for several years, and will continue to use them. When you find a good A.C. service you stick with them.

Review №8

Robert is knowledgeable about Monarch and what his job entails. Robert came off as professional and helpful to us in letting us know what needed to be done in order for the heating and also the water heater to work efficiently. We would recommend Robert to anyone. Thanks Robert for your help.

Review №9

I am 100% satisfied. I was very anxious about the whole process and they relieved my all my fears. I am happy I chose Monarch for a cleaner and healthier living. The service technicians were very professional and conscientious. I highly recommend their team.

Review №10

I like the way they keep you updated about your maintenance so your unit can stay working good

Review №11

The first part of the repair was ok. It was expensive but most likely it was my fault for not servicing the system as it should have been so I am ok with that. It was what happened after the service that was the issue. Before the service the technician tested everything and found the issue. But at no point did he say that any part of the issue was caused by the thermostat. If fact he stated the thermostat was working fine before the repairs were done. After the repairs, I get a call stating that the thermostat is not working and it will be another $300.00 to replace the thermostat. When I questioned why it was not working now even though it was working before the repair the technician could not answer. I also asked him why a part that would cost at least half that $300 at home depot was costing me so much. He could not answer that either and immediately wanted to speak with his manager. I told him I would like to speak with his manager instead of him speaking to his manager. I spoke to his manager and he offered me the part at half price. I took it because I had no choice but to fix the AC or burn up. But at this point I feel like I got hustled and probably should have went with another company. I purchased the membership for discount and maintenance so I am going to give them a second chance not to hustle me or try and squeeze me for my money. I am not say do not use them as they AC is repaired. My suggestion is be careful with them and pay close attention to their work or you may end up getting hustled out of hundreds of dollars.

Review №12

Don was very straight forward with what needs to be done and let me know what that entailed so I’m happy with the service so far. I’m having a AC installation technician come to do a free consultation so hopefully it’s not going to cost me a arm and a leg to do so. Steven was a good salesman, great people person. Oscar was polite and timely. He got right to work and was focused on doing so in the attic. I want to thank all the people that came and helped with installing the new AC here.

Review №13

Don is very knowledgeable and patient to explain the questions I had. He is very nice, professional and good at what he does. I would do business again with this company and would prefer Don to visit. Thanks.

Review №14

I called for service and they had someone come out the same day! This was a “Second Opinion” as my warranty company told me yesterday that I needed a new compressor.Alejandro let me know what the issue was and exactly what he was going to do. It wasn’t the compressor, but wiring and connection seemed to be the issue. He was very efficient and I have AC again!I would highly recommend Monarch!Thank you Monarch and Alejandro for the excellent service you provide! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review №15

These were the most professional young men that Ive had the pleasure to work with in a long time. Not only were they prompt and professional but they were also very polite, courteous, respectful and friendly. They went right to work and I hardly even knew they were here. It was wonderful to work with such professional people. Im a Monarch customer for life.

Review №16

Daniel Rodriguez was a wonderful Service Technician. Very professional and thorough. Took pictures of everything as he evaluated and maintained the AC system. He explained everything he did and what else would be needed in the future in laymans terms so I could understand. What a great experience overall.

Review №17

We had Pedro as a tech today, he was very responsive and got here within the hour mark. we were called to let us know that he was going to be on the way, he conducted himself in a Professional manner and showed us some of the issues with our system and what we can do to fix it. we enjoyed having him here and we hope that he can come and service our system the winter. Today we didnt do anything but my grandma for sure was happy with the service and would like to have him back again.

Review №18

Very responsive, called them for a potential duct leak under my house and they responded in less than 24 hours, found a small hole in the ducting under the house, took video of the leak and pictures of the repair to assure me they fixed it properly. Joel was very friendly and detailed in his explanation of what was going on and what they were doing. Very professional. Would highly recommend.

Review №19

Monarch Service Technician Don Orwig is very professional, knowledgeable, and highly skillful in his field of expertise. Did a thorough evaluation with our system and provided a professional advise. Excellent service experience thus availed their Home Protection Society membership. I highly recommend this company for your HVAC maintenance and services.

Review №20

The workers were very professional and appeared to know what they were doing very quickly. They worked quickly and efficiently. I appreciated their honesty too. I would love to have Monarch install a new A/C if the price is right.

Review №21

Technician was good. Company not so much. They did not do a good job keeping us informed of status. They lost the replacement part for almost a week. Once original part was replaced, additional parts had to be repaired before job was complete.

Review №22

He arrived quickly when I was notified that a technician was on the way. He was very professional and personable. He explained the issue and what he needed to do to remedy it. Very satisfied with his service. If we had issues he said to co tact him tomorrow.

Review №23

Everything was even better than expected. Moises and Isaac and Ron were prompt, polite, workman-like and professional.

Review №24

Monarch was quick to respond when we had a problem with our AC. They sent a technician out the next day. Aaron was professional, explained the steps he was taking to find the issue and was upfront about the cost when the issue was identified. Best part - he was able to get the needed part and have it back up and running same day.

Review №25

The Monarch crew arrived ready to go. All extremely professional and courteous. I had no hesitation about their quality of work.

Review №26

He was very time efficient and spoke clearly. Took the time to explain the fix I needed. And was understanding of my animals. Also very patient while talking back and fourth with the owner.

Review №27

Every time we call, phone is always answered quickly and customer service is great, appointment is always set for very near future. Were notified when service person is on his way with a photo of who is coming. Service person is always very professional yet friendly. Explains all details of the visit with offers available for future services. Well continue using Monarch and recommending them to friends.

Review №28

As a tech who used to work for monarch, I can say that they are easily the most dishonest hvac company in the area. They charge way too much for parts and they train the techs how to sell stuff rather than giving them actual training on the job theyre performing. On top of that, they just lost their partnership with Costco. The techs arent bad people but the management is only concerned with making money. Id highly recommend calling another company.

Review №29

I am very pleased with the customer service. Juan was first and foremost on time. He was very professional, very courteous, very knowledgeable explaining in detail the process from beginning to end . Thanks MONARCH and thank you Juan for a job well done.

Review №30

Joseph was very professional and personable. You would have thought he knew us all our lives. 👍🏽 We received a text with the picture of whom to expect which helped. They were done a little before they said they would be. It was smooth because I couldn’t tell they were here when I arrived home. Great job Monarch!

Review №31

Very thorough and professional. Mild manner and very knowledgeable. Taylor worked on my AC 2 other times before this repair. Will recommend Taylor on the next job soon. He replaced my condenser fan motor, dual voltage stabilizer last time.This time he replace the primary contact as he recommends.He also replace my thermostat. Thank you sir. Job well done.Sincerely John Escobar

Review №32

Tony came to service my mini split, he was very professional and polite. He was very thorough and cleaned up after himself.The price was a bit expensive but now I have piece of mind that it was done correctly.

Review №33

I love this company. Everything from the appointment to the maintenance was friendly and professional. The repairman even took pictures of everything that he did. Did I mention that the price was great! Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!

Review №34

Cory explained everything and gave us many options regarding how to proceed. A followup visit is tomorrow with a specialist to determine the best course of action for us. Very professional and courteous.

Review №35

Don was awesome best customer service I have ever received from repairman I would highly recommend I would want him to come back if further issues arise he is top notch

Review №36

Mario serviced my AC and explained that some parts of the system would soon require added cleaning or replacement, and that one component in particular should be replaced now. He explained my repair options and the cost for each and then did the most urgent repair at my request. Very competent technician, fairly priced service.

Review №37

One year Check up.Technician was ver professional and friendly. Explained all our systems upgrades needed in the future. Answered all the questions, very knowledgeable.

Review №38

I had a great experience with the service performance. My roof unit was repaired before I got home from work And I conveniently paid over the phone. Everything about this company is customer service. 5 STARS!!

Review №39

Very cheerful and able technician. We were able to receive same daye and tech stayed late to finish. Everything was clean and completed.

Review №40

I absolutely love Monarch they are very professional and friendly. The technicians are always on time and courteous. We bought a AC unit from them over 7 years ago and it’s the best. All of the service technicians and the representatives are great and very knowledgeable. Thank you very much for your services and keeping my unit running smooth.

Review №41

Don was very honest and very knowledgeable. He went over everything with me. Highly recommend to anyone.

Review №42

Job was done very excellent. very professional . i would recommand monarch home services highly to any one who needs central air and heating for their home. wow!! A plus grade and above. you will do very well to call them and have them do the job. outstanding. wow!

Review №43

Don was friendly and very detail oriented. Great communication with when he would arrive and ended up with a great discount. I highly recommend Monarch air conditioning service.

Review №44

Called to have someone out to inspect our AC unit which was not blowing cold air. The next day Aaron came out and diagnosed the problem with in 30 minutes. Went to get the part and within 2 hours the unit was fixed. Very responsive and professional. Thanks for the good work!

Review №45

Great guys, good work. Never mind what i said. First day needed heat and it DOES. NOT WORK!!!

Review №46

The staff at Monarch Home Services were great! They were able to replace our HVAC in a timely manner. Excellent service was provided. The technicians were friendly and informative. We are pleased with our service! Definitely recommending them to all family and friends.

Review №47

During a heat surge of 110° Monarch came out immediately after I explained that my daughter and I were both disabled and have medical issues that we cannot tolerate heat. The fixed the unit that day!!Taylor was excellent!!Thank you Monarch 💜

Review №48

Samuel did a good job. He was prompt and pleasant even when giving us not such great news. Thanks Samuel for your patience and professionalism.

Review №49

Oscar and a co-worker came and performed upkeep maintenance on my two air conditioning units. They were fast and professional. I recommend Monarch’s heating and air conditioning!

Review №50

Oscar was professional, nice and quick with his work. He saved us from having another hot night in our house. We appreciate the fast and friendly service. Thank you!

Review №51

Anna was very courteous and professional. She explained the issue in detail and what options were available to me. I would recommend Monarch services

Review №52

The tech was efficient and professional and answered all my questions in a satisfactory manner I will continue to do follow ups with Monarch for their excellent service

Review №53

After trying multiple other companies with no response and frustration, I was finally taken care of when said and in a extremely timely manner very pleased thank you

Review №54

Juan was really professional and performed a thorough diagnostic. Turns out the ac not cooling down the home was really just a few maintenance items that need to be taken care of.

Review №55

Carlin was a very nice technician. He understands working families and is super helpful and understanding. Prices are a bit high for parts so I would recommend shopping a bit when it comes to the parts quote.

Review №56

Anna Torres did a great job! Total transparency. Anna was on time, considerate, and efficient.

Review №57

Anna was amazing, friendly, quick and efficient. I was very pleased with the service. She was the real MVP today. Thank you so very much Anna.

Review №58

Young man was polite efficient timely in checking on the problem. Explained why the unit showed the alert. Took care of problem.I would be happy to have him back.

Review №59

The Team showed on time as promised and performed an excellent job as planned. Their work was clean, fast and very professional.

Review №60

Called Monarch up, and the service person was here the next day. Life savers in this heat. Thanks for being very prompt and thanks for doing a great job. AC is working great!

Review №61

Anthony was very professional and helpful! I will definitely be requesting him again if I have any AC issues!

Review №62

Don was great. Very professional and with a great sense of humor. He was very patient and understanding. Thank you!

Review №63

Don did an assessment of the central air system and gave his recommendations. He was friendly and courteous. He even gave our little old yorkie a belly rub! 🤗.

Review №64

I just want to say that Derrick the technician that came to service our AC was very professional and courteous. Derrick took the time to explain issues that we had with our AC and did so in a way that we could understand. He also was able to give us other options we that we could use. We are looking forward to continue to do service with Monarch.Thank youDiane and Tito Quiroz

Review №65

Fast and friendly service! The only place (I called 4 different companies) to get back to me quickly and offer same day service.

Review №66

Aaron and his team member was great they clearly explained options and shared with me the Monarch membership. Thank you to Aaron and to Monarch Home Services for your help and repairs.

Review №67

He was very good and did a great job and was very helpful He explained everything to me

Review №68

Service tech and customer service very friendly and professional. Service was was very good, would recommend to anyone

Review №69

David Gallegos helped me out in repairing my a/c he was very knowledgeable and I felt confident in his experience. He gave me tips on how to care for my a/c and was a very personable guy to have help me.

Review №70

Great service and friendly, thank you Robert Quinonez!

Review №71

He demonstrated knowledge and professionalism. He knew what he was talking about and seemed like a great over all technician. The technician was great my biggest complain are the prices that were being charged. Almost 800 dollars for leak seal and refrigerant. It seems like a lot. Thats my only problem.

Review №72

The gentleman was nice explain things well and did what he needed to do

Review №73

Doug was fabulous. He told everything he was going to do, and he did it. I would love it if I could get Doug to do my sevices.

Review №74

Our technician Macario was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. From the first day he came to service our AC unit he explained everything thoroughly and gave us options. He took care of some repairs and came back to service our water heater. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received. We signed up for the HPS membership program. We are customers for life. Thank you!

Review №75

Received call for maintenance for my hvac system made appointment for 8am to 10am just for the tech to show up at 5:25pm for the appointment. NO call from the company at all till 5:00pm telling me that the tech was on his way. This was NOT the first time this have happened but the last.

Review №76

Your representative, John, was courteous and explained what he was doing while working at his task. He was efficient and performed his job quickly.

Review №77

I had the yearly AC service first time this company yesterday that showed for the service I didn’t like that they made a mess going to the attic to maintenance the condenser also they left the fuse box open out side the compressor likely my kids didn’t mess with it I have a air with this new AC unit they told me I need a new part already they goign charge me for it should b under warranty

Review №78

I had Pedro as lead installer, David was outside. So I cant give a review on David. We had 3 technicians in total, they all worked together and got the job done in a timely manner.

Review №79

Marcario came out to inspect a air conditioning unit I was experiencing problems with. He was very thorough while he was working. He inspected other areas of the hvac system including an area experiencing an electrical “error”. He helped me know if there was more going wrong other than the presenting problem. I am thankful for this as I now know some areas that need attention in the near future. He explained everything he found going on with the outside main unit and even up in the attic where ventilation, and electrical system were located. He made sure to help me understand the problem/s. He also informed me about options the company has for payment. Thank you Marcario!

Review №80

The technician, Joel, was excellent. All of the techs have been great. Their scheduling, however, is frustrating. Despite booking the warranty required semiannual service 4 months in advance, they inevitably text the day of the service to ask to postpone it. I understand outages take precedence, but it is frustrating to have this happen nearly every season. A few days warning would be reasonable given I have to hold the entire day for their unscheduled visit. THIS time, they did show up after I declined to reschedule.

Review №81

Worst place ever! Very dishonest I waited over 6 months to just get regular summer tune up service and now my new unit is only 2 years old and today I got a list of things that supposedly need to be done to my unit … and I don’t know if it’s because I declined their recommendations but all of a sudden my brand new unit isn’t working and it was working completely fine before the tech arrived!!!I don’t understand…. I’ve had enough…. I guess I’ll just have to sue…Oh and the techs name was Pedro! Thank you!

Review №82

Daniel was an amazing service technician. Great service and explained everything really well. Thank you for making the process simple and quick.

Review №83

Service Tech Daniel came out during one of Ca heat wave and repaired my a/c. He was straight forward, courtious, and professional. No nonsense repair a true warrior repairman. Thanks!

Review №84

The service technician was here for 5 hours completing routine maintenance on 3 AC and draining 2 water heaters. He was very polite, knowledgeable and conscientious about his work. He explained to me everything he did. I would request him to return again.

Review №85

There was a repairman on my doorstep in about an hour after I called. My hot water heater wasfixed in a matter of minutes. Outstanding!

Review №86

As usual, excellent and efficient service was provided. The servicing technician called in advance and advised us of his planned arrival, which was on time. He was very proficient in his work and left the work area very clean.

Review №87

Great customer service. Techs are clean, friendly and through. Monarch is our go to option for AC repairs

Review №88

Monarch Home Services had an A/C Tuneup Special that I saw on a tv ad. I called and scheduled an appointment by text message. Contactless set up. The Technician was on time and dressed professionally. He explained everything that was included with the service. Very friendly. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Took photos of all Services performed. Sat down to show me all equipment in its current condition. Technician was open and honest. Spoke in lehmans terms so I could understand all work performed. I felt very comfortable and confident with the service.

Review №89

Jonathan did a great job letting me know what he was doing and that my system was working correctly. Nice guy and answered my questions I had

Review №90

Don was fantastic! Monarch has exceptional customer service. I was given a variety of options and everything was explained in detail. Thank you!

Review №91

David G. was an amazing ac technician. He knew his stuff and was able to fix things that previous technicians messed up. Fast service with a smile, you can tell he liked working for Monarch and they take care of their employees.

Review №92

The technicians were timely, informative, and friendly. They took sanitary precautions when entering our home and explained exactly what they would be doing during the service. I am very pleased with our service and am confident that myAC is running properly!

Review №93

I had a leak coming into and causing damage to the ceiling and other wood in the master bedroom closet Sam came out to check it out, and he misdiagnosed the issue. After I hired a plumber to fix the pipe in my attic which was dripping water, and he clean out the P-trap which collects condensation which was clogged, I thought it was fix. It was not, David came out today and removed the clog and inspected the system and ducts to make sure there were no further problems. I have hope that this issue is finished. I can now get the wood, dry wall, and water stains fixed next week. Good job David! Thank you!

Review №94

The man who came was very professional and ensured that I understood all the aspects of how my system operates and how to care for it properly.

Review №95

I called this company in a panic because my home warranty refused to work with me during a heat wave when my HVAC died. Not only did they show that very afternoon, they provided clear options and had someone ready to go over what I needed the next day. Then, just two business days later, they’re at my house with a crew installing a new, larger capacity HVAC and thermostat, cleaning my ducts, and providing three years of maintenance on my new unit beyond their 10-20 year warranties on parts, unit, and labor. They were professional, incredibly nice, clearly laid out what needed to be done, and completely delivered on all promises and then some. I wholeheartedly recommend Monarch to anyone looking for new units or maintenance and am so glad that I found my way to them when I needed HVAC help.

Review №96

They are quick to respond, you get a reminder text when a technician is heading your way and can even track them! They are professional and with our repair we also got two years of AC unit servicing at no extra cost. They also seem to be the only company around that cleans air ducts if needed!

Review №97

Anthony laid out all options and let me decide. I didn’t feel pressured. Very professional and polite.

Review №98

Daniel was our technician and he was wonderful, very knowledgeable, friendly and went above and beyond to help solve the problem. Daniel was able to fix the air conditioner quickly and explained what the problem was and how he fixed it.

Review №99

Daniel Rodriguez came out and did a diagnostic to see why my ac had stopped working. He gave me 3 different options of repairs ranging from.just getting it running today to fixing all upcoming issues. My system is pretty old so we also wanted to see the cost of full replacement. John Amparano came out the next day and went over our replacement options and we ultimately went that route.

Review №100

We’ll, a part was recommended to be replaced because of its poor quality but they were the ones who sold it to us just one year ago. Hmmm

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