Cherry Creek Liquors
13750 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80015, United States
Cherry Creek Liquors
Review №1

Cool selection! Recommend this place for their prices too!

Review №2

My friendly neighborhood liquor store. Perfect for my weekend beer needs. They have ALWAYS done their best to get a brand in that they dont have in stock when you come in if you ask

Review №3

Very friendly and Great prices

Review №4

Been coming here frequently, since its a small mom/pop liquor store. But blatantly overcharging for the last bottle of Eagle Rare by 60% (sold for $70) made them lose my business. I dont mind a small mark up, but thats just shady.

Review №5

They had exactly what I needed!

Review №6

Most overpriced store in the area. Very rude and unfriendly as they speak and laugh Asian in front of you. The previous owners were outstanding but this is not the same place anymore.

Review №7

The Gentlemen was so polite and very helpful with my choice of liquors for my Wedding in June. He answered all my questions

Review №8

This place is great. Large selection, nice owners, and consistently friendly service.

Review №9

The alcohol I bought was expired when I tasted it and it was passed 14 months. It tasted really bad, but they wouldnt let me exchange for another one. The owner was also VERY RUDE. Its better to go somewhere else than here. They probably sell more expired alcohol there.

Review №10

Cheap prices!!! & friendly service~♡

Review №11

Good prices and a surprising selection for the size. I will sometimes travel to other larger places with larger inventories, but this is my favorite local shop. (Most other liquor stores is the immediate area are no where near as good.)

Review №12

Good drink selection and good people.

Review №13

Good to stop here.

Review №14

Great service. Used to hate this place before the koreans took over. Now its awesome. Good prices, good selection, always great service. These guys are what I want in a liquor store. Couldnt be closer to ideal

Review №15

You can really only judge a liquor store based on price and friendlyness of the staff. Price is good, Im not an expert but it seemed good. Staff was smiling, friendly, and just all around pleasant. Cool little place, support this little business locals and newcomers alike!

Review №16

Large selection and good prices

Review №17

Quick service

Review №18

I always go to this liquor store to shop. this occasion i had two lottery tickets. i had already checked on and i won $1 i just didnt cash it. so i ask the guy at the counter to check both tickets i had. He did and said i did not win anything. I was confused because had already checked one. so i paid for my stuff and left. A few days later i realized i still had the tickets so i checked again and i had won a few dollar on both. Why he would lie i dont know. But now i will never shop there again. Know telling how many other people win and they lie to.

Review №19

Previous owners were creepy and unprofessional. Such better customer service since new owners. They are friendly, welcoming, and professional. Also better liquor and beer options. Thank goodness!

Review №20

This is the best store in town. They know their products, theyre competitively priced, and they stay open later than most neighboring stores. On top of that, theyre always willing to look into bringing in products that youre interested in. I have yet to find another store that is willing to work with its customers in this way. I will never shop anywhere else.I love that another user referred to people as thugs who carry guns. Ignorance at its finest, huh? Im glad to see that employees are protecting themselves and customers (not just here, but in businesses across the state). How would you like to be in a business where a true thug comes in and threatens your life with a gun? I bet youd be glad the employees carried. Furthermore, if you think that when you go into any other privately owned business that the employees/owners dont have a weapon of some sort (whether its a knife, gun, etc.) within the premise, youre a fool.And to the user who called the employees racially biased... have you seen the people that work there? Asian, African American, and Caucasian are just a few of the races represented in the employees. Big deal they didnt accept your $20. Most businesses wont accept cash if its torn, excessively worn, taped together, etc. How is it their fault your money was in a condition such as this? Thats no reason to be upset with them.

Review №21

This place has everything. Great selection. Prices are about the same as everywhere else.

Review №22

Staff is so friendly and a good selection.

Review №23

$15 six packs you gotta be joking

Review №24

Extremely rude cashiers. Dirty store!! Wine prices are very high. I wouldn’t spend a dime in this place.

Review №25

Outrageous pricing on top shelf whiskey. I hope the distributors find out he is charging hundreds of dollars for a $20 bottle.

Review №26

PLEASE BE AWARE. while visiting family I stopped there as it was the closest location to where we were staying. This is the only place I used my debit card during my trip. My initial purchase of 20.00 as well as a western union transfer 495.99 were applied to my debit card. My purchase was on 7/2/16. The western union transaction was a day later. I repeat this is the only place I used my debit card. There is a fraud case currently open. Now normally i dont post such detailed information however I would hate anyone else to be subject to the same fraud that I am now having to deal with.

Review №27

Pretty well run with decent selection. 12 + packs of beer could have better selection and price

Review №28

Coldest beer in town excellent specials and promos!

Review №29

These guys are willing to look into the more rare beers and know what their talking about. I wont mention breweries because I want what most people dont know what to ask for

Review №30

Nice people, reasonable prices, plus they have a small, but very interesting craft beer selection.

Review №31

My favorite Liquor store by far. Great prices and always friendly.

Review №32

Good prices. Friendly staff. Impressive beer selection.

Review №33

Awesome and great service

Review №34

I love them!!!!!!! They are the best people ever! On the 4th of July they did a customer appreciation bbq with dogs and burgers. Everytime I go in they are nothing but friendly to me. They always put a smile on my face.......when I go in in a bad mood I always leave smiling. When I move from this area I will drive out of my way to come to them. They really are some of the sweetest guys I ever come in contact with. Their aim is always to please.

Review №35

They had what i needed

Review №36

They have everything

Review №37

Friendly staff

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:13750 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80015, United States
  • Phone:+1 303-699-0544
  • Liquor store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–10PM
  • Thursday:9AM–10PM
  • Friday:9AM–11PM
  • Saturday:9AM–11PM
  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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