Save A Lot
15220 E 6th Ave, Aurora, CO 80011, United States
Save A Lot
Review №1

Great deals! Worth the drive out of the way. Great produce and low prices.

Review №2

I give them NOTHING...NOTHING..only because Save A Lot is directly behind my place. IVE BOUGHT ROTTEN BREAKFAST BOXED SAUSAGE GREEN ALL OVER I WAS UPSET, HAD MY KIDS TAKE IT BACK, SO I WOULDNT GO TO JAIL. They NEVER I MEAN NEVER have cashiers at the registers to help 1 I do mean 1 cashier until its wrapped around isles, but hv security guards standing by doors, following people, standing talking to one another in Spanish...HEY WHEN SAVE A LOT 1ST OPENED ON 6TH AND PEORIA THEY WERE FANTASTIC. Bring own bags, free nice size boxes for recycling purposes 😉...NOW I WISH ICOULD GV THEM AT LEAST AN HALF IF 🌥BUT ALL THEY GET IS 🌋🛑⚓.SAVE A LOT DOESNT DESERVE THIS STAR, BUT SINCE THIS SITE IS MAKING ME CHOOSE WITHOUT POSTING...AGAIN...I SHOULD GIVE A REVIEW HONESTLY NOT TO YOUR STANDARDS OF SATISFACTION.... BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE PERIOD.

Review №3

Im not very impressed with this grocery store in particular for many reasons and il be quite blunt when I say the staff is rude and not very friendly when I visit. I feel like they treat the Spanish speaking customers with alot more respect and courtesy...Another issue I have is theyre not very sanitary.The canisters of sanitary wipes for the buggies are available but always empty. The floors are filthy everything seems to be disorganized and scattered and the check out lines could be improved. There are always employees standing around but not helping with the most important job there, which is getting the customer taken care of and on our way!

Review №4

They have really great prices. They have seasoned crawfish which I really like.

Review №5

Good little varity at a good price. They have some really good fresh baked goods too

Review №6

I was surprised at how well-kept the Save-A-Lot is considering the neighborhood that it is in. But overall I am impressed with how well its kept together end the staff. They stalk extra products that most others save-a-lots do not have which is kind of cool.

Review №7

This place has a pretty good grocery store they have all kinds of things in there that you might not find that a regular grocery store as far as Hispanic food

Review №8

When you walk through the doors of Save-A-Lot a very pleasant Aroma of baked goods fills the air. They have a very large selection of pastries,cookies, breads and donuts. The staff here is very capable and willing to answer questions. Prices are very reasonable. Bring your own bags or you can purchase a bag for $0.10 and they also have boxes available.

Review №9

Best/only place for fresh nopales. Good selection of other produce, cheeses, bakery items.

Review №10

Its a decent place to shop for food items. They have a wide array of grocery selection and a bakery where one can get freshly made baked goods.

Review №11

Fast offloading friendly staff. Dock Access is thru 5th street

Review №12

Good variety at competitive prices.

Review №13

Used to shop here but they have really went downhill...they never have lengua!!!! Sad ....👎

Review №14

Fresh produce... value for money ... more bags less out of pocket. Trust me .

Review №15

Always a great place for last min things.. Much Love Save A Lot and the girl at check out today was SUPER FRIENDLY AND MADE MY DAY Her Name was BLANCA ... I bought limes and Gatorade and we talked about how gas stations are too expensive but she had a good point and i will be back.. Give her a ROUND OF APPLAUSES SHES GREAT AT CUSTOMER SERVICE 😉🤓KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..

Review №16

Nice place to shop for mexican items. They do charge for plastic bags.

Review №17

Good deal on hardwood bacon

Review №18

Charged me almost $10 for 2 russet potatoes when they at $.50c in other stores🙄

Review №19

The store is clean and they have decent products. But they need to fix the parking lot. Its all broken up and needs fixing. #ItsTimeToMakeUpgrades#

Review №20

Friendly staff, very clean store, everything stocked and faced beautifully.

Review №21

I go to Save-A-Lot Don Chambers for my meat in Mexican bread always fresh and all my Mexican spices

Review №22

Used to be my go to place for meat and vegetables. Manager refused to check when I pointed out his price for 1 item was $5.00 per unit higher than the other Save A Lots in Denver. Wont be going back. The one on 47th and Chambers is better.

Review №23

I like the good deals and all those hot women that work there

Review №24

Dirty..wont ever go there again!

Review №25

Im not sure how it is I only looked around a little bit but the soda price are great and thats what i go for.

Review №26

I went to the store yesterday to buy yucca and went to peel it today and the yucca was all rotten. I called the store and the cashier transferred me to the young assistant manager who basically said OK what would you like me to do about it. I responded what do you mean what do you want me to do about it the food I bought is rotten. I want to bring it back. I threw out the receipt, I didn’t think I was going to need it. And she tells me go ahead and bring it in tomorrow when the store manager is here. Poor Customer Service. A grocery store that sells rotten food that doesn’t accommodated it’s patrons is disappointing. I am cooking today not tomorrow. Needless to say I went to King Soopers where they know how to treat their customers. I am making a Spanish dish and really wanted to support this Spanish base supermarket.

Review №27

Theyre not good at letting the cashiers know what deals or sales are going on in the store so you need to watch them as they ring up the groceries. but I really enjoy shopping there because I can find things that Im looking for that I cannot normaly find

Review №28

I got almost everything i need. Of course so many people, that their was not enough sanitation wipes to wipe the buggies. I like to see more organized isles. Their was a few items out of stock. But other wise ok. Cashier was great.

Review №29

Waiting in line takes forever especially when there are only 2 checkout lanes i fill there could be more team work to help at the cashier checkout lanes when theres alot of people waiting in line

Review №30

This is a really nice Sav-A-Lot store, clean, bright and friendly. Their fresh chilis are beautiful, Anaheims, Jalapenos and Poblanos are just gorgeous! We went there specifically for beef roast and got them at a great price.

Review №31

Really like the fresh bakery items there.

Review №32

This supermarket is a good place to buy produce, spices and Mexican products with a wide selection of brands.

Review №33

This store has a large stock of all kinds of foods,mainly Mexican and American products.Good prices, good choices.

Review №34

As a local truck driver who started coming to all Save A Lots stores I have to say Brad who is the store manager at 15220 e 6th avenue is by far the best store manager. He really takes care of the truck drivers as well as helping us load and unload products and dunage. I have been to All other locations and he deserves An A+ im impressed with him. If other future store managers come he should be the one to train them! Kudos to you Brad!

Review №35

We sure miss our neighborhood grocery store. I hope everyone got placed in different stores. The people who worked there were the people you see every day. They made the store our home store. Im so sad to see them go and lose our home store. Thanks for the years and years!

Review №36

Prices are high now but everything looks fresh

Review №37

Finally found crawfish in colorado

Review №38

It’s not the biggest or prettiest store but every time I come in at least one employee greets me and asks if I’m finding things. Every cashier has been pleasant, and when the lines are long I’ve been helped through the self check out that I avoid when I’m buying produce because I don’t want to make a mistake. The people and quality are def their best assets.

Review №39

They need to have a sanitation wipes.or te entrance. Thank you.

Review №40

They are rude.

Review №41

Such great service!!

Review №42

Sincerely has a good prices,quality in every product i need, and has a delicious fresh bread..

Review №43

This location is pre sorted with wide varieties of groceries at an affordable prices. What an awesome experience.

Review №44

The only thing they need to improve on is the checkout lines. A bit slow.

Review №45

I visited this location recently and was quite surprised at what the store had to offer. The staff was friendly and helped me find the items I was looking for. I didn’t realize that they had such a nice selection of produce, meats, dry goods etc.I live in Centennial but have no problem driving to Aurora once a week to purchase groceries. If you’re in the area I would give this location a look.

Review №46

The layout takes some getting used to. But its easy enough. I would say, Think Aldis, with Hispanic Flare. 🇲🇽 I really enjoy this place and do 90% of it here!

Review №47

I just dont ever want to shop for my groceries or anything there the people are rude and make you feel like since your white or they think you are!!! That you shouldnt be shopping there. Good not a problem!!! Plenty of other businesses appreciate my bussiness.

Review №48

Good price of the product

Review №49

Store dirty and not maintained. Selection is bad. Meat prices are high for sub par cuts of meat

Review №50

Great selection on many items. The produce is a great price. The meat is fresh and the hispanic products brought back childhood memories! Must try the fresh breads.

Review №51

Midday shopping is always a breeze. The smell of fresh bread baking and the cleanliness of the store make your experience better.

Review №52

Place is great. Nice prices. Store os clean

Review №53

It is cheaper than other places. It has the best flour tortillas. You can find a lot of Hispanic items. The only thing is that dont buy fruits and vegetables if you are planning to use it later because it will ripe and rot fast. But if you are using it right away it is good produce

Review №54

Love 💘 there sweet bread

Review №55

Owned by a large multinational company based in Toronto Canada. Onex Corporation has offices in Toronto, New York New Jersey and London.They have warehouses in New York and New Jersey as well as Florida. I don’t know where the produce is sourced but imagine it has been imported as is the produce of other stores in the area.By purchasing here you will find much of the profit (Onex Corporation-is an investment firm). Is leaving America for deep pockets elsewhere.Having said alll that the produce and prices are welcome to an otherwise under served area. A nutrition desert. Many apartments are close by within walking distance which is great. The prices are good but in the long run this is an investment and will ultimately seal maximum profits. Still I like Canadians so it can’t be all bad. Keep in mind where the money is going. ☺️

Review №56

Decent store. Inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. Produce is often overripe & on verge of spoiling. Mostly off brand or generic foods that are so-so. We can walk there, its good price, so we frequently go & use the food right away. Bring your own bags or box; expect a wait in line, they need more cashiers!

Review №57

They have great deals on meat early in the morning theres a better selection. Bring your own bags otherwise you have to buy them or use boxes

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Review №59

These people always have a bad attitude they should really have some self check outs

Review №60

I have been in many Save-A-Lots, some in Florida.And I was impressed with how clean and well stocked this one was.Others I have been in not so .I will shop at this one more often.

Review №61

Great grocery store, with good prices. Highly recommend.

Review №62

Customer Service is friendly and helpful. The bakery is amazing the environment could use some updating. But overall great experience.

Review №63

They make fresh tortillas there and have great prices for carne and pastor for making tacos.

Review №64

Nice people here 😊

Review №65

Mostly suited towards Hispanic Customers, an OK alternative to 7-Eleven higher prices. But what irks me about Save-A-Lot is they used to sell 1/2 Gallons of high-quality Meadow Gold milk for $1.25 that theyve now jacked up to $1.75 per half-gallon !!!

Review №66

This save-a-lot leans toward servicing the Mexican population. You can find anything Mexico there though. Great meat, dairy and produce department!

Review №67

I am always pleased with their prices. This is a great place to shop if you are penny pinching.Thank you Save a Lot!

Review №68

I really like their huge and fresh chunks of cake from the bakery and that is why I initially went there. I then decided to purchase a few grocery items for dinner and couldnt believe that it was all less then 10.00. I got a deal. The store is always clean and has a wide variety of foods that are offered.

Review №69

Greetings to All! I stop by this store after work at least once a week. I mostly purchase dried chilies,tamarindo pods,nopales,the Mexican vanilla is always a great price. Just items I cant get at my local grocery store. For years we would buy over 50 pieces of pan dulce for our monthly meetings. Not No more! On four different shopping trips we discovered flies flying inside the pan dulce cases. We notified the bakers but nothing has changed. I really loved the convenience of stopping by on the way home but now I have to take a trip on Saturdays to the other side of town for a good fresh pan dulce. This is why I rated 3 stars! The staff is great and love they hire people from all backgrounds to catter to the community!

Review №70

Everithing is organized

Review №71

The Melons were all mooshy, But they have good prices.

Review №72

Excellent place, great deals, always busy, fast cashiers, and right next to a Dollar Store.

Review №73

Clean fully stocked and helpful staff

Review №74

Great prices...limes are always much cheaper here

Review №75

Could be better cashier are rude and just wanna be on there phones

Review №76

Clean. Friendly staff. Affordable. Great food

Review №77

Great place to show the people are nice.

Review №78

Pretty good selection of Hispanic items. Produce quality could be improved and remember to bring your own bags or go bagless, otherwise they charge you for each one used.

Review №79

Prices are good. But I went today and there was only one person checking people out. Totally sucked. Will NOT be going back.

Review №80

This is a nice store they are cheap and I always find good meats and great Hispanic foods which I love. It gets a little messy from time to time but not that bad

Review №81

Sale price of ham only honored if you speak Spanish

Review №82

I love the prices and its convenience. Thank you SAVE A LOT

Review №83

This is an awesome store it even has a fresh meat counter Ive never seen this in Milwaukee.

Review №84

There Great, bargain for your bangin buck 😁😎😱❤👍🎯🎵💵✔💯🙌

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Review №86

If you like mini Mexico

Review №87

Always get my Carne Asada here. Ask for them to marinate it before storing it in the bag. WELL WORTH IT!!!!

Review №88

Saver A Lot has real good prices.

Review №89

Great store staff was super helpful.

Review №90

Nice staff, well stock good prices

Review №91

Found what I was looking for. Check out was guick.

Review №92

You really dont Save-a-lot you kinda dont save at all. I mean they have cheaper red onions than other places but thats about it and you have to pay separate for plastic bags for your stuff, or you could try and carry all your goods out in a empty box and hope you dont drop stuff on the way to the car and make it like a game. But I would just buy mexican cheese and a bag of them little fried wheels you eat with hot sause and call it good.

Review №93

Always find what I am looking for

Review №94

Called the store the ask if they had a particular item in stock before driving over to that store as I had already visited 2 other stores and the person answering the phone was very rude and unprofessional and had no information, and then left me on hold for 30 minutes until I finally hung up with an unanswered question. Very disappointing. I will filing a formal complaint with corporate.

Review №95

Sent to much and you have to bag your own food

Review №96

If you get there after noon expect them to only have rotten meat for sale.

Review №97

Same as the other store fair price and sufficient

Review №98

Great variety of products at a great price, all kinds of groceries!!!

Review №99

Great produce selections.

Review №100

You really can Save a lot of money there. All the employees are very helpful and courteous . Fernando in particular is very professional and hilarious!

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  • Address:15220 E 6th Ave, Aurora, CO 80011, United States
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  • Phone:+1 720-343-2011
  • Grocery store
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Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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