Warehouse 55
55 S Lake St, Aurora, IL 60506, United States
Warehouse 55

Review β„–1

This place Rocks ! ItHas alot of great new and vintage πŸ‘Œ pieces just Awesome, go when you have to browse everything πŸ˜€ !!You will love it ❀!! My girl wants to just move in and live there !

Review β„–2

Lots of chandeliers and decor items for your house. Also a gorgeous space with large selection of real plants and flowers by Blissful Blooms

Review β„–3

This is just a fabulous place. It is designed and merchandised so well. The traffic flow layout lets you absorb all the finds and keep you interested. It was extremely festive. The place also has some great finds. It is clean considering all the traffic and people who come there. The people who work there are very nice and friendly. I just love the place. Oh, and if you are in the market for a chandelier they had outstanding ones for sale. Gorgeous! Parking lot is behind the store, just go around the block. Plan to stay an hour. Its great !

Review β„–4

Cute spot! Lots of fun treasures. Interested in going back when there may be more holiday things. Lots of fun glassware sets, art, mirrors, taxidermy, light fixtures. Heaps to look at. Reasonable prices.Parking is in rear.

Review β„–5

Much more then furniture.In our google searches for β€œantique stores” this one never come up. Stumbled across it and was actually shocked to find Chicago had a vintage resale shop that had quality vintage items. Hand picked vendors in an eclectic mix of antique, vintage this and that’s, clothing, art and a flower shop. All displayed with a miticulas refined eye. We’ll definitely be back.

Review β„–6

Weve been making regular trips here all summer from the city (they have a Chicago location too) to help furnish and decorate our house. Huge fans of this spot. The staff is lovely and helpful especially our muscle Frank!Thanks Warehouse 55!! You guys are amazing. ❀️❀️❀️

Review β„–7

Great costumer service. Love the side table I purchased. Thank you! I will be sure to visit again.

Review β„–8

This shop has lots of nice pieces. My very first time was almost a little overwhelming because my eyes werent sure where to look due to the abundance of stuff.Since its only a few blocks away from my home I decided to go again with a certain piece in mind and luckily, I found it! ( Mirrored tray to display my fragrances) As I was walking out, I saw a 60 year old piece of art that I ended up purchasing.Now, I will say that the staff could be ( a lot) more amicable, which is probably why I wont return any time soon. 🀷 Very unfortunate since I truly want to support local businesses.

Review β„–9

What a wonderful place! Masses of great items, and lovely helpful staff. Everything is well organized, arranged beautifully, and its a real pleasure to visit. Dont miss it. πŸ₯°

Review β„–10

Ive been following Warehouse 55 on Facebook and was excited to check out their new store on West Grand Ave in Chicago. Its a really nice store, many cool looking items with a very pleasant staff. I was drawn to an intriguing sculpture, been looking for one like this for quite a while. I was very happy to find this one, until I got home and found a crack in the sculpture where the face meets the hand, hidden underneath the price tag. I live 35 minutes from the store, so Ill have to eat the $145 I spent. Hopefully I can find a way to repair this sculpture and there wont be any issues in the future.

Review β„–11

Beautiful store that can spark a memory. Vintage chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. Vintage and new Christmas items. Bought a Christmas ornament and a Christmas box. Come and look

Review β„–12

There is definitely a lot of stuff to check out.People were walking out with arm fulls of stuff.I personally did not find anything but worth checking out.Pricey, just my opinion.

Review β„–13

Yes!!!! This place is so beautifully done that even if you dont like antiques, go people! Every corner of the place is done up and done well. This is an amazing store. Cant wait to bring my out of towners here.

Review β„–14

Warehouse55 is full of amazing vintage goods and the prices are so reasonable.

Review β„–15

Unique finds with reasonable prices (mostly)! Love going here. I go every couple of months and there are always new things to see.

Review β„–16

Loved it. Great vendors. Booths were well thought out rather than just a random collection of stuff. Decent prices. Didnt buy anything this trip but I will be back.

Review β„–17

Upstairs and downstairs. Creative, fun and beautiful done. Ill be back!

Review β„–18

They must have been out picken because that store was packed with Interesting beautiful Things. How so many of them got into the basket I was carrying I will never know :)

Review β„–19

Beautiful, beautiful things here! If youre into unique mirrors and handcrafted household decor, antiques and vintage items, one of a kind clothing & shoes...this is your shop! Many different companies, each have their own section or room in this two story warehouse building. The displays are all artfully displayed so its easy to see what youre looking at unlike flea markets and many antique stores that just have items on a shelf. Theres A LOT to see so plan on spending some time as you wend your way thru the building, viewing displays in big rooms, tiny nooks, and stair landings. One of the items I went back for two days later was gone so be sure to buy it if you see something you like. I hesitated because they do not accept returns and now regret it. I found all the items that I was interested in were very fairly priced. I plan to make regular trips now and bring a different friend/family member with me each time. (My pictures dont do it justice, these were just items that I liked and wanted to show my kids for Christmas gift ideas for me.)

Review β„–20

This is an awesome place and cant wait to go back!

Review β„–21

Put together very nicely.

Review β„–22

Super nice and clean!

Review β„–23

Friendly staff, variety of items and prices. The shipping person is an amazing and helpful person.

Review β„–24

My new favorite antique store with three stories of booths. The antiques themselves are high quality items reasonably priced, and some of the vendors are open to dealing. They had absolutely the best collection of vintage art at all price points that I’ve ever seen!

Review β„–25

Lots of great items.

Review β„–26

Wonderful find today. Warehouse 55 was a well displayed antique shop. All the vendor booths were well styled. Prices were in the average to higher side. Great selection, not junk, some new items mixed in. Many different rooms to look through. Parking in back.

Review β„–27

This is a fantastic store! Just spent an hour browsing. Beautifully displayed. Got lost in all the nooks and crannies. Chandelier in the renovated restroom. Loved it. How has it been open a year and I havent been there?

Review β„–28

Oh my goodness! Warehouse 55 is like walking through a treasure chest! I was wandering and then I was told of the 2nd floor where there is this super cute flower shop called Blissful Blooms. Maria, the owner of the plant shop, was so helpful and sweet! Also, they have snacks in there☺️

Review β„–29

Good mix of old and new! High quality items and good layout- not cluttered.

Review β„–30

Maybe they just don’t like β€œyoung people” in their store, but super convenient how the stereotypical Karen employee had to tinker with something in each room I so happened to be in (following from room-to-room). I found some overly-priced books and I asked if they could be put on hold. They said β€œno” despite clearly having a hold shelf right next to the register β€œWe don’t do that,” she said. β€œWhy are you asking for a hold? Do you not have enough money or something?”. Her voice was so condescending and chipper. The audacity and rudeness was uncanny and out-of-pocket. Absolutely wont be back. Obviously seems as if they won’t mind losing my future business.

Review β„–31

Its a lot to see. Dont expect to be in and out if youre in a hurry. Theres a lot of vendors and artists who have merchandise inside the store, so if one finds an item that one would like to purchase without a price tag, youll have to wait for it like I am. I hope to hear from someone tomorrow and I hope its reasonable. Oh, the employee or owner was very nice. Not pushy at all.

Review β„–32

They are having a 15% off sale this weekend. 7/29/21

Review β„–33

LOVE LOVE LOVE WAREHOUSE 55!!! My hubby and I go about every 2 weeks and always come home with something!!! Mark and all the workers are the best!!! Great place great variety!!

Review β„–34

Love the variety of items to choose from in one spot! This pic was just one of our finds.

Review β„–35

I finally had a chance to stop in and see the new addition of warehouse 55 to downtown Aurora and wasnt disappointed! Store was well stocked with unique home decor and vintage items. Its a vendor base store with lots of different varieties and styles to shop from. There wasnt a dull both in the whole building

Review β„–36

Nice shop,great stuff

Review β„–37

It has great pieces! Love it!

Review β„–38

Nice merchandise. Very large showroom with many hidden corners of delights.

Review β„–39

Everything is gorgeous here. Be prepared to want to live here and be engulfed in memories of old.

Review β„–40

Great selection, not your average antique shop. Very friendly folks as well.

Review β„–41

This just another of one of Aurora’s hidden gems. It is amazing with the most interesting pieces I have seen. Something for everyone...vintage, modern and also just to cool for words. Worth the trip.

Review β„–42

Amazing quantity of quality and fairly priced reclaimed and antique items. A must visit place for anyone in the Western suburbs with an eye for interior style!

Review β„–43

Warehouse 55 is where all your favorite boutiques meet. Mark the owner has curated an amazing collection vendors with fabulous finds. One of my favorites places for unique treasures.

Review β„–44

A lot of very overpriced items...$42.00 for a small potted plant ! Nope...

Review β„–45

I almost didnt want to write this review.... You know when a place is so good you dont want anyone to know about it... Well, this is that kind of place. As a long time vintage/antique shopper I have never seen a store as nicely curated as this one. This store rivals high end Chicago vintage boutiques but with reasonable pricing. The vendors are kind, helpful, and even though it was busy (Saturday) they gave their full attention in helping search for certain things and loading furniture. Seriously, a GEM!

Review β„–46

Could spend hours there! Very chic and a little pricey.

Review β„–47

Nice selection

Review β„–48

Awesome items, displays, building, personalities. You will find something

Review β„–49

Great store. Lots of cool finds and good prices.

Review β„–50

HUGE place with tons if selection and different styles. Not just farmhouse style like a lot of shops are now. Definitely worth a stop

Review β„–51

They had great stuff the time I visited, only downfall was how my boyfriend and I were followed around the whole time by who I assume was the owner. I’m gonna give it another shot and hope the same thing doesn’t happen :)

Review β„–52

Excellent Shop

Review β„–53

Beautiful displayed booths! Quality! Something for everyone. Highly recommend!

Review β„–54

This place literally takes my breath away. Awesome space filled with Bountiful Treasures for the home for the closet and even a little bit for your belly.

Review β„–55

Fantastic place with a variety of reasonable antiques

Review β„–56

Treasures beautifully displayed that makes me visualize them in my house.

Review β„–57

Super cool elevator in the back with re-purposed windows

Review β„–58

Way overpriced.

Review β„–59

Plenty of Easter decorations.

Review β„–60

Amazing, one of a kind pieces at great prices!

Review β„–61

Okay merchandise some prices a little high.

Review β„–62

Great vintage! Lots to see

Review β„–63

Love this huge vintage market!!

Review β„–64

Such a fun place

Review β„–65

Oh my!! What a delight!! I will have to go back!!

Review β„–66

Lots of great finds!

Review β„–67

Loved it!

Review β„–68

Fun place

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  • Antique furniture store
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