Thrift & Dollar Inc
950 N Lake St, Aurora, IL 60506, United States
Thrift & Dollar Inc
Review №1

I love this place, you need to visit! Its a perfect place for antiques, and one of a kind finds. And the tool, oh my goodness its loads of them. And the gun had been there for a long time. But its a good conversation piece. #wayofcassandra

Review №2

This is a nice thrift store with some really cool antiques. The prices are good. The place is packed full of stuff but it’s pretty well organized and clean so it’s easy to look through it all.

Review №3

Great prices, furnishings for days! you could lost in there...i highly recommend. theres not a large clothing section however.

Review №4

There is much to see. Large collection of china sets, bakeware, glassware, and dishes. Also there s furniture- some classic and some modern styles of dressers, end tables, coffee tables, chairs, sofas, etc. Many different styles of art hang all around in almost every section. A large assortment of lamps! The store has a small section of clothing and electronics. The prices are low to fair. There are an assortment of books and dvds. 4 stars because some aisles are narrow making it difficult to spend time looking because other customers would like to pass.

Review №5

I used to love this store. Now everything is sold as sets for way too much money,(dishes and glasses)No little treasures to find. Everything is way over priced.I wont be returning.

Review №6

You can find the unusual things there i love that place!.

Review №7

So many hidden gems. This store is a must for antique enthusiasts. 10/10 recommend.

Review №8

Interesting thrift store. Large assortment of items and furniture. No clothes are sold here so its a treasure hunters dream. Very narrow aisles in some areas so keep that in mind. Has an antique store feel but thrift store prices. Highly recommended at least once.

Review №9

Incredible, wacky and amazing finds at great prices. Tons of inventory--plan to be here all day like IKEA.

Review №10

This place used to be great. Prices went way up, service went down. Some of the items are higher than retail - I saw beat-up metal shelving today for $18 that I recently bought on Amazon new for $15. Really a bummer.

Review №11

Tic tok .Made me visit you!!! Wow!! This place a little bit of everything!! I loved the organization and cleanliness!! The selection is great. I appreciate that you take the time to tag all the items with the circa.

Review №12

Ive always enjoyed browsing at this massive and packed Thrift store. Everything from king sized bedroom suites to tiny glass curios ranging to some nice antiques. Plenty of parking

Review №13

Update 05/16/2018I went back to the store and I asked to speak to the Manager, He was very nice and gave me a refund. He said he didnt know anything about my purchase and was not aware of the situation with my lost items. He seemed very sincere and welling to help. Thank you for taking care of the issue. I really appreciate it.

Review №14

Its so much more than a thrift store. I adore this place. Always have new stuff and things come from the owner. Theres always something new. Very nice staff. Cheap prices for awesome quality things, you could look at the store for hours and still not see everything.

Review №15

I go here always, makes me feel like a junkie needing a fix. i need one now, got to get some T&D in me. found this in a old bible

Review №16

Kinda cramped but worth the time to go look for treasures

Review №17

I fell in love in this place I am a fan of thrifting if that is even a thing. They are so organized and have anything and everything you may need i was surprised to even see cosmetics, perfumes&lotions. In every isle I found something to buy from entering i found different type of clocks,frames and when i went into the first isle they had plates,pots,pans,decorations just the whole store was lovely i wanted to shop so much but I went only for cabin decorations like bears,moose,deer,fish etc.. I found my happy place I so recommend it. If you are looking for furniture its a must visit they have tons and mirrors too!!!

Review №18

Ive bought a lot of items from this store. I check it regularly because they get new items every day.

Review №19

Quite the selection of home furnishings . reasonable prices

Review №20

I used to shop here all the time but stopped. Their isles are overly filled because they refuse to haggle even on the more pricey items which of course is the nature of this business. To haggle would mean the owner would have to hire more then the cheep Mexican labor he employees now which are not customer friendly.

Review №21

Love this store! Been going for years! On regular basis. Can always find something. Best sales person to work with is Bill he is ALWAYS friendly and helpful. The owner and the big tall skinny dude are most unfriendly they will walk right past you and not even day hello. Check out girls are wonderful.

Review №22

This place has some hidden gems. Found an NSYNC blow up chair for $4 here.

Review №23

Hidden gem! So much stuff! And it’s not just junk like many other places!

Review №24

We had a blast shopping and looking around. Great stuff, good prices. We are going back.

Review №25

Weirdest and most interesting thrift store in the Chicagoland area. Its huge with tons to look at. Daily special discounts. Staff are friendly and helpful. Very worth the trip!

Review №26

Its a place to find great finds if you are into thrifting reasonable prices!

Review №27

They do not take donations. Some very nice things and some junk.

Review №28

I was surprised at the great selection of needed household items.

Review №29

This place amazed me from the first visit. Very nice stuff.

Review №30

Upon entry on 1/26/20. I as an adult was scolded by the owner for bringing in children. My children were at the side or within eyesight of all adults in the party. The children were not doing anything but walking. My children are well behaved and never touch things in stores. The owner/worker (silver haired 60+) then proceeded to follow us through out the store. Owner/worker is hostile. I do not recommend for they are intolerant to all. Very unpleasant experience.

Review №31

This has always been a good, staple thrift store. They always have a good, large selection of items - and while many things are fairly priced, if the item isnt broken its usually a little pricey for second-hand goods

Review №32

Best place in the world to find cool, unusual and antique furniture and accessories.

Review №33

So many cool things! Prices are good. Lots of glassware and furniture.

Review №34

Great quality furniture here at good prices.

Review №35

This is by far one of the best antique and collectible storesIve ever been to. The name is extremely misleading because this is not your typical thrift store. Im an antique dealer that travels the US buying and selling antiques, and this is one of the best places to buy. Thrift an dollar has so many items that have a massive resale value. I really suggest stopping by.

Review №36

Ive been going here on a regular basis for over five years. I love this place and the employees. From a re-seller/personal purchase standpoint you should absolutely travel from near and far to visit this place. They have a little bit of everything. Some of the aisles are a bit narrow so heres what I do! I grab a plastic bin from the back area like by the tools and carry that around with me. Sometimes setting it at the end of an aisle and filling as I go...if one isnt available they dont mind if I set things up front. If I have my children with me I always bring a carrier. Then I can strap my youngest to my back. I dont mind the cramped space. They fit a whole lot of amazing things in this shop! Its like going to an estate sale without you know...going to an estate sale.

Review №37

Hostile and creepy. Walked in with five adults and five well behaved kids. We were confronted and asked about our children and then store personnel followed us throughout the store.

Review №38

Love this place! I always find some amazing deals here. A lot of high quality items for a crazy low price. Great for glass wear and paintings, also a ton of amazing furniture.

Review №39

Nearly every single piece of furniture in my house, from the credenza to the piano, come from this place. Theyve always got something new.

Review №40

Love walking around the store. Never know what you might fine. Helpful staff and really nice. I especially love the furniture. Highly recommend. Must see ! ! !

Review №41

Verv nice place too many antique too choice i want see the owner talk about the busines!

Review №42

I always find bargains here. Their selection of books is always great. And they have a bit of everything. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly!

Review №43

I have gave many things to this palace so has my family last time we ever will ! I was short on cash and wanted some sort of deal for a sled and i thought i would by giving my unwanted things or things we did not use i seen a doll house for sale a family member gave to them for295 smh they are over priced and the guy who came to help me laughed at me and my kids for asking for a deal on a used sled! I live down the street and will never ever come back here the cashier woman was the nicest not her fault she works for crooks!

Review №44

Im a regular and todays visit did not disappoint. If you are looking to furnish a home on a budget, this is the place. Shop here if you are mindful of our disposable society. You can keep a little perfectly usable stuff out of our landfills.

Review №45

LOTS to see, will negotiate on larger purchases and pricing is usually fair to begin with.

Review №46

I enjoy to go and buy some. I always make deal to lower the price. Sometime, I made deal to cut price by 50%. I know it is lot of junks but some are really good. The clothes and towels are not clean but it is pretty cheap. All you have to do is bring them home and wash the clothes of towel. Workers are good.

Review №47

This place is great. They have a ton of antique furniture and very good prices. The people that work there know their stuff and management is willing to haggle on price.

Review №48

Very friendly employees. Insane collection of household goods. First time there today and they were having a great sticker sale. Some drool worthy antique furniture. Glassware and a variety of pretty porcelain knick knacks. I will definitely be back. A hidden gem this place!

Review №49

Have a lot of different types of merchandise there. I was looking for an end table and I just couldnt find one that was the right size. But they have some very nice furniture for inexpensive Price

Review №50

What a great spot for finding amazing treasures. Furniture, housewares, antiques and collectibles for ridiculous low prices. So much better than a thrift store!

Review №51

Incredible assortment of unique stuff to browse. Tons of fun.Definitely worth a look if youre in the market for antique and all types of furniture pieces.

Review №52

Love this place...goldmine! There is so much crammed in, so give yourself plenty of time. Some days its like taking a walk down memory lane and makes me smile.

Review №53

This place has so many great things, especially, vintage furniture and other goods. Tons of books too. I dont always buy when I go, but its worth looking at all the great stuff they have as well.

Review №54

Amazing store!! So many great items!! This is a perfect spot for designers and collectors!! When I was here I even Noticed that movie companies where shopping there!!!

Review №55

I definitely recommend this place for its service and its inventory. This store has wonderful hidden treasures if you take the time to browse through the hundreds of items -we got our 1920s dining room set, perfect condition for quite the steal. The salesperson Scott was not only very friendly and helpful but quite knowledgeable about the items we were purchasing. .

Review №56

Great prices, cool stuff!

Review №57

The bathroom is the only bad thing about this place. Its a gem for antique shopping And a slew of other things. They have art, antique fine China, crystal and a million picture frames. If you need something for your house go here.

Review №58

If you like flea markets you will love thus place. Great assortment of antiques of any kind especially furniture. Also tons of books and I have NEVER seen low prices like this before. A pleasant surprise. Looking forward to BOGO books on Fridays.

Review №59

By far one of the best antique shops I have ever been to. Found a china set there for $55 that was worth $500 on eBay!

Review №60

This place has a lot of cool stuff but unfortunately I have to give them a 1-star because I bought a keyboard there ($23), brought it home and found that it didnt work. Emailed them to see if I could get a refund, no answer. Lesson learned.

Review №61

I have never seen a place so well stocked and organized. It is a bit overwhelming because there is so much to see. They know the value of their items are they priced accordingly but fairly reasonable. Take a shopping cart with you because its a long walk back to the front to get one. The store is that big. Dont forget to look up. They utilize every bit of wall space.

Review №62

Amazing amount of household items, furniture, books, decor, choice vintage pieces all from estate sales. Neat and organized.

Review №63

Lots of stuff here. If you like to browse thrift stores for housewares, furniture, books, DVDs, etc this store has lots and lots.

Review №64

Didn’t buy anything last time but i plan to this time. It was kinda dark in there and dirty but it looked pretty hard to clean since it’s so big. Wide selection of stuff too. Employees seem nice.

Review №65

A very big store with many things to pick from many old vintage items like, glass, lamps, tools, furniture, dishes many kitchenware items, but not alot of electronics and no cloches, I think. But they did take a offer I made more than once and that is a good thing.

Review №66

Had a throughly good time so much to see so little time and Toya is a wonderful young lady very nice great personality and so helpful.😄also such lovely items 😃

Review №67

Decent prices, not antique mall prices. Well organized, very cheap furniture.

Review №68

Tons of cool stuff. Super slow service. Overpriced. Will not sell an item with a price + found many unpriced items. After all, its a total bummer :-(

Review №69

If you are looking for the IKEA of thrift stores, youve found it. With pretty much any random piece of furniture set up to get you lost and interested, a 30 minute thrift run can turn into an hour and a half adventure.Plus, constant supply of vintage bicycles.

Review №70

Lots of nice things to choose from. Ranging from furniture to home decoration. I even got a free leather sectional couch on memorial day. Its a place to go.

Review №71

Have to really dig but you can find decent stuff if you just need odds and ends. No clothes.

Review №72

Amazing place to find antiques. Knick knacks, etc.

Review №73

Lots of great finds if you are patient and willing to spend the time looking through the aisles.

Review №74

I go there very often for ironstone and I got nice pieces for really cheap. Furniture is kinda high priced but I never asked for a deal. There is a lot of nick - nack things I get to do my crafts. Clothes - not too many and are not something you want to wear. Overall, for my needs I more than like the store.

Review №75

They have just about anyone could ever need in here. Very reasonable prices but be forewarned there are allot of cool things here so try not to spend to much lol.

Review №76

There is so much to see. I think its a little cluttered though. Hatd to get through some of the aisles.

Review №77

Furniture, housewares, and more (no clothing). . . . This thrift shop is the largest in the area, and my favorite thrift shop ever, but wait - theres more! Half the store (the right side as you walk in) offers an assortment true antiques furniture and collectables.

Review №78

Lots of neat things can spend a couple hours browsing

Review №79

Reasonable prices and a large variety of products organized pretty well.

Review №80

Fun place to go. Lots of stuff to look through.

Review №81

Lots of stuff, I always find a deal or find something I need or can use.

Review №82

Lots of very nice things at very good prices

Review №83

Always cool stuff, but very little clothing. Lots of antiques

Review №84

I feel like this store is haunted.

Review №85

Fantastic for furniture!

Review №86

Lots of great stuff at reasonable prices!

Review №87

Our house is filled with thrift and dollar treasures. Need I say more?

Review №88

Shop here first for furniture!!

Review №89

Hard to not walk out with something

Review №90

Good finds here

Review №91

Dirty place, rude employees. They sell items as if they were brand new. Most things arent in the best condition. Never coming back!

Review №92

Lots of items, some a little pricey

Review №93


Review №94

Ridiculously high prices

Review №95

Save Money

Review №96

Very good place I recommend them with very good prices

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  • Phone:+1 630-892-6473
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Buys used goods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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