1437 E Dixie Dr, Asheboro, NC 27203, United States
Review №1

Great place to stroll thru, looking at all they have to offer, while waiting for friend shopping in the mall. I cant walk well, so its a GREAT place to have coffee and read while you wait. GREAT FOR HANDICAPPED PERSONS!

Review №2

Place was very clean and finding what you need is easy and if you cant find it an associate will be more than willing to help, plus they have a members club which is cheap and pays for itself with the coupons they provide you when you sign up and they dont pressure you into purchasing the membership.

Review №3

Love the huge selection and friendly employees. Highly recommend!

Review №4

I havent been to this Book store in a year due to the covid out break. The reason for this visit was to find a specific current wood working magazine that I had seen at a barbershop & wanted to try & find that issue.Changes to the store was the removal of benches by the magazine racks at the back of the store where a person could sit while looking through a magazine or book.The magazine racks along the far wall were extensive & had an excellent selection of magazines but I was unable to find the specific magazine I was interested in.I did browse through the store products, which I always find satisfying and find 2 Star Wars book marks that I bought for less than $5.I went to check out and there was a sign at the normal check out location that said to go to the coffee shop for check out.I proceed to do this & there appears to be only 1 employee there taking care of the entire store & coffee shop. The whole time I am in the store, there are no other customers present. Possibly a result of the lack of availability of people during this time of covid, that appears to be affecting all businesses.The employee/cashier is friendly & courteous.I enjoyed my visit even though I did not find what I was looking for. I plan on returning here soon & recommend this store to others.

Review №5

I give one star only because theres a zero star option!!! I love this store and have always enjoyed going and finding the next great read. I had to hunt down someone who worked there to ask for help finding an author. The person made me feel like I was a bother and had no idea where to find anything!! When I couldnt find what we were looking for the staff member said I could order it and itll be here in a month. Never offered to help me find anything else. Never asked if I was interested in another book. Just let me know and walked away. Ill have the entire series delivered by Amazon Thursday and at a cheaper price. I truly love book stores!!! I have always happily paid a few dollars more for the enjoyment of finding a new book and talking with staff about suggestions I be authors. I have always had that in this store until today!!! I never thought I would have such a horrible experience!!!!

Review №6

They have a great selection of books, and lots of collectibles. My daughter was looking for My Hero Academia stuff, found a cool plushie; I even found some Funko Pops I couldnt live without. And we didnt even see half the place! The coffee shop smelled amazing, and be sure to purchase a book at checkout for the Randolph County school district! Will definitely be going back!

Review №7

A bit expensive, but I love book stores!❤ Im always there, buying video game related items and books for my 2 kids!

Review №8

I recommend stopping by, you can find all different types of books and cute gift sets. Read a book and relax at books-a-million coffee store. Great prices and friendly staff.. you can enter the store from outside or inside the mall. Truly you can spend hours in here and enjoy.

Review №9

Great selection of ALL kinds of books... and dont forget your coffee. Ask for a black-eye - two shots of espresso, with black coffee, filled 2/3 in a grande cup with a splash of cream. Theyll make it just right.

Review №10

Always a deliberate stop in Ashboro. Great supply of planners, got my 2021 there. Coffee bar and tables. Massage fir $12 on your way to lunch at Jade Express. Walk in the mall.

Review №11

Found out my dog died when I was reading My Hero Academia Vol. 11 and i cried cuz of that. The store made me comfort and grieve my dogs end. I enjoy

Review №12

Pretty good, but I dont think they have a million books.

Review №13

Nice book store. Friendly staff. Would recommend

Review №14

Love the barista who made me a great frozen mocha and hubby a pomegranate green tea. Enjoy perusing the books until I find just the one I want. Great place to just relax or have a conversation with friends. Easy access.

Review №15

This place has a lot of good things to read and has VERY good coffee

Review №16

Love this store and the frappe in town my opinion

Review №17

Love this store .I can stay in there all day.

Review №18

I love this place, bank find almost anything youre looking for and then some

Review №19

Listen when I say there selection is to die for it is. I make a special trip every weekend to this store. I sit for hours. Reading. No one ever bothers me just ask if I need anything. I love it I love the atmosphere.Its worth the trip and the money.

Review №20

Nice store. Helpful staffCompetitive prices

Review №21

Just like the name of the store it really has a millions of books! It even has a bunch of mangas and some anime stuff!

Review №22

Great coffee and tons of books to read

Review №23

Daughter loves the anime book selection here.

Review №24

Great selection and knowledgeable staff.

Review №25

Friendly staff, clean, and great selection of books and gifts.

Review №26

This is in a smaller town so I can’t say it’s the best one that I have been to but they do have whet you need as far as books is concerned.

Review №27

My favorite spot to get a mocha latte over at Joes Mugs, browse books, trinkets and more. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Well organized to make things easy to find or to draw your attention to something unexpected. Always a joy to visit!

Review №28

I love there shacks.

Review №29

Their computers are ALWAYS DOWN! every single time I go in here and staff is less than stellar .....

Review №30

I got an iced latte from the coffee shop inside. It was pretty good.

Review №31

Always love looking around this bookstore.

Review №32

Great selection, some books you can get cheaper at Walmart for instance.

Review №33

Really like going in here for both books and coffee.

Review №34

This place is amazing!! I went here for my grandson and niece, and I love the variety of books and stuff. I love this store, and the place is big and such a nice atmosphere!They have a coffee/tea place inside. I cant wait to go back.

Review №35

There is a very large selection of many types of books here. There is something for everyone. Decently organized and sectioned off

Review №36

I wish the romance section had more to it but theres an abundance of other selections too. Many choices, great help from employees with knowledgeable experience of what their store offers.

Review №37

Really cool little spot for Asheboro.

Review №38

Always find what Im looking for and if I need help staff is very eager to assist

Review №39

Its ok. We do not often visit an actual bookstore (rather than shop online) but we went in search of Anime for the kids. We ended up being disappointed in the selection as they had literally one copy of the books - many of which are series - so if they are missing book 1, 2, 3 etc. you are out of luck.

Review №40

Decent selection even though couldnt find what i wanted. Customer service was not good at all

Review №41

Love the variety of items to buy besides books.

Review №42

Always helpful and willing to find any book you may be looking for. If they dont have it they will order it for you. Only book store I shop at and Im an avid reader.

Review №43

Very helpful staff. Great selection of books.

Review №44

Super good! My favorites books are always in-stock.

Review №45

A little pricey but I really like the book selection and the periodicals.

Review №46

I love books

Review №47

Nice staff. Good coffee

Review №48

Books and a cafe places to sit toys trinkets novelty gifts and a very wide selection of reading material

Review №49

Good selection of books.

Review №50

Very pleasant place to shop for books. The cashier, Jannie, was very friendly and helpful.

Review №51

I really like the selection of books and games.

Review №52

Always very helpful and pleasant people working here. Excellent selection of books especially discount books.

Review №53

I love coming here but they closed 20 minutes before 7 I called the store and no one picked up the website and on the door it says they closed at 7. I dont understand whats wrong with the staffing tonight I work in retail food service we closed on the dot.

Review №54

Great selection. No assistance on the floor.

Review №55

Loved their mochas.

Review №56

The staff is always friendly. The prices are reasonable and the stock on hand means that there is always a good read to be found. They have recently rearranged the collections, so I have had trouble finding what I have been looking for on the last few trips.

Review №57

I love books a million. It never changes

Review №58

Always very helpful

Review №59

They didnt have what we was looking for, it was hard to get help to ask where the items we was looking for was.

Review №60

Noce to have a place to find books these days. Good selection.

Review №61

Seems really short staffed only a few associates working at any given time. But they are all so friendly and always helpful, even if they are busy with something else. One of my favorite places at the mall and it smells great because of the cafe.

Review №62

Nice clean covid -19 aware. Very friendly staffing.

Review №63

This place contains books of every kind, and contains nice little aesthetic toys. The coffee they have at the Joes Muggs area is absolutely amazing and excellent in quality. Smells like coffee all of the time.

Review №64

I love this store the books are amazing and anyone who enjoys books this is the store for u a little pricey on some items but i am a disney fan and they have tons of disney stuff which i love

Review №65

Nice to know theyre still open. Ashame they stopped selling their comic books. Would have some cool exclusive variant covers. Oh well. Still has a nice assortment of books, magazines, and gifts!

Review №66

Fantastic! Yasmin & Amber experience! These 2 ladies went above and beyond just answering my inquiries. They were both interested and acted as if they were after my book for themselves. Walking me to this section and that section, searching the computer... I was impressed! I hope all customers have the chance to have the Yasmin and Amber experience! Made my day!

Review №67

My mom is in town from Oregon and she always asks to go. We visited today. Got some coffee and shopped around. Always a great shopping trip!

Review №68

Friendly staff, great coffee, cold or hot. Peppermint mocha is the best mix. Peppermint is not over powering.

Review №69

It has I was looking

Review №70

Love its my favorite place in the mall

Review №71

Very nice friendly staff

Review №72

Lots of things to see

Review №73


Review №74

Super annoyed with this place. Went in this morning to buy a few books as I always do and spent around $60 dollars. When checking out, the lady behind the counter told me that because of my purchase today it qualified me to get 3 free magazines. So me being the person I am, I circled 3 magazines that I would have some sort of interest in and slid the paper back to the lady. She then asked for my address to send the magazines to and again assured me that they were FREE. So as I’m get home I glance at the slip that was given to me about the “3 free magazines for 2 months”, I see in fine print on the back stating that the card that was used at my transaction today was going to be used to run for each magazine prescription...seriously???? She never told me that I would be charged for my “free” magazines...called the store and the lady said she couldn’t help me. That I would need to just look in the mail and call and cancel...super annoying when someone lies to you and tells you that something is free. So now for the next 2 weeks I’m going to have to be checking the mail constantly and making sure my card hasn’t been ran for something I didn’t even want...ugh. Aren’t you supposed to notify people of the possibility of their card being used for future transactions???????? Won’t go back to this place ever again.

Review №75

We mostly come here for the coffee. The manager (or whatever she is) seems to think she has everyone figured out. Every time my kids go in there, she follows them around like they have shoplifter tattooed on their foreheads. Its insulting and we usually wont shop there because of her. The coffee at Joes is great, though.

Review №76

Great Service! Great Book Store! All Sales Associates were extremely knowledgeable and friendly!

Review №77

Great selection of books

Review №78

Love discount books

Review №79

Great bookstore

Review №80

Very fun! Lots of bargains that kept me spending!

Review №81

Very pleasant staff. Some of the coolest nostalgia ever. Could spend hours in here.

Review №82

I typically find some unique literature and themed gifts based on various levels of interest. This trip was no different even tho BAM seems to leans to the left politically I shop there about 3 to 4 times a year.

Review №83

Great store and can find just about anything you would go there to look for. Staff is very helpful and its a very clean and organized store. A bit pricey on some things but still a great place to shop.

Review №84

Its a great place to relax and read, I buy most of my books here.

Review №85

Fun little store with a nice little cafe. The barista was super friendly.

Review №86

Decent clean place friendly staff

Review №87


Review №88

Its very peaceful. A Nice store to sit at to read and Enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Has a wonderful book selection.

Review №89

Coffee is great,and lots to choose from

Review №90

#books. Meet with client at coffee sitting area. Coffee is good. I like the smell of new books as well. Pleasant environment.

Review №91

What to say they have books... Big books...little books... Books of all sizes...they have fat books an skinny books... An books everywhere...except there in the corner where u can get a nice beverage an snack... In english... Book-worm Heaven!!!

Review №92

Great place to sit and read

Review №93

Didnt have alot of hardbacks

Review №94

Nice to see a bookstore left. Gorlt 2 kids books at a good price

Review №95

Well stocked. Well staffed. Very friendly associates. Clean and neat. Great shopping experience. Coffee smelled fantastic.

Review №96

Love this store!

Review №97

I love books more than my own life. If any of my books are ripped or stained, I will cry like its the end of the world. Because it is.

Review №98

I love Books-a-Million!!! Great selection!

Review №99

Variety of reading materials, and lots of other things that anyone would be looking for.Helpful friendly service.

Review №100


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  • Address:1437 E Dixie Dr, Asheboro, NC 27203, United States
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  • Phone:+1 336-328-0295
  • Book store
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  • Magazine store
  • Music store
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  • Monday:11AM–7PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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