Walmart Auto Care Centers
1226 E Dixie Dr, Asheboro, NC 27203, United States
Walmart Auto Care Centers
Review №1

If I could give negative stars I would. So far the only positive experience in this ordeal has been how nice Herman was to me while I was dealing with him at least. Lets start from the beginning. I went for a typical oil change. I was not late for my oil change or anything else. I left and went on home. After several I went out and notice an odd smell I turned on my air conditioner in the car. I just attributed to the people who changed the being dirty and forgot to clean up after and that was what I was smelling. I didnt go far in the car less than 15 minutes in my car and then back later that night after visiting family. The following week I was driving more in the afternoon because I needed to drive to VBS and back. And thats when I noticed even more. My car was not driving right and after checking under the hood the oil cap from my recent oil change with this Walmarts Auto Care had been left off. I immediately called Walmart and spoke to Herman which is a co-manager he told me to come up there and bring the car and he would have them clean up all the oil from where it splashed everywhere and do a new oil change and refund me the money for a purchase of an oil cap. I had the car towed the following morning and mechanic explained to me the damages that oil splashing everywhere and me driving the car not knowing has caused. So I spent 3 hours at Walmart while Jessi and Tim complained and let me know by giving hateful looks and complaining out loud that they didnt care for cleaning the oil off. They both were extremely rude and had such an attitude. Afterwards they had someone else give me a paper saying they didnt even clean the oil off when I was told it would be. But they had listed a slew of problems with car that was never on the first document when I got my oil change.

Review №2

Spend HUNDREDS of dollars, almost a thousand actually, for tires and have to wait HOURS even though we had appointments at the Asheboro Walmart tire center! One of our tires went completely flat and we had to take it back up there to see what they needed to fix because they didnt do it properly in the first place. The Customer Service in the tire center sucks! We will never come back for anything else.

Review №3

Got 4 tires installed. Balancing was WAY OFF. Front end shook like crazy around 45 mph. Took car to another Walmart nearby and the rebalanced the wheels. What a difference! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL & UNSAFE!!!

Review №4

Wish I could give a 0. Theyre very slow and most of the employees only stood around doing nothing. Waited over an hour for a simple tire patch and there was only one other car in the shop. If I broke down in the parking lot I wouldnt come back here.

Review №5

Two days after replacing all 4 tires, the drivers rear tire went flat. The AAA guys said it looked like a factory defect, but of course Walmart denied it was and proceeded to require we buy another tire. I absolutely didnt hit anything in the road, and they had a huge attitude about putting the new tire on the rim. And they tossed the spare into the trunk randomly instead of putting it back into the spare holder in the trunk. I will never buy another tire from Walmart even if it is the lowest price...absolutely garbage!

Review №6

Staff would rather sweep the floor than acknowledge you exist. Theyll make you wait forever before talking to you.

Review №7

Good people

Review №8

Ordered 2 new tires. Wait over 3 hours to put on. Will not ever come back here for auto again. I advise you do the same

Review №9

Been waiting 3 1/2 hours to get tires put on our vehicle. Went to the desk to ask the clerk what was going on because they had started working on another car that had been here for 15 mins. Do not go here unless you want to waste your entire day with slow people who call themselves “mechanics.” The inside clerk was nice though.

Review №10

Ive used this place several times and they have been awesome! I would highly recommend them! No other place to get an oil change for $20! I can’t buy the stuff myself that cheap!

Review №11

They got me in and out in a very timely manner for an oil change.

Review №12

Had a excellent experience, very professional nice guys. Thank you

Review №13

Ordered set tires was put on with friendly service, very nice.

Review №14

Bought tires from Walmart and had them mounted at the store. One year later I have the car inspected at merchants auto and drive to Walmart for an oil change and rotation. A tire rotation Package that I paid extra for....First off, the service guy didnt even know which car I drove. Once they figured it out they informed me that They wont rotate the tires because the treads are too low. The tires are one year old with normal use and JUST PASSED A STATE INSPECTION 1 hour prior!!!!!!!!!I rechecked the tires with my own depth guage and they are well within specifications.Apparently you dont even need a high school education to work here.Ill pay more money to have my work done at a more conpetent and reputable auto care center.

Review №15

Will never go back there again. They couldnt get anything right. Oil change took about 2 hours. Not courteous cashier. They could care less. And the listed price doesnt include filter. DONT GO THERE

Review №16

Great service. Very friendly. Low prices.

Review №17

They have great prices and they work on ur car while u do alittle shopping which is pretty good

Review №18

I came to Wal-Mart for an oil change and 4 tires. One of the guys in the shop, greeted me with i guess i will get you, i work on the cars and fix them takes my papers and has an attitude because i have never been here before and he has to enter me into the system, and snaps at me when i couldnt hear him over background noise. Talks about how fellow employees talk to him asks me what kind of oil change i want (noone has ever asked me that before) and when i ask what he means he gets yet another smart attitude. Here i am 2 hours later from the time i walked in and they just got my oil change done, still havent put on my tires. I was 1 of 3 cars when i got here and there are at least 5 guys working in this area. I was told 45 minutes and here i am still waiting. Never waited 2 hours for an oil change. Not to mention the unprofessional attitudes and one guy with his uniform pants almost to his ankles shirt untucked and his wonderful display if his sex tattoo....never will i ever come here again for any car needs. Worst experience of my life.

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Review №20

Waited over hour and half for a oil change never again will I go back

Review №21

Good enough.

Review №22

Guys were nice, but they didnt have my oil and charged me SIXTY BUCKS for a basic oil change!! Low prices my @$$!

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  • Address:1226 E Dixie Dr, Asheboro, NC 27203, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 336-626-9200
  • Tire shop
  • Auto parts store
  • Car battery store
  • Oil change service
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–6PM
  • Thursday:8AM–6PM
  • Friday:8AM–6PM
  • Saturday:8AM–6PM
  • Sunday:8AM–6PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Quick visit:Yes
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